now what could be the reason I wonder

now what could be the reason I wonder




Here in Brazil it is like, everyday’s food. I’m not complaining though.


That's why it's everyday food in like every single culture that can grow both beans and rice. It's really easy to make it taste extremely good


Also rice and beans have all the amino acids you need to survive. As long as you're able to get the other required vitamins and minerals from fruits and veggies you could live of a diet like this for life, and most people around the world do.


Hell yeah, it’s a complete protein when combined, which is otherwise quite difficult to get from vegetables alone.


Mum’s Brazilian (I was born in Londrina but moved to the US when I was young) — since I found out I’m celiac all I eat is fuckin’ feijoada and homemade pao de queijo and I am honestly *so here for it*


Londrina Paraná, então sua mãe gosta de chocolate. But anyways, rice, beans, corn, potatoes, with a brazilian touch on the sauce, your day becomes all of a sudden quite the day


I love that i can understand yer português because of my español 😊


Brazilians do the same. We call ot "Portuñol". Just say portuguese words with a funky spanish accent and you're good to go. Have fun buying stuff in Paraguay! Edit: fixed grammar


i thought we called it portunhol kkkkkkkkk


Googled it. Yeah, Portunhol. My bad. Gonna edit the other comment


tem nada não camarada, r/suddenlycaralho for u


Suddenly caralho pra você também camarada


Me coloca no print se for tirar


> pao de queijo Awesome stuff! Just dont fall for the foreigner trap of pronouncing it wrong!


pão de queijo ≠ chesse dick (for foreigners: the ~ completely changes the pronunciation of "pao". If said without it, it sounds like "dick". Queijo just means cheese)


This mf knows what life's about. I eat pão de queijo every day too, bro!


Any tips on how to cook it? Whenever I'm pinching pennies it's a staple and I'd love to learn new ways to cook em


Here in India we soak the beans overnight before cooking, makes them really soft I'm actually eating rajma chawal (beans and rice) right now haha


South African dude here - soaking the beans overnight is the way!


My version of red beans: For dry beans, rinse and soak overnight. Get them simmering while you prepare your other ingredients. The medium size take 1 to 2 hours to simmer before they get soft, don't try to rush it by boiling. Chop up: chorizo, ham steak (or leftover holiday ham from the freezer), bell pepper, onion, garlic Season the beans with salt and pepper and add the other ingredients once they're less hard. I usually add everything at about 45 minutes. Also add a small can of diced tomatoes, juice and all. Once the beans are almost done add a dash of acid. My mom uses hot sauce but I don't keep that on hand so vinegar or lemon juice work fine. Taste the broth and adjust your seasoning, then serve over your favorite rice. I know it doesn't seem like much seasoning because the chorizo has most of the flavor. Be sure to get the authentic stuff seasoned with saffron, it should be very red. They also freeze really well.


sounds good. as a chef, for acid you can put a splash of white wine on the onions and chorizo and reduce before adding the beans


That does sound good. I'm usually too lazy to make a proper sofrito, but ill keep that in mind next time I go for it


Brazilian beans and rice taste way better than the way we eat them in US.


You can treat em right here, too. And teach others how. Its.good shit to know Rinse your rice to remove starch Flavor and salt ypur cooking liquid. stocks, fruit juices/zest, veggies/juice, the onion family, fats spices and bay leaf are all welcome. When its done, remove from heat and steam/cool rice a little before fluffing it. Fresh veggies (tomato onion cucumber herbs) and acids really turn rice into a meal. And if it goes to shit there is always sriracha/soy.


There should be cooking books in this exact format


As someone from Louisiana, I feel obligated to remind non-Cajun Americans of the beauty that is red beans & rice.


Red beans and rice is the bomb. Especially if you do it old school with pickled pork.


Get a load of Moneybags over here with their ~~pulled~~ pickled pork lmao some of us here can barely afford the rice


Pickled. Not pulled. It's def a special occasion addition.


That's because Brazilians know what seasoning is


I bet the Brazilian beans dish has a lot more spices and flavours instead of just tomato sauce though.


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Props to you for paying attention to your ingredients. My grandpa waits until they are wilted and soft to cook with them, it's usually unpleasant to eat when it gets to that level, I wonder if he likes it that way for some reason.


I spoke once with very good chef (of fine dining sort), and he told me, that he often uses wilted vegetables because they have lots of different structures, more prominent flavors, more sweetness, etc. Your grandpa, on the other way, probably is just frugal in the same bizarre way my grandparents were – they were constantly buying fresh bread and vegetables – because they could finally afford to – but we were constantly eating old bread and old vegetables, to not waste anything. I carried away this habit a little bit – until I realized that literally the only thing I have to do to break this shitty circle of wilted carrots, rotten onion and stale bread is single week without shopping.


Nice. Great channel.


Refried beans and rice is pretty good lunch food tbh


Add some stir-fried veggies, and maybe a fried egg or some crispy tofu and it's a full dish


Honestly I'd agree except my Cuban fam makes crazy good rice and beans I honestly could eat that every day (and do often). Edit: Honestly.


I made a mixture of fried potatoes, black beans and corn the other day and honestly that shit fills you up pretty fast. It's not a bad idea to stick to basics if you're in a financial pinch.


More of a legume guy myself


Even without the economy imploding, old wold staple foods tend to be cheap and nutrient dense. Shifted to just homebrew beer over the last year and I can see why nearly every household was making its own.


Have a resource to share on how to get started? It's not been something that's appealed to me from a hobby standpoint, but I've enjoyed homeroasting coffee and making my own syrups for tiki drinks. Maybe I'd take to it if it's more a matter of being fresh and practical.


How do you homeroast coffee? Specialty barley is more expensive and is basically different levels of roast. You can get an expensive kit, or you can buy a turkey fryer. I've managed to Frankenstein a good mash tun, but the brew in a bag systems are great to get started. You basically boil wort, start with dried or canned, then move to all grain, add hoops, cool it down to about 70 and add yeast. There are a ton of little steps in between, like aeration and timing of adding hops, but you pick that up and it's not as sensitive as one may think. Tricky part is keeping everything sanitary. Star San in an empty spray bottle is your friend. If you have a stock pot many places sell small batch kits that give you an idea of the process. I currently do 3-4 gallon batches and have about 160 bottles on hand, flip tops I've acquired over the years.


Thanks for outlining it! It sounds like I should give it a go. I did stop roasting because the smoke was getting to be a bit too much, and I didn't want to invest in a real roasting machine. But doing it at home on the stove is really simple. With either a popcorn turner or just a spatula, you roast green beans over a medium heat, constantly keeping them turning. The biggest issue is keeping the beans from burning on one side, but you can just throw out the worst ones. The beans go through what's called first crack and a second crack--just a popping sound--and around the second crack is when you want to take them off the heat once they've gone from yellow to brown. It only really smokes up at the end, so doing it outside is a good option too. You let the beans cool on a pan and seal them in a container designed to let them continue to release their CO2. With the right beans, it's a lot better and cheaper than buying it yourself.


How would you describe the difference in flavor between freshly roasted beans and vacuum-sealed store-bought whole beans?


Well beans are at their best usually couple days to a week after roasting. I can only speak for espresso but not having fresh beans can mess with the resistance to pressure of the grounds. So old beans can effectively make it impossible to make an actual espresso and turn it into just badly brewed hot coffee.


good coffee roasters will date their product and won't sell beans older than 2 weeks, chain coffee places sell bland or burnt tasting coffee beans that's months old after roasting


If you want something interesting for your tiki drinks try making some tepache. You just need a jar, some pineapple and a couple days to ferment.


Not even the whole pineapple, just the peels. And don’t forget the spices and panela sugar




[This interview/series](https://youtu.be/WeVcey0Ng-w) is really insightful into even older foods. People always imagine anyone before the 1990s eating horrible, bad food but that was often a product of industrialization. People are discovering that growing your own food - aka farming - makes for really good, cheap, and easy food. There's almost no downside and especially for some vegetables now like tomatoes there's barely any work to be done.


As much as I see this as a positive, we really are going back to feudalism.


For a second I was kinda confused because I was like "what? how could people growing tomatoes possibly equate to society going back to feudalism??" but then I realized you were prolly talking about the rampant plague that is the modern day 'owning class' - billionaires and the like. I need to go to sleep.


I can't do wheat, so I'm looking into dandelion wine. I ordered a large pack of seeds for 10 dollars. Can also do tea and coffee from it.


I made some dandelion wine last year. Pulling the little petals took me two whole evenings and I only got a gallon for my efforts. Never again! Try cider. You just ferment apple juice and you're done.


Dandelion, like the weeds outside?


Yep! Turns out they're (mostly) edible, nutritious and you can make wine out of em


Gotta let.my kids know the market for yard waste.


They were actually introduced by settlers as a food source, but they were so good at spreading that they are now all over.


Tea is an easy one from them.


>Shifted to just homebrew beer over the last year and I can see why nearly every household was making its own. I think we got it down to ~ $1 bottle by buying large jugs of malt extract and bulk hops. I suppose you could save a bit more by culturing your own yeast and gelatinizing your own adjuncts before mashing them. The problem with brewing beer while you're at stay-at-home is that my consumption went up 5x fold.


Wouldn't it also be the Depression was during the tail end of prohibition too?


Before the packaged good economy households were making it in house, great way to clean and preserve water.


That's true, I forgot about how back in the day most people drank weak beer over water because it kept you from shitting yourself to death. It's kinda crazy how far we have gone, I was reading a book from the library that showed you how to do all kinds of stuff like make your own soap and what not like back in the day. Makes me wanna just go live off grid somewhere and do that. Seems more relaxing than our current system.


A lot of work though.


I mean, it's not 40+ hours of soul-crushing office work. It's work you do for yourself, not some rich prick at the top, and at the end you get to enjoy the labour of your loins or however that saying goes...


subsistence farmers only work about 30 hours a week, but 60 during the planting and harvest, and hunter gatherers 20 hrs per week


Planning of making some cider with the crab apples near me. Including in my yard! Flowers are pretty but the crab apples are a mess.


Bruh they really put baked beans in a wooden bowl and threw a sprig of thyme on there so I would think baked beans are fancy


dill but yeah


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It's only May 10th.


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I'm gonna blow your mind: There's more than two. There's like, at least 4 herbs. Wikipedia says there's hundreds, but I mean, that's just some foolish fancy. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_culinary_herbs_and_spices


no, dude. just basil, thyme, oregano that page is clearly hacked


if you put a leaf in my food i’m going to automatically assume it’s fancy


Wait till you hear about salads bro, fancy af.


practically a monocle for your fork


You want leaves? I got leaves. I got leaves on leaves. I got you.


Dill helps against the farts


Who would be against farts?


The family dog doesn't like getting yelled at for doing nothing.


Cumin too!


I’m cumin right now too!




They may not be fancy but they are delicious


To be fair, a lot of depression-era foods were and are extremely nutritious, yet cheap. It was the big companies that wanted us to forget.


Yeah my mom tried to discourage me from growing potatoes because they are cheap at the store. I grow them because it's super easy and cool. You put one potato in the ground and then they just start popping out many more, like a potato vending machine.


Step one: get potato Step two: more potatoes! Step three: become Latvian


Step four: Wodka!


Step Five: [Vodka! No more feeling bad!](https://youtu.be/g4LofIXbvrM)


Step Six: You're eyes are shining!


Party eyes


Step four: Laugh at the Estonians https://youtu.be/r1QO1DzzkPs?t=31


I got a volunteer potato plant one year from what I have to assume was from an animal dropping a piece in the garden bed. I just planted some chunks of ginger in a pot yesterday.


I've got some gingers growing. Cool plants and surprisingly large.


Wait are you serious


You can get just one potato & cut it up into pieces, as long as each piece has an "eye", and plant them in dirt a bit apart. Water them now & then. Boom. Green plants grow out the top. When the plants start dying down, it's time to dig up your potatoes. If you want MORE potatoes, pile dirt up around the stems of the plants as they grow, always leaving a few leaves sticking out the top.


Dude thank you, my backyard has very soft dirt and seems perfect for potatoes


Wait until the pieces dry and form a 'skin' on the cut parts before you plant, so they are less likely to rot. I found from experience can definitely happen.


Potatoes spread like weeds. An easy way to contain them is to put an old tyre on some paving or concrete and fill it with soil for your potatoes. Once the potato stems are taller than a tyre stack another on top and fill with soil. Repeat until you run out of tyres or the growing season ends. Knock over the tyres to retrieve your potatoes.


Each potato can spawn three new potatoes. If it known as a "food for poors" there is a reason :)


I just think they’re neat.


Too many damn beans in that bowl. Good luck getting a spoonful without spilling, dummy.


Mmm runny beans on hairy place mats


Mom come get me I’m uncomfy


just lick the bowl


*Don't call it a comeback, beans' here for years*


Here's the article: https://www.mashed.com/253585/depression-era-foods-that-are-weirdly-making-a-comeback/ - Stovetop baked beans - Depression-era wacky chocolate cake without butter or eggs - Graham Cracker Pie Crust became a staple thanks to Nabisco propaganda - Peanut butter bread without yeast - Glen and friends peanut butter bread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qL0aVIyyws - Depression-era wieners and beans - Depression-era meatloaf is beloved through the ages - Dandelion salad from foraging - Depression-era leftover potato pancakes - Rice pudding was a simple luxury during the Great Depression - Chipped beef on toast or SOS from the Depression - (personally, I think southern gravy made with breakfast sausage is better and cheaper) - Depression-era water pie - Poor man's cake without eggs or dairy


It's kind of weird that they're considering potato pancakes as a "depression-era" food, given that they've been a perennial favourite, in various regional forms. Tattie scones, lefse, latkes, etc.


I think these are much more of a "back to roots DIY" movement thing than actually based on the current economy. Nobody's making water pie because it's cheaper, it's because they want to experiment with old-timey recipes.


It's both kinda because the back to roots DIY tends has come out of people wanting to do stuff cheaper without giving money to billionaires.


As a Brit I can't get over "stovetop baked beans" in this recipe list


Beans can't make a comeback if they never went away


Fine, we are having peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwiches then.


substitute that mayonnaise for a grilled onion and you might be onto something


When I was a kid, I was often sent to school with just a ketchup sandwich. No, seriously. Two slices of wonder bread with a very, *very* thin smear of ketchup between them. And nothing else. And I hate ketchup.


Even without the whole "the world is so expensive it hurts" thing, everyone could do with more beans and less meat...especially the world as a whole. I love me some animal protein. I love meat, cheese, eggs. But there's no argument that beans are A) cheaper, B) better for the planet C) fucking delicious if you know how to actually prepare them.


Yep. Peanuts and nuts/seeds generally too (peanuts, despite there being a widespread allergy to them, because they're nutritious, and grow easily and cheaply). Also mushrooms and fungi. Mycophobia is really widespread but they're probably the closest thing to a natural meat substitute you'll ever find. They can be produced with next to no environmental impact (or even positive impact if done correctly). And like beans they're incredibly good if they're prepared right. Although unfortunately they are about as fragile to preserve as animal products, usually.


I forage the fuck out of mushrooms, freeze what I can’t make into a gourmet meal and eat them all year as soup because I’m fucking poor Foraging for food is the biggest fuck you to capitalism imo


Mushrooms are great but I’d never consider foraging for them. Especially considering the fact that death caps are rapidly spreading across North America, and are very prominent in my area.


I NEVER go for gilled mushrooms — only easily identifiable boyos


I wish I was brave enough to forage given the fungi we have growing here. No obvious edibles except for some non-choice ones. Foraging is great though. Dandelion, nettle, mugwort, cattail, and "Indian strawberry" all worked out pretty well for me here when I tried them.


A friend of mine forages a lot. I'm not confident enough to do so, but I wanna ask her to come over one day, and we can forage and make a meal out of stuff like that mostly. Wild onions, mushrooms, yummy


Do you have any resources one could use to get into foraging?


[here's](https://www.robgreenfield.org/findaforager/) a .org you may find helpful. Best of luck to you.


Can’t upvote this enough.


Thanks. IMHO fungi are going to be the next big shift in food culture at least here in the US, given climate change and unsustainable agricultural practices (plus the clusterf of animal agriculture) are all hanging over us.


D) fucking quick and easy to prep too


E) shelf stable. I bought a 25lb bag of black beans before covid. We've eaten a _lot_ of beans, and they're _still good_. Not _as_ good as they were when they were fresh, and I let them soak longer, but they're _food_ still.




G) also kinder for the animals too! :)


You can keep them for years. My grandmother used to grow them in her garden, she still has beans that are around 10 years old because she didn't like to eat them, I know is strange but she still plant them.


Also: frozen peas. Dude theres so many things you can do with peas. Just heating them in some butter with salt and pepper on its own is a really good meal


Black beans best beans


In the USA meat is fucking cheap compared to many places. Living in the Kenya I was a westerner who could afford meat, but in the UK I could not justify buying it. I think the answer is that people need to know how to stretch food in general. Take some money out of the industry. Make supermarkets and markets more appealing. Chances are for most of us it will take an hour out of our week and that hour can be spent taking children away from our partners for them to have some time, or a walk with our partners; even better, a walk with ageing parents or a neighbour who needs some one on one time and an excuse to enjoy food. Sorry to be ranty but we are far from reconnecting with food (a means of life) so I think we should focus on the act of loving food again rather than prescribing less meat which sounds nice but is not a reality to people in shit hole countries like the USA where garbage is subsidized


I have autism and beans are a sensory trigger food, texture makes me wanna vomit no matter the flavor. I wish I could eat beans. And yogurt


I'm on the spectrum myself and food textures really, really get to me. Beans are just about the worst. I've been in treatment for my jaw and bad bite so at the moment I have difficulty chewing things. I've switched to a diet of things that can basically be swallowed without chewing much. I've found that I can consume a good amount of a variety of beans (when they're carefully soaked and left intact) in a rich, flavorful turmeric soup. Garbanzo, kidney, cannellini, and brown lentils are all in there, but I barely notice them.


You can’t eat beans with IBS (among other intestinal issues) either


I mean, nuts are also great. Do you have an issue with, say, cooked green beans? Lower protein content per serving but still a good source.


Beans have always been good. I would eat those depression or not.


Cognitive Dissonance. Look up the definition of that and then look up consumer capitalism.


Oh believe me I'm aware of these things, haha. I'm a communist


Democratic Socialist myself


Been there before. I knew s lot of the theory, but what really made me realize planned economies work was learning about the hidden massive success thst Socialist economies in history had. That's what got me reading more theory and now here I am, being communist lol.


What do you say to the people who call you a communist as an insult?


I've taken to just saying "yes." Lol


You can react similar to what the actor from TBBT did when asked what he does when people call him gay. "Why should i be offended by something that is not offensive?"




I'm surprised they ever went away! Beans are fucking delicious. They're a staple in our home for the wife and I... And neither of our cultures are "big" on them, either. We just both agree they're fucking awesome!


I just ate baked beans last week - first time in years.


Navy beans with celery tops, a couple carrots, onions, and that ham bone from Easter that I threw in the freezer.


Well I live in Brazil so half of the menu is too expensive to most people. I’m severely depressed.


Yeah, but during the depression, pork and beans actually had pork in it. They should not be able to put the word on the label unless it makes up a certain percentage of the entire content. But I digress.


Zero is a percent


Is there absolutely no pork in them anymore? When I was growing up there a single postage stamp sized piece of pork in each can.


Possibly even smaller now.


It’s about the same now with pork and beans. Baked beans doesn’t have any pork in it.




Jesus. Why does this bowl of beans have a ***meniscus***?


All things have a meniscus


Why everyone gotta shit on baked beans. Sometimes I just want shitty beans, because my brain demands it.


Next up: *Learn how millennials are oddly deciding to sleep on the sidewalk in tents and smoke crack*


But baked beans are delicious. Am I the only one who was eating them??


Baked beans definitely never went away? They’re not a staple but still a common side dish.


"Weirdly making a comeback". Written by entitled journalists living a privileged life of never having financial difficulties.


I enjoy beans in tomato sauce but for the love of god, stop trying to advertise hypnotize me into believing that those chunks are 'pork' I'm not even sure their organic, they taste like rubbery chunks of industrial factory effluent and make me gag some things should never be canned, pork being among those things


It’s not pork, it’s “pork”


You know, this "depression-era" food would actually reduce depression in people today, since feeling full from beans is much healthier than from highly-processes refined carb that people eat every 2 hours.


So weird!




15 servings of delicious beans for like $3: * Get red or black beans. Dry. Not canned, we aren't made of monsy. 16 oz bag, or 32 oz if you're feeding a crowd/freezing some for later. *Put them in a big bowl, fill it with water overnight- this is important. In the morning, drain. Put them in a crock pot, add water til the beans are 1 inch under. *Add chicken bouillon, 3 peeled garlic cloves, little oil. * I like a little heat so I add siracha & red pepper flakes. * Cook low, 8 hours, at hour 7 slice and add a couple green bell peppers and a can of diced tomatoes (ro-tel if you like hot) * 60 mins later: done. Serve over rice or just on their own like soup.


Man. . . usually the things don’t get to me too hard on here, but this one genuinely disturbs and saddens me.


These beans are getting me hard too


Who can afford dill??


I am a simple man I see someone hatin on beans I cut off their every limb and feed them to hawks


Implying baked beans ever went out of fashion. sourdough with baked beans, cheese grilled over it, and an egg on top is 10/10.




Yes, very weird they’re coming back, very strange indeed


Since when were beans depression food


Since the depression


kinkiy pinky 'members


My husband and I were staying with my MIL to help her post-surgery. My husband was making himself lunch and was sautéing some bell peppers and onions to have with some eggs and my MIL said “I thought I raised you better than that”. Because apparently that’s poor people food.


w e i r d l y


Beans? Jesus Christ. When I have no time or money, I buy a cup of beans to go with my bread. Does no one read Steinbeck or Cervantes? Pancho Villa and his farts made Don Quixote famous!


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I was intrested in a video that was talking about depression era foods and about half of them I grew up eating.


Lmao I hated my country (Poland) for a long timer but since i started browsing this sub I love it with all my heart. Also beans are cool.


Better than junk food


When did we stop eating beans? I love beans.