90’s “mildly exotic health food” trend.


From the decade that brought us “mildly exotic” pop music from artists like Sting and Madonna.


Wrong decade buddy lol


Have you never heard “Desert Rose” from 1998?


Oh my god. Am I only just now getting a [Simpsons joke from 1997...](https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Fleet-A-Pita).


these pitas were trash, but i worked there as a high schooler during this time and we would toss the pitas in the fryer and then sprinkle sugar on them. makeshift elephant ear!! delicious 😋


Their short-lived attempt at something almost, but not quite, entirely unlike a gyro. They weren't very good. IIRC the whole experiment was dead and gone after about a year-o. (Disclaimer: I love a proper beef-chicken-tzatziki-feta gyro, from an actual Greek cafe/grocery.)


It think it was more that they were trying to capitalize on wraps being trendy, but tried to stand out a bit by using a different kind of flatbread. They actually hung around for a bit. Not every Wendy’s carried them the whole time, but it was like three years before they were officially discontinued. I remember liking them. The problem was they didn’t hold together very well, so they got a bit messy.


Huh, so they held on a lot longer than I thought. Our two (at that time) local franchises dropped them after maybe not even a year. Maybe it was based on local preference and they just ended up not being terrribly popular here? One thing I do miss is the liquid cheese product on the baked potatoes. I definitely liked that better than the shredded cheese. It gave the potato some moisture that the shredded cheese lacks (the oldest of our locals has always been notorious for overcooking them somewhat and they get dry as F). I stopped ordering them when I found they had switched. But then I'm also pretty weird.




>Chicken breast Damn Americans and their flavorless meat choices


Yes, those darn Americans and their… um… chicken??


Chicken breast sucks Try dark meat and your life will change


I prefer dark meat too, but I don’t begrudge people their chicken choices. What, you think Europeans just throw the white meat out? Lol Edit: also, southern fried chicken famously uses dark meat often, so again, not really a nationality thing


Do you rely on only the meat for flavor without seasonings?!


Nah, but it's better to start off right with proper ingredients for better flavor