Best Defence

Best Defence


Fuck that's so hard. Not picking Barry, Bolton, Shaw, Mattner, Crouch, Kennelly, or Johnson was tough but ultimately I think this is our best back 6 Rampe, Richards, Smith, Malceski, Grundy, Lloyd


I think Bolton was better than Grundy but we've just had solid defender after solid defender for a good while. You didn't even mention LRT!


LRT was more of a cult hero than anything


Crazy to think that was basically our actual defence line up 5 or so years ago


No mention of Dunkley or Roos? I'm assuming this is going back to when you started watching?


Dunkley definitely came to mind for me


That and there were only like 5 good defenders in the AFL between 1897 and 2000


Gavin Wanganeen, Dustin Fletcher, Mark Thompson, Barry Davis, Mark Harvey, Damien Hardwick.


Can I take 6x Fletch?


Technically you can only have two.


Astbury Rance Grimes Houli Balta Vlastuin


As far as my football knowledge goes, none of those guys have ever played for University.


Rance, Grimes, Gaspar, Bowden, Houli, Short


Scarlett, Enright, Taylor, Miburn, Stewart, Lonergan. Edit: Hunt, Mackie, Blicavs, Kelly and Egan stuff to miss out.


That’s a bloody good defence.


Can't really think of a player this defence doesn't have a match up for. I guess if you want some more pace you could bring in Hunt for Mackie or Stewart even though they're by no means slow.


Yeah I can’t really disagree. I knew Geelongs defence would be one of the best.


Amazingly all of those players are from the last 20 years. We've been blessed with some incredible defenders over our successful period.


Absolutely. I feel the same way about the Eagles. Certain teams are just really good at developing talented players.


Egan>Lonergan in their primes but holy crap that is an incredible defence


Lonergan takes the best tall every week to allow harry to intercept. One of the only defender I've seen regularly keep buddy quiet. Egan was great but he didn't have a long enough career to have him over domsy.


Fair enough. Only said so because I prefer to look at in their prime performance. No doubt Lonergan had the consistency over time which is especially amazing given what he went through. Egan was on track to be an all time defender IMO


Needs more Milburn.


Ah fuck I knew I was forgetting someone obvious


Who would you take as the 7th defender to start on the bench? From your list, I'd probably pick either Mackie or Hunt (maybe Kelly), but there are dame good arguments for all of them.


Depends how attacking you want to go. A good defence needs balance. I'm inclined to say Mackie although he might not quite have reached the heights of some of the others. The only thing that defence is missing is a bit of rebounding pace


Oh that's a point. If a bit of speed is specifically what you're after, how's this for a curve ball: David Wojcinski.


Good curve ball. Such an incredible amount of defensive talent out of Geelong over the years, and even now the unheralded guys like Bews would be stars in plenty of other teams.


Moore, Gibson, Birchall, Knights, Langford, Ayres Honorable mentions: Lake, Guerra, Sicily, Croad, Mew (Not including players like Hodge and Burgoyne because they're sort of half mid, half defenders, occasional forwards).


I think you can safely call Hodge primarily a defender. Won 2 Norm Smith medals from the half back line. Other than that, good calls!


I guess then I would replace either Moore or Langford with Hodge (both being fullbacks, so technically don't need both).


Hawthorn had an 18 man defence at times


FB: Jonas, Wakelin, Wilson HB: Wanganeen, Chad Cornes, Peter Burgoyne


Darryl White. Harris Andrews. Mal Michael Chris Johnson. Justin Leppitsch. Daniel Merritt. Int - Darcy Gardiner. Daniel Rich.


Probably dont need Merritt with all the other talls so personally would put Rich onto the flank. I like Gardiner but Patful probably had the better career and Id be tempted to put someone like Ashcroft on the bench


Yeah could easily do that. Ask again in 2 years and it’s likely we have Starcevich in the team. He’s becoming that good.


Rutten, Mcleod, Laird, Talia, Lever (yes, he was very good for us and Doedee is still developing), and Bassett.


A little surprised you didn’t pick Ben Hart. He was a brilliant defender.


I'm open to suggestions of who he could replace. We have a history of strong defence (in the last few years our backline has changed the least) so you could make two excellent teams of defenders.


Hart was a much better player than Lever and Basset. I’d probably have Johncock in over Basset as well.


FB: Bassett Rutten Hart HB: Laird Talia McLeod Depending on what you consider Simon Goodwin to be, he could replace Bassett. Nigel Smart also an option.


I feel like Nigel Smart should be in there. If you see his impact on the GF tilts, he was immense and could go up the other end and score goals. An absolute gun “small” defender


Fair point. As an Eagles supporter I just remember Hart jumping on everyone’s head over and over again lol.


Peter Cavan and Rod Jameson stiff


Stiffy also stiff


Rutten, Talia, Brown Doedee, Smith, McLeod For Me Lairdy looks better as a mid and I can't really remember Basset so this is my back six


Maxwell, Prestigiacomo, Maynard Howe, D Moore, H Shaw


Swap out Maxy for Jimmy Clement and I'm with ya


No space for Coventry?


Howe/Tarrant/Clements Leon/Moore/Shaw Maynard off the bench


Prestigiacomo's biggest talent is getting everywhere without being stopped because opposition players can't say his name fast enough.


Maxy was a great leader but much like Tom Harley I wouldn't rank him among our best defenders.


I'd like to see Mal Michael in there


Can I just say Rance x6?


Lol. Only if we can have one.


As in you want one of those 6 Rances? Deal Rance * 5 and Dylan Grimes


McPharlin, Johnson, Ryan, Grover, Kickett and Parker. Ibbotson, Hayden and Duffield very close. Could easily put any one of them or all in. If Pearce wasn’t so injury prone, I honestly think he could’ve been in the convo for this team by now too. He’s an AA caliber player. Literally the twin of Darcy Moore. Both AA level key defenders with amazing athleticism for their height but just can’t get their body right


No AA full back M.Pavlich?


Whitten, Sutton, Grant, Henderson, Morris, Murphy. Only seen 3 of them play but the other names should speak for themselves. Henderson is probably the least well known. Fun fact, Coleman has less goals against Footscray than any other side and for most of those games was playing against Henderson.


Again only going back as far as I stated watching in the early 90s. You know it's tough when you're cutting people because they "only" got one AA nod. Paul Roos, Craig Bolton, Dane Rampe, Leo Barry, Jarrad McVeigh, Ted Richards Near misses - Andrew Dunkley, Heath Grundy, Nick Smith, Nick Malceski


Gaspar, Rance, Grimes Houli, Vlastuin, Newman Hon. mentions: Astbury, Short


Dale Morris, Easton Wood, Caleb Daniel Jason Johannissen, Chris Grant, Robert Murphy Assuming all are in peak form. The next question will probably be forwards, where I'd also pick Chris Grant, so assuming you can only pick a player once in the team and Grant is CHF, put in Brian Harris, specifically Harris and not Lake


keithy's stiff to miss out but its hard to find any real criticism in this one


Keath is a very good player, but also he has only played for us a couple years so I picked players who were with us longer.


oh no i meant matthew boyd hahaha. yeah keath is actually a good call too though


Yeah on reflection Matty Boyd could be picked at half back too.


yeah it depends what you're going for in the defence. if you're looking for a tougher player against a more physical team, you would want boyd, better users of the ball, you'd want murphy and jj, if you wanted a better kick who was more of a goalkicking threat you'd want gilbee (bob kicked alot of goals but he was a half forward flanker for half of his career iirc)


McIntosh over 4 time All-Australian Darren Glass?


Yeah I know, it was a close call. It’s mainly because I grew up watching McIntosh play and his ability to spoil the ball was insane.


Correct me if I'm wrong other dees fans but would it look like Lever, May, Whelan, Rivers, Frawley and Howe..? Can't speak for players prior to 2000 unfortunately and may have missed players like Bruce and Yze who spent some time out back during their careers. Also could slide Hibberd and Jetta here - unsure how they match up against Whelan, Rivers etc


Trent or Jared Rivers?




Swap Macintosh and McKenna for Glass and Sheppard for me.


Weitering and Jones is enough