What ways so we like to soothe our loud brains?

My brain is usually loud in various ways. It currently feel like there's been a siren going off in it. Right now the only thing soothing it is techo and it's various branches blasting in my earphones. It feels like it's it's getting to the itch in my brain I didn't know needed scratched.

I would love to hear some other people's methods


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The only thing that gets my brain to shut up a little bit is immersing myself in something like a game, book, activity that I need to actively focus on. And even then it doesn't really work sometimes.


I don't know if it's exactly the same thing, but I have a weird thing for white noise. Silence feels tense. I like tumble dryer, vacuum, hair dryer and shower noises generally


Well my brains not really loud as it’s crazy manically fast. However I need that same EMP like pulse to level me out and slow me down. Outside of times I can’t listen to music I chew sharp mint gum. Keeps me from munching on trash food at the same getting that stimulation from Chewing and the mint. Helps me keep that traffic up there in a manageable lane if that make sense. I also heavily rely on medication to bridge that gap. Without it, gum and music wouldn’t do anything.


Yeah the loud music helps so much. Even though most people say how incredibly annoying the nightclub environment is, I found that a really good (sober) visit to a busy nightclub including chitchatting/dancing/making out soothes my brain more than anything else. There are some negative effects as well though, such as disrupted sleep and flu-viruses swarming around which might counterfeit most of the positive effects though. Still trying to find a more suitable way: Something like riding a bicycle / mountainbike is quite hectic as well and includes a lot of coordination on the fly which satisfies the brain quite a lot. Driving a car to a certain degree as well (not as much but it explains why some people call driving a car their therapy lol)


I do something menial like hand-washing dishes, mowing the lawn, or folding laundry. That calm repetitive task gives me a quiet mind. Plus I’m accomplishing something as well which gives me additional peace of mind. I then capitalize on that to do some meditation. Sometimes yoga works as well, but if my brain is going a million miles and hour it doesn’t.


Exercise, I need to move that energy from my brain to my body.


A few things work for me, depending on the state of my head at the time. Lofi Favorite shows in the background Or, if I'm in a bad way and need to drown out all my thoughts I turn to something loud or complicated. Currently: Polyphia, which I highly recommend. Their song Neurotica is almost too relatable, and my goose LOVES their music video for the song Goose, which features actual goose honks in the chorus.