I don't know an official way, but I used the word "nuzzle" *one* time in a story, and the AI would not stop describing me as a furry animal after that.


Yep. Toss "you are a wolf" in the AN, but *also* keep cuing the AI with mentions of your wolf anatomy and behavior, and it'll reciprocate.


Well in custom you can specify what you are. In other scenarios just keep saying "You/I am a \[whatever you are\]" until the AI catches on.


/Remember does it for me. I wanted to make a scenario where i actually WAS the dragon, instead of hunting one.


Remebering feature has been broken for around as long as I've been playing. You say something once, and it either repeats on it for the rest of the life even if you change, or forgets it on the very next commands. Like I've had to go through the introduction prompt twice or thrice in multiple scenarios


It's remember you're looking for, I'm dead sure of it. Simply putting, "You are a wolf." Will suffice, you can also add details about how you walk or interact with things in remember or author's notes, but the AI knows common animals pretty well in most cases.


Although I openly despise latitude and know this game will never be the same I might as well let other people have fun by learning all the little things. If you start any new story and click < it will straight up just delete the story and ask you to start a new story of your own design, which should look like [this ](https://imgur.com/a/qkXlK0U) It’s kinda funny this is even a thing because with this you can bypass the need for rubies and just copy paste the starting text from any world and just play it out, or alternatively make your own story.


The pre-made Worlds still have hidden World Info that you wouldn't be able to carry over to a custom prompt, as well as World Events. I still just don't really consider them to be worth paying for, though. They just aren't very good.


Very interesting.