Subtitles are amazing

Subtitles are amazing


I love having subtitles on - it really helps compensate for my poor auditory processing. I also passive-aggressively switch the subtitles on when my dad keeps saying "what did they just say?" or talks over the movie :-P


Right? I know so many people who have physical hearing problems that are against subtitles for some reason and I can't figure out why


We keep then on in our bedroom because I watch tv till 1-2 am and my wife is asleep by 9 every night so I turn the volume down watch tv work on homework and browse Reddit all at once 😊


Transmitter and bluetooth headphones. There's the slightest bit of delay that's detectable if you're really paying attention, but it's so much better than silent films.


I’ve done that before, especially with the Roku device where you can transmit sound to your phone and then to your headphones from it. But my problem is I have 3 kids and 2 dogs, if any of them wake up and start crying or my dogs need to go out I can’t hear them, even if I keep just one headphone in. So rather than have my wife wake up cause I didn’t hear it, I’ve chosen a very low volume and reading subtitles as the best alternative. Idk why but if I have 1 headphone in it’s like my brain puts all focus on that, but if I just leave the sound at “low roar” I can focus on everything at once.


samsung buds pro and maybe others has option to turn on surrounding environment so you can use your Bluetooth for whatever (music, TV, etc) and they pick up sounds from around you like a speaker in a way


You could try putting one headphone in, but to the other ear. It works for me - I work on drive-thru and if I have the headset on my right ear, I can't hear anything that is going on around me, but if I have it on left, I can hear both the customers through the headset and also everyone in the room, depending on which I choose to focus on.


Infrared headphones don't have any delay if you prefer that. They just need a line of sight to your TV set.


Whenever I watch a movie with someone, especially if it's a new friend, I always tell them sorry, but I need subtitles on to understand what's happening. I don't take chances anymore lol


Lol same. No subtitles? Never heard of her.


Oh I wondered if there a reason I loved subtitles lol


I have mixed feelings on them, personally. Sometimes they're super helpful and other times they're far too distracting. In general I'm better with reading than listening, but I often have a hard time watching enough of the scene to get the context while reading along at the same time. I get very focused on one and forget the other. The errors in auto-captions completely throw me off, too.


I love captions except for with comedies- it ruins it when I can see the punchline before it’s said!




THIS! I use subtitles for basically everything instead of comedies. I find them EXTREMELY useful when watching documentaries or anything where they’re using new language or unfamiliar words. Seeing a word on-screen while hearing it in context helps to solidly that new word in my memory. Also anything referring to unfamiliar cities/locations (like yesterday I learned “La Jolla” is pronounced “La Hoya” and up until then I thought “La Jolla” and “La Hoya” were two separate places 😅).


I almost always prefer them on, but hate when they don't match. I guess it's easier for readers to leave out words and simplify the grammar but when I notice a discrepancy I wind up going back to listen to what was actually said because I was basically only reading the text.


Me too, I wish there was an option to have them lower down and slightly harder to read, funny as that sounds


Depending on which streaming service you have there are options to customise subtitles, look for a settings icon when you switch them on.


YES. I much prefer the tiny, unobtrusive subtitles at the bottom of the screen.


I feel this way too. I always have subs on because I lose too much without them, but I often find myself only reading them rather than watching the show/movie. And then if there’s an error I fixate on it 🤣


Omg the errors drive me up the wall - I know which apps/shows have good captions and which ones are rubbish, and sometimes I get really upset on behalf of people who are hearing impaired when I realize a whole program would be completely ruined for someone who physically couldn’t hear the words.


Errors drive me crazy too, but I think it's kind of funny when an American production has British/Canadian captions.


The worst is foreign tvs shows or movies that are dubbed. The dubbing frequently doesn't match the closed captioning and never matches the mouth movements. I really struggle there.


I agree with this. I turn subtitles off and on depending on if I am focusing too much on the reading.


I can never stop focusing on them, they drive me insane. I’d *almost* rather watch nothing than have subtitles. I do find on BIG screens it doesn’t bother me at all though so it’s definitely a me thing not subtitles are too distracting over all sort of thing.


Sometimes the text box is over something important you are supposed to see on the screen and then I know something I was using had a font color that I couldn't see against the background of the program I was watching. Most let you change the color but this app didn't. Super annoying lol


Yup. That reminded me of the massive black and white caption boxes that used to be the only choice for live TV closed captioning. They easily took up 1/3 of the screen with massive text that was somehow still blurry on the old tube TVs, and either scrolled way behind or way too fast to read. It was better than nothing I suppose, but goddamn they should have been so much better. I can't imagine having to fully rely on it.


Yes! Like when someone says, "Hi there" and the subtitle reads, "Hello" or whatever.


The errors in captioning live tv are the worst. If you are hearing impaired it must really suck to be so confusing


Same here, I communicate best via text for instance and enjoy reading, but I can't have both, I find it difficult to not read subs if they're on, then I can't focus on the visuals.


OMG same. It feels like I can barely focus on what’s going on because I can’t stop reading the subtitles


yes!! I lose so much unless subtitles are on


Does anybody here feel like meds help with catching whats being said? I watched a movie after taking one and i was happy at the end just to catch everything that was said lol. Sad because for most people, its their norm to process everything being said


Yes to your first point! Since starting medications I am able to function during movies much better but I never realized till now that my issues could be adhd related! I’m constantly lost and asking people to catch me up or explain what is going on. I even have a hard time sitting through a full movie anyway and my kids and husband think I’m nuts because of it. I just can’t stay interested for that long, especially if it’s not a movie I’m excited about. ADHD can be such a bitch and every day I’m learning how much my life has actually been affected by it.


Same. I've always preferred TV to movies. If I'm not invested in the movie, ughh painful. But I can binge an 8 hour miniseries in one go. Hooray brains!


Same!!! Spend an entire day on a tv show without blinking 😂


I have noticed this as well. Still missing some of the things people say but it’s definitely an improvement from before. If anything I think the meds helped me manage my emotions more (was already on antidepressants for a long time). My partner who I’ve been seeing for the past 2 years has also noted my overall reduction in stress and increased control of emotional management.


I feel like it's especially bad with older movies; the sound is less clear, I guess? Subtitles are amazing.


I definitely think the sound quality plays a big role for me in movies from the '30s and occasionally the '40s. For later (but still "old") movies, I think the older accents and acting styles also play a big role.


I thought I had hearing problems for a long time, but it's just very difficult to focus when literally anything else is happening in the room.


THIS and clinically speaking I have “better than human” hearing, I could/can (in my good ear, went deaf in one maybe it’s related?) hear higher and lower than most other humans - being able to hear EVERYTHING including my own blinking in a quiet room and also being incredibly easily distracted was awfulllll - if nothing else losing my hearing in that ear did improve this particular problem.


Started with the captions while my baby was napping 12 years ago. Now I can't watch anything without captions. Even YouTube videos. I miss so much without them. I can even watch YouTube videos in other languages because the captions are often in English.


This. I might just risk the jail time to punish the person who thought of removing community contributions for subs(jk)


Oh man, I didn't even know they were removed. I loved contributing to that. Language is one of the few things I feel that I ever really "mastered"


[this video](https://youtu.be/vCxz2lSeer4) by jan Misali is great and has a bunch of angry comments I like


We did that early on as well, we still have the subtitles on! If we're watching something our preschooler will ask for them which is pretty cool so we just keep them on all the time.


First started using subtitles when I started getting into foreign films, cos obviously you'd want/ need subtitles to watch a film in a language you don't speak well/ at all. Then I started using subtitles while watching movies in English, and oh boy, movies I thought I knew well before...turns out my audio processing is so poor that I had like half of some of my favourite movies entirely wrong! And now I will barely watch anything unless it has subtitles. Like even though my hearing is just fine, I sometimes will go cinema showings that cater to the deaf (or did before lockdown). I'm now just trying to figure out a way to get subtitles for IRL 😂


I just watched fear and loathing in Las Vegas with subtitles after years of not seeing it, and holy shit it makes much more sense to me now.


Subtitles for me is like taking notes in class. Trying to focus on the notes/ subtitles, leads me focusing on how I'm missing what's being said in class/movie/show. Therefore distracting me from both. Idk if that made sense but it's like when someone's talking to you and you're focusing on paying attention to them and what they're saying and then are only able to focus on the focusing part and then have no idea what they're even saying anymore. I don't mean to bash btw, it's obviously a helpful tool for many. P.S. this comment took me about 20 minutes to write and is 1 out of 736483296373 comments that I've started to write only to delete halfway through because my executive functioning ran out in a few sentences.


I get it, and I feel the same way about it. You did a nice job describing it btw.


Personally I usually don’t like subtitles. I get so hyper focused on reading then I forget to watch the show/movie


I feel this way about it as well. I’ve been watching show with subtitles a bit lately since I have to keep the volume low. I personally have the issue of needing to read before I look at what’s going on contextually. I used to have the same issue when driving that I would be so focused on reading every sign I saw that I would get distracted from driving.


I'm hard of hearing as well as ADHD and YES! Even when I'm listening with nice headphones and no one is in the room so my hearing loss isn't an issue, subtitles are still a necessity! Even my partner who normally doesn't use subtitles now does it all the time bc he noticed he'd miss jokes bc he was distracted by what he was seeing. I wonder if it's kinda like when you turn down the music in the car when you're lost. When you're focused on one sense the others take a backseat, so while visually stimulated it's easier to "hear" if youre already using your eyes to do it.




Same. My first thing I do after hearing a song I like is looking up the lyrics, so I can actually sing it properly lol.


I can barely ever understand songs. I'm not native English speaker either, but my English is very good, and I'm a singer myself, and yet I understand nothing unless I read the text beforehand 🤷


Yup! Speak English natively and I need lyrics to understand any song


Yes!!! I think I lose upwards of 30% of what's being said without subtitles. Whenever I watch a movie for the first time with someone else and they refuse to turn on subs, I get sad, but at least it's an excuse to rewatch it later.


I lose like 90%, but my hearing is actually really really good. I just can't process what's going on.


I actually can't stand subtitles. I can't pay any attention to what's going on when there's subtitles; I read them and don't watch the show/movie, so I miss all the nuance and tone. Plus if it's something funny, the subtitles ruin all the jokes.


Same, surprised it's such an uncommon opinion


This is my husband's opinion too! Personally I love subtitles


I discovered this while watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. I wanted to understand cockney, but Instead I understood the whole movie!


I always have subtitles on to the annoyance of anyone that watches something with me. Subtitles take getting used to I guess. I need subtitles IRL though.


IRL subtitles from some microchip implant like in Cyberpunk would almost be worth letting Google infect my brain with spyware


I wish I could have subtitles on for everyday life - gamechanger


I love subtitles. I actually get to watch the movie


Was watching some Kiryu Coco highlights earlier, and my partner was like "You can't concentrate on a lot, but it's surprising that you can concentrate on something spoken in a foreign language with English subs". Both of us watch everything we can with subtitles on. Without them, I zone out, and I guess he just got used to it. Also, being used to subtitled stuff means that I can experience shows from other countries with no trouble. I don't think I would have got into anime as much if I just watched the dubs, and if I did, I'd have forgotten most series outright. Also, without subs, I wouldn't have even bothered watching one of my favourite series of all time (De Mol/Wie is de Mol), and it's got me interested in the Dutch language. If only I could keep up with the learning...


Subtitles help sooooo much


I used to hate subtitles. But recently they have been coming in super handy when I don't understand what someone says. Instead of having to rewind multiple times until I make out what they say, I can just read it. So much easier.


Right there with ya on visual processing over audio. (With the exception of music, my brain loves music over anything else)


Honestly I miss everything without subtitles. I don’t even notice them/ that I’m reading them anymore. ❤️


English is my second language but I still watch movies in my native language with English subtitles lol. I wish theaters had subtitles too, I struggle to understand the dialogue without subtitles.


Yuuuup. I’m currently rewatching my favorite show (mr robot) with subtitles on and it’s amazing


I watch everything with subtitles. Really helps my brain enjoy the movie visually and still understand what's going on. Without subtitles my brain has to jump between listening mode and watching mode non-stop.


Yes! Once I realized I could put the captions on the TV I never watched any other way. With the exception of when they don’t sync up in a major way. That’s just more annoying than it’s worth.


So true. I'd rather there be no captions as compared to the distraction of captions that arrive 5 seconds after the spoken dialogue occurs 😭


Movies not so much but I can’t play games without the subtitles on. My brain just can’t concentrate on spoken dialogue whilst playing especially if there’s action going on.


OMFG YES. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS WHY I DO THIS. Everyone gets mad at me when I turn the subtitles on.


Wait, is trouble comprehending audio typicall for those with ADHD? I can't understand people half the time and have to ask them to repeat themselves. I've started just nodding/ smiling/ laughing and agreeing to make things easier, exept thats the opposite of easier because sometimes I offend someone or make plans to go somewhere without knowing it. I feel very insecure talking to people in alightly louder rooms because of this. Is my brain just distracted by all the noise?


Maybe partially. Maybe totally? lol. I say 'what' a lot, but I always chalked it up to listening to music very loud in my car. (I usually put the volume to 40 out of 45 for Eminem. Other stuff in the low to mid 30s)


I use the subtitles all the time. My wife hates it when I forget to turn them back off, she finds them distracting. But they really help me follow the details, especially character names.


Yes, mine are always on


i need subtitles on everything especially games. in games they are always turned off by default and i am just like why ?


Yes. And another similar observation I have is that whenever there is music on a show, for example concluding or beginning of a scene, or the opening theme song. THE MUSIC IS SOOO LOUD. But when I turn the music to a more appropriate volume, the voices are way too quiet. I am constantly changing the volume up and down. ESPECIALLY if my refrigerator or any appliance is running. I live in an apartment and try to be a good neighbor. But god dammit I can’t make out what they are saying because my brain focuses on the sound of the refrigerator instead of the tv show. Ugh.


Yes! I always missed the punchlines and couldn't understand why people were laughing until I started watching with subtitles. It makes my life so much easier! I've even watched my favourite movies from my childhood and realised I'd be interpreting everything wrong LMAO. Probably why I've always preferred reading, and why I was so into anime for a few years as a teenager!


I recently found a comment about ADP (Auditory Processing Disorder) that matches some of the things on your post.


Realised when I was about 20 I'd watched Shrek all my life but never actually threaded together what actually happened in the show. To me it was just 90x 1 minute jokes, until I watched it with subtitles and recognised how different parts of the plot relate to each other and built the whole linear story in my head. Kinda scared me tbh


The day I discovered subtitles I never went back. It helps me stay on track with whatever I'm watching, comedies I turn them off though because I don't want to know the punchlines before they get a chance to make a funny


Subtitler here! Thank you for the shoutout! We work hard to make sure the subtitles are good!


I love the subtitles and my husband who also has ADHD, but is dyslexic, hates them. Super fun. They help me block out background noise, hear dialogue better if there's music, etc. They distract him because he hates reading.


Its called APD auditory processing disorder and MANY people with ADHD have this issue. I totally do and have found subtitles are 100% the way to go!


I’ve started really not liking going to theaters and watching movies..I can never process what they’re saying.


Subtitles solve multiple problems for me, so I always turn them on.


I need subtitles. I have extremely poor audio processing, so if i am not able to read a person's lips, like when I'm watch a show or animation, it's difficult to get a full grasp of the conversation. I get it can be distracting for people who don't need to read subtitles, but i would have to ask if they would rather have subtitles up, or have me rewind every other minute to listen to the audio again.


I've gone through whole movies without knowing names of people, or thinking it was something else, because I couldn't understand them when they were said.


I'm super glad my wife insisted on subtitles for GoT. I would have missed so much.


I’m actually the complete opposite- I CAN’T watch anything with subtitles (when the audio is in a language I can understand anyway) I read them too fast and then can’t keep focussed on what’s being said. I’m glad you’ve found something that works for you though!


Subs really help me understand better aswell but translation should be good.


Yep. They keep me engaged.


Yes! I started doing this a few years ago. I didn't link it to adhd. Just thought I was getting old! 😆


i always watch a movie twice, once woth subtitles so i know wtf is going on lol and then a second time to appreciate the cinematography aonce the first time, i was too busy reading subtitles. I never fully watch or understand a movie until my second viewing


Subtitles use to visually bother me, but I started using them once when I needed to have the volume low and I realized I love them. I missed so much in shows that I never even noticed. I need both the sound and the subtitles though.


My husband makes me watch everything with subtitles...I assume bc English isn’t his first language. It drove me INSANE at first but now I just read movies. I can’t watch the movie and read, still drives me crazy but I try to not think about it lol.


i always watch movies with subtitles like i just cant hear shit


I love subtitles, I always have them on. Most of the time I forget I have them on, they just help me process it better.


yes! that's how i learned english. ahhah


I can only watch with subtitles. I can’t process as easily without them and quickly lose interest


Yes!! I love it. And when things get too boring, I turn off the sound and recreate the voices. It can turn the dullest movie into a complete farce. So good!


I wish life would come with subtitles and you could save them take a look at it later.


j can’t watch anything without subtitles


TIL I'm like the only ADHD person who hates subtitles in their native language.


Yes! Even though the words on the screen are as ephemeral as the words being spoken, engaging both senses really helps!


Same my family gets so annoyed cause I'll forgot to turn them off after I'm done


Years ago - *Let the Right One In* got there - foreign language and subtitles, even better - so much to do - very happy about what was transpiring, and the person who came with me: giant sigh…. “oh no,….subtitles….”


I always prefer putting them on and my family thinks it's because my hearing is bad...


I *never* watch without subtitles. I can't keep track of what's going on, and what am I supposed to do if I drop in in the middle of a sentence?!


Yes, subtitles are a requirement for me.


Hey wait, I saw this on r/unpopularopinions you scum reposter.


They are, I never realized how much I was missing until I finally started watching things with captions




Love subtitles, they're the most helpful thing for me. But I've started only using them in private because my parents keep bringing it up that I'm using it for English shows, since the only "acceptable" time to use them is if it's a foreign language. Which, to be fair, I do watch a lot of international TV too, mainly German and Spanish.


I’m totally the opposite! I can’t do subtitles; they drive me nuts. I find it so distracting to read and listen at the same time. And when the subtitles are on, I can’t NOT read them! I would literally rather not watch a show or movie if the subtitles are on. The same is true if I’m watching something in Spanish; the English subtitles have to go (even though English is my first language.).


I love subtitles and closed captioning.


I started trying subtitles on shows and movies last year, and I am never going back to trying to watch things without them! It make it so much easier for me to follow what's going on. It also has helped my marriage, since I no longer find myself pausing and rewinding constantly and driving my husband up the wall.


I've started watching reaction videos on Patreon, with subtitles. and damn ... like now I get what happens in The Dark Knight Rises. Both because of the person reacting, kind of summarizing the plot as it goes along, but also because of the subtitles. So many movies, I had no full clue of what is happening. I usually have to watch a movie 4-5 times before I finally get all of the nuance and details so I can get a full picture.


I started watching with subs because I stay up late and don't want to keep my family up, but I got used to it, and I like having them on all the time. I've seen movies that I thought I knew backward and forward, and the lines I thought I heard correctly were completely different. It's also hilarious when there is a sound or a non-verbal utterance and it gets subbed. I used to watch a lot of anime and foreign movies in college, and after awhile, you don't even notice you're reading.


Totally cannot watch without subtitles anymore. I strictly need it.


Omg my wife and kids hates that I need subtitles but they seem to love me enough to tolerate lol phew


Wasn’t this just posted on /unpopularopinions ?


yes! not only that but at the moment i'm rewatching my favourite series with my boyfriend and he's noticing plenty of plot-related things i hadn't! he's watching it for the first time and this is my fourth, adhd really is crazy


Yeah. I get really sad when people don't have subtitles on a video. If they don't have them then I just don't watch it.


What's funny about that is both of my parents are deaf so subtitles were absolutely necessary throughout my childhood, and I ended up making it a habit of always having them on. This annoys some people but hey, what can you do. I never attributed this to my adhd but without the captions I do miss out on like half of the dialogue. YouTube captions are a lifesaver as well.


Yes! I went to a see a movie at a movie theater recently and it drove me crazy how I couldn't understand so much of what they were saying! I can't go without subtitles now because they help so much with understanding what they are saying but also help in other ways too!


I get too distracted by subtitles & wind up just reading and not actually seeing anything. I’ll stick with my tried & true tactic of completely missing huge chunks of action and then googling plot points afterwards. This is why I never watch anything new ugh.


Absolutely! Dumb and Dumber is my favorite comedy and I can recite most of it. With subtitles though? It's even funnier! Also doing karaoke will give you a better understanding of your favorite songs and if they mean anything at all.


It's the only way I watch anything


Just got home from seeing a play and I feel this so hard. I love the theatre but I legit miss so much substance, especially when the actors speak with accents and/or use Shakespearean language.


Yes!!! I never used to use subtitles, but my wife has always used them. Now whenever I see a show without subtitles I find myself rewinding a lot to hear what was just said lol


Totally agree!! I never thought about it being correlated with ADHD but it’s so much easier for me to comprehend shows and movies with subtitles.


We watch everything with subs.


IS THIS WHY IM OBSESSED WITH SUBTITLES?!?!?!?!!? Everyone gives me so much crap about it but I swear I process the story so much better.


Yeah, I feel weird about it, but I try to train myself to watch it without them. It depends, if people are talking over the movie, I'd prefer them on.


Absolutely!! I never really thought about it before but you are right. I almost always turn subtitles on for everything I watch. The only time I have issues is when I am watching like something on Netflix that is a foreign movie but also has English voice actors dubbing it because sometimes what they say is different than what is written and that makes my brain hiccup lol


Subtitles on for everything I watch.


Is it an ADD / ADHD thing to just miss important words even though you're paying attention? Cause yeah I use subtitles with almost everything.


If I have the option, the subtitles stay on Violins are unforgiving in their hearing loss F holes right to the face


Yes but I also didn't kbow it was ADHD related


It's so odd to be so incredibly sensitive to noises that other people don't notice, like the hum of the fridge, but I must have subtitles to watch TV!


I don’t parse lyrics in music particularly well, so I started watching musicals with captions on and it’s amazing!!!


The only time they don't work is on anime or other foreign movies and shows... When im trying to watch some cool fight scene the last thing I want to be doing is getting distracted by reading the dialogue


Subtitles help me stay focused on what I’m watching


Yes!! I'm originally from Brazil, so I've been used to subtitles all my life. In my teenage years, I found a new passion in Anime which I also watch with subtitles. I've noticed that the information I'm able to retain quadrupled since my brain is constantly telling me I'll miss information if I don't read it. I've used that as a study strategy and I'm a huge fan.


for me its really hard to watch things with subtitles because i have to look at/ process 2 things at once. but sometimes when i am a but more relaxed it can help


I use them for everything except stand-up comedy or really funny movies because I want to be surprised by the punchlines.


I like subtitles because I like to follow along with the script.


Maybe that’s why I like anime so much


Yeah man, I want subtitles on for everything. The worst part though is when the subs aren't quite lined up, or when they come slightly before the audio and end up containing spoilers because then instead of using subs to help process audio, I start reading subs *instead of listening* to the audio, and thus everything feels 'out of sync'. Without subs though, I'm playing stuff very loud, playing it back over and over, and/or asking other people what is said. Yeah context can usually give me the gist of something but it REALLY BOTHERS ME SO MUCH when I don't know what the actual words are. I say I'm 'hard of hearing' because it's easier to explain than my inability to process sounds accurately. When I was a kid my mother even took me in to be tested for audial dyslexia (which I sufficiently passed), and my hearing has been tested again since. There's nothing physically wrong with my ears, at least not in the controlled environment of a hearing lab. It's my piece o' shit brain that can't keep up, especially if there's multiple sound sources, or if speakers are murmuring or slurring their consonants. If I want to process what a person is saying, **they. have to. ssspeak. CCRRIISSP sounds.** _none ao fhtis appeoximat hsitt wherr it s almoost rihgt_ Subs all the way, man.


Movies and music are very similar for me. Watching movies I tend to follow along with how someone speaks, or their body language. I realize how much I’ve missed once I watch it again with the subtitles on. And when I look up the lyrics to a song, I realize I’ve been listening to how the song feels and not what the lyrics are saying. It’s amazing how many words I’ve missed. Mysteries are tough. I glaze over the “aha” moments usually because I’m watching the background or listening to the music. But I still prefer watching movies without subtitles, even when I know I’m missing so many details… With the subtitles on I feel like I’m watching just the words and missing all the great acting and imagery. I can do one or the other, never both.


English isn't my first language, so subs are always on!


I used to hate subtitles because as a filmmaker I hated extra clutter being overlaid on the image. I also found it distracting from the visuals because if there are subtitles, I can't NOT read them even if I could hear it perfectly fine. Especially annoying when they don't match up and there are discrepancies with the printed text vs. the spoken words. But once I had kids and a hosuefull of birds, I suddenly needed them. I already have a hard time picking out heavy accents, song lyrics, etc. Last year when the audiologist suggested my daughter had a verbal processing issue, they asked if we did, too. Oh, hey, guess what...


ADHD is categorized into 3 different subtypes: can’t-hear-need-subtitles type, can’t-see-subtitles-distracting type, and wtf-is-happening type (i personally hate watching with subtitles because the text is super distracting me to me. i only use them when it’s too late to have the sound loud enough to hear)


I find my self always having to rewind parts unless I have subtitles on


I process things much better written down than spoken so i prefer watching youtube videos on silent with subtitles as a preview


I love subtitles, but only if they don't skip ahead. Like, when the text is there for 10-20 seconds before it is said I get impatient and want to skip it Happens more in video games than in movies/series


I friggin love subtitles. I have ADHD, but most of the time when I watch a movie with someone with subtitles on, they report liking it better that way, ADHD or no. Sometimes those fuckers are just hard to hear.


Korean dramas are my go to now cause I can't just make it background noise. I have to focus on the subtitles to get it.


Yes! I thought this was more of a English-as-a-second-language person thing, but even after 8 years, I can't watch TV/videos/movies without captions. Same happens when listening to music - I enjoy it more when I understand what's being said word by word so I end up looking up lyrics a lot.


They run the gamut. I watched an American made movie with Chinese subtitles turned on for a friend. It turned out the subtitles were from another movie. But Ragnarök on Netflix great with subtitles, and a waste of time dubbed.


It almost feels like it's clearer when subtitles are on... However it feels muffled and uncomfortable when someone puts it into another language


My country has barely any good local productions and watching stuff in the original language with subtitles is the norm. Now I'm all grown up and I know a few languages but I'll still turn the subtitles on in that film's/show's language anyway.


It really helps me focus on what I'm watching if it has subtitles.


I LOVE THEM however, my neurotypical family does not like them and finds them annoying unless the show is in another language


This is actually a huge part of why I love watching anime, I watch almost everything with subtitles on nowadays. the first thing I do in new games is go turn on subtitles if they’re available


Google Hangouts added subtitles on the fly during conference calls and it has helped my meeting comprehension so much


Unfortunately some shows still have bad subs, so you wind up either turning them off or watching the show in a different dub just so you can read away in peace


I started with subtitles even before I knew anything about adhd. Thanks to my obsession with international cinema. And everything outside my tiny country thst barely makes any movies is with subtitles. Literally can't watch a film without them. Only realised when my husband kept complaining that I fidget too much, or don't go on the phons. Luckily I have a great excuse of - oh sorry me no speak English, please give subtitles.


I find it exactly the opposite I get to focused on them and ignore the movie lol but I’m so glad they help you! My uncle who has ADD (adhd c right?) always needs them too


Getting high still works the best for me


I love subtitles! They help so much!


I fucking love sub titles


Honestly, this is *the* reason I pirate certain movies even though they can be found on Netflix or other places I might be willing to pay/already have access. No one bothers to include English subtitles and having English audio with local subtitles is much worse. Why can I get a better service illegally? I can even choose whether I want the annoying closed captions (hint: I dont).


I have such mixed feelings about subtitles. If there's other sound in the room or characters have anything other that the generic American TV accent, they're awesome for letting me catch stuff I'd otherwise miss, but I can't *not* read them if they're turned on, so I often miss things that are happening on screen. Also, that thing where sometimes subtitles have slightly different wording than the spoken dialogue? Totally trips my brain up and I stop being able to understand either the spoken dialogue or the subtitles for several seconds. There are some shows that do this so much I just can't watch them with friends who need subtitles, and I hate it because it's so unnecessary for the subtitles and spoken words to be different.


I am portuguese, so i have been using subtitles since i was born


I used to hate subtitles because they cluttered the image and gave me visual stimulation I really didn't need. These days I like them especially for the TV which plays out loud and is more susceptible to muffling. That being said, I still rarely use them because I hate how they ruin comedic timing and dramatic suspense.


I only ever watch anything with subtitles on. You’re absolutely right, it improves my comprehension (and memory of what happened previously) by at least 2x!


I watch everything with subtitles.


Lately I’ve been having the opposite viewpoint on subtitles, after using them for everything over the last few years. I started noticing that when subtitles are on, my brain goes on “autopilot” and even though I can see the words on screen, I am not processing what I’m seeing or hearing. I’m also more likely to check Reddit or Twitter on my phone, feeling like I can easily catch up if I miss anything thanks to subtitles (of course this is never the case) Recently, I started keeping subtitles off again, and I noticed without using subtitles as a crutch, I was forced to pay more active attention, as well as appreciate actors’ performances and cinematography more. However, everyone should watch stuff in the way that suits them best!


Yeah, I also read subtitles but sometimes when the speaker is fast I can't follow through the words he say on the subtitle too(Anime stuffs XD)


Same works for audio books and TTS too... Doing them simultaneously keeps your brain on track and if you get distracted the audio pulls you back in gently


I can’t help reading them if they’re on - so sometimes that’s good and sometimes it’s distracting =|


I definitely agree. Totally depends on the volume and clarity of speech for me. I'm glad I had them on for 'Awake' and that new Black Hole documentary on Netflix


same reason you cant hear someone properly if you cant see their mouth.


I just got done binging the walking dead and im so glad that I used subtitles because if I didn't I wouldn't know what was going on 99% of the time lol


Yes. So many movies are quiet and whispery then blast into loud sound effects. Hard to determine where to keep the volume. Seems to like anything horror, thriller or mystery is filtered to be dark. Our brains get overloaded trying to see into the darkness and understand the dialogue, it's exhausting.


They're especially nice because some movies have really inconsistent audio. One second you'll have to turn the volume up because the characters are whispering, and the next you'll wake your neighbours up because of a loud ass explosion.


I havent watched a movie without subs in years. Don't care what language. I am danish, so even danish movies get the subtitles. Otherwise i almost always a lot of lines -.-


Subtitles for life!!!!


Nah, I hate them