Round 16 fixture?

Round 16 fixture?


FYI. Tonight's game and round was announced on May 14th for a June 10th game. I think there's definitely some lag with the recent Melbourne covid stuff and the people driving covid through NSW and qld.


They'll probably drop it either after this round wraps up or Round 14 wraps up. Should be pretty straightforward once they know they can safely hold games in Victoria again.


Which match do they put on Friday night? I can't see it being anything other than Geelong v Essendon. Maybe Sydney v West Coast if West Coast weren't coming off a 5 day break and time zone issues. With the hopeful resurgence of Matt Rowell it'd be nice to see Gold Coast v Richmond but I doubt it.


I'm trying to suss out if they put Geelong and Essendon on the Thursday night, as Geelong and Bris play the Thursday the week before (and whether I should schedule something on the Thursday night without missing out on the footy)


Essendon play on Saturday in Round 15, so that would be a very short turnaround for them. Not unheard of obviously, and there aren't any really clear alternatives, that might be a tough one to decide.