Instant text speed


Most settings are dependant on your preference and won't impact AI's output. And those settings that actually affect the output like randomness... are the ones you shouldn't really touch


Set how many actions the AI remembers higher as long as it doesn't start lagging. Randomness is up to you, but if you put it too high like all the way up, it'll no longer make sense at all. But I do turn it up to about 1.6 if I'm doing an adventure out in the wild or in caves or whatever so the AI will generate more encounters. Change the speed of the text, again as long as it doesn't start lagging.


There isn't a setting to increase how much the AI remembers. If you're referring to the "Action Window Size" setting, that only affects how much of the adventure is loaded at one time. It has no effect on the AI itself.


Remember was the wrong word. Changes how many actions the game loads while playing on the web. Default is 1000, minimum is 10, maximum is 10000. Consider reducing the window size to reduce lag. You're correct. It doesn't change what the AI remembers. The op was asking about settings.


Whatever you think is best for your style of play.