Rival clubs reportedly considering bid to lure ‘disillusioned’ No.1 pick Jamarra Ugle-Hagan

Rival clubs reportedly considering bid to lure ‘disillusioned’ No.1 pick Jamarra Ugle-Hagan


5D chess by north if they lure him over.


Come on, he's a first year KPF. Not getting a game isn't the end of the world at this stage in his development. If he's genuinely looking for a trade at this point in his career that should sorta raise other red flags about his attitude. He needs to earn his spot in the team, and he's had a couple of injuries this season. What sort of advice is he getting from his team? Also, why the fuck would McKay even look at Collingwood?


> Also, why the fuck would McKay even look at Collingwood? The same reason Zach Merrett and every other big name out of contract player is linked elsewhere. To get the best contract that he can for himself. Hey Carlton, the Pies are willing to make him a million dollar man... you don't want that to happen, do you? Ka-fucking-ching.


The pies who literally said in the least polite way to Treloar and Stephenson to pack there bags and leave and are still struggling afterwards? No chance they can get McKay


You're right, they probably can't, but if they fucked it up badly once what is to stop it happening again?


Yeah I can see your reasoning there. While Essendon's interest in McKay might drive up his price, Collingwood's won't. Essendon could be considered a genuine threat over the next couple of years. Collingwood however, they are stuffed and are looking at an extended rebuild.


And they’re cap fucked


Aside from leverage for Haz, looking at it from Fox's perspective. Essendon whilst realistic chance, will get some clicks, add the pies on top of that and insert as a sub-heading, then you got yourself even more clicks and a subreddit thread. Gets chins wagging Harry whilst welcomed, is not a chance for Collingwood as we neither have the trade pieces (players) or picks to accommodate him at his current Coleman leading price tag, should we even have space in the cap.




That is completely false but ok




Against VFL opposition he can stand still with his hands up and take marks. He had workrate and defensive pressure to work on, made a lot of progress till he had a head knock. Then VFL games were cancelled. He'll have a couple of runs in the twos and debut if all goes well.


Honestly three of them were probably some of the least impressive goals you could have. He barely moved out of the goalsquare all game and was still out of breath by half time. Just not ready yet






Awful take, you should watch games before making these kind of assumptions


If you look at the stats you might think that, but he doesn't have the stamina or strength to play AFL. Also playing him against Richmond on a Friday night at the G would give me huge Jack Watts vibes so I'm happy they didn't


Schache had been in just as good form, probably better, and actually had the ability to run out a game. He played shit, but he was the right choice to play. Jamarra was struggling to run out games in the VFL playing as a deep forward. He simply doesn't have the fitness. He's played like 3 full games in the last 2 years, and got injured early in the last 2 he has played. He definitely has not proved he should be playing, and certainly hasn't proven his worth in the VFL yet. "Consistently elevated worse players" is ridiculously hyperbolic and simply blatantly wrong.


> Also, why the fuck would McKay even look at Collingwood? Highest profile sporting club in Australia, has actually achieved something in the last 20 years, regularly play finals... Why would he even look at Essendon?


Ignoring you throwing shit at Essendon, McKay was a mad Dons fan when he entered the league. That plus us needing a FF and having one of the largest amounts of cap space in the league are all factors why he's linked to us.


McKay and Jones in the forward line is a tantalising thought. The H-Bombs!


Dude, Collingwood are an out of control rabble at the moment. No coach for next year, a likely board spill, serious salary cap issues, and a number of aging guns over 30 that will need replacing. I didn't say anything about Essendon, I sure as shit don't support them and I couldn't care less if he goes there or stays at Carlton. But Collingwood are kidding themselves if they think they have a chance at McKay this year though.


> No coach for next year Will be resolved soon, with a lot of great candidates. > a likely board spill, There won’t be a board spill. > serious salary cap issues That’s old news, and obviously not if we’re supposedly building money for a go at Mckay. > and a number of aging guns over 30 that will need replacing. Every team has aging guns, Buddy & Kennedy will retire soon. Pendles and Sidey will still be playing in 2 years when I suspect we’ll be contending again.


HAHAHA you're optimistic mate, I'll give you that.


You’ve got to be when the majority of Australians hate you hahah


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> Kennedy will retire soon. You shut your mouth! JK will be eternal i tell you!


No he was talking about the other Josh Kennedy. Everyone knows ours is immortal


I’m not sure he’s gonna get much more at Collingwood or Essendon than he is at Carlton at the moment.


Agreed, he’ll stay put. I don’t see how Essendon are clearly a better prospect as OP suggests.


Really? You really can't believe that Collingwood right now is a worse prospect than basically any other club? Sure, modern Essendon isn't a paragon of success but we look downright competent in comparison to 2021 Collingwood.


> Really? You really can't believe that Collingwood right now is a worse prospect than basically any other club? Nope. I’m very bullish on the kids, Poulter, Bianco & McCreery have already had great starts. McRae and Henry have shown promise, and we’ve got a generational talent in Daicos walking into the starting team next year. > we look downright competent in comparison to 2021 Collingwood. You’ve won 2 more games then us lol, settle down.


Y’all don’t even have a coach after this weekend. Pipe down.


He’s at a club that is 10-2 and behind 2 key forwards in the top 5 of the Coleman. If it takes a half a season for the kid to be “disillusioned” then that’s a worry.


100% agree. It's been six months, they're trying to make sure he's 100% ready to avoid the issues most No. 1 draft picks end up dealing with. I sincerely hope that those aren't his words.


Seriously. Who's telling him first-year draft picks should be expecting to get a game at the senior level?


Probably Fevola


Hes probably been looking at the top 10 players like Thilthorpe, McDonald, Cox, Campbell and Perkins thinking "damn, that could be me".


It's a weird situation. For such a good team to also have the #1 draft pick as yes, in a typical scenario he would be at a shit team and play week in, week out.


Situation that shouldn't happen


He's dating Fev's daughter, so maybe Fev?


> Western Bulldogs key forward Jamarra Ugle-Hagan says he’ll remain patient as he continues to work towards an AFL debut. >Ugle-Hagan has missed the last three weeks of football – two of those as a result of the AFL’s concussion protocols, and a third when last weekend’s VFL round was abandoned because of Victoria’s latest coronavirus cluster. >Despite having to watch a number of players from the 2020 draft class debut at the senior level over the last month, the 19-year-old said he trusts the process and will work hard to earn his opportunity. >“It’s obviously tough (waiting), but we’ve got such a strong team,” Ugle-Hagan told Bob Murphy and Easton Wood on last week’s Barkly St podcast. >“Obviously I’m still a rookie, so I’m going to listen to what the professionals and the coach (says). >“Luke Beveridge knows what he’s doing, so I’m just going to let him do what he does, and I’ll sit by the sidelines until I’m ready.” >Raised in Framlingham, an Indigenous community about 25km north-east of Warnambool, Ugle-Hagan said receiving attention from some of the league’s most talented Indigenous players still comes as a shock to him. >“On draft night, I received a couple of messages even before the draft from Eddie Betts, Charlie Cameron and a couple of others,” he said. >“Even when you see them they’ll say congratulations and stuff so it’s like they know (you), and it’s crazy how they notice stuff. >“Even though you’re playing in the same league, you still feel special because last year I was just a kid watching the AFL, but now I’m in the league so it’s pretty exciting.” This was from the Barkley Street podcast last week.


Glad to read that we'll probably hang onto Brander, bloke has been having a good year and i really think he has massive untapped potential that will come out over his career, wherever it may be. I just hope it's with us


I love brander. I mean Rotham. The one with the stubble.


Darling, yeah.


At least Duggan had the decency to grow a mullet so we could tell him apart


He broke a finger, copped a concussion in his second game back and then Melbourne had to go into lockdown so he couldn't work on his match fitness. Even then we have two key forwards in the top ten of the coleman and a ruck that is dangerous in the forward half. We can't gift him games especially when we're second on the ladder.


Looking forward to Bevo coming out and denying this and r/AFL being like “well that’s the end of that then!!!”, regardless of whether or not this is in fact true


Positive Peter with a crystal ball! Let's see how this plays out !Remind Me 3 days


He’s welcome to the club he supports if he wants hehe


I mean we’d love to have him, but this feels like a big beat up. Doggies are doing the right thing by him and he’s a fair ace in the pack if he can get his engine up come finals. Doggies are a young list too so the next couple of years they will be contending.


‘Disillusioned’ what a load of crock. Take a line from Fevola out of context, spin it so it sounds like he wants to leave and there you have it.


Except it’s reporting from Sam Edmund who has proved to be extremely reliable in the past (at least for Collingwood related matters). He’s definitely got a direct line to a few player managers


Fish re-signed for us not long after he said he was absolutely leaving to head back to Victoria


Well you fed him a line and caught him


He got Fischer McAsey completely wrong. I guess we’ll ignore that.


>He’s definitely got a direct line to a few player managers Who also spin shit to the media regularly to make themselves more money


See I think Sam Edmund is a bullshit artist


It's not Tom Browne so it's safe to say there's something to it. Doesn't mean it's as bad as reported or that he's seriously seeking a trade but there's definitely a little bit of discontent there.


How about fucking no Sammy


How's JUH been going in the 2's?


I’d say not bad. He’s kicked a few, including a bag of five. I heard early on he wasn’t finishing games out that well and his forward defensive pressure needed work. I think if we were travelling like North he’d probably have played AFL by now. The VFL team have only played 5 games (for five wins) and I think he’s missed two through injury (dislocated thumb and concussion). I think most Dogs supporters would rather we played JUH rather than Schache a few weeks back, but who knows with Bevo!


Left him in lockdown says everything.


He's got Essendon written all over him. Come to daddy, JUH.


Straight swap for Nik Cox, a dogs supporter


Cox any day...the kids got the right attitude


[You’ll struggle](https://www.essendonfc.com.au/news/954943/cox-i-couldn-t-be-happier-at-essendon-)


He was at a barbecue with Jamarra and told Jamarra to “just get me there”




Heard something related to big H. Staying at the Blues for 3 years at $3m to take him to free agency. His manager is only dealing with Carlton.


Lol someone actually downvoted you? Unlike some of the other players being bandied about, H is still be connected to Carlton by both reporters and Carlton people. So other clubs can express interest all they want, but long way to go before he signs somewhere else.


I'm not particularly frothin for H after years of another mercurial, solid clunking but streaky kicking forward broke our hearts but it would be funny if the Bombers landed him...




re: JUH surely he is not that full of himself that he's 'disillusioned'. What is closer to the truth is that he probably expected to be closer to a debut than where he is now. The injury hurdles he has faced has been a hindrance (let alone the many report he is aerobically not ready) along with Joshy Bruce working with Steelo and having the season that he is having, Stef Martin coming in and allowing Big English to roll forward and have the impact he is having are additional unexpected hurdles all the while Naughto is still there throwing himself into packs with reckless abandon and clunking a fair few. His time will come.


Western bulldogs have always had problems nurting aboriginal talent




Fair enough to be honest, so much talent!


If you've been injured twice and aiming for a spot held by two of the top 6 leading goal kickers and get disillusioned after like 10 rounds I don't think it's fair


Yes, literally. He is contending with players who are placed ahead of him so it is likely he wants to go to a team that gives him more opportunities!


I’ve heard he’s uncomfortable with the lack of indigenous culture at the club and wants desperately to Geelong. I can only assume that the downvotes are Dogs fans who don’t like what they hear but cannot refute otherwise. Lets see how it plays out.


If he can't get a game at the Dogs I've got no idea how he expects to get one at Geelong with Cameron and Hawkins playing, doesn't make much sense


we find room


He's 20 years too young for you


No no no that's St Kilda


I mean Hawkins is getting old so I can imagine Geelong adding to their tall forwards stocks.


He's not going to retire this year though so Jamarra wouldn't get much of a chance for at least another year.


I'd say Hawkins retires at 36 as besides his back he's never had many soft tissue injuries and anything long term like Franklin. Riewoldt in a similar boat.


Hawkins is 34 next year and Cameron isn’t exactly young either. JUH would be ideal for them. I hope it doesn’t happen.


Obviously Geelong would want him, I don't see why he would want Geelong though as he wouldn't get much of a chance until at least 2023.


I don’t think it’s entirely due to the lack of playing opportunity though.


Eh, we'll see what happens then.


um i like this timeline


But he's not 30


Clark was having these sorts of articles written about him in his 2nd year, I can't believe there's one about a player in their 1st.


Daddy yes




No? This is one of the more dramatic weeks in the last few years