I got hired at 30 weeks pregnant. I went on maternity leave during my training and came back to finish my training. Now I’m 2.5 years into the job. Honestly I wish I’d never gotten into this career. I’m completely stuck, I can’t find anything else that pays as well. Raising a child while doing this job has been a nightmare. More than once I’ve been in my director’s office crying because I never get to see my child. One time she told me at least he’s not young enough to remember I’m never around. Now I just don’t speak to her anymore. I look every day for a new job that will pay enough that I can actually see my son without working 55+ hour weeks with a schedule that changes at the drop of a hat.


don't give up! I looked for a job and got turned down at least a dozen times before I finally found another government job with banker's hours...take that paycut! It is so worth it...