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My favorite anime has to be One Piece. Aside from the amazing character development and intriguing world, the anime has been around for so long and it's still kicking!


Sailor moon! I received the first two episodes on DVD as a child and that opened the door for me to explore more amazing series ♥️


fullmetal alchemist <3 ,, the idea of 2 boys who tried to bring back their mum from the dead ended up losing their bodies ,, and then they start there journey to bring back their bodies :( i cried a few times


im watching fullmetal alchemist brotherhood now and its so good!! its so serious yet so funny i love how they balance the tones


My favourite author would be Agatha Christie because she makes the best mystery books I’ve ever encountered 🤓


Favourite anime? Easy. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. It’s wholesome 🥺


My favourite anime is monsuno, I have a the first season as a DVD, I used to watch it all the time as a child, it was the first anime I ever watched. The plot was so jarring and weird but in a good way, like as a ten year old the big reveal at the end of season 1 was such a shock which these days in hindsight seems a lot more predictable


My favorite anime is seven deadly sins! I love all the characters and their unique personalities, especially Hawk!


My favorite anime is Naruto because I really enjoy the characters and the plot/story. I watched it when I was younger and want to try watching it again because of how much I enjoyed it


fairytail as it was the first ever anime i started to watch! i loved how they portrayed the importance of friendship ><


my favorite anime is my neighbor totoro because it’s been my favorite since i was 4 years old and i have such nostalgia for it as an adult still. it gives me the happiest feeling 💓💓


Hunter x hunter because it finds a way to be “soft” despite the fact that killua is a literal 12 year old trained assassin who was tortured at a young age to be able to withstand severe and high toxin/electricity/etc levels, so basically because it has good writing :)


sailor moon because my mom watched it when she was younger and i just think the style is very cute and i also love cats


Ghost Stories Gotta watch the dub, though. It's my favorite because it's just hilarious and extremely weird.


My favorite anime is The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou. It starts out really cheesy, but over time gets you invested in the characters. When I finished I felt empty.




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Sailor Moon It was my very first anime and my favorite bonding time with my aunt whenever I visited her place. We’d watch for about an hour before bedtime in an air/conditioned room in the middle of heat induced tropical country, Philippines. Just an FYI, AC in houses are uncommon and only reserved to one room.


I LOVE shippu iron leaguer!!!! It’s a mecha sports anime from the early 90s. It’s got a cast of really interesting and loveable characters (my favorite being topjoy, he’s just so adorable!!) each character has their own unique reasons and motivation for joining silver castle (the team all the main protagonists are on) and motivations for trying to inspire other players to start doing fair play. The episodes are so well paced that even though it’s only two seasons and the ova it seems like you feel like you’re getting so much more out of the show. The human characters are also written in a way that shows they aren’t the main focus but are still part of the story, they help move the story along while not outshining he main characters.


Fruits Basket. I love the idea of humanizing the Chinese zodiac. The interactions between the main character and the 13 (yes 13) animal signs is really interesting.


uhhhh i have so many and I can write essays on All of them but I will hold back the urge to and say: one of my all time favourites is Toradora. It was actually one of the first anime that I binged, I was That invested. It was also one of the first anime that ended up making me stay and look for other shows to watch. I also found out it through and watched it all on Youtube, so it’s special to me lmao. I cried and I laughed so much. I thought Taiga was adorable and the way her and Ryuji’s relationship developed was so interesting with the way they started off. I’m also a sucker for the polar opposites trope when I watch anything romance lol. Also, I felt that as a romance (and maybe shoujo?? it features more ”mature” romance so i’m unsure about labelling it), Toradora felt more fulfilling than others, e.g. proper “closure” within the anime. To this day, I find it “hard” to watch others (anime that focus on romance) and get into it, because it doesn’t give me the same feelings Toradora did when I first watched it. It’s been a while since I’ve last watched it — 8-9 years maybe — so my memory is a bit fuzzy when it comes to it, but I still love it so much and is one of my all time favourites!!!


I love the anime assassination classroom as a friend of mine loves it too and we both love karma in it. I loved talking about it with her.


tokyo ghoul: kaneki’s internal and external battles made the show so multi-dimensional for me I love it so much!


I have a handful of favorites, but I would have to say Rurouni Kenshin OVAs. The regular series was fun (except near the end of the series), but the OVAs were so beautifully done from start to finish. It really showcased Kenshin’s painful past and why he was the way he was at the beginning of the regular series (I never read the manga). I’m also a sucker for era pieces (anime, literature, TV/movies).


Thanks for this giveaway. My favourite anime is death note, i love the fact that the story line is unpredictable. And it makes you question who is the protagonist in the story


Blue Exorcist! My boyfriend watches anime and although I tried and enjoyed watching My Hero Academia with him, Blue Exorcist was the first anime I started watching on my own and really enjoyed. [Plus, the ending song is just too good not to sit through](https://youtu.be/Q6GvNeilOlU)


Thank you for doing this giveaway!(: my favorite anime would have to DBZ because the tournaments are always super intense, the story line and characters stories are interesting to follow and its funny!


Favorite author is Liu Cixin, The Three Body Problem is seriously an incredible series.


One Piece: Why, because Luffy and the crew take you away for the boring everyday life. You get to explore the big blue with them. Fight and have laughs as well as some tears when Ace and others are killed. One piece is the total anime package.


Cells at Work! its educational and entertaining!!!


My favourite anime is the movie Ponyo by Studio Ghibli. Me and my mother watched it all the time when I was a little kid, especially when I didn’t feel well. She would make me honey tea (One of the beverages shown in the movie) and sit me on the couch with her in a burrito blanket. It’s such a giddy, childish movie but it’s so beautiful and has many mature scenes. It has a special place in my heart because I can remember it always cheering me up. I wanted to be Ponyo! I loved ham, and the sea, and my beautiful mother.




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I love The Disastrous Life of Saiki K! The narration that the main character gives is relatable and comedic, it also has such a wide range of characters all with their own comedic quirks. A close second which is a little weirder and “darker” would be Kakegurui! The art style is one of my favorites and the overall plot is pretty interesting! :D


My favorite author is Alison Bechdel. Her graphic novels helped me through an extremely difficult time in my life. I love her art style, the juxtaposition between her father's life and his favorite literature, and her words are so beautiful. :)


Don't know if this counts but I love Avatar: The last airbender, I love their witty jokes and humor and it's so wholesome!


Sailor Moon because the sailor senshi fight for love and justice and want to help everyone no matter who they are or where they're from! The anime encourages me want to be the best I can be and loving towards others (even when it's difficult, lol.) Thanks for hosting!!


Dragon Ball Z is my favorite anime because of the fighting and the "joke" that the more you scream the stronger you are.


FLCL is my favorite anime. Not only is it strangely beautiful, the use of symbolism in order to represent a coming of age story is so powerful. The characters are so unique and well-designed. It’s so hard to understand at first, but I think that’s what I love about it. Every time I watch it again, I discover a new hidden detail I never saw before.


Sailor Moon sailor moon was the first anime i watched as a kid, it really made me feel happy and brings back nostalgia for me! i remember seeing haruka and michiru back in the 2000’s and being so confused because i had never seen two women in a relationship in media before. that anime helped me feel comfortable accepting my sexuality and gave me a healthy example of a wlw relationship I still love to this day


Favorite author is Colleen Hoover! I love how her novels are under the romance genre but at the same time they are realistic and depict real life problems and issues


Assassination classroom! I always sob at the end but the story is entertaining and I enjoy the adventures they have!


Favorite anime is Shakugan no Shana!! It’s just something about the dynamic between the 2 main characters that really gets me, plus a female main character that does most of the fighting while the male one cant (for a while, for reasons I won’t spoil here) Its also one of the first anime’s I discovered on my own without recommendations so it’ll always be special to me; Next to that I also love Angel beats, because who doesn’t love a good sob story (you’ll need napkins to dry your tears, nobody is prepared for it)


I fell in love with reading because of JK Rowling's Harry Potter books. I realized that reading could actually be fun and now as a mom to young boys, I love sharing that experience with them now. Thx for hosting!


i would have to say beverly cleary is my favorite author, because as a child, i always enjoyed her books. i remember doing book reports of her books in elementary school, and just being able to escape from reality with her stories really made me look forward to after school when i could read. i dont think i would have the love i have for reading today if it wasnt for her :)


My favorite author is Stephen King. His writing style changes between characters and books and it truly fascinated me.


I don’t watch anime- I’ve only actually seen one which I loved so I guess it’s my favourite! Your Lie in April. I love the soundtrack. I also haven’t gotten over the finale. The story and >!Kaori’s death makes me want to appreciate music more. And to live everyday like my last. But it HURT.!< go watch it if you haven’t it’s great! Although it’s a little predictable.




Haikyuu is my current favourite anime (❁´◡\`❁) I am not a fan of sports anime, *it sounds as fun as watching paint dry*, but I fell in love with Haikyuu! 🏐 The animation is fluid and pleasing to watch. The characters are extremely loveable and you cannot help but want to root for them. In addition, their personalities and relationships develop in all aspects: as friends, as teammates, as students in different school years, as a team against other teams. The OST compliments the anime and keeps me emotionally invested through all the scenes. I love Hinata, Kageyama, Sugawara and Tsuki, so I think everyone else should give Haikyuu a chance too. I love this anime too much 💕


I dont watch anime but I do love JK Rowling and the Harry Potter series. May sound corny but when I was younger, I was so taken in by these books and immersed into the wizard in world. Something that'll never leave me


Not sure if this counts, but I love Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away!! Was my first anime as a kid and I love the way the story is told through a kid's eyes, but she experiences an intense fantasy world that is so much like our world. The story stands the test of time


Hunter x Hunter I’ve seen this even before the remake and was always a fan of Gon & Killua because of their friendship. Also, on the remake, it pretty much showcase the brutality of each scene which I think they pretty justified each character’s powers. If you haven’t watched so I strongly suggest you do because it touches all aspects of friendship, fear, abandonment and the longing of search for a long lost family member — which Gon demonstrated :) It’s action & drama filled.


my favourite is parasyte the maxim because it was one of my first and i loved the story and romance. it really made me teary eyed


My favorite is Fairy Tail! I just love each and every character and their development throughout the show. Lucy is my favorite of course, but Happy and Natsu are tied for second! The constant theme of friendship and overcoming obstacles using love and faith in your friends is my favorite part


My favorite anime is Princess Mononoke. I know it's a movie, but it all started when I was just a kid beginning to love anime. My grandma had recorded Kikis Delivery Service off the TV with VHS, and I was eager to try more ghibli afterwards. My parents took me to blockbuster soon after, and had no problem letting me rent another cartoon movie, why not right, I must be harmless. Little did they know it was rated PG-13. I was 6. I watched it alone in my room, completely terrified but loving every minute of it. We're talking [worm](https://i.imgur.com/BSP2FNi.jpg) [demon boars](https://i.imgur.com/5WueoQU.jpg) and [decapatation here (NSFW)](https://i.imgur.com/76N9gfY.jpg). Needless to say, I told no one of my terror because I was afraid my parents would never let me watch anime again and to this day, after hundreds of anime movies and TV shows, it remains my all time favorite.


I have a lot of anime favourites, but I'd say Redline (2009) is one of the best. I love how everything is hand drawn with incredible care. It has a fairly unique style and watching it is always such an invigorating, fun, and refreshing experience. I really hope you've either seen it or plan on watching it. It's an excellent anime for those who love really love art :) [Here is the trailer](https://youtu.be/2t26m_Q6ENo). It's 2 minutes long. You gotta watch it. I'd even love to help you get something from your wishlist (if you have one) just so you can watch it and I can hear what you think about it :) \*Note: I watched it in english dubbed. It was excellent. I don't know how the Japanese version is, but it's probably good too if you find one with good subtitles. Edit: included trailer link and note about dubbed vs subbed.


Hm, my favorite author would have to be Erin Hunter because I’ve loved Warriors ever since I was 8 and even though the books are flawed, there are some really good moments in it. I also feel like the books had a huge impact on my life and influenced me to be the person I am today, so I really appreciate them. I also loved J.D. Salinger’s book The Catcher in the Rye and I love Edgar Allan Poe!


One piece. I haven’t really watched it but i read all of the manga. I love it so much. It never fails to make me laugh and even though it has so many chapters, it never gets boring or repetitive. Although I never want it to end, I wish I had only started it once it’s completed.


My favorite anime is ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer’ and I love it because all the characters are great and it’s so lighthearted while maintaining plot twists and action


If Avatar counts then I would say that. It’s such a classic the character development is my favourite especially in Zuko. If not then I’d say my hero academia. Solely because it’s wacky creative and it’s just easy fun watching.


Kakeguiri makes me go big brain. Love the chaotic energy of the characters.


I absolutely love Violet Evergarden. I'm totally a sucker for any character-driven story and seeing Violet's character development (and the development of the people around her) is just so amazing. I also think the animation is just beautiful!


Steins Gate! It’s confusing at first but by the end all the pieces fit together and if you start the first episode over, you put even more pieces together


My favorite anime is Avatar the last air bender because it’s a roller coaster of emotions and the journey they went on sucks you in to the point where you can’t stop watching


One Punch Man! I lost my hair to cancer, and never bothered to grow it back. OPM has helped motivate me to stay active even when menial tasks like climbing stairs was incredibly difficult.


Lots of favorites but recently watched H x H and the plot and character development is on point. It does get kind of dark at times, but I appreciate it


I have so many favs but I watched Monster recently and I loved it! It has such great storytelling and suspense, it kept me so engaged and I wanted to continue watching to find out what would happen next. It's definitely on my favourites list.


Fruits basket because I love funny cute comedys 🤗


Hunter x Hunter, everything about it is great, the plot, the fights, character development, I love it so much.


Read or die, Because fighting with paper is sickkk


Dragon Ball Z. It's not exactly a deep, cerebral show but I have so much nostalgia for it. I love the ridiculous, over the top fight scenes. The message of continuing to push yourself beyond your limits is really motivational.


Pokemon! Grew up watching Pokemon love he cheesy story lines and pokemon




This is such a beautiful response!! It’s one of my favorite animes as well :))


Trigun! Vash is such a badass but at the same time such a good person. I just love the way the show bounces between serious and funny.


Sailor Moon! It’s so cute! It was the first anime i ever watched! 😄


Naruto. I know, I know. It might be a lot of people’s favorite, but other than dragon ball z, it was my first anime and it made me feel so many emotions throughout the years. Naruto’s pain and journey was just amazing and I loved the character development, even for Sakura and Sasuke. I don’t watch Boruto though because I refuse to accept its existence. Lmao. I still think Naruto is one of the best anime. I’ve been trying to get my self to rewatch it, but been too busy. *cri*


My favorite anime is probably Ouran high school host club. It's probably mostly due to nostalgia since I watched it around 7-8 times as a kid. I just found the protagonist relatable and the plot hilarious.




my favorite anime is currently haikyuu bc i love the characters and their relationships and i also really appreciate the messages abt life that the story conveys. and dbz holds a special place in my heart bc i grew up watching it


haikyuu! it taught me that despite what societies standards are, you can do anything if you really want to


Sailor Moon is definitely my favourite anime. It's just so incredibly nostalgic to me. I've seen the series about 3 times?? I used to watch it as a kid with my cousin. She had given me a moon stick and I just fell in love!


Death Note as I love the characters and the game of cat and mouse


honestly i don’t watch much anime but growing up i use to watch avatar. i would say it is my favorite because it’s always been there for me as a child it was like my go to show.


Thanks for the giveaway! I've almost finished Death Note and WOW, the plot is so good! I've been at the edge of my seat for the entire time so far!


i don’t think i have a favorite author but lemony snicket will always hold a special place in my heart


The time I got reincarnated as a slime is my favorite anime I like it the most because of the growth of characters and that it’s wholesome but still has good fight scenes in it


well this is like a game + anime?! but i love danganronpa! i love the whole concept and storyline, it always keeps me on my toes. i adore the characters and how they all have some sort of backstory.


I seen have many anime over the years, but Gintama takes my number 1 spot. This anime had me dying of laughter one minute and sobbing the next. It's a slow starter, since the first 40 episodes are mostly comedy and character introductions. But once you hit the 50's, it gets better and better. Best female cast I have seen in anime, very unique (it's a parody so it makes fun of typical anime cliches, even the main character is older and isn't a teenager like in most anime, and is a war veteran even though he doesn't always act like it), and has a little bit of everything (action, comedy, drama, tragedy, ect.) I love how all of the characters have so many layers; they are all goofy, but aren't afraid to shed blood if the time calls for it. The main character, Gintoki, is the the most goofy person yet the most dangerous opponent, and is definitely one of the most powerful samurais in anime hands down. And after episode 57, I recommend watching the first movie, since it covers one of the best arcs that takes place episodes 58 to 61, except with better quality/animation. Even if I don't win this giveaway, I truly hope people see this and give Gintama a place on their watchlist.


sakura trick because cute lesbians make me go woo


Sword Art Online, best anime I have watched by far. It is so intense, you never know what is gonna happen next.


My first (attempted) post on this subreddit, and the automod really hates my friend code, lol. Or the mobile app sucks. So, sorry if there's duplicates! Anywho... Gonna seem like a normie, but I absolutely love Beastars. I didn't want to watch it for a while, but when I did sit down and watch it, I fell in love. The story is awesome, and the style even cooler! After watching the first season, I went out and bought the entire manga. I gotta say, no regrets here!


My favorite author is Raina Telgemeier because I love her books The Babysitters Club because they are super interesting and I also love her other books ig. Ghosts, Smile, and sisters because I am really into fiction books.


Favorite author : Kevin Hearne - Iron Druid series. I love the mix of magic and modern day. Plus it has a talking dog.


Pokemon! It's been my childhood and will always have a place in my heart, it's so light and fun, sometimes touching dark themes


Haikyu is my favorite anime right now as the story line and in depth characterization is sooo good. I love how you will not only end up rooting for the main team but also every other team they play against as well. Everyone is so lovable and I’m so hype for season 4 part 2 !!


I haven’t really sat down and watched anime in a number of years, but the original sailor moon, death note and dragonball z! I know there is a lot of other great content out there, I just haven’t dived back in to that world yet.


I think my favorite anime is death note! It honestly just has a cool premise i enjoy


Jojos bizzare adventure: diamond is unbreakable I like it because it has an extremely chill atmosphere and animation, as well as cool characters and stands, but has a very dark plot, And also okuyasu


My hero is my fav


I don’t really have one favorite author as I read a wide array of books, but I’d say Lana Del Rey is my favorite author. Her new poetry book Violets Bent Over the Grass just makes my soul soooo happy, as I feel like I’ve gotten a peek into her life and analyzing poetry is fun 😁


Bleach! I know it took such a turn for the worse towards the middle through the end but it holds so much nostalgia for me. It was the first anime I truly became obsessed with and opened the door to many others. Even though the show ended YEARS ago, I’m still holding onto it bc of how significant it was to my childhood (also bc I’m salty and bitter). Ps: I also really love One Punch Man and Death Note


Niel Gaiman. He has wrote novels, graphic novels, screen plays and even one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes.💙💙 The dialogue is clever, the characters are interesting and the stories and worlds he makes are just fascinating.


Ghost in the Shell is my fav anime because I love the sci-fi cyber punk feel of the show and the music. In addition although its military/police themed, there's a lot of philosophy component as well.


Gurren Lagann! I love the brotherly relationship between Simon and Kamina, the soundtrack, and the scope of the story (starting from an underground tunnel to basically hurtling galaxies at your opponent)


Fruits basket, me and my sister used to watch it together, good times 😊


My favorite is a tie between Fruits Basket and Yuuri on Ice, but I’ll go with Fruits Basket because of the nostalgia for me! I grew up watching it and loved the characters, and felt there were important life lessons to be taken from it, and it’s just a funny show as well! I was so excited when there was a remake, and now I can’t wait for season 2! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway:)


Definitely bleach because it was one of my first anime


I grew up watching lots of animes, but my favorite would be Magic Knight Rayearth! It was the first anime I watched from the beginning when I was young and it was dubbed in my language too. I wanted to be Fuu (Anemone in the dubbed version) growing up cause she had glasses and started wearing glasses around the time I started watching the show. She was also quiet and a bit more reserved which I was growing up.


My favourite anime is the whole Naruto series. I grew up watching it when it first aired of TV and I just finished all of it around a year ago. I love it so much, I even watched every single fillet episode!


My favorite anime is SAO. Sword Art Online is the first anime I ever watched and I always loved how it translated through two like worlds


I don’t watch much anime but I do remember chasing the first few series of Naruto and growing so attached to its characters TT it’s my fav because i wasn’t expecting to learn some life lessons thru an animated series!!!!


My favourite anime is anything from the Pokémon series. I watched it a lot when I was younger and kinda stoped for some reason, but when I’m sad or feeling unwell I watch it to put me in a good mood!


Madoka magica because the characters are awesome and the plot is cool


Ergo Proxi! It was so different, back then when I first saw it, from the rest of styles that were popular. The plot is amazing, with unexpected twist. The world the authors created is also something that left me impressed! It’s a little slower at some point but it’s totally fine with me, since I really enjoyed the vibe, the music, the characters development and just everything about this anime haha. Still want to cosplay the main character, she is so badass😅


Wolfs rain is so beautiful, underrated and such an in depth story


My favorite anime is Soul Eater because it was my first ever and any time I think of it it makes me very nostalgic and happy :) it's also just a pretty cool anime


My favorite anime has to be One Punch Man. It was the first one I ever watched and I love the characters and story both so much - I love Saitama’s total apathy, Genos’s over-dedication and ambition, Sonic... period. End of sentence. And the story, how Saitama has to navigate this system he doesn’t care about so he can do something he enjoys doing, really speaks to me, through the layers of satire. Anyways, hope you/anyone reading this are also staying safe and healthy! Have a great day!!


Not to be basic but I love attack on titan. I LOVE how its completely brutal and heartwrenching. Its completely insane and so moving. And I also love Captain Levi🥰


Cowboy Bebop because I love the characters.


sailor moon!! i’ve watched it since i was little, and seeing a show full of female superheroes really inspired me growing up. to this day, i credit sailor jupiter with my evolution into a strong, independent woman! i will always hold this show very close to my heart:) thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway!!💕


I love the anime movie Wolf Children, watched it as a kid, and it was what got me into anime as a kid. I rewatch it like once a year. It makes my heart so warm but cold at the same time and and sad.


angie thomas is my favourite author because I always get so involved and lost in her books that I completely tune out everything else! and she touches on current issues which is always good! and idrk if it counts as anime or not but atla 😅


Marquez - magical realism is pretty cool


Thanks for doing this giveaway! My favorite anime is Attack on Titan. The characters are phenomenal, the concept is so unique, and the plot is gripping. I can't wait until I get season 3!


My favorite author is Brené Brown <3 I came across her books at a low point in my life, and her books really helped me through the hard times :) I especially love what her book, *Daring Greatly* , taught me about vulnerability


My favorite anime is Jojo it’s quirky and gets you enveloped in a whole other world


I don’t know if this counts as anime, but my favorite anime is Pokémon because it has some really great seasons and because it has a lot of great games.


My favorite anime is One Piece. The anime has taught me so many things because it takes themes and conflicts from the real world, such as war (Marineford), poverty (Wano), racism (Fishman Island), etc. It is truly a masterpiece. The world of One Piece is so vast and has many mysteries that connect each and every significant character.


My favorite anime is Avatar the Last Airbender - it’s just so well written and emotionally compelling, it honestly might be my favorite tv show of any genre


Cowboy bebop. It was the first non shounen anime I watched and it just changed me. I could never go back to the more childish shows I used to like before it.


David Estes is my favorite author. I found him recently and read his biggest epic series and was just amazed at his ability to have a ton of main characters but have it make complete sense.


My favorite anime is Naruto. Watching naruto has taught me so many things: despite losing loved ones, or even if it’s that everyone despises you, it’s really up to yourself to pull through it and prove to yourself that you’re capable.


I like attack on titan! I’m not sure why I just find the story line interesting and have some happy memories of watching it with my childhood best friend :)


mine is death note, it’s popular for a good reason! the characters are so unique and have such interesting developments, and the whole thing is just amazing to me:)


My favorite anime is cowboy bebop because all the characters are so relatable in their own way and each have their own faults


Thanks for doing this! :) I’m not quite sure if it counts as anime, but I love Avatar: The Last Airbender. It was phenomenal to watch as a kid growing up, and I love all the fresh hype surrounding the series nowadays.


My favorite anime of all time is probably soul eater because it brought me and my husband together due to the soul eater shirt I had on when we met and he was like “omg a girl that watches anime” hahaha it’s also a really silly/funny anime that I can watch anytime Edit: alsooo I have to add my favorite anime movie is Howls moving castle because it’s beautiful and such a sweet story!


I haven't watched anime in soo long but I remember Parasyte being one of my favourites 🤩 I absolutely love sci-fi and I don't think I've ever seen anything like it! Also the soundtrack suited the show so well; I honestly still listen to "it's the right time" to this day 😔 Also tysm for hosting ☺️ super generous of u!! Stay safe!