AFL 2021: Collingwood Magpies member gives club ultimatum on EGM membership verification

AFL 2021: Collingwood Magpies member gives club ultimatum on EGM membership verification


Don’t see why the club should hand out the list, I for one wouldn’t want my details being given out. An independent auditor is the best resolution for all parties IMO


Not really, pretty pricey and it was done to make sure he can't follow though as its too expensive for your average fan. If they just have him member numbers then he can cross check with ones he has.


Didn’t it say in the article the club had offered to get an independent audit done and the member is decking due to cost the club would incur?


He probably have to front some cost, clubs don't do stuff for free.


Not according to the article and considering the circumstances I actually can see them paying for this rather than handing out member information But I only read it once, so maybe I misunderstood 🤷‍♂️


If Jeff Browne really cares about the club he’d realise the value of some stability. If you really want this job, wait for a more appropriate time to stake your claim. I’m glad Buckley’s leaving so he won’t have to put up with this mess.


Stability from largely the same people that dug the hole isn’t a good thing.


We only have one board member from pre 2018. This isn't the board that dug our holes...


Depends what you see as our holes. We've certainly had issues the spawned before the current board members came on board, but there's also plenty of issues that the current board has overseen. The last 12 months are what particularly concerns me.


Dig up!


Stability went flying out the window months ago and the season is now a write off. This seems like the only appropriate time to launch a board challenge. It should be decided before picking a new coaching team.


Jeff Browne is just Eddie mk2 isn’t he? Won’t it just be an Eddie McGuire puppet board if Jeff Browne is successful?


Basically anyone that’s in a position to be president at the club has links to Eddie. Jeff Browne’s background is definitely very similar Ed’s, but whoever comes out on top will be influenced by him. The make up of the board that sits along them is probably more important in that sense, so it’d be interesting to see who Browne has planned for his board and if they actually meet club needs better than the new board we currently have because right now I strongly doubt they do


The Nuff Squad.