I tried to apply for jobs all over town. No one was hiring. It was very realistic :(


That hurts man


Became a peasant in Larion, met a nice woman. She turned out to be a vampire


\> You and the lady you met in Larion decide to sleep together tonight. You heard someone knocking on the door, it's Mr Malaria, you both die by morning. /ref


It was more along the lines of: "You are a peasant in Larion. You are working on the field when you look up and see a woman. You begin talking and she leads you to her house."


Exact same for me on my first run. We shagged, then I had her take me to her prettiest friend, who is also shagged. Rinse repeat. I didn’t even know the app could be used for that and I was just faffing about when I first tried it.


I tried a ww2 scenario Where I was a German officer in France defending A small town against a american platoon, I ended up as a Courier in the woods and was Invited to dinner by a French family. Pleasant stuff really.


Holy shit you were on the Axis side


I literally made an entire long story as a German soldier


I want to read this!


I registered.


Zombie apocalypse which turned into highschool drama shortly after in about 10 minutes. Ah good ol' times when you could just go to the website and play without loggin in or a paid version, or energy or micro transactions or filter or....


I didn't really know how it worked, so the first bunch of things I did was play as a religious inquisitor, praying to my god for divine power to smite and cast horrible afflictions onto innocent villages I deemed heretical. It was all just cool fantasy shit until I realized it could make porn.


The realization that changed everything


We've all been there


Threw a dildo at a goblin


I don’t know why this is so funny 🤣


i threw my dildo IN a goblin


why would you throw a dildo when youre inside a goblin


Kinky furry bondage story to test what the Ai was capable of... Edit: I certainly enjoyed what the AI gave me, too bad that i can't say the same nowerdays...


To test, right


Well...yes, but there was a certain reason i tested that in particular...


Because you like it?




Yes, this 🤗


Hey, sorry to ask, but do you know why your page doesn't load? I've been trying to see your comics/posts but reddit seems to load everything except your post list—


Woah 😱 I didn’t notice. Oh what could be wrong?


Couple hours later and it's all working once more. Hmm, not gonna question it.


Lol don't feel bad I had sex with a dragon I was supposed to slay


you were to told to slay the dragon, not lay the dragon!


Why slay the dragon when you can lay the dragon


i think most of us have done that at some point in our adventures


ngl I feel that




Pet the dragon


Hell yeah, big boys are good boys


Become a slave to a sorceress. Travel around the world some how get sent to the 40k universe get married to a god. Kill the emperor in a duel where I was using a spoon and the emperor was using a shotgun. After I killed him he told me I was always better with a spoon than any other mortal. Rest the entire universe by using a really big spoon. Waited for about 4,000 years where the world eventually got back to medieval level of technology. Then divorced the god, the got remarried to a rock if I remember it went very weird after that.




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A gta scenario


Why would you play a game in a game where you could play a game? or were you just playing the game, but doing things you couldn’t do in the other game?


I played as a rogue in the default prompt and I ended up stealing a car after robbing the bank then stuck in a car chase lol


I was in a school where my girlfriend was murdered and my friend committed suicide multiple time. It was crazy, makes me miss the old AI dungeons.


i nuked a city


every time something bad happens I just call an airstrike




I tried taking a flower from a girl and she commit suicide the very next post. The entire story turned into a "Why'd she do that?"


I was like a shape-shifting girl who could transform into animals or something, me and my friends were in a bar when I started fighting with the bartender because he was a dick and everyone in the bar started to beat the shit out of me, I used my magic to become a bear and fight back, it didn't worked, I died


My first story I was a Druid that could shapeshift into a bear. It was dope


Grabing a bucket


I was a knight in Larion asked to kill the dragon in the forest. Once I found the dragon, I just kept complimenting him and asked him to teach me magic. I used the magic he taught me to enslave his mind, then rampaged a village with my dragon minion


I did very generic text-based-adventure stuff since I didnt think it was very sophisticated. I even thought I was in a premade story at first. Over time I realized I could do anything.


Grew in power until I destroyed the universe and everything in it.


We all tried that


I remember doing that






Sprint into the Dark; My thought process was I was gonna get hurt or I was gonna get hurt and fall into a mess both metaphorically and literally.


attempting to stop WW2


Fuck a cat ala Shane Dawson style A few months later I saw kittens outside the house


Killed some people who enslaved soldiers


Fucked the dragon of Larion and his radioactive nut burned through my stomach.


commited warcrimes


Banged a dragon.


If i remember correctly i was rogue in an alley with some rope looking for a place to rob, nowadays however that rope would be used for... different purposes.


Sailing ?


Heh, i wish it was that innocent.


Sailing but you’re a pirate?


Did a half life story because a post on r/halflife is the very thing that got me into aid


I spent hours as an assassin whos blind


Some classic squire story, which ended up being a slice of life, which then turned out to be a quest to find a way to activate the golden snitch of a wizard who rolled a natural 1, then it completely turned in a wizard battle, and I stopped it here, where nonsensical battles were made.


A really bad zombie senecio


It called me a jackass, so I replied "Fuck you."


I basically just did random shit to see what worked. My first story ended up with me dropping nukes on random people, fighting a dragon, and destroying all of reality lmao Those really were the good days


Started a 16th century monopoly


VOC wants to know your location


Raided an Acura dealer, ripped some doughnuts in an empty parking lot in an '08 TL-S. While listening to Lindsey Stirling.


I actually did a RPG as a warrior... Long story short: I got a **sword that splits time** right in the beginning then the game forgot I had it then I friggin **died to a rock**. Lmao Then I realized there was a custom option and I've been using it ever since.


Went with the noble start and began fighting off orc hordes with battleships and air strikes, among other silly and illogical methods of defense. I think either dragons or fighter jets came into play as well. The second thing I did was start a patient mystery story that ended up turning into a superhero story fighting against various cults.


Start a civilization in a zombie apocalypse


Establish a Crusader State in 2030 Japan


Became a thief, kidnapped someone, got arrested, fell in love with a woman in prison, got married after and died of old age


I sprouted wings and murdered an entire city of people.


I fought Vegeta!


Bobert, the Alien who Can't Fuck, lands in notorious Fuck Forest, where everyone is tall and handsome and naked and horny This upsets Bobert greatly


I tried AI Dungeon after CallMeKevin's video, so... I ate every single person or creature I met.


I tried to brake the AI.


Hope you were wearing a seatbelt.


shoot a guy in a zombie apocalypse prompt


Argued with a god stating that I was In fact the emperor and assassinated some random guy and conquered the rule.


My 1st story was of a Knight named Steve while wondering through a forest he meet a Dark Elf and became friends with him. He meet up with other Knights to storm a castle but, that's how far that story got as, the AI lost track of what was happening. And I didn't know how to fix the story at the time.


i killed some monster idfk it's been a good while


your mom


I did the tutorial. HA HA.


I stole a rocket


I cut my squire's throat


Worm mind rape on a desert planet.


It was me being an absolute dictator


mostly have a power fantasy of a swordsman with magical powers and have two pet baby griffins


I shot my character in an apocalypse prompt


fight desert vampires as charmy bee also orcs and dark elves are involved and get prank by a Gnome and "save" some minors (people who mine)


Conquerored France with Hitler and the. Trump spoiled out plans by crashing a plane into the building we were in.


Did a fallout like campaign


A story in which Florida Man walks his pet alligator around town, destroying meth labs to steal the meth, then killing god.


I took over the entirety of Russia with the help of Mr. Krabs. I did not create Mr. Krabs, the AI just kinda chucked him into my story but I wasn't complaining


Found a man named Ben in a ditch, and we hid from a passing patrol then Ben raped me.


rolled over my school in a IS-7


Jojo characters in the Napoleonic wars Idk the aí suddenly brought Napoleon, and became very funny Basically it was a Jojo thing, Go kill Dio But then Napoleon show up with his stand, and all Jojo characters together need to defeat him


Oh boy. Fond memories. On the original prototype? Going around as a wizard and trying to send people to the shadow realm. On the modern AI Dungeon website? Survival Island prompt. Tried to summon *THE SIN AXE, THE AXE MADE OF HUMANITY'S SINS!* multiple times.


I played as a ranger and I shot and child then ate him




I took steroids, fought the police, accidentally killed my cat popeye, went to an insane asylum full of cannibal magicians to try to revive him, failed, and then gave him a touching viking funeral which was finished by throwing popeye into the sun, and then crying.


Highly underestimated the AI, ran into a character, wondered the limits of the AI, killed the character, be slightly surprised by the limits of the AI and decides to test the limits further, did necrophilia I did NOT think it would actually work


did a sick backflip


Became the king of Chad. The second thing i did was nuking Zambia.


I forgor 💀


Made a 100-200 actions worth of fanfiction


I gave a blowjob to a huge hunky Furry


Tried to make a tomboy gf scenario but ended with her having a cock three times the size of mine


Some really fucked up stuff I'm sure that I would get banned for here on this subreddit.


I IMMEDIATELY tried to break it by forcing nothing to make any sense. I made a character named Bjorn Murdurfuk, a Swedish chef angel, who essentially went around throwing trains and frying pans at everything while trying to find an Uzbekistan-based mob that killed Bjorn's father (iirc). A highlight was when I ended up breaking into Willy Wonka's factory hoping to find someone who could point me to the mob, only to find that it was RUN by the mob. It got very weird very quickly, as I had hoped. One of the first actions made him cram an entire bookcase down his pants.


I wrote a 40k word story in three days. Currently rewriting it and posting it to AO3.


Killed a deamo. Then started a religious cult to god since I used godky powers to win. I lead a crusade that did no harm and in the end met god in heaven. God was a very chill dude and saw how nice I was so sent me back ro earth with his powers to make everybody nice. Though he felt sad for letting me leave.


Zombie apocalypse


I took a shit.


It was a usual Fantasy Scenario, I was a knight in Larion who recruited a bunch of Goblins who ambushed me to help me kill the dragon. It WORKED, too, and I had my own little band of Goblins who were willing to help me. I swore to get them each pardoned by the king for their heroism, but the scenario pretty much fell apart when I accidentally turned the scenario into a dating sim with one of the local women whose husband was killed by the dragon.


I tried to perform an exorcism on a zombie.


man I miss when ai dungeon was only a bare bones little website with a prompt, that’s when it was fun to just kick a door and harass the innkeepers


Murdered a woman with a large rock while singing "DANCE DANCEING ON THE STONE!" Good times.


Crash a fighter jet in the middle of a battlefield, save my squadmates from execution and flee the enemy town I crashed onto by steamrolling over enemy troops with a fucking tank


A fantasy setting where everything went wrong.


I killed 3 goblins and it was so smooth and cool, and not extremely random


went on a quest to kill a certain famous dragon, found some kind if castle, and was betrayed then murdered stabed in the back 3 times in the same run


Tossed a very nice Tau lady's salad.


I busted a nut


i became a princess then the AI immediatly proceeded to kidnap me ​ i swear to god the princess prompt always ends in being kidnaped


I became a wizard, killed a king, and then did some deprived stuff when I found out that the AI let you do *anything*, I was pretty surprised before I went all in. Captured a tribe of witches and made a harem out of them, and then got involved in some political shenanigans with a mad Emperor against a bunch of evil nobles/mole men. It was real fun, shame that I can’t continue it since it’d set off the filter the second it got any of the stuff in. I miss the old AI.


... Apparently I filmed an execution.


Found some dumb girl who got hit by lightning in a forest and then I saved her First thing I did after I got dragon was to be a dragon(haha get it?), then a human tried to fuck me, then I killed him


Wanted to be a necromancer but it was illegal but I did anyways.


Get injured after an artillery shell hit me


I just went for the knight prompt and went kill the dragon, but I stopped at a village and became one of the guards. Moments later the dragon showed up and killed me with fire breath, just to turn me into a fire zombie that never dies...


I was just trying to do a normal Advanture as a Noble until I discoverd that you could do some nsfw shit...


Oh, boy. My first story was an absolute trainwreck. I had no idea how to use the undo button, edit, say/story, etc.. So whenever the AI added something ridiculous to the story, I kept it in. My character (Lawrence) was sent to kill a dragon in the Kingdom of Larion. Then he met some elves in the woods, brutally murdered them all cuz I guess I was in my edgy teen phase, then got sent to jail because one of them was hard to kill. I broke out with my cellmate, then betrayed then, then stabbed him in the groin (luckily a helmet was their to protect him). Then I escaped to kill the dragon, who turned out to be my cellmate (somehow)??? I forget how, but along the way, I died somehow, and got sent to the afterlife, where there were 8 naked women surrounding me. To be clear, this was the AI's doing, not mine. So this definitely weirded me out. Then a demon dude came out, I stabbed him in the groin, he dies, and I escape with one of the women named Sage. Now I'm alive now I guess (escaping from the underworld turned out to be very easy). So I return to the castle, straight up murder the king, now I'm king. Also I learn magic now, so my character is EXTREMELY overpowered at this point (and of course, I murder the character who taught me how to use magic for literally no reason). Then Sage comes back, and we get married. So that's nice. Also, Lawrence gets sent to the future (forgot how) and Lawrence gets sad, but then he uses magic to warp back to the present. So that plotline had literally no effect on the story. Then Sage breaks up with me because I burned down our entire village (because one of the villagers would summon a demon army or whatever, and Lawrence was too lazy to find out which one it was, so he just destroyed the entire town). Now Lawrence is sad, but he needs an heir, and he finds another girlfriend (Who turns out to be another one of Sage's exes) surprisingly fast. That's where I remember it ending. My god, what a weird game. I like to think my other stories were at least somewhat better, lol.


Build up a historical K-Drama. Had to force the AI to finally understand what I was doing.


I ate an pizza slice


got bullied in the carnival




Try to be a mage, but the IA was so corruped that i end up having kids with a monster girl... Which happend more times after this first "run"


I just fucking died apparently. Then kept dying over and over again no matter what I tried, it just resulted in a more painful continued death. Even my soul got burned and tortured.


Jojo adventures


****Grab a bucket****




Became a dog knight


I tried to cast fireball


i accidentally became god


Hack the teachers Twitter account


I did the Evil Klaus scenario. I killed evil Santa Claus and took control of his elf army before charging and dominating half of the artic circle.


Had sex with an old crush in a puddle of blood while a zombie was chewing my arm


I threw a grenade at a chair


Go to noble, try to call for help, nobody came, hide in the basement, some fuckin orcs take over my castle, I say “fuck it” and see if the AI lets me turn into a dragon, I then turned into a bunch of shit and took over the world


Play the apocalypse scenario


I wrote a story about first day in a new school


I ended up playing a Rogue that broke the system because no one would give him his pants


Started as peasant in Larion, ended up creating the Spanish Holy Roman Empire. I legit spent 2 hours on wikipedia trying to learn how the HRE worked irl to mimic it in the game


It was either putting on a pirate outfit or practicing necromancy on a potato I know I did both but I´m not sure which I did first


Made an NSFW play through with my waifus in an altered reality


I tried to become god


Arrived at an arcane academy looking for a teaching job and immediately got roped into a mystery involving a missing teacher and student. Good times.


Accidentally incinerated my teacher


tried to explore a run down store while the classic ai kept breaking then got my ass kicked by 4 naked buff guys with glowing red eyes


I was a knight in the kingdom of Larion (what a surprise) and immediately stabbed myself in the heart with my sword and died


Played as some kind of powerful space overlord who loot and destroy planets...


A custom scenario in which I was a [Manchurian Agent](https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ManchurianAgent) sent by the Republic of Cascadia to hunt down a terrorist organisation that sought to undermine its rule. I never quite finished it to any satisfaction because the AI kept dragging elements of *Fallout* (like calling the organisation in question “The Brotherhood of Steel”) and *Star Wars* (Cascadia being a republic and the military police in and around Centurion Square after the latest terrorist bombing were interpreted as Stormtroopers), but it did open my eyes to the incredible possibilities of an AI-powered text adventure game.


Beep. Boop. I'm a robot. Here's a copy of ###[The Republic](https://snewd.com/ebooks/the-republic/) Was I a good bot? | [info](https://www.reddit.com/user/Reddit-Book-Bot/) | [More Books](https://old.reddit.com/user/Reddit-Book-Bot/comments/i15x1d/full_list_of_books_and_commands/)


It was in the Beta days when you were running the game directly from the Google dev servers and it kept crashing all the time. My first game was a very generic D&D style adventure. I walked through a village and tried to buy weapons. The blacksmith tried to rape me. That was extremely surprising, to say the least.


Helped orcs overthrow a kingdom and then had sex with Spider-Man


Accidentally assasinating the king with a spoon


i was sent to the underworld and was invited to some undead bar


Shoot up my school……I was 12 and super edgy


I used to do sex because it's funny, but after the recent updates I was unable to do anything like that at all.


tried to find catgirl


Defeating An orc, immigrated to the usa. Begane president And comitter genocide, had An orgy and became god. Creaties the hunger games and became a ninja god thingie. It was nice


I posted the Skyrim introduction. It got meta.


i noclipped into the backrooms


I was a desperate survivor I nthe apocalypse looking for safety, after hours of searching I came upon it: the last bastion of humanity living in a small store. After chatting with a woman I was allowed in, finally safe from the zombies. Then I got attacked by an old guy and killed.


Started an apocalypse themed scenario mostly cause I was bored. This turned into a lot of ridiculous things that probably wouldn't have realistically happened that I am reluctant to describe. ~~He shamed the Zombies for not being sentient enough to speak an audible language.~~


Got bullied by a fellow peasant boy and stabbed him through the chest then head with a pitchfork


Became a king that would make guards kill themselves or kill their family to prove their loyalty


I walked into a tavern and immediately witnessed a very inappropriate show on the stage. That's when AID really lit up with colors for me, hehe


Commiting war crimes


The original AID1? I played wizard and got stuck in an endless loop underwater in a lake with someone shooting fireballs at me. (and there's a 4th flash, and there's a 5th flash, and there's a 6th flash, and there's a 7th flash, and there's a...) Good times.


Become a peasant in Larion fed peas to an enemy until they died and I jumped inside and ate at thats maklanky


I played the rogue more like Altair, Running around on the rooftops and aerial assassinating bodyguards.


I was just starting as a pokemon trainer, and then chose a Panpour as my starter, then named her Yeet.


I ate a dead horse while asking Italians for rats


Shot a knight in the dick