[Post Match Thread] - Milan vs Torino (Serie A - Round 10)

[Post Match Thread] - Milan vs Torino (Serie A - Round 10)


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Kjaer could defend against a tsunami


Anyone notice how angry/vocal/animated Kjaer has been since the Porto game? I saw him yelling at Calabria, Tonali, Tata… Maybe he is compensating for the lack of vocal direction from the goalie. But he seems pissed.😂


Would be happy if he also replaces Tata. Maignan is missed the most.


He had a few good saves. He’s not great but lets give him credit for the clean sheet.


I disagree. I don't feel that the goals in previous games are his fault, and he made some good saves (especially the one on Sanabria) that went unnoticed. I miss Mike too, but Tata is doing quite well.


He makes me very uncomfortable on crosses and corners


Oh god, yes. Tata is such a liability. Every corner I'm praying one of our defenders get on it, because Tata will be in full panic mode running out, changing his mind or whatnot.




we played like shit but 1-0 wins in games like this are what title challenges are made of 28/30 what a start for the season, especially considering the injuries


Absolutely, great sides win when they aren't performing well. Scudetto contenders don't drop points in games they should win. When you do that the dropped points to Le 7 Sorelle don't sting as bad.


I'm already dreading our midfield lineups during AFCON..


We need to bring Adli in January or even calm Pobega back I don’t want to see Bakayoko starting


Rumour says they will cancel AFCON


That’s a rumor I’m hoping becomes true


Im conflicted. I want our guys to not go but at the same time they all deserve to represent their National Teams


A disaster for African football, but Milan will have a couple of players available for a couple games?


AFCON replied saying that is not true


Where there is smoke there is fire. They have to say that if they’re still trying to salvage it. Doesn’t mean the chance isn’t there.




he's not cursed! huzzah!


4th game in 10 days with a limited squad due to injuries...i really don't care about the performance because the players are tired and they showed enough this season that they can play beautiful football Right now the 3 points are the most important and we took them baby, we movee


Such an ugly Allegri esque win but I’ll take it! 9 wins 1 draw 0 losses. People will still argue that we aren’t title contenders


Tătă saved Bakayoko's bacon twice, this sub would have had him burned to the stake if Milan would have lost because of his backpass to Sanabria and his own goal there at the end lmao I love shitty wins


Tomori is legitimately a world class CB and is only getting better. We absolutely hosed Chelsea


Like we hosed Merda with that Turkish guy who wears #20🤣


Isma is such a clean player. Shitty game, three points. Let's fucking goooo!


He looks like he's absolutely infuriating to play against. I love it.


This is a good point. I never thought of how it would feel to be a fan of the opponent and having to play against Kessie, Tomori, Isma, Leao. Must be infuriating.


Isma is water, fluid.


You know what they say... a good team is able to win even when not playing well. Giroud played a great well rounded game. You can tell he's 100% again by the way he works off the ball, great sponde as well. I thought we looked much better after the subs. Kalulu was on a yellow and out of position, and I always feel more comfortable with kjaer at the back (sorry roma) I don't think krunic is a 10 at all and that we should look to play with 3 midfielders in these situations. I appreciate his running but Alexis was poor.. final ball always lacking Good to see theo again he grew into the match. Can't wait to see the full team again! Decent match and were top! 28 out of 30 is incredible.


Only 2 points dropped is insane


And they were against Juve. So it’s not even that bad of 2 points to drop.


We would have crushed them if we didn't played them with almost half our 'A' squad. I still think about that Kalulu shot :/


Yeah it took a wonder save from WOJ to deny us a 100 percent record. Liverpool game we played our asses off, they were just better. Athletics game the ref ruined it for us. The only game I was frustrated with was the Porto game, but even then we were playing away and had almost half the team out


It's hard to have the lucidity to put a great final ball when your tactical role on the field is to double down on your wing to protect the RB, drop deep on their midfielders during opposing possession to help the pivot filter, get into vertical space during build up, cut all the way to the other side of the pitch to make room for the other winger to run in, lead the press, all of it at the same time and all of it for 94 minutes. At minute 88, after winning a ball back on the *right* side of the *opposing* trequarti, Alexis made a pass which was intercepted and started a potential counter for Torino. 20 seconds later, he was on the *left* side of *our* trequarti winning the ball back again. For the remaining 6 minutes, he kept pressing the whole opposing backline. Alexis job is not to be the assist-man, which suits better as a role to other players like Diaz, Rebic, Theo which unfortunately aren't available (Today was also a hard day to be an assist-man since neither Giroud nor Leao moved much). He is a sort of fix-all player which covers many other jobs to leave more freedom and less responsibilities to his teammates, and does so pretty well. He is able to occasionally put in the decisive assist, like he did vs Venezia or Spezia, but not when he's also asked to put in a triple shift on every square meter on the pitch.


Pioli is leveraging Alexis’ youth, stamina and fitness. I do hope he develops the skill aspect of his game with crosses for when he gets older.




>You know what they say... a good team is able to win even when not playing well. Feels like we've been saying that about our team a bit too often this season.


I think injuries have a big hand to play with that. Can’t expect the team to kee running like a well oiled machine with all the injuries, but at least we are getting results


Yeah but tbh I don't think we should require a full squad without injuries to dominate teams like Torino or 10 (9) men Bologna.


Torino is not an easy team this year man


They are decent but we didn’t create much at all. Would have been nice to see more chances


Agreed but again we are plagued with injuries we just gotta chill and get past this injury shitstorm


Never in history have these game been easy, even on CL winning years we have tied to Chievo and lost to Sampdoria at home


This. People dont understand that we've lost to Udinese badly with our Scudetto winning team in 2003. Shit like this always happens


It wasn't easy against Torino, Bologna, Verona, Porto, out of form Juventus or even Spezia. A bit too many of those games for my liking. It's going to bite us in the ass eventually unless we start performing.


I think the main issue is the players returning from injuries are still not 100% ready while everyone else is fatigued due to having to play every game out of necessity (just look at Leao). Add to that a player or two just having an off day and we end up with a poor display. Also let's not kid ourselves, we're super reliant on Diaz moving the ball forward and creating chances. Let's hope we can get more players back and get a bit of rest. Roma game will be very rough


It's more about the same players having to play every 3/4 days with no rotation than the quality of the missing players IMO


We had some outstanding matches to be fair. The last few have been rough because of injuries, today we had a little more depth and it showed But this was a game we would drop points in a few years back


Do you remember that stretch of games when we were winning via penalties? I'd much rather win our games this way than ride some wave of calls working out in our favor. As everyone will say, it's the depleted squad we have. I hope that we finish 4th in the CL which ought to help us focus on the league and sustain fewer injuries and fatigue.


> Giroud played a great well rounded game. You can tell he's 100% again by the way he works off the ball, great sponde as well. I must have been watching a different game, because I thought he was terrible. Except for the goal, he messed up almost every single ball he touched. Honestly, the defenders were great (especially Theo) while everyone else barely did their job.


"almost every single ball he touched" he had many great wins and passes throughout the second half. Were you even watching?


I was thinking the same thing.Giroud was terrible,he is really good in the penalty area but his hold up and link up play is really bad, maybe that's cause still isn't used to playing with the others. Ibra in his 10 mins won more headers...


The goal today was a result of a Krunic header.


3 pts baby! I don't care how - I just take it how it comes.


28/30. 9W-1D-0L.


INSANE . Stats like these did not happen since 1954 , we're experiencing incredible results (with plenty of injuries) and fans have the audacity to nitpick "mistakes" from the game .


Unbeaten in the league since April and all they can come up with or think of is 'cortomuso win tonight'.


But but we should dominate teams like these hurr durr


E ma i rigori raga i rigori


I thought by the end this was a fifa game and we were about to get fucked by the 90” dda shit. I’ll take the 3 points thank you and good night


Solid defensive performance against one of the many strong teams in the league this year. Anyone expecting the usual aggression by us should take a closer look at Torino this year. Juric confirms his ability to make a press machine out of any of the teams he coaches, and with no Maignan nor Diaz nor Bennacer it is naturally difficult for us to fight back. We scored perhaps our only chance and then closed down well. Only shots on target they had were on mistakes from Bakayoko, whose consistence in mediocrity is starting to get a bit disturbing.


Very good analysis, agreed, Torino is damn good this year. I am actually happy that we can play defensively if needed, last season I would have imagined us to have stupid goals conceded. The fact that this team can pull out this is pretty good signal for me. We need to be flexible on how we play.


Sloppy win, I'll take it. Game by game, lets get Diaz and Theo back.


3 points, no injuries (that we know of). I’ll take this even if the performance wasn’t good.


I think Ibra is injured from that 30 minute warmup


It was 10 minutes, but ur right


Hard game, we were tired but it is so good that we won. Let's hope for bad results for our rivals


Not the most glamours win but every point counts.


Maignan: 19 points Tătărușanu: 9 points


Our defense is in fucking shambles because Tata is out of sync (Calabria and Kjaer were visible upset because he let the ball bounce after Calabria left the ball expecting him to go out and pick it up in the air), we lost counterattacking capability but our undefeated run continues.


Yes he is clumsy and does not inspire confidence at all. Hopefully he grows in confidence. In Dida I trust!


A wins a win, but jesus christ that was horrendous.


bologna play your fucking hearts out against Napoli thursday. you have my and all of r/acmilan backing yall to take out the trash. TOP OF THE TABLE LETS FKN GO.


I'm hoping for a Hickey double and assist on barrow 👌


I'm just happy we're winning those scrappy games


I have to praise Romagnoli, he has been great these past few games when he played, his tackling and positional awareness are almost back to the standard level we saw in his peak seasons.


True, although he spent 10 minutes complaining to the ref about his yellow card. I Didn't like that, he needs to stay concentrated, think of the team before himself.


How many times this season are we gonna say "three points is three points"? Not that I'm complaining about a win!


I hope another 28 times


Fine.... A wins a win.


Poor game but we won and that’s what counts. Hope the lads will take time and prepare for the next 3 games, it’s a deadly schedule.


Saele has been shit eversince coming back from international duty but I still believe he can regain his form this season. In any case, I think he should be a sub player and we must get a better suited RW.


Faivre and Álvarez


Puh the next two games will be very hard against Roma and Inter. It will show if we are ready for the scudetto or not


I don't care what kind of meaningless defensive stats people are gonna dig up, Bakayoko is a liability and a ticking time bomb that will eventually cost us points. He's supposed to be an established player, not some youngster we're supposed to teach how to play


I'm probably his biggest defender but he was so bad today. I was shitting myself every time he got near the ball ffs


He takes the worst touches imaginable then wins the ball back or tries to. Theres your defensive statpadding lmao


Very true. he was back in his first stint with us as well. He was awful and then turned it around. Let's see if he can do it again.


Absolutely. He doesn't look like he gives a fuck. His reaction times are snail levels, he jogs in every situation even those where we need him to sprint backwards to help cover. I don't see anything he offers that Meite didn't do 5 times better last season, and Meite wasn't a world beater. It's understandable if he's not 100% match fit, but right now you'd have to wonder if he would be starting for the primavera even.


Signing him was a giant mistake


I'm going to wait until January before passing judgment on him, last time it took him 4 games to get going.


Do we actually paid for him or its only a loan with option to buy?


It's a loan with option. We might've paid a fee for the loan, I don't remember.


Thanks for info, if thats true then Im not worried at all. As a fourth option Im fine with Bakayoko. Im pretty sure he will play better in later stages. New style, new coach and also new team because current Milan is different in every aspect to what he experienced when he played for us. It clearly has impact on his perfomances.


Loan not sure if option or obligation though I can’t remember


it's an option to buy after 2 season loan


It's a loan with option to buy that becomes an obligation under certain conditions (we don't know what they are tho) and the loan cost us 2m


He is poor. It's sad but true. In a 3 man like gattuso's midfield fair enough but in a double pivot he can not handle the pressure of the opposing team. Even defensively... was shaking my head at that sanabria chance


We have seen this from our midfielders before. They can really get themselves going after enough consistent playing time. He's rusty as hell and will find his form with more time. These are just the growing pains of getting to his regular reliable self.


This subreddit has a hate boner for Bakayoko.


I don’t have any problem with Bakayoko but he has been pretty poor so far at least defensively, his passing is absolutely horrendous at times. If you’re playing for a team that’s trying to establish itself as the best in Italy, that shit is unacceptable. I’m not ready to call him a flop yet though, he just needs to find consistency


There is always someone.


Meanwhile Alexis was our worst player today and no one's calling him out cause he's the subreddit golden child rn


I called him out - he needs to sort out his decision making in the final third But Bakayoko is easily 4th choice in front of defense right now, that much is obvious - so people pick on him


The Kid is just tired, has to play on the wing and press game in game out. You can see his quality is in his movement and decision making. It's just the lack of depth in that position is taking its toll.


I bitched about him the whole game. Stopped once I realized I’m gonna have to live with it because we legit don’t have a sub for him unless we want Maldini at RW.


People in this sub really appreciate players who work hard in spite of their limitations in pure talent. That’s why everyone loves Alexis, and everyone hated Leao last season. I get the sentiment, but to play for Milan you have to have quality. Alexis has age on his side, so maybe he will improve. He plays very well in his national team. At the moment, he’s not good enough.


Everyone knew coming into this season that Alexis was not good enough to be first choice, that's why people were begging Maldini to sign a quality RW. The plus side is even if he has a bad game he always works his ass off so can't fault him for not putting the effort in


I kinda agree but my god the refs seem to despise him, barely gets any calls and always gets carded so fast for shit that other players get away with. Edit: I think he just starts the season bad and slowly gets into form once he gets consistent play time.


Its because he drops way too easily, the kind that makes you think "wtf are u doing" instead of "wtf thats a foul"


It’s because he’s big and strong. Lukaku got everything against him for that exact reason as well, it’s so stupid and unfair


I agree that he's a ticking bomb but fortunately He's our fourth option. We cannot have luxury fourth option.


People tend to remember Bakayoko in Milan as his second half of the season version, but with Giampaolo and early Gattuso he truly struggled. I’m hoping this is just a matter of growing into the system, just like in his last stint with us. But I understand the frustration, and if his playing doesn’t get better, then I don’t see how we’d redeem his loan, specially with Pobega having the season he’s having. Edit: Idk how time works, Baka and Giampaolo never worked together.


... he never played under Giampaolo


100% true, don’t know why that was stuck in my head.


Finally everyone is realizing this


The guy that made that Baka post is holding on to the player he was, here you go, this is how he actually plays.


We are really testing the waters regarding how little we can try while still winning.


Another ugly win, even worse than Bologna game in terms of performance. But at least we kept a clean sheet this time around.


Any win is a win FORZA MILAN


Look periods of bad form and playing bad are normal with every team. But title winning teams still get results during these rough patches. Im sure the team will start playing better as well as keep getting results soon. Dont worry guys.


Ngl Torino put that pressure on. Calabria was a work horse!


Capello: I organize my defense, score a goal, and win the Scudetto with lots of 1-0. Pioli: I will shit our way towards the Scudetto.


Is it too early to get Brahim to sign? Give him whatever.


It is. This is a loan with option. It’s not the time to redeem yet.


28/30 for a team that hasn’t played once with an starting eleven… not bad.


Holy shit this can't be true lol


So this is how Juventus feel after every game?


Scrappy wins achieves titles


It is funny how the shit standard has changes. I happy for that.


I get PTSD everytime a goalkeeper comes forward in our box


\`We were talking about not having plan B, or that Milan can't defend like Juve for 90 mins. Well, that was trying to do it by Pioli, and I feel like he's experimenting. We need to be mentally strong to do it, and we did. Aside from Bakayoko mistake, we really didn't allow them to create anything. The most worrying thing was set pieces, otherwise we are sound defensively.


Forza Milan!! Important 3 points I’m so used to dropping in the past


Next four league games are crucial. If we can scrap 9/12p we’re in a really good position


we play awful every time we use that 3rd kit... anyway great win guys! dinagatsi!


Thèse are thé games that count the most in the long run. Forza Milan


Big W, we move on


Another one


We didn't play really well those last couple of games


Huge three points and finally doing what we couldn't last year. Winning ugly and getting the results.. Torino has a great squad and a superb coach, we deserve more credit for today's win against them. If we get full points with half a team out and a dip in form for players who have been out and getting minutes now then this is fantastic news. We shouldn't have anything negative to say, just hope to get full squad back soon and in time for the bigger and important games. Props to Pioli and the players, heart and respectful performances these last couple of hard weeks ( bar the Porto game that even then we lost from an attacking foul that shouldn't have counted). As i said in the match thread, I'd rather have the bad games and dip in form now that's early rather than later in the second half of the season! Forza MILAN sempre 🔴⚫👊🏻


Did anyone else have Benevento flashbacks?


Only for a scary second.


Giroud tell them that the curse of the 9 isn’t real :)


Another performance we shouldn’t be happy with (except for defensively) but it’s 3 points again Having Bakayoko on was a mistake Glad to have Theo back and hopefully he gets full fitness soon We need a RW upgrade soon


I am probably the only one who thought Bakayoko did good bar those terrible highlight situations?! He defended the ball well, won the midfield duels... got meters in the midfield via fauls. Are we focusing on that misunderstanding with Tomori and the header at the last minute only?! The situation on Praet was the same exact faul Bennacer conceded vs Porto.


Bremer MOTM. Ollie had some nice defensive headers, fought as hard as anyone, and of course got the goal with some classic number 9 anticipation. But man, I’m worried that we never find him again after being lodged so deeply into Bremers pocket. Would commend Kessie and Tonali. Even though we had so little possession, they were the only two who could keep the ball and relieve any pressure. Strong performances from both. Leao was totally wasted in this match. Hitting long balls to Giroud (half of which actually go to Leao himself) and hoping that Leao can win the second ball isn’t really how Rafa is going to show his class. The formation/tactics up front today were just… well not my favorite at least. But you can’t argue with 28 points out of 30 and when you get a clean sheet while only asking your shot stopper to make one save, you’ve at least done something right. Better from Krunic today. Isma more effective tho. Kalulu had a rough one. Alexis - can never really tell how he did unless he was excellent, which he was not today. Some good work tonight. 3 more points.


I think Pioli made us commit to the long ball to Giroud and Leao essentially playing SS because Krunic isn’t very good at transitions. I agree though, it was mostly a waste. There were a few times when Leao almost got released but it didn’t pay off. He should go back to the wing now that Diaz is back.


WTF WITH EVERYONE PLAYING GAMES AGAINST MILAN LIKE IT IS A FREAKING FINAL??? ​ Man, the fucking goalkeeper came in the last minutes like it is his most important game in career. First Bologna, now Torino, I swear if they'd be playing against Juve they'd just give up after 1:0


This is not a new phenomenon


We are a top team. It's easy to motivate others to play against us, like juve or even inter


Actually Torino played very well with Atalanta, Napoli and Juventus too. All of them won thanks to a goal in the last 5-10 minutes. Torino is a very solid team, they’ll give everyone a hard time.


Because we shitted our game and they felt they have a chance to get something. It is the dynamics of the match. Players and coaches can sense it.


They DID play against Juve and Napoli only a few weeks ago and just narrowly lost both games 1-0. They were even better against Juve even and could've won the game but they got insanely unlucky


That's how teams play against the top dog.


Why would we ever bring in bakayoko, he's sooooo bad


Clean win here, Tonali mvp, dude was everywhere, Tata pretty solid, Tomori's a fucking beast and Kjaer seemed angry all the match and at one point ¿¿with Tata after he catxhed a ball??. Bakayoko still underperforming and if it weren't for Tata it would've been a draw, or even a lost game. I almost didn't see Krunic today, we need Brahim to recover as fast as possible, we don't have a back up playmaker, and it's clear that when we don't have him we can link shit up, Krunic may be a good midfielder, but doesn't work up there. Edit: Does Brahim have a buy clause on the loan's contract?


Yes he does but madrid has a buyback clause




These are the matches where we would lose points last season


Allegri would be proud of that victory. That’s a prime BBC win right there


I’ll take a clean sheet where I can get one


Fucking hell I can finally go make dinner. 3 POINTS BABY!!!


Last year when we started performing like this we lost points. So its good that we are still able to get the 3 points at the moment. Let’s hope that this phase passes quickly and we get back to playing how we used to at the start of the season.


Well that was a frustrating game.


The last 3 matches got me a little bit of stress


what worries me a bit it's when we get a lead we sit comfortably and don't take risks as much but just defend the advantage And out attack in last games seems uninspired they are capable of playing better


Juventus style win


LUCK definitely was on our side tonight!


Ugly match and a very pretty 3 points


aggghhh we won but our form is terrible that was my biggest fear consistency , form and injuries we need a quality CAM and RW asap brahim can only do so much and he doesnt have the stamina for all these games


Another take away I think people need to look at in this game is how shit Belotti was. All the people saying he is what we need at striker couldn’t be more wrong with how he’s been playing.


I seriously think he would do really well in our system, however I don’t think it would be by scoring goals. He would facilitate the wingers and CAM around him and allow them to score a lot


>He would facilitate the wingers and CAM around him and allow them to score a lot Problem with this is that we don’t have the most clinical wingers. At least not on the right side. Not to mention that people don’t judge a strikers success by their ability to facilitate. It’s usually by their ability to finish. And Belotti doesn’t have it this year it seems. I wouldn’t go anywhere near him tbh. We need better quality than that to replace Zlatan next season.


He’s just a hard worker + Italian + a Milan fan. All of these things in tandem make this sub think he’s Batistuta. In reality, he’a less than Gilardino Milan version.


Another ugly win… a win is a win but hopefully we can get our shit together soon


Dont get your hopes up…Giroud is limping again. Next injury incoming. Good character win though!


I’m so frustrated when our team is pressured and krunic is nowhere to be found. I don’t know if Pioli is making krunic do that on purpose but he pretty much did nothing this whole game other than the assist.


He had at least a half chance with a header in the first half and at least one really good scene in defense.


Cannot fault Giroud, Kjaer and Tomori much today. Calabria was solid but didn't have the support on the right to be his best. Romagnoli was alright except the yellow. Kalulu seemed to have gotten the memo to play at the last minute. Theo was good for the time he was on. Tonali shouldn't be trying the Ballo-Toure trick of kicking the ball five metres forward and sprinting towards it. Misplaced a few. Bakayoko was lost. Kessie was solid, Tomasso Pobega gave him a few moments to think about though. Krunic was his usual self, an assist but held onto the ball too long at times. He made a few important defensive plays. Bennacer wasn't able to make an impact. Leao was great but left to do too much without a midfield. If Brahim can bring the ball in more, it would be better, would free up Leao for shots or passes around the box. Saelemaekers has a lot of ideas but he can't carry them out as well as he thinks he can. Once he realises his limitations, he is a good utility player, till then, he's gonna infuriate. Ibra inconsequential in the few minutes. Tatarusanu was alright. Needs to be more decisive and I hope him and Kjaer continue to egg each other on and be more communicative on loose balls. Simon and Fikayo had good games. Oliver did his job, headed out defensive corners, held up the ball well, ran around, laid off balls to others, solid game.


Lol at rating Zlatan as inconsequential. Were you expecting a goal in like 6 minutes? He held to the ball fine, made a couple passes and a pretty threatening run between the defenders.


I did say he was in only for a few minutes, hence inconsequential. Is inconsequential a negative word now? I'm sorry, I do not keep track of how word meanings change with the teenagers of today.


He is a zlatan hater thats why😂


Lol the comment at zlatan man fckk u fkn hatet giroud was thrash lmao lost 10 balls smh


I don't think I need to prove anything to you, you filthy mouthed vermin. Inconsequential in his few minutes implied just that. He didn't have much time to do anything.


Couldn't control possession the whole game, but hey, a win is a win. Scudetto is won by winning games like these. That being said, Tata still gave me the jitters everytime the ball is coming to him.


jeez what a shitty game lmao


Bakayoko was a warm body today and nothing else


Another scrappy win but a win none the less. Looked like I was watching an Allegri team but as long as we don’t play like this too often it’s okay.


Anyone else notice the commentator constantly shitting on alexis?


We have been playing poorly Porto, Bologna and today. Maybe we won, but later on it wont be the same


Injuries are playing it’s part.


What is lacking for us to lose possession so easily?? How can Pioli turn this around? Something isn’t clicking. I mean the way we lost the ball was just unacceptable but how can we make the players believe they can do way better or where is the root of this problem? I understand we have a shorter than usual squad but.. where could we tweak to avoid this from being so constant. Rivals are not gonna get easier


Man, Tata kills me in goal. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a keeper play with less conviction in his own box/area. He seems to play on his back foot with everything. I haven’t seen Mirante play, and I’m sure he’s probably around the same level as Tata but maybe he’s more decisive. I’d like to see him in a game to see what he can do, because Tata scares me.


Where are Bakayoko apologists right now?


Bakayoko was poor but I hate comments like this. “Hey guys! Let’s have a fight! Remember those other guys? They suck! Hahaha”


Disgusting game. Torino cosplaying Udinese. Take 3 points and forget about it asap.


When is Mirante going to be ready? With all due respect to Tata, he plays like he smoked a blunt in the tunnel before taking the pitch. Mans does not inspire confidence