The one's we've gotten from past events are smaller but just as nice. Save your money, don't blow it.


Yes! The old ones already take up a ton of space and now these are actually roped off so I can only imagine how much room these take.


Ah yes. A $17 firework... hard pass, Nintendo.


Haha thanks for the conversion rate, gonna be doing that math every time forever


😂😂🥲 its so true


Whaaat this is so disappointing


This is ridiculous - I love fireworks and was looking forward to these, but 340 LTs each? I am bummed.


Same here. I was super stoked for them since the terrain fireworks were so nice. Guess I’m sticking to the free ones! That’s daylight robbery right there.


Huh? There's free fireworks?


Well, they were free when I got them. They should be available via reissue soon.


Like who would spend that amount on something we already have in similar lol




Wait we already have it? You mean the terrain one or did I miss something?


We don't have it, but there have been different fireworks that look just as good that were from events and can be crafted with reissue materials. https://i.imgur.com/huHzpqY.png


There are several other fireworks in the game. Different kinds and colors, too.


There's always gonna be some people out there who will. Kids without a concept of money, adults who value the game over money for whatever reason they may have whether it's healthy or not... And the devs know that which I'm willing to wager is why they continue to overprice things.


It's true, there are whales that post regularly on this sub and I already can see that they'll buy at least one of them even at such a disgusting price. I'm sure I see one now. I used to be one of those people, my mentality was that well I've purchased a different item for more, this is nothing. After spending so much on the game, it's hard to let go and stop.


I'm glad you were able to come off of it (implicitly). I may not have gotten well-adjusted to that particular mindset with anything, but I do have OCD and probably-unrelated problems adjusting to change, so I have a relative idea of how hard that can be. Games with microtransactions are notorious for abusing how people's brains work to get them unwittingly hooked on them. And yet, they still somehow manage to hook so many people. I refuse free trials of memberships for that reason. I'd rather enjoy it only for what it will always be to me instead of experiencing anything that could potentially lessen the appeal of the default experience. Still have that envelope button on the bottom right of my map, and pay no mind to it at all. They don't need my money if they have enough people paying for their recent overpriced LT crap anyway.


Wow this is a new low even for Nintendo. I get that these fireworks are meant to be grandiose and over the top but how can they justify 340 leaf tickets for them? Especially because you can buy higher quality premium furniture such as the tranquil castle keep or the mermaid castle for a similar number of leaf tickets


The fireworks are free, it's the fence that cost leaf tickets


If anything the fence should be less because the fence will just take up a lot of moving space 🤔


Well what what you have to understand is the size of fireworks without the fence is the same size as the one with a fence 😂


This month is so lazy imo, the new terrain comes with the default background minus the changing seasons feature, it’s basically the same as the fireworks sky we already have but in two pieces (more expensive). These fireworks are just slightly bigger versions of an item we already have but for WAY more money, and all the monthly items are very simple (green bamboo fence w/ not enough pieces to make a decent length fence) or almost the exact same as its we already have, but a worse version. I try not to be negative but this month is just so badly done tbh.


Completely agree, the only things I’m looking forward to are the neon gyroid event and I like the new cookie that came out yesterday! I’ve noticed that sometimes when there’s a really shitty month, the next one is really good and clearly has more effort put into it, so I’m really reeeeeally hoping next month is great and I’m not just saying that to make myself feel better lmao


yes, the bad months are usually sandwiched between really good months - this has been their way to go for the past 4 years


I’m hoping it’s something more summery like August was last year! Though for my august feels more like fall than summer haha


Oh I hope that’s true!! Summer is my fav decorating time, I REALLY hope it’s good this year!! Thanks for giving me hope


I feel you! I’m more of a spring & autumn kinda girl buuuut last year’s August summer month was really nice, so bright and all pastel! I’m hoping for a similar thing this year :D


Yup, I agree. I am not excited about this month at all. I was really hoping for a beach or pool summer theme, and to see those past items reissued. We’ve had some really cute ones before! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that August has those themes. I just used the extra leaf tickets and terrain ticket (from when I used to subscribe to the F&F plan) to get the pretty oceanfront terrain set. I’ve been wanting it for a long time! So my camp is a tropical paradise but is kinda lacking in actual stuff to fill it with.


WHAT that's so ridiculous!!!


If it was 100 or maybe even 150 LTs I might have bought one but yea this is ridiculous.


That‘s more expensive than the sky with fireworks. And it‘s only for a single one. It‘s 3 of them… If you wouldn‘t know better I‘d say that with the current month, the lack of details and creativity to the terrain and the extra LTs rolling out with the F&F plan subscription Nintendo is blatantly trying to milk players for their newly acquired riches with mediocre content that‘s just _way_ too overprices for what it is. Looks really, really bad for Nintendo overall this month.


There's always something like that every month lately. They don't seem to care still.


My jaw dropped when I saw that. Like honestly, who's spending that much? Why does Nintendo even think a price that high is a smart move? Seems like they'd get way more people spending LT (and therefore also irl dollars) if they made it even just a little more reasonable.


right? If they were each 100 LT each, then people could buy all 3-- now because they are all so expensive, I doubt people will even want to buy one


I could not believe this when I woke up this morning. This costs more than some terrain parts! Goofy. 🤦‍♀️


Are they crazy??!!


Yes. 💰💰💰💰


I wish I was wrong about thinking Nintendo would inflate the prices after giving out LTs 😞


I was about to make the same post 🤣🤣🤣


Same lol


Me too!


Oh wow


No way would I ever pay that. I'm thankful for the Redditor that suggested I buy the Sky (I think for 150 LT). I'm happy with that.


Oh wow, this is actually insane. If this poor excuse for an item is that expensive then how much will special character furniture be now? 500 LT’s? Edit: grammar


Its so insane it feels like an experiment to see how much ppl are willing to spend on stuff.


Exactly! *G-r-e-e-d*!!!


That is an INSANE price for just ONE firework, I’m so glad we’ve gotten better ones from previous events!!


They ask which color I like... I’m like: none for this price 😑


I tell everyone to suggest things to Nintendo. I have, and I imagine I am not the only one that suggests the things I do, but a couple of those suggestions made it into the game. One of them seems to be a fan favorite. Just ask or suggest. If enough of you do it, it might happen. However keep in mind , this is a huge revenue stream for the company. Unless everyone stops paying for stuff…. It will get worse.


We need to band together and boycott leaf ticket spending altogether. Nintendo needs a reality check.


If you look, 3 ppl commented you, idk why. No one will fight back. I’ve tried, for almost two years. I’m Almost done now. I’ve been playing a long long time. I’ve cut back, gotten all my bonus’ , and I’ve just been stepping back. Time to just chill for a bit.


Inflation i guess but no one in their right mind would spend LT’s on this lol




I came here to point this out too. 😤


Who would buy this? Lmao


Oh my god what a scam lol…I already have so many (smaller but fun!) fireworks


Big yikes!! I love fireworks and would’ve bought it for 150 but not for 350. 😤


Hey, it’s realistic, fireworks are expensive lol. After all, all you’re doing is literally blowing up your money. XD Jokes aside.. holy freaking crap inflation is happening in ACPC too and irl ugh.. I haven’t touched that app in a year and a half now.. keeping up with everything became too troublesome.. and seeing things I wanted being so expensive was just so unsatisfying.. :/ Guess I won’t be escaping my financial crisis anywhere lol


In the past they gave us better fireworks, these are not even that nice and with less than their price i could buy a whole piece of furniture with an npc villager! I don't think it's worth it honestly


Wow. Between this, the terrain and the recolour items from the garden event this month is a dud so far, at least to me.


Nintendo is at an all time low for creativity and reasonability. Taking advantage of the people who might spend like this for whatever reason, as well as upsetting the many people who can’t afford it. Plain greediness, frankly it’s embarrassing. I say it’s time to boycott leaf ticket spending until they get a wake up call.


Literally! I swear, the items are just getting more and more expensive. It took me months to save up 400LT…


I thought the same thing, its such a rip off! I feel myself getting closer to quitting this game for the second time (especially after getting burned on some cookies yesterday). Every costs so much and it takes forever to save LT’s. 😭


I’m there, too. You are so right!!! Unnecessary greed!


Yh😱 Way too much 😔😔


Definitely too much .. should be Free😱


And to add to injury they didn’t even make it look nice, it’s just a stripey tube and plain white rope around it 😭 lmaooo


I think we should start a petition / change.org ! What would people think of that?


I think it would lead to nothing especially since it’s an Animal Crossing mobile game from 2017. There are certain battles that can be won (not many) with that method, but it’s very few as it is… so I really doubt that would do anything at all. We are a community on Reddit, we aren’t the vast majority of people playing.


I think the best thing we can do is boycott buying them.


I’m in!!!