I Speak in Analogies Incessantly

Silly post.

Does anyone here find themselves frustrated by their inability to express themselves in a precise/concise manner? All humans, right? But then realize that you must've given up at some point in the past and are now one step away from speaking only in sagely koans?

In the moment, I'm not frustrated: I'm a pinball raging against the machine or Austin Powers in a golf cart, a kid freaking out in the Chinese finger-trap (or some more complex fabrication that has F all to do with the actual subject).
I speak them so naturally that people frequently allow me time to explain myself afterward (or just recognize that I'm frustrated and their input isn't actually necessary).
I suppose because no one's with me on this level. I've either gotten better at tying them to the subject matter or the people in my life have adjusted themselves to me and my speech patterns.

I believe that I must be a fairly humorous person, amicable, easily liked (not sure why) due to the number of reciprocal smiles and laughs I receive when social. Pretty sure I lean into it so that my analogies are typically absurdist and highly comical, warranting laughs. But it does cause me frustration, no lie. "Just spit it out plainly!"

It's just weird and I thought, "wow, I've been reading about myself in other's posts and articles a lot recently, wonder if anyone else does this CONSTANTLY?"

And yeah, you guessed it: I'm self conscious about it. Sometimes they're pretty good though and I can revel in the chorus of laughter they produce and feel really ...accepted and loved. Aw.


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My doctor says I do this to try and rationalize everything to whoever I’m talking to because I’m afraid of not being understood.


Huh. That, that sounds pretty close to home honestly. Maybe on the nose, in a way that would require far more self reflection. I do forgive myself for it. Even the times I really stretch it. I just think, "this is the least annoying thing you do, seriously."


This is exactly why I do it. Because it seems like I’m misunderstood constantly then when they finally get it they’re like ‘Well why didn’t you just say that?’ I did! Three different ways until you finally got it!


I have the same problem, though it's not as strong as it used to be. It was a biggie when I was younger.


For me it depends on how lucid I am at the time. When the fog sets in, It tends to veer its ugly head . 😂


Oof. I do this too.


I call them my "Dan Rather-isms" A customer once expressed concern that the national phone company didn't seem to care about their issue. I said that there was an outage in that company's hometown. She responded "I don't know why that matters," and off the cuff I reply. "Well, you can't expect the Wizard of OZ to be concerned with Munchkinland when the Emerald City is on fire,"


On a day when I’m stimming, every single utterance from another human being is only computed as song lyrics in my brain and I promptly blurt out said lyrics. I’m an ICU nurse and it has gotten me in a pickle a few times.


Ha ha! All the earworms I've collected my whole life eventually find their counterpart in real life.


This is how I understand everything. By relating it to something I already know. It’s like… oh there I go doing it again (this one’s intended as humor). But seriously, I will have an analogy ready for something as soon as it clicks in my head.


Omg I speak in analogies all the time too. It feels like an easy way to explain things. Then I meet someone who takes everything literally and/or is caught up on a piece of the analogy that doesn’t even matter and it’s so annoying. Like they completely miss the point of the analogy.


I love analogies. They're up there as one of the most effective ways to communicate complex, abstract ideas in a way that people will actually understand. And yes, I use them and similes constantly. But not right now. Because now that I'm consciously thinking about it, I can't bring one to mind.


Yes! For complex and abstract ideas! Why try and describe something so nuanced with words when they could easily be misunderstood? Analogies and metaphors are more efficient and often communicate my thoughts more accurately


I do not get frustrated that I can’t speak in a precise manner. I speak using metaphor and analogy because that’s the way my brain works. I do get frustrated that others can’t think the way I do. Explaining things in a linear way hurts my brain. I try so they get the point, but I’ve gone so far as telling literal-thinking coworker that they have to try harder to think a bit outside their comfort zone so I don’t have to do all the work to make things understandable for them. Why should I do all the work? Why is literal, concise thinking the default expectation? Fuck that. Have a little imagination, for chrissakes. So, okay, maybe a little frustrated at times, but not because I can’t without extreme effort, but because others often expend no effort. ETA: This attitude took me a very long time to embrace. Before I was ashamed that I couldn’t speak clearly. Now I know that my brain is just fine as it is.


I didn't realize I wanted someone to say this sooo bad. Ha ha! I'm so glad you exist!


Oh, well, ☺️


Constantly. It's just how I work 😂


All day, every day. Can't stop, won't stop.


Me 💯


I use analogies all the time, my friends are amazed at the analogies I can draw.


Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra While she's discussing a sister condition this is quite good [Mythology, Autism, and Star Trek's "Darmok"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHMNGMFZQeQ&pp=ygUNZGFybW9rIGF1dGlzbQ%3D%3D)


Multiple times in an appointment with my psych, each one followed by “sorry if that doesn’t make sense.” There’s no direct explanation for what’s going on in my mind, unfortunately.