"Transformers: Rise of the Beasts" A-List pocket Review (IMAX 3D)

Well it's the "blockbuster of the week" time of year, and so I used an A-List slot on the latest "Transformers" movie. FWIW, I liked the first three movies in this franchise, the first as a genuinely inventive action move, the second and third as sheer vulgar (in a good sense!) displays of epic movie-making power, but the last two (discounting the darn good "Bumblebee" film) have been weak and underwhelming. And because it's A-List, I saw it in IMAX 3D!

Anyway, on the good side "Rise of the Beasts" looks and sounds fantastic, even though we get bars top and bottom the whole movie. The sound in particular is the best I've heard all season, including the recent Spider-Verse and Fast X films. The IMAX theater seats were rocking and rolling from the bass, as if it was a Dolby theater. And the 3D was crisp and sharp deep in to the visuals. Technically masterful.

On the bad side, as a movie, "Beasts" has a lot more in common with the "Last Knight" and "Age of Extinction" films than with the first three films. The story is paper-thin, the action feels "small" even though the earth is at stake, and I have to give it up for Shia LeBeouf. While his character was an annoying twit, he had a manic energy that infused the films and projected a human element through the chaos of SFX robots. The human leads in this film are bland and dull, their existence seems pointless, as was the case in the 2014 and 2017 movies.

C-Minus .... See it for the spectacle once, but I won't be seeing it again.

PS - there is a mid-credits scene, and animated credits as well.


Solid 7.5/10. Saw it in IMAX. Great action set pieces. The human element didn't get annoying or in the way like most Transformers movies. You actually care for these humans. Pete Davidson was spectacular as Mirage. He was the best thing about the movie. The last 45 secs of the movie set up and Transformers universe that ppl will either love, hate, or WTF confused...🤣🤣🤣. This was a good time at the theater as ppl laughed and clapped at scenes. The music was phenomenal 90s throwbacks with one in particular that had the theater loudly clapping with what was going on on-screen. You'll know it when u see it. Definitely recommend a watch. I put this movie #3 on my list behind Bumblebee and the first Transformers.


Spot on review and you saved me time writing basically the same review! 👍🏻 Had a older couple ( watch me find out I’m older, lol) who were dancing in their seats for a few song. Also had the old lady (definitely older than me) who has now knitted thru 3 iMAX movies I’ve watched. She definitely payed more attention to this movie that John Wick and Fast X. Or I’m just not as distracted buy her anymore? 😆




I’m guessing that was a response to the woman who knits? 😝 I made sure to get a photo the second time I saw her because I had a few people who had trouble believing it to be true.


I agree. I saw it in Dolby and the sound was top notch. The seats were rumbling and the cgi was very good. However, i really wanted to like the story, but as you said, it’s very bare bones. Noah doesn’t even compare to Sam. In the first transformers movie it was very easy to like Sam and grow attached to him. Noah was alright but it just felt like a generic protagonist. I did like mirage as well. Overall, I liked the first three Michael Bay movies over this one. But the Dolby experience was cool.


Saw it in Dolby and it was one of the best films for that format yet. The seats were rumbling more than some 4D movies.


Did you have any issues with darkness? Trying to decide if the 3D aspects are worth choosing IMAX 3D over Dolby…


No darkness issues for me. IMO the 3D is well worth it for this movie.


so IMAX 3D or Dolby for this movie ??


Based on this I’m going w IMAX 3D https://www.cinemablend.com/3d/to-3d-or-not-to-3d-buy-the-right-transformers-rise-of-the-beasts-ticket


Saw it in IMAX tonight. I really enjoyed it!!!🦾🦍


Definitely will watch it again if I have time


Shia LeBouf was great but let’s not dismiss the humanity of Elena and Noah two characters. Noah, our Latino protagonist, is in a working single parent family and has a brother with Sickle Cell and he’s struggling finding a job to help out even though he is a brilliant engineer. Elena, our black female protagonist is also equally brilliant but in history/archeology/culture etc but her boss gets the credit for everything and generally mails it in (maybe only POC will get this). I thought the characters were extremely related but it might be because I am also a POC. Action was great. Unicron is an asshole. Mirage/Pete was excellent. Loved the soundtrack!