I love ae92s. Almost all 80s-90s Japanese cars in decent shape are becoming very rare and hard to find. I would love to daily drive a 92 and have my 86 for weekend car.


It has flip lights so thats a win. If you get one with a 4ag it has like a 7.5-8k redline, which is amazing. The interior fabric has cool 90s patterns. It has aero mirrors stock. The ae92 GTS body kit is super sick. Some came in two -tone which was also sick. Great example of 90s flip light fun, even if it's fwd. Edit: the one in your post is not a gts - no lip kit, might not have the 4ag.


Thanks for the info man


they're basically a FWD version of it, if you're lucky to find the one with the 4A-GE, some of them have the 4A-FE


Some also came supercharged.


This one is most likely a non-GTS 4afe model


You can drop a 20V into it. The JDM body parts pr it are pretty cool.


Would love one for a daily...my buddy has a black gts I been trying to buy off him. One day


I have one! It's super fun to drive. Specifically, I have the GT-S model. Came with a 4-AGE stock. Everything on the interior is stock as well, besides the aftermarket radio. It's awesome and I love it so much. Here is a link to a picture of it: [https://www.instagram.com/p/CO2\_IwbMIGB/](https://www.instagram.com/p/CO2_IwbMIGB/)