As soon as I wake up and start getting out of bed I have a song playing in my head, soon goes as soon as I start getting ready for work.


I have no idea why but Grateful Dead is the most played in my wake up playlist. I haven’t been an avid listener of them since cassette tapes were a thing.


Yup. “St. Stephen will remain/All he lost he shall regain “




Seashore walks by the suds and the foam, been there so long he started calling it home.


Well the first days are the hardest days.


It’s a buck dancers choice my friend better take my advice


I try to listen to a new dead or JRAD show each day.


Love Shack by the B-52's is the one that gets stuck in my head the most. Especially when other words fit the lyrics. 🎶paint stick, baaaabyyyy🎶


Mine was "I Want To Break Free" by Queen for a really long time, and now I've got that in my head bc I typed it. DAMNIT! I guess I'm glad it's Queen. I love Queen. Lately I've been playing "Don't Leave Me This Way" and "Never Can Say Goodbye" by The Communards, or 'Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez, and the latter is YT's fault. It keeps pushing the same video at me, and I keep getting sucked in bc someone put the song over footage of the 1980 World Disco Dancing Championships contestants. Yes, that is as awesome as it sounds. I had no idea there was a Championships until this video, and it's just mesmerizing. [This is the video, since I've now talked it up.](https://youtu.be/kl1LP81eSKY)


Idk why but this put The Monkees in my head. The Last Train to Clarksville. Man the nostalgia this thread is hittin. I watched their show with my grandma during my summer vacations along with CHIPS. Her house was on Davey St. so I felt cool but Peter was my favorite Monkee. RIP PETER TORK ☮️


My alarm clock’s beeping rhythm loosely matches the breakdown in the Doors’ “Peace Frog”, so I wake up with that in my head. I think my brain is in a constant state of making associations to things, regardless of if they’re related.


This reminds me of when some phone notification sounded like the first note of “Sloop John B” by the Beach Boys, and the song instantly started playing in my head every time it went off.


I hate it. It's always when I'm tired and it's never a full song. Just a snippet. Does head in.


Always just a snippet! Like one or two lines max! Ugh why? So strange!


I wake up to pee in the middle of the night and it starts instantly! It makes it so hard to fall back asleep…


I have to put a podcast on through my headphones when this happens.


Hard relate, fellow adhd-c-er :(


Yesssss. It’s definitely most intense when I’ve just woken up especially if I didn’t get enough sleep


SAME like within the first 5 seconds BAM there it is. Sometimes it’s not a good one either OR even worse, just one part of a song that keeps looping over and over again 😩


Sometimes all I think about is you Sometimes all I think about is you Sometimes all I think about is you Sometimes all I think about is you Late nights in the middle of June Sometimes all I think about is you Sometimes all I think about is you GOD DAMNIT BRAIN SHUT THE FUCK UP Sometimes all I think about is you


Noooooo now it's in my head again. This song would play all the time in my head earlier this year.


The worst for me (FOR YEARS) has been All Star by Smash Mouth 🫠 Well the years start coming and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming, and they don’t stop coming….


Why is that so relatable... I honestly wonder if this is the case with N-Ts


Meee tooooo. Omg. I have found my people




Hold music! That’s a perfect way to describe it. Lol Songs in my head in the morning are my alarm clock. Sadly I find it really annoying because I’d rather stay asleep. It’s as if my brain gets bored of sleeping and decides to entertain itself in the meantime. :/


Hold music that changes between the same five songs every thirty seconds.


Your brain shuts off the music during sleep. Mine never does. It's In my dreams. It's even in my non dreaming sleep. The volume varies though.


I feel you on this. I ALWAYS have music in my head. Songs I know the lyrics to. Others I only know the tune..which is the most annoying because I rack my brain trying to remember lyrics! Wake or sleep, busy or bored…music all the time. Even when I’m obsessively going over previous conversations in my head the music is in the back ground. Doesn’t bother me really. I’m in love with music so it’s not a bad thing. Only sux when I get stuck on a stupid song I don’t like lol


Like the great Frank Zappa said - "Music is the best!" :)


“There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something we’d all love one another.” - Frank Zappa Another great quote


All Hail Frank. :) This is my favorite - makes me laugh every time for some reason 'cuz I can just hear it perfectly in his voice: "Fuck the communists. I don't like those people. I do my music for people who like music"




Fuck the communists. I don't like those people. So perfect :P


And it’s almost always Zappa that’s stuck in my head


I'll get rhythmic phrases from his music stuck in my head all day like the opening motif of "What's New In Baltimore" or that weird time signature main "riff" of "Catholic Girls" No wonder I can't fucking focus at work :P


It’s always his most dissonant chaos that my brain likes to play. I get Amnerika stuck in there with all those strange sounds going on underneath the melody. The willie the pimp riff gets in there all the time too lol


Just played Willie this afternoon! That's a great riff to get in your head :P Have you ever heard the "Progress" play on the Ahead Of Their Time live album? The band members are arguing about what kind of music to perform and one of them goes, snarkily, "Give me 4/4!" That gets stuck in my head on repeat, holy hell - give me 4/4, give me 4/4! :)


Lmao any of the shit the original mothers say goes into my random quote generator “I’d like to have a word with you… about your soul”


My theory is it's kind of like an internal, neurological fidget stimulus thing to counter the inherent boredom and give a dopamine boost (thus a motivation and enthusiasm boost). Just like people bounce their leg almost automatically, or find chewing or fiddling with something helpful to focus, I think our brains are starved of those feel-good stimuli so they're like leaching off song memories to give us boosts to get us through the day. Lol this is def not scientific, but I think it makes sense. I think it's also why, from anecdotal experience, a lot of ADHD folk seem to be quick to link words in conversation to songs, and either blurt them out or say to themselves. Person: "Hey be careful of my dog, he's a mean one." Your brain: "...Mr. Grinch." Since being on meds I've noticed a reduction in the constant songs playing in my head. Actually I don't think I noticed at first until I took a break and noticed it come back. Now I'm curious, I wonder if there's a correlation between feeling tired and having songs in your head... EDIT: Oh, and some ways that might help to get the song to stop repeating are to listen to that song in full for a sense of completion, or another, or practice mindfulness: bring awareness to the song and your feelings about it, maybe even write it down. Don't wish it away or get mad or down on yourself, just keep on with your task and let it be, and hopefully it goes away on its own.


Yep. I always have to go listen to the actual song to clear the loop. Life has become easier since Spotify.


Same. I wonder if there is an actual name for doing this. I thought I was the only one.


Always! Sometimes it’s one line of a song playing over and over in my head. Weirdly, I’ll open Spotify and hit play of whatever song I was playing last, and it’s the exact line that’s been stuck in my head for hours.


Same! Like an echo of a song I abandoned listening to at some point earlier in the day and didn’t even consciously register listening to.


The weirdest moment is when you have a song in your head, turn on the radio and the song continues at exactly the same point.


Constantly and not even songs I particularly like, and sometimes more than one at a time. Right now I'm hearing a mashup of Bette Davis Eyes and Beautiful Day and I don't even like U2 or have heard those songs play in recent memory.




Right? I get 40s era jazz stuck in my head all the time. No idea why. Even my late grandmother is shrugging her shoulders.


I read “not even songs I particularly like” and I got that damn cbat song IMMEDIATELY in my mind and I hate it now


I call it my Skull DJ, he's always playing something. Often I don't know why. One moment it'll be a song I've been listening to all week the next it's something I haven't heard in 20 years. Often all it takes is for me to hear someone say something that reminds me of a song and my Skull DJ starts spinning it.


I had a song stuck in my head for days and it wasn't even one I liked, the only thing I could figure is it was something I subconsciously heard at a wedding and my brain liked it for some reason. We seem to have different tastes!


My wife thinks I make her mix CDs to be nice. I just have to put these songs somewhere.


110% yes. My husband and I both have ADHD, and we each keep a Spotify playlist going where we add our random ear worm songs. It has turned into a fun game where we listen to them on shuffle and laugh at our ridiculousness. Highly recommend.


I do that too. Sometimes if I look up the lyrics it gives insight to what I’m really thinking. (Metallica - “Sanitarium” pulling up to a rather prickly relative’s house) Others…not so much “Birdbirdbird, bird is the word…”


Same here -- "Do you know where you're going to?" when I was wondering about life goals, and so on -- I figure it's how my subconscious talks to the rest of me.


Yes! The clincher in my song was “Welcome to where time stands still/no one leaves and no one will”


>Others…not so much “Birdbirdbird, bird is the word…” Thanks for getting this stuck in my head now


My brain’s moved on to “The Goo Goo Muck”


I am not familiar, and I don't plan to go find out. I don't need another thing stuck in my head.


Just made my ‘ADHD Audio Support’ playlist today and wow! Being in public with songs that quiet my mind (despite being so loud) was so nice for once. Didn’t even care that I was bobbing my head/ tapping my feet in public for once, too full of dopamine 😌


That's a really funny idea actually!


That's a really funny idea actually!


That's my cue for taking meds


Yep this is when I start annoying people and myself with random outbursts if I didn’t take my meds that day lol


Do meds help with this? I'm currently trying to find suitable meds with my doc and so far, nothing makes the DJ stop in my head.


I know exactly how you feel. I call it my brain radio, and sometimes I’ll have one song going solid for weeks on end, with another song in the background, another dipping in and out, one that’s kinda over here, and so on. I’m AuDHD, so I’m also used to listening to the same albums over and over, in order, and it gets to the point where I can hear one isolated song from a given album, and my brain will expect the next song in that album to start playing. And if it doesn’t, it gets stuck in my head regardless.


When I get high on cannabis I have synesthesia that I only see glimpses of in my sober self, but they can get very strong with the weed. Sometimes flavors are really cool music and I'll have a spread on my counter and be dancing to the flavor music like a fool all over my kitchen chewing to the beat of the taste.


That sounds... oddly fantastic.


Yeah that sounds pretty awesome.


Hi me


Constantly. All day. Every day. The song (or snippet of said song) becomes like a mantra on repeat or something. It's actually pretty annoying but also kinda focusing in a weird way.


I usually dance to the music in my head. I grew up in a smallish town so people were like “oh yeah, that’s reindeer, she just does that”. Years later living in a city working for a conglomerate one of the managers told me that while they were watching the cameras to find out who was thieving from the drawers, they were very entertained by my dancing


Yes, it is constant. And when I’m not on my medication I create random songs all day and sing them out loud repeatedly. It drives my husband crazy 😝


Random song generator here too. Feed me any kind of input and I can turn it into a song that never ends, with rhyming lines and genre-appropriate (though probably tone-deaf) vocal performance. It’s a miracle I managed to stay married long enough to procreate. A double miracle that we’re still married and have a kid who is still young enough to appreciate my incredible talent. I’m going to be SO embarrassing by middle school.


Lmao that’s amazing. Yes my son is 13 and is in the OMg MOM 🤦 stage but I have a 3 year old who appreciates it most of the time and a 2 year old who appreciates it sometimes but less frequently. But I think my 3 year old also has ADHD lol


It’s been a constant throughout my life since I was young. I can wake up with a song from an obscure TV advertisement from when I was 6 in my head that probably even the creator of the song has forgotten! I am a music writer though so have tried to make something good come of it.


Middle school musical songs. Advertisements. Jingles. I get hit with these at random intervals. Its super cool that you made a career out of it!


Quite often it's not actual music or songs it's just some kind of weird jazz freestyle musical noise. Sometimes when it's a song I think I might have put an actual song myself there as its less annoying :) It just is what it is though, it's just the background to my head, most of the time I don't notice really. I've sometimes thought it would be the most inhumane form of torture to somehow get a regular person to experience an ADHD internal brain thought process/noise! We've had our entire lives like this and got used to it, and/or lived so long not knowing its even an usual thing. I think just dropping it, fully formed, into an adult mind could well break their sanity.


Yes I get this, or it can be words or phrases I've heard on TV. Can get annoying especially if it's an annoying advert lol.


I was going to say this also. Often music, but also snippets of conversation, movie scenes, or whatever.


Yes to this. Sometimes the associations are so obscure that it even takes me a while before figuring out why my brain chose a certain song to start playing in my head. (My favorite example of this: I was walking and had to go through a very narrow opening between two parked cars, and soon after I had an earworm of "[Tempted](https://youtu.be/vZic9ZHU_40)", a song I had not heard or thought of in years. Only later figured out the connection: the band's name is *Squeeze*.)


Haha, I get this as well. It's amazing how your brain works. Sometimes I'm singing it out loud and I'll worry someone will divine what I'm thinking I shouldn't say, but of course no one's going to be making those links outside of my own head.. probably.


Good one. This same kind of thing has happened to me so many times. It can be really amusing when you figure out the connection, which can be random as heck.


Oh my god yes yes yes! This exactly. It's like a decoder ring for random situations and emotions my subconscious is processing


I do this. I’m so happy to hear it’s not just me.


I actually used to think it'd help me on tests if I got the same song stuck in my head when I was doing my last minute studying and when I was taking the test.


Did it help at all? Lol


I felt like it did actually. But maybe Electric Feel just has some innate power to make one better at geography.


I have an album of instrumental music “How strange, innocence” by explosions in the sky, that I’ve used for years as a study/project/deadline at work focus boost. I don’t even think the fact that it’s instrumental has anything to do with it, I just told myself it helps so it does


Yes. Billy Joel at the moment! Bloody River of Dreams going on and on in a loop in my head! 😂🤣


Oh my god this is one of the most addicting songs there is


One that gets me HARD is "Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur..." I went like a month once with this on brain repeat at high volume.


Adhd is amazing simply because you were able to incept that into my head with 2 sentences


Good song though. Just wish it wasn’t constant!


Best believe I’m still bejeweled, it’s in my head for the last week, until I’ll found something else. Pp


Oh my God. That’s exactly what’s been stuck in my head all morning.


The music in your head is a result of poor impulse control by a brain region called the thalamus gate. In a nutshell, memories of music are randomly emitted by other parts of your brain and these are not getting suppressed by the thalamus effectively. If you use medication to increase circulating dopamine, the thalamus will work better and you won’t hear the music as much.


Thanks for putting the science behind it! DJ thalamus gate on impulse control radio.


That's fascinating... new rabbit hole!


:( I like the music!


I was talking to one ADHD person that has an interesting case of only hearing the music when on his meds. He said the meds helped him so much but he hated taking it because the music drove him batty. I was like "wait, the music goes away for you?!?"


Playing right now...Andy Gibb? WTF???!!!


That’s a…TRAGEDY…when the feelin’s gone and you can’t go on… Sorry


Yep. They are called "ear worms" and just about everyone (ND and NT) experiences them at some point. Lately I'll get super into a band or artist and play them all day while working. And for the next day or so the most catchy song pops into my head repeatedly. So it's been happening more often. But sometimes it happens when I haven't heard a song in forever. It's a pretty common human phenomenon that hasn't really been correlated to ADHD. It's actually been theorized that people with impaired working memories, like those with ADHD, might be less prone to ear worms, while people with involuntary intrusive thoughts, like those with OCD, may be more prone to them. I don't think this has been found to be a hard fact though. But it kinda makes sense for me. I get them semi often. I've never been diagnosed with OCD, but I do have some OCD tendencies and tics that don't really negatively affect my life enough to worry about.


Same. This morning it's been ABBA's Dancing Queen, but I switched it over to Sarah Barrios' _Thank God You Introduced Me To Your Sister_.


Yes and I love it! I'm currently listening to Solidarity Forever by Pete Seeger.


Over and over and over, yep!


So much so my entire free time is taken up with me trying to get that music out of my head. Yay learning instruments!


Happens to me all the time, there another post about this here. Gives you tips on how to change the song etc. (Right nipple = song) (left = genre) works for me.


Yeah many times it turns into a compulsion for me but other times the feeling of nostalgia triggers a song or commercial jingle I haven’t thought about in years


At the moment, it's [Rags to Riches](https://youtu.be/8DectA0LeKM) by Tony Bennett.


I always have a short part of a song repeating over and over in my head. Sometimes it is a good song but quite often it is an annoying song. It is never the full song just like 10-20 second loop over and over. Even if I don't know the words my brain will still make up some fake words to stick in there... it's madness. I thought it was just me, is this a common adhd thing? Right now it's the melody from "let's ride" by choclair.. no words just the melody for the last probably hour


Me too, I often create looping sounds and beats in my head and sort of layer them. And then I tell myself I’m going to try and record it, but then I completely forget about it


Never stops. It’s on repeat, and it’s whatever song I’m running into the ground.


I call mine the “song of the day”. It’s always one line or a part of a line of a song. All day long. I wake up with it. Sometimes it changes during the day but generally stays the same. It’s honestly one of my least favorite symptoms and drives me crazy. The song of the day today is “vigilante shit” by Taylor Swift “draw the cat eye sharp enough to kill a man”. All because I looked at a picture where someone had that lyric written with the picture. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Lyrics written down are a pain. I used to work in a greetings card shop and there was this one card that had a picture of a bunny and the caption "From some bunny who loves you" and it would ALWAYS trigger Whitney Houston in my head all day long.


Imagining Whitney belting out "Some bunny who loves me" made me giggle.


I think I almost always have a song on a loop in my head. Currently it's Clint Eastwood by Gorillaz, I've been humming it since Wednesday. It usually stops if I listen to it an ungodly number of times but then another song replaces it and on and on the nightmare goes


It’s how I know my meds are working. The music stops when it’s working.


I am exactly like this for two days.And the song even not a song that I like to listen.Wish I could make a playlist for my brain at least I'd listen my favourite songs lol


100% of the time. And my internal responses to a lot of things people say are rap lyrics. it’s kind of funny, feels like i could almost have conversations using hip hop lyrics. I just try to roll with it. listen to a podcast or another song if i need a song to go away.


Today’s morning special is “Thank you very much” from the Albert Finney “Scrooge” movie they used to play on TV when I was growing up. That’s probably because it’s similar to “Good Afternoon!” From “Spirited”, which we just watched as a family. And for once, work actually provided dinner for people who had to work yesterday. I’m really closed off to my feelings, so it can sometimes be helpful to look at the lyrics or the overall vibe. For instance, I have to trudge way across the sales floor to get somebody a $5 bag of shrimp. “Hey big spender” starts going through my head. So, ok, I think the guy’s a little cheap. Dig a little deeper (oh crap, now I just got that song from “Princess and the Frog” going concurrently), it’s a song about call girls who can barely disguise their exhaustion at having to fake friendliness, flirtation and enthusiasm all the time. The emotional wringer of customer service. Other times, it’s just sheer silliness though. “The Bird”, “Pet cemetery “, “The idiot bastard son”


I’ve always had songs playing in my head (if I don’t already have earphones in my ears at an unreasonably high volume, that is) and I only found out that it was related to my apparent ADHD (medicated but not diagnosed) this year. Funnily enough, I just made myself an ‘ADHD Audio Support’ playlist on Spotify today with my favourite trippy/remixed songs because I find they’re the best for quieting the madness in my head. Gave me a huge dopamine boost all day while I had to be out in public! 😅 Maybe a playlist could help you too if you ever feel like you need a break from your own thoughts!


Sort of. It's not so much that I have music playing all the time, but I don't really feel like I have the same sort of audible inner monolog that a lot of people seem to talk about. So for me it's like really strong associations that need to be verbalized. I'll often catch myself going over lyrical phrases, or humming melodies


Taylor Swift is the queen of the head music for me. It’s a blessing and a curse.


Are you me? Haha. Mine is always a line or snippet from one of her songs. And it repeats incessantly. All day yesterday it was: And it's like snow at the beach Weird but fucking beautiful Today’s snippet is: When I walk in the room I can still make the whole place shimmer Shimmmmer


Yes and that's why I need special music to sleep each night. Specifically I mean anti-earworm music. For me, this means minimal beats and melody, long slow ethereal tunes. So new agey, binaural beats stuff.


Every f**king day, from wake up to bedtime.


Yes and I have no choice which music. I recently had some of the musical score for Hook stuck in my head. I would wake up in the middle of the night and it would be playing on repeat even while I was sleeping.


Absolutely, I constantly have random songs playing in my head. Today it's Weezer's My Name is Jonas, which is a huge improvement over John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt that was stuck in my head all of last week.


100% and it’s just a snippet… a simple melody or line/phrase of a song. It’s ON REPEAT and the stop button is broken lol.. UNTIL TODAY! This morning I took the first dose of adhd meds in my life (just diagnosed at 37), and this post made me realize that it’s gone!




u know what its not any of the ones ive had circulating in my head for weeks. ill take it


Yep, sometimes I don't even realize it is. Best way to quiet it for me is to listen to music I like. Strangely having someone else play their music around me, if their tastes aren't the same, just makes it worse. :/ Frequently it's a song I'm not a fan of, and I have to run through my brain with a "song cleanser" a different song that will sweep it out and get stuck in my head instead.


Ah yes, same but it's noticeably quieter since I began meds. But it was so loud and clear that it was almost an audible hallucination for me and felt utterly remarkable that no one else heard it.


Look for a message from your subconscious mind It might be in the lyrics or some other aspect of the song or your personal history with the song (i.e. what was happening when you've heard this song playing)


My stim is I click my teeth in rythm with the songs I get in my head. Got stress mark on every tooth rofl. Being listening to *Lantlos - melting sun*, which is a post-black metal album (an excellent one) of quite low tempo and I still do it. Clonazapam helps it but doesn’t fully resolve it. Curious to see if caffeine has an effect. Worse on energy drinks. I just poured my last energy drink down the drain to see if I can reduce my hypertension (failing that I’m ditching welbutrin which frankly is redundant with concerta) Will be keep track of all neurobehavioral facets including earworms and jaw stims / tics.


Yeah except it’s usually only a few lines of different songs repeating over and over


Stand-up comedy will play in my head depending on the given scenario/conversation. I’ll chuckle when nothing is outwardly funny, and then I get anxious that people are going to ask me what I’m chuckling about because the tangent that started the bit only makes sense in my brain.


Lol i wanted to say no but i think that's because I'm not even aware of it, but my brain is like: "my brain is hanging upside dooowwnn, and i need something to slow me down. The Ramones - bonzo goes to bitburg, is the song btw.


There's a joke I've seen that goes something like this: ADHD is when your brain is full of open tabs and you can't find the one that is playing that music. Very much, the recurring thought process of song parts sprinkle my day. I usually get rid of them by singing them a little and changing the lyrics. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.


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Same here bud. But it did get unnoticeable once i started meds.


How to stop this ? Any suggestions would help. I stopped listening to songs because of this, I just need thoughts not some songs just playing in my mind all the time.


Have you explored medication with your doctor?


Okay I can’t find my comment to add but does anyone ever have a song in your head and then someone starts singing it and you ask if you were just thinking or did you sing it out loud because you don’t remember singing it?


I pretty much fail to function without music anymore


I woke up at 5 AM this morning to find Kiss the Girl from Disney's Little Mermaid playing in my head which is bizarre to say the least. I haven't heard that song or watched that movie in literal YEARS. I don't even LIKE that song.


oh my god I've had this one drop in to my brain out of nowhere too LOL


Not always music, sometimes a random phrase will just stick in my head and it’s like I can’t shake it off. Usually first thing in the morning when I wake up. After my meds and morning coffee I can usually get it to stop.


I’m someone who would not be me without music. Is IS me and wether I’m playing my games or doing something else there is always something musical happening in my head, my adhd fidgets are usually when I start tapping a beat on a table or a book or anything really, it’s hard to explain but the point is You’re not alone and it’s NOT weird whatsoever no matter what people will tell you.


Yeah. I think it's just stimming. Something to help bring the chaos into a controlled flow, which music usually has.


Same, either one song looping or multiple switching around, sometimes just like I am listening to them and sometimes as a soyndtrack to the pictures in my head.


Someone said, think, or sing the end of the song. You prob wont remember, get bored and the brain gives up. What i do when it doesnt work, i just hum something i do wanna have in my head.


It’s the worst but also the reason I’m a musician so at least there’s that


Constantly, to the point where if I *don't* have a song in my head it's weird


I don't have a voice in my head like other people say they do, and I can't visualize in my head, but there's *always* music playing.


Not since I've been medicated. But for the 35 years preceding diagnosis... oh yes. Yes indeed.


Every single day right when I wake up. I've concluded my life is an rpg and what ever song is playing in my head is the BGM.




This song infuriated me so badly the first time it got stuck in my head that it makes me angry on sight now.


I always have music playing in my head. Sometimes I can not pay attention to it, but it's still there. I also often get movie scenes or tv show scenes stuck in my head, and they'll loop. Music will be present at these times, but in more of a background manner. Current earworm is Paint it Black, but it gets interrupted/mashed with other songs that pop up due to associations.


This was a thing when i was in basic training some of the other guys would be like u know, it's been so long since I've heard music i don't even remember what it sounds like, and there i am with a song literally stuck in my head at that exact moment... This song stuck in my head thing I've noticed also makes it easy to pick out exactly what notes are being played based on the pitch, creating perfect pitch, the ability to tune my guitar without a tuner, ability to change into drop D on command (and back again) and the ability to easily find the key of a song to play along with on guitar. Anyone else?


Your brain is stimming. I do this too and I'll also quietly beatbox to myself as I'm walking around places. Welcome to the weird.


Yes this is absolutely the case. And it's the worst because like I can't remember the whole song, so it's just like a 5 second clip on repeat ad nauseum. It's kinda like breathing where you're always doing it, but once you notice it drives you crazy until you just kinda forget again.


Yes. My whole life, I've had a radio in my head. Generally, meds give me some control over the volume and the song. I know my meds have worn off because the radio comes back on, loud.


I have video game music playing nonstop in my head. I can be annoying because it’s designed to continuously loop, but it also makes boring everyday things like going to the bank feel like an epic adventure.


It's so annoying. I can't sleep because of it and when I do, I'd wake up a few hours later with the same clip playing.




My brain is like a jukebox at top volume, being run by a toddler 24/7; It exclusively plays the same song on an endless loop for sometimes *weeks* at a time and the toddler sings along loudly, but they only know half the words to a snippit of the chorus. I have no control over it, and it drives me to the point of madness lol.


Dude I didn’t know that most people don’t have this experience until very recently lol I have a whiteboard at my work desk that says “song I have stuck in my head today: _______” and it wasn’t until I saw some ADHD tiktok that I learned this isn’t a universal thing. I literally wake up at 2am to go pee and already have a song playing at that time. It’s nonstop


Lately I've been sad and brain says that sad time=play Aerosmith's Dream On on loop


Same thing for me! I wake up with songs or phrases in my head. And it continues through the day. A lot of the times it's a bothersome song or phrase, but if I'm trying to digest a new album, it will be songs from that instead. Not diagnosed, but I totally relate.


I don't remember writing this post or have that username.


Today's brain radio is brought to you by a disjointed mashup of 3 anime intros, the number 9, and a word that just looks weird for some unknown reason.


I was tossing and turning this past Monday for 3h while only one friggin' line from the Weeknd's "Blinding Lights" song played over and over and over in my head...




yeah i’ve had this since I was very young. people get frustrated when they have a song stuck in their head but i’ve had a song stuck in my head since 2007


I get this all the time. Sometimes the music will get really quiet, but there’s always something playing in the back of my head. Used to really bother me but now I don’t give too much of a shit about it


I always thought most people can do so. I usually play small (5 to 30 seconds long) sections of music in my head. Sometimes I can play entire 3 to 4-minute-long songs if I listened to the songs repeatedly for a few days and I am in a quiet place. I like these songs a lot so it is not annoying at all.


Yup, my head radio is always playi g. With a music channel and talkshow at the same time...


This Must Be The Place by the talking heads has been on replay in my brain since february


Yup. I used to say my brain is an MP3 player on shuffle, still do


I always experience this and it is very annoying. My solution ever since before I knew I had ADHD was to listen to really great album and get super into it, that way I can sort of have the whole album stuck in my head for a while instead of being driven mad by whatever the hell decides to show up unwanted


"I'm in the black again Can't make it back again, We can just pretend, We'll make it home again From everything now" That's what's stuck in my head right now Edit: typo and too add, it's Arcade Fire


This is me 24/7. I love playing and listening to music. It really calms my adhd. My playlist is all over the place with genres. It’s like my life has a movie sound track.


I always get the song stuck in my head that I heard on the radio two days ago for 30 seconds before I changed it because I didnt like it. Go figure.


Most of the time I have songs from my YouTube Playlist, or I'm writing jazz progressions or off time rythms in my head.


Whatever the last song I hear is, that’s it, stuck all day! This is why I permanently have the radio/music on, so I don’t get stuck. Coz it’s REALLY annoying!


OMG I have EXACTLY the sampe problem, it's 24/7, sometimes it can be fun if it's a good song, sometimes it can be painful if I dont like the song, I have almost no control over what song plays in my head, if I try to control it, it will make me tired and exhausted.


I was this many seconds old when I learned that this wasn't normal for everyone.


I started listening to music in the languages I don't understand to overcome this, for example, Japanese or Korean.


I've had it as long as I can remember, I remember the day I learned the word earworm and realised that other people get incredibly annoyed by it because it happens to them infrequently. Wait, what?! Sure, sometimes it's annoying if it's an annoying song, but most of the time it's great! I only realised recently though, that this is why I really dislike overly repetitive music, like dubstep or hip hop, because when it gets stuck in my head it's even more irritating. I much prefer complex melodies, especially anything that epically and slowly builds up adding more and more and more. And lyrics which are meaningful to me as well.


It never stops




When I start having multiple songs overlapping in my head, that’s how I can tell my meds are wearing off 😂 also, sometimes I’ll have the same thing stuck in my head for a VERY long time, and even listening to it on repeat doesn’t get rid of it. I had Psycho Killer by Talking Heads stuck in my head for two years straight - try lying in bed next to someone and you can’t help but repeat the line “psycho killer, qu’est-ce que c’est”…wasn’t great 😂