3-11 is the best shift if you enjoy being busy. It makes the shifts go by pretty quick. If you’re the type of person who can go home and immediately fall asleep or If you’re a night owl they aren’t bad at all. Don’t let yourself sleep until it’s time to go to work. That’s a terrible feeling. Take snacks or plan to get food at work


Depending on where you work, it might actually go fairly quickly. I worked rotating shifts (7-3, 3-11, 11-7). I always found mids (3-11) went the fastest just because of the time of day. People are getting off work, people are going out, etc. If you're asking how to keep up, consistent communication is key, along with staying on the same page as your shift/those you work with. If you're in a less active area, try a book or something you can do that won't distract you from the job (make sure your SOPs/supervisors are good with you reading or doing those activities on shift). Lots of water and some snacks as well. I always enjoyed mids/nights the best. I found I bonded the most with my shift during those times.


3-11 is prime busy hours. You’ll probably perceive it passing quickly. Good luck!


Make a healthy mid shift meal but also bring 2 healthy snacks and one indulgence snack but don’t eat every snack in one shift. Have a nap in the mid day if you can. Or sleep in (good luck on that). Do any end of day chores before you go to work so you can spend 30 minutes unwinding before your head hits the pillow.