In The Heights

In The Heights


Wow - this one is apparently really dividing audiences. I loved the movie, and am planning on seeing it again this week. When I saw this on Thursday, my fellow New Yorkers burst into applause 3 times, including at the end. I'm really sorry that so many are not experiencing the same level of enthusiasm and joy that others are.


Musicals always seem to be divisive although I didn’t expect it as much with this one given the critic and audience rotten tomato scores. I thought it was pretty good.


Same. I saw this on Saturday in Dolby at Lincoln Square (my first time back in the theater!) and the audience erupted into applause about 3-4 times. I absolutely loved this film.


Watched it once. Great movie, but I don’t think I would watch it again at the theater


Saw it opening night and I plan to see it again before it leaves my Dolby. Really don't understand how someone could be THAT mad about it.


Once. That was enough.


I saw it once yesterday and absolutely loved it!


twice, once at a screening and once in IMAX on Thursday. I plan to watch many more times hopefully this weekend.


It's being booted from IMAX and Dolby starting today in favor of The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard. I'm kind of astonished. Even bringing back AQP2 would make more sense. Edit: I ran to catch the last IMAX showing near me. First time seeing it, I missed most of the previews, sorry.


We walked out ..


At what point and how come? I'm just curious.


We Walked out at the start of the black out . It was about 45 minutes before the end. It was very repetitive seeming like the same song all the way through. I hated to walk out but it seemed like I was wasting my time ..


Yeah I feel that. I think I hyped myself up a bit too much going in and left feeling like it was solid, but not amazing. That said, I definitely enjoyed the second half more than the first.


No offense to anyone who liked it, but it might have the most overrated Rotten Tomatoes score ever. Once was enough. I live in San Diego, and it pisses me off that literally every dolby and imax showtime in area is dedicated to this musical. Conjuring just came out and theres still good films out like Quiet Place. Really wish they had more variety and would at least have 1 dolby or imax showtime for others. And despite it hogging all the premium formats, it still flopped and Quiet Place still did better




Once and my whole family found it to be laughably bad.


Once and that was enough. Both me and my partner would of watched Peter Rabbit instead and wished we had picked it instead.


Just once. It was good, but that’s all I needed to see it