The only way to live is through volunteer slavery

The only way to live is through volunteer slavery


Hmm...seems to me the "poor" are the ones working 100 hours a week (in multiple jobs) and not having a vacation in 3 years. Yet they are still poor.


Not those poor people. They just plain deserve to be poor. /s


I haven't had a vacation in 3 years, is there an eligibility form to fill out for my first million?


well you see they're probably not white men in a career in business, politics or religion. that's right suck it libs 😎😎😎


What is the most remarkable thing is, for someone as "rich" as he is, he is "poor" in comparison to other rich people. Net worth somewhere between $400 and $500 million, of which over a quarter of it is tied up in his house. His "backstory" is hogwash and bullshit. Repeated over and over about an $800 investment leading him to become the CEO of Great Western Resources. The company apparently boomed in the early 80s, but doesn't exist anywhere, any more, that isn't a part of multiple lawsuits filed in Texas, NY, and Colorado showing that all of Pena's promises were out and out lies. The company doesn't exist anymore. He claims to have founded a half-dozen companies with multi-billuon dollar turnarounds. The only one that still exists is the (inactive) limited company [which owns his house.](https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/_DlggeBNaJSGMvRdTPvXVNoC740/appointments) He's not even a director in it. He claims to have been invested in the Order of St. John of Jerusalem in October of 2017, but the [Gazette contains no record of him.](https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/2886218) Basically, he's a loud-mouth asshole from East LA who got lucky, committed some financial crimes, ran like hell and is now pretending to be an aristocrat when his wealth is ever so slightly lower than Jay Leno. Or Bill Cosby (even with all the legal troubles and being outed as a rapist.) Or LeBron James. Or Shaq. Or the estate of the late great Kobe Bryant. Or Jimmy Buffet. And again, all of his shouting and profanity doesn't cover the fact that Pena's money is less than a rounding error to the truly, obscenely rich. Bezos could donate Pena's worth and his net would shift about 0.5%. TL:DR **Pena's a fraud and a piece of shit.**


“Clap clap clap.” Since emojis are forbidden in these lands.


Fuckin guy's tweets are all caps. Quit yelling old man, before you stroke out and can't hawk self-help junk to the Robert Kiyosaki crowd


Three years without a vacation? That poor, poor man.


And he does not take that National Holiday "Dan Pena's Anniversary Day"


That's not pride. That's stupidity.


Every rich person seems to think every poor person wants to be rich, and since they’re not, it’s because they’re worthless individuals. News flash Richie McRicher, poor people just want to be less poor, and maybe if luck goes they’re way AFTER working their ass of at whatever job they’re able to have, a glimpse of middle class.


Right? I don't want to be rich, I'd just like not to have a panic attack if my car doesn't start one day, or I have an unexpected bill.


But what people like him don’t understand is YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE TO


What I don’t get is how I’ve done all of the things he listed off. 100 hour weeks, working on holidays and anniversaries, postponing Christmas, not being able to AFFORD to even think about a vacation, I’ve done all of that. Why do I only have $3.42 in my bank account? I work close to 50 hours a week now and after bills and living expenses I get MAYBE 100 dollars spending money every 2 weeks. God forbid I want to drink at a bar AND go to a restaurant over the course of a month and get dollar menu food sometimes. Why aren’t I rich? According to his logic, I should be.


Its because of all those damn $5 coffees us poor working class folks always apparently drink. I mean, obviously poor folks are 100% to blame for being poor, right? /s


Yeah I hate this weird hustle culture that has been created - saying that you need to be working 80 hour weeks/have a side hustle/never ever spend any money on anything fun ever - in order to just survive or live a moderately middle class life. We are on this earth once, I’m going to spend time with my loved ones and engage in my hobbies and spend the least amount of time at work that I can.


Ive done all those things, and more. Havent had a proper christmas in years due to my job, let alone aniversaries and vacations. Im still fucking poor. Get cancer, you cunt.


I mean... I’m not gonna let cancer have all the fun.


This guy claims to have the wealth of people he has met, someone said he's a trillion dollar man? Stupid shit, I'm a quadrillionaire because I know about rich people.


The 'someone' who claims that is Pena himself. Dude claimed to be the mentor of Klaus Klienfeld (a billionaire who saved Alcoa and Siemens from failure,) whilst Klienfeld himself says he has no idea who Pena is, "inspired" and mentored Dan Lok (the Hong Kong based "buy property with other people's money!" guy,) mentored the Verdiers (George and Diana,) who own Sugarloaf Mountain and Resort (Diana's father was the founder of it,) and a bunch of other "Get rich by using my methods" guys. Not scoffing at a $400-$500 million net worth, but when your net worth and the net worth of all your "mentees" who will agree that you helped them (eg, not Klaus, not George and Diana,) don't reach that of Tom Cruise, yeah, maybe shut up and not yell so much.


More pro-capitalist trash from LinkedIn


I'll never forget the look in Joe Rogan's eyes when Dan Pena tried to BS him with a story about how he single-handedly took down a grizzly bear.


Of course it's on LinkedIn. It's Facebook for bootlickers.


Uhh, I've done all of things, regularly, and I'm still poor as fuck.


"We" are poor because we are on the side of the capitalist spectrum from which money is taken, rather than the side you're on, to which money goes.


So basically, you have a choice. You can either be miserable because you can't afford basic necessities because the cost of those necessities are ridiculously high and your job pays peanuts, or you can be miserable because every second of your life is dedicated to work, you're not able to have anything that requires time and energy outside of work(including a healthy family), you have no free time to actually enjoy life or spend the ridiculous amounts of money you have now pointlessly accumulated... Gee I don't know why people are complaining about the system with so many great options to choose from /s.


Yeah and the difference between him and everyone else is he was probably making millions of dollars by doing it.


fix your pocket square slob


What kind of work are you doing to be working 100 hours a week, leaving only 68 across a 7 day week for family and yourself… and sleep?


There's also an important difference in actually owning the fruits of your labor.


Lol, in spanish "Dan Pena" means "They are pitiful" .


Here’s a thought: they only people who do that shit do it to literally survive or because they’re gonna make a shit ton of money sacrificing that extra time. I make okay-somewhat more than okay money now, but I’m putting in an average of 100hrs a two week paycheck. I barely have time to live and I’m usually pretty tired during that free time, which gets exacerbated even more because there’s a household to run. Fuck the motherfuck outta here with working more hours than I already do, even with the OT pay rate. Unless I’m getting paid $100/hr *extra* on top of my base and OT rates, i won’t even consider half that bullshit. What do you economy bois call it, the marginal additional value of whatever? Yeah no, that fucking margin better take up half the page if I’m sacrificing what little me time i and my family get from me. We value me being home and not sleepy or asleep too much for that and luckily we are scraping by for now.


his name literally means they give pain in Spanish (dan = give. pena = sorrow/pain/fash)


If I were a betting man, which I totally am, I'd wager that was intentional.


Ive worked on my anniversary and xmas and birthday and kids birthday and worked 21 days straight once time a few years ago... im drowning in debt but at least my soul has life in it


Looks like a happy guy...


I wonder if these people deem all this shit they had to do and all the shit they couldn´t do worth it on their deathbed. I´d rather live a happy live than sacrifice that much for the chance of getting "rich"


What a waste of a life lol


Now there's a man who knows how to keep people beneath him.


Yeah, all those poor people, taking month-long vacations off their welfare payments and food stamps. They could be rich if they just didn't do that. Also, no mention of avocado toast or Starbucks? Usually they tell me I too could be rich if I could just cut out $100 a month on eating out.


Anyone thinking this guy is honest in his bullshit remember he claims to have kill a bear one on one without aid of a gun. He's a massive bullshitter. And likely suffering some kind of cognitive problem.


Wtf that's how I already live


I used to be able to check all these boxes. Then, one day I realized I can always get money somewhere, but you can’t get your time back.


I hate this capitalist propaganda as well but there’s no such thing as voluntary slavery and it’s important to not call things slavery when they aren’t