Geelong Cats on Twitter - Love the game, not the odds

Geelong Cats on Twitter - Love the game, not the odds


This is great. Would love to see all the clubs get behind it, to really highlight how much it comes from the top rather than the clubs specifically.


Every Victorian AFL club (and shit loads from local footy and other sports) is partnered with the VRGF for this




They might make money from pokies but I think all of the Vic clubs have decided to not accept sports betting sponsorship, which is what this is about.


I think Geelong also got rid of pokies years ago.


Was last year. Hawthorn, Essendon, Carlton, St Kilda & Richmond have 20 year licenses. Melbourne will be finishing theirs next year. The rest are out completely.


Oh god I went to a Bombers game year before last and they were doing the "love the game not the odds thing" and it seems a wee bit hypocritical when they have massive pokies interests, including in Melton and I think at least one other low socioeconomic area.


*Awkward Brisbane laughing*


They shouldve announced this next week for maximum shade throwing.




Cunnington is such a gun! Didnt realise how whispy he was! Haha


The swans are partners with the NSW gov on the nsw version of this same program. There are banner ads about it around the Scg every week.


Good job Cats and thanks. Top work Jez.


Swans have started making similar player led recorded announcements at scg games as well. I like the idea. Good to see Geelong doing it too. I reckon a number of players would be keen on this sort of initiative considering the amount of shit they cop on socials from pissed off punters.


Mitch Duncan got knocked out then harassed online for getting knocked out. The complete twat was mad Duncan’s numbers or lack there of didn’t get the guy his multi. Like FFS idiot, Duncan could have long lasting brain damage, I’m sure your Sportsbet account isn’t more important than someone’s health.


They got Ben Cunnington to do one, there aren't many reasons that that man will willingly talk to a camera, but anti-gambling and hair growth are two of them.


I reckon you could get him talking about fishing if you threw the right bait


Well done Geelong, keep that up


I love this, the AFL has sold its soul to betting company’s in the last decade. Every club needs to get on board with this.


Hard to sell something you never had in the first place, but if anyone could pull it off it's them




> roosbet, bombersbet, bluesbet etc I have never heard of this, is there any info on these? Seems really weird for clubs to have their own betting businesses.




Its a bit annoying to learn that North exited the pokies in 2008, and then jumped onto this with Betezy in 2009.


Thanks for this. Good article.


>Seems really weird for clubs to have their own betting businesses. I'm assuming they were 'skins' for another mainstream betting company, but not sure if this is actually the fact. Edit: Yep, looks like they were just a club branded version of Betezy.


Step in the right direction. Get every club behind this, and the AFL will take up and notice (maybe)


Wish we could were on board with this but we seem to be going hard in the other direction.


Love this. Sick of my mates talking about their multis non stop during games. I was trapped in that cycle for ages and ducking hate it


Good stuff getting out! When it becomes normal it's hard.


Well done cats. Another step in the right direction for the league


Damn it, why do Geelong have to be one of my favourite off field teams whilst also being one of my most hated on field it’s an emotional roller coaster they’ve got me on.


Sports betting is horoscopes for fucking boring men. It should be incredibly embarrassing to talk about your stupid fucking multi. It's a tax on stupidity, and you're the stupid one no matter what way you want to cut it. Yeah sure I have a bet occasional, like I have a wank, I just don't tell everyone about it. Even if you're 100% pro gambling, I can't imagine why you'd support the advertising. Are you really saying you need it to gamble? Ban the fuck out of it, it's a disgrace on modern Australia.


This is great. Fair play to them.


Will this mean no gambling ads on the screens around the ground at kardinia or is that out of Geelongs control?


[They banned gambling ads at the cattery a couple of years ago](https://www.geelongcats.com.au/news/132037/cats-lead-gambling-advertising-blackout) I assume that is still the case


Oh, now cats home games in Melbourne makes more sense




Ahhhhh, well fuck betting companies x10!


thats great to hear hopefully more stadiums follow




*sanctions incomming*


It’d be great if SEN got on board. Every three seconds they’re talking about the odds.


They don't just do tips on their Thursday evening show, they do tips against the line, brought to you by Bluebet.


My autistic son recently got $7,000 backpay from the NDIS. When we checked his bank account we saw he had no money left. Rortsbet got him hook line and sinker. Not a single cent left. We went to the Ombudsman who is toothless. We contacted Rortsbet and they felt no moral compunction to right the injustice of taking advantage of the mentally ill. Zero dollars reimbursed. 'Share the moment!' Last year during lockdown he spent 6 months in a psych ward in Footscray with no visitors allowed. We are so proud of him and the enormous courage he has shown in getting back on his feet. They actively kept enticing him to bet more through his phone. I can't even watch "The Front Bar" anymore because of the omnipresent advertising of this disgraceful company.


If it wasn't an illegal action (ie your son being under 18) then why would he be reimbursed? If he won you wouldn't return the money. I'm not one to defend gambling, I think it should be illegal. But I don't really get your stance here.


It’s not a legal claim, it’s an ethical claim. The betting company profits from the vulnerable. We, as a society, allow the betting company to exist (it’s legal). It’s reasonable that we as a society might expect them to willingly reduce the harm they do. Their actions should be driven by more than just profit or whether it is legal.


Definitely not just betting companies that profit off the vulnerable. It’s standard practice in business. Alcohol shops profit off of alcoholics, real estate investors off of renters, candy and toy selling to children, the beauty industry and young girls, pharmaceutical industry profits off the sick, factory farming profits off of helpless animals, pyramid schemes, payday lending, etc, etc, etc. Might be a systemic factor involved…


i think they are trying to say that betting companies should have a social responsibility to stop vulnerable people from using their services. the same problem exists with lootboxes in games, where there is nothing to stop a gambling addict or mentally ill person from spending $1000's. i personally think these companies are responsible for ensuring their customers are mentally fit to engage with these products (as these companies profit margins are so high), and that governments should enforce this. however many believe it is the consumers responsibility, regardless of their mental health.




Gambling is shit. I wouldn't go as far to say that society should deem bartenders and croupiers as scum that shouldn't be loved like you have insinuated. Go to the casino on a weekend and you'll see people having fun just as you'll see people in despair. Same as drugs/ alcohol and anything that can be addicting really. I hate telling someone how to parent but if your son has the mental capacity of an 11 year old then you probably shouldn't have allowed him access to $7000.


The NDIS put the money into his account. You are right and they have acknowledged they they made a mistake.


Ah yeah that sucks. Surely you'd have a better chance at getting the money back through NDIS since its their blunder?


That’s fucked


Great job, Cats and Jezza. Be the change you want to see.


As a recovering alcoholic I’m just glad that I was never addicted to gambling. It’s bonkers how much gambling is thrown in your face watching a game on TV.


Oh shit i backed geelong tonight


I deleted my apps the other day, I was pissing away a lot of money.


Good for you!


Cynical take but's nice when you can replace the betting sponsorship with the government anti-betting dollars.


Good! The AFL loves to show little kids on the Auskick segment at half time, but the fact is, some of those kids will never make it to the AFL because of domestic violence/neglect that goes hand in hand with gambling addiction.


Great stuff, need more of it. As an aside, I don't think I've ever heard Cameron talk before, but his delivery and complete lack of facial expression gave me a great laugh. [Just thought of Bart reading Homer's notes to Mr Burns](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ta8z_Hg0fgI)


[Mm hm](https://reddit.com/r/AFL/comments/nqfgln/dreamtime_drinking_game/h0ae70i)


Strong stance by a club that sold its last pokies venue less than a year ago. Well after other clubs had given them the flick.


Even if it was the day after they sold their pokies, it's still a good initiative. It took them over a year (perhaps 2?) to get the sale of their last pokies through because of finding a buyer due diligence with the sale. "Well after other clubs had given them the flick"; mate there's still clubs like Carlton who have gambling licenses until at least 2042.


Didn't say it wasn't a good initiative.


I’m starting to think you’re an opposition supporter just taking the piss pretending to be a Cats fan. Haven’t seen you say 1 positive thing on r/AFL or r/GeelongCats about Geelong while flaring up for Geelong. Look at his comment history if you need proof.


he was well known on BigFooty for the same stuff, I'd say for almost a decade now he has had an instatiable hatred for the club that never lets up. A sad way to live.


That’s just sad...


Think it's just as sad ganging up on an individual that you disagree with. Kinda close to bullying type behaviour, every club has ultra critical supporters that are unpleasant. Not worth fighting neg with more neg


He's toxic as shit, read his comment history. There's a reason they had to ban him from the cats subreddit.


Seriously...don’t be that guy. If he has no issue making dumb statements about the club on social media then he needs to be held accountable for it. Being held accountable is not bullying. You sound like the people that whinge about cancel culture when really it’s assholes being held accountable.


Eh, everyone's entitled to an opinion unless it's abusive or breaking rules. I'm not that butthurt when people say disparaging things about my team. Everyone's different I guess


Neither am I? My point was he never says anything positive. And uses a Geelong flair. I call fake Geelong supporter.


Almost a decade. Ha, ha. I didn't even get on BigFooty till 2015. I love the misinformation blurted out about me by the usual suspects on here. So funny. I said one factual comment re: Geelong and the pokies, and the precious Geelong massive lose their minds.


according to your profile on BF - August 5, 2013 but do go off


Yep, look up my first post/comment on BigFooty. Not till 2015.


'Haven’t seen you say 1 positive thing on r/AFL or r/GeelongCats' Try checking out the most upvoted comment ever on r/GeelongCats.


I wouldn't say that was positive, more of a begrudging, backhanded compliment. I'll commend you for it though, you were a big enough man to acknowledge it.


>I'll commend you for it though, you were a big enough man to acknowledge it. He took it all back the second we lost the GF.


How's it backhanded in any possible way? Unbelievable. Lol.


“Though I still think Geelong's massively underacheived in finals over the last 9 years I have to congratulate the club and coach on making the GF in a very difficult year.” Maybe backhanded wasn’t the right word, but it’s a compliment preceded by a criticism.


You didn't think the club had underacheived in finals over the previous 9 years? I think you'd be hard pressed finding a Cats fan that didn't agree with that statement.


Please stay on topic. I’m not saying I don’t agree, we obviously have, but that’s not the point, I’m talking about how your ‘positive’ comment still has criticism in it.


I don't know why, but I quite like him. If it were anyone else, I wouldn't have the time of day, but for some reason, blightycats gets a pass from me. (I think it's cause I may subconsciously agree with one or two things) But, your right, he's the biggest negative Nancy going round


so how long should they wait before they're allowed to take a stance against gambling after they last took a stance against gambling and got rid of their pokies licenses and sold the pokies venues? Just wondering so no other club makes the same fatal mistake


Your hatred for the geelong football club is so pathetic. You'll spin absolutely any story in a negative way so that you can justify your dislike of Chris Scott and Brian Cook. Just go support another team for gods sake.


Quite impressive.


I bet you the AFL won't be happy. Come on, 2 to 1 odds. Any takers? **Not a real offer*


Shaq sheds a single tear into his trillions of dollars


Even as someone who has the occasional punt, this is a good thing. Anything that's keeping betting ads away from the ground is a plus in my book.