Are stealing tendencies and hoarding normal in people with ADHD

Are stealing tendencies and hoarding normal in people with ADHD


ADHD can lead to thrillseeking behaviour and poor inhibition, which probably covers the stealing. Just try and remember, you might not be able to feel the imminent consequences that come with getting caught stealing, but the longer you do it, the more likely you are to get hit with them. Try and make that danger feel imminent when you have the urge to steal. Hoarding, yeah, got that one. I don't know if it's the compulsive hoarding so much, though I don't like to throw things away, but that I just don't see clutter like other people do, and I struggle to get off my butt regularly and deal with it. Still working on it though!


Don't want to be rude, but I don't think this is an ADHD symptom. It is another condition whose name I cannot recall now. Talk with your therapist about it.




I think a professional (therapist) is the right person to ask for an answer in this case.


I've never stolen anything in my life -- except from my siblings when I was young; but I constantly buy small crap from any store I am in.


I read in my ADHD book 80% of ADHD cases come with another disorder. Look into dr. Russel Barkley.


Compulsive Hoarding is a separate psychological disorder and kleptomania (compulsive stealing) is an impulse control disorder which can be a way of collecting things to hoard if you don't have the money to buy. Comorbidities of hoarding are depression, anxiety, OCD, and ADHD -- so while it's totally possible to be a hoarder and ADHD, the hoarding itself is a separate condition which requires separate treatment. Hoarding behaviors tend to increase with age, so you should absolutely speak to your psychiatrist/psychologist about this. Just making this post shows that you recognise the issue and want to change, so you're already off to a great start! The sooner you start treatment, the sooner your life will improve 😊 Something like 3 million people in the world are hoarders, so while the ADHD community might not be able to help you here you're definately not alone. Good luck with it all!!


I was a great shoplifter in my day! White kid with sticky fingers and a penchant for security... Once I got a corporate job, I couldnt justify it morally, but from time to time I still find I stole something without even thinking about it


I stole a little when I was a kid, but it sounds like you might have cleptomania, and you should talk to a mental health person


I never steal


As many have said, many of us have other issues on the side that are not caused by ADHD. For some it's kleptomania. Some it's lying. Some it's porn addiction or hurtful tendencies etc. ADHD can make these things harder to manage but it's not a cause. Normal people have these problems too


You should talk to a doctor about this. I’ve never had an issue with either.