Yeah. Mine is doing one matinee only. Oddly, even on days when other screens have four showtimes (1, 4, 7, 10), the Dolby only has three (2:30, 5:30, 8:30), with Top Gun getting the first and Bullet Train the second two.


Only jersey theater showing it in imax I see is AMC Clifton. According to LF Examiner, that theater has one of the SMALLEST Imax's on the whole list at 24ft x 45 ft. Very tiny. I wonder how any imax footage looks in that tiny place, if it even works there. Like, it can't be that impressive. I thought we'd at least get Paramus but oh well


I think the E.T. 40th anniversary special this weekend is keeping most AMCs from assigning IMAX times to TGM.


Jersey Gardens imax will have it too


This weekend’s schedule probably isn’t fully updated at every theater yet, so I’d just wait a bit and see. But the IMAX at Jersey Garden’s in Elizabeth also has Top Gun scheduled


Yea Rockaway got it too. 3 theaters isn't bad but I guess since it was film for imax I was expecting more?Ike even paramus or Lincoln square but ill take Elizabeth. That ones way bigger than Clifton it seems


Let's goooo, gonna see it Saturday and do a double feature with Bullet Train


Sucks that universal citywalk has ET only. Maybe the week before labor day it can be back in IMAX there


Dolby for me usually at the 2:30 slots


Wow, speaks more to the fact that there is nothing good coming out in the next week.


AMC Tustin has it in Prime on Saturday. Orange and Puente Hills have it in imax. And Norwalk has it in Dolby. Tustin is the closest to me so I think I’ll watch in Prime. First time watching Prime and I hear it’s close enough to Dolby? Not sure if that’s true but Dolby is my preferred format.


Only seeing it in Prime theaters in my area. Dolby has Bullet Train a second week and IMAX is ET all week.


Empire is getting prime for all day while the rest who has Dolby in NYC is getting one slot . Not bad IMHO