TFW you've been hyper fixated on coding and it starts infiltrating your thoughts while trying to do other shit. The struggle is real.


At this point I think someone’s sabotaging the A.I to watch Reddit lose their shit for their amusement.


Everyone. The ai just hasn't been able to make a normal story and started generating random things.


i’m trying to write a story set in victorian times and the ai just keeps spewing out random stuff unrelated to it. so i think everybody has it rn.


Yeah i know how you feel, i was playing a campaign and i was on action 749, long story short i was talking to a character and asked them a question that could basicly end the game, and everytime i asked them they Spewed out code, im currently on a cliffhanger.


Try it now


Novel ai


Bro i just got done paying another month for dragon and i can't even eat a chicken sandwich.


Well there's your problem, giving a lobotomized AI model any money.


Wtf is OP doing, if you have money for dragon, you have money for novelAI This spaz deserves what he gets. The only people still play dungeon are broke bitches


I’ve been with NovelAI since they launched, but there is no reason to be so rude. If anything, your attitude could push new people away from NovelAI, so please don’t do that. Just tell them about Novel in a kind way and move on.


But is it good though ?


I think so. I’ve had AID for years and Novel for a few months and I think they are pretty comparable, especially considering how fast Novel has been able to match AID. Novel is very much in Beta, it’s being constantly worked on, so it can take some getting used to. I had found it a little confusing at first, but it’s improved a LOT and the Discord is really helpful. It has some really cool features, like being able to train the AI to have a certain genre or style you like, like a certain writer’s style or theme, like Horror or Lovecraft or even your favorite fanfiction writer. (I’m still learning that side of it). It can sometimes be more repetitive than AID, but you learn to write differently and that could be a me problem. I think I have phrases I repeat, so Novel learns from you and will do that, too. It’s different, so you just have to learn the way it works and then you can get really good results. I think it’s on par with Griffin, not quite up to Dragon, but with it being this good so quickly, I can’t imagine what another year will do for Novel. Sorry for such a long response. Yes, it’s good, I think. Maybe not quite up to what AID Dragon was a year ago, but it’s been a lot better than current AID. Like you, I’m finally letting my AID run out this month. Wanted to keep testing both for a while, just to compare, but I think Novel is better at the moment. And again, their Discord is great. Very helpful people and the devs are very active, always updating, getting feedback, talking with the community. That’s something I really enjoy. 😊


Bro chill out, i allready payed this month, i mainly use ai dungeon to play with friends that only have phones, i will switch to novelai after my sub finishes.


Gotta pay those Mormon wives haircuts.


Why would you keep paying? The AI has been awful for months, even before the drama


I have no clue.


I recommend moving to NovelAI, it's better than AID.


How better are we talking about ?


Cristazio explained it well, but let me clarify some things so that new people won't get confused. Currently, NAI has only two models: Calliope (based on GPT-Neo 2.7B) and Sigurd (based on GPT-J 6B), with both finetuned by data researchers with properly formatted and cleaned datasets to maximize the most out of their parameters. All subscription tiers can use Sigurd. Eleuther (model maker) trained the original models on The Pile so the AI 'knows' a diverse set of subjects, and NAI's devs finetuned their copies of the models very well; however, the AI can still be found lacking in certain areas. Therefore, you can use default modules (trained by the devs), custom modules (trained by users and shared on NovelAI's discord and/or the rentry page), or even train your own module to help the AI 'understand' particular genres/themes/topics better, or to mimic certain authors' styles (including your own). The module with say/do/story mode is called the "Special: Text Adventure" module, and is trained by the devs. You can find all the default modules in the right panel --> Options tab --> AI module. In my opinion, NAI's Sigurd is much better than Griffin, and when tinkered with, NAI's prose outputs can rival peak Dragon's (I was a former AID user from mid-2020 to mid-2021 so I have an idea what it was like). But keep in mind that this is about prose, as Sigurd's much smaller model (6B compared to Dragon's 175B) means the AI can struggle with 'logic' and 'concepts', especially with things it is 'unfamiliar' with. We can use presets/generation settings and modules to improve this a bit or a lot (depending on what you use NAI for), but there are things only a bigger model can help achieve. However, a bigger model is something we (including NAI's devs) have to wait for Eleuther to train, made much more difficult by the GPU shortage. Edit: Clarified some of my points.


So what telling me is, its better, but i have to train it ?, so is it multplayer?


I'm not sure how best to explain this, but I'll do my best. You can use NAI's Calliope or Sigurd model as they are (default everything); everyone uses Sigurd because it has more parameters, meaning it is 'smarter' than Calliope (similar to how Dragon is 'smarter' than Griffin in AID). Then you can use a module to help the AI understand certain themes/genres/topics even better than what the default models (Calliope or Sigurd) 'know' about those subjects. This is a copy-paste session from Unofficial NovelAI Knowledge Base: "Modules are data modules that are inserted into the AI's memory in order to influence the text it will generate. Each module is similar to a 'mini-finetune', a corpus of text that was used to adjust the AI based on how it is written. Different modules have different effects..." There are two types of modules: (1) modules trained by the devs and included by default in the interface, which you can choose (like "Dark Fantasy" module) in the AI Module drop-down menu in the Options tab on the right panel; (2) custom modules trained by users to better suit their needs/interests, which will be found in the same AI Module drop-down menu after importing the files. You can train your own custom modules, or import custom modules trained by other users and shared on NAI's Discord (or the rentry page for sharing modules). For example, I have an interest in Androids and Robots, so I imported one module trained on those topics to help the AI 'understand' them better and give me more relevant outputs. Currently, there is no multiplayer feature in NAI; you can easily export/import a story and send it back and forth between friends, and each one of you can type your inputs then let the AI generate outputs, but that's it. Multiplayer feature may be developed in the future, but I'm not one of the devs, so don't quote me on that. Edit: Fixed one minor detail.


It's pretty good, not on January Dragon level but it's better than Griffin for sure, it's better trained too and has a lot of features and trained models, you can even train your own models. Plus they recently made a model that basically gives you the say/do/story options like in AID.


Much better


I just tried the trial since I never used mine. The new Griffin AI is better then dragon at the moment from what I've seen. So I'm basically just using it to generate images lol


Thought I was on r/ProgrammerHumor for a second and was confused


... did they accidentally hook up Codex in place of Dragon?


Huh why couldn't the ai generate code for me when I tried to do some


This has been happening a lot lately. In wi it keeps making generations about “Null,” which I can only assume means it’s so poorly coded that null is actually entering the generation pool somehow


It gave me a tip on how to use lua hooks for Wikipedia


I just started having that problem as well! It must be a serverside thing.... It's odd, everything was fine then BOOM#




And lo, the promise of the prophesied chicken sandwich was fulfilled.


The prophecy has been fulfilled


Not me, Im on novelai 🎤 ⬇️


The following was the latest drivel produced by my AI: "}]}}] You need to decide what combination of options you agree with. There is a lot to take in, but eventually you will learn more as you go along and make decisions.” It’s broken. I thought it was because of the latest update


I had a serious bout of “SUDDENLY JAVASCRIPT” too yesterday. I just put the thing away.


They very likely added an untrained generic model in the mix that has nothing to do with adventure stories. It would produce garbage output like that. On KoboldAI we see this behavior to from models that are generic, but the well trained models don't do this.


Yeah, it’s me as well. It’s started taking about how I “don’t need to worry about this becoming a public story” and I thought someone hacked my account


Yes I was having the same issue in a longer story but it resolved after \~20 minutes


Nah, you're characters just got some interesting thoughts.


Everyone I think lol (or at least me as well)


I'd say everyone I don't know about you but I cannot go 4 sentences without the AI trying to put me in a sexual situation so I've become well aquainted with the retry and undo buttons.


It seems like it's back working now.


Everyone I think


I am too. It looks like the AI shit the bed big time.


Oh you mean the software had a glitch. Amazing. All software usually works perfectly right? Just saying. With most software when it has a glitch you contact support. AI has a glitch in it must become a post. And then when you make the post, a bunch of people come in and say that it's the death of the AI. All software has glitches with updates. If you use Windows I'm sure you're familiar with that.