she went from being someone's dream girl to a sleep paralysis demon.


Jesus Lord my sister! --Florian


Jesus God, Leah


She was naturally beautiful, I feel sorry for her.


Accept my poor people award!


Damn it, if Post-Op Darcy replaces my usual Hat Man tonight, I’ll know who to blame.


Dam,She was so pretty. I don’t know what gets into a girls head when she’s in the spotlight but it’s heartbreaking to watch them massacre them selves and think it looks good.


Body dysmorphia is a bitch


Wow! So sad too.


This. I wish people would give her more Grace. The reason behind all the surgery is heart breaking.


Thank you ❤️ Id love to connect with her - not be intrusive on her life or choices- or try to get any sort of 15 minuets of knowing a reality TV person - but talk to her as another human who knows how it feels. I lost 192lbs and it's literally a never ending battle.


Have you seen her a decade ago? Those pics are insane. She looked human


Yea she looked good then. I think even in the first pic she had some things done to her. I


I doubt she thinks it looks good. That's probably why she keeps getting more done.


So sad 😑


Very sad


I agree. I thought she was so cute in the beginning. She totally messed up her face. I’ll bet Jesse thanks his lucky stars that he did not stay with her.


Jesse is probably part of the reason her mental health took a decline. Chippendales from Wish is a pretty big garbage can, in my opinion.


Her mental health was probably an issue long before Jesse. She seemed like an alcoholic from the beginning. Also she seems to always have had self esteem issues


I agree, I don't think Jesse caused this entire spiral but I feel like he left a toxic mark on Darcey. He's just a garbage person, even with Darcy out of the picture. Look at how Jesse was behaving at the Tell All with Tim.


Yep. I don’t think he’s to solely blame either but he is an asshole & her short-lived relationship with him didn’t do her any favors.


You cant blame anyone. She was already a divorced mom when she met him. She was already broken which is why she tried to make it work w broken. If you are healthy you are walking away from toxic asap


Being divorced makes you broken?


Well I cannot imagine too many people end a marriage feeling 100% great. She doesnt seem to put real work into fixing probs though. I am sure she was broken though…whole happy people dont devalue themselves. Broken finds broken.


*We’re two amazing looking people living our best lives you’re just jealous* Classic


I don’t discount that he’s a miserable individual, those type of people usually find each other, hence why he and Darcy ever matched up. Well at least she’s knows what her girls like steakwise


Those girls were old enough to cut their own steak.


I have borderline personality disorder. My ex was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. He was emotionally and sexually abusive to a point where I still have issues and we dated from 2014 to 2017. I was getting a lot of help and getting better in the last 1.5 years of our relationship which infuriated him and the abuse ramped up. He doubled down trying to make me feel worthless again. I started literally laughing when he was being an asshole and he lost interest and discarded me then. Just like that. I got a lot better in a lot of ways, but he compounded a lot of my issues in the end. But I say all this because I later learned BPD/NPD is a common dynamic and it’s just about always toxic. BPD has self esteem issues and we tend to believe we are unworthy of love and care and we lash out to protect ourselves (does NOT work, fyi 🤣) and it makes us REALLY easy to break down which makes us attract narcissists. Then you just cycle between narc being insanely mean and violent, then telling you it’s all your fault when you’re hurt by it or respond mean back, tells you you’re lucky he even deals with you and that shit is why everyone leaves, which you ALREADY know and it’s unbearably painful. Then you’re crying and apologizing and thanking him for all his patience and kindness to you. 😂😂😂😂 Makes me sick to look back on. All this when the relationship starts with him pretending to get you in a way no one has, caring in way no one has, and saying how beautiful, smart, interesting you are when NOBODY has ever said that. Then when they know you love them, they flip to evil and you spend the rest of the time thinking the first, sweet version was who they really are and everything else is a bad day. And you think you’re fucked up too so maybe you ARE the problem. He’s ironically why I started getting help in the first place. I didn’t want to keep hurting people and lose the one person who could deal with me just because I was hurt myself. But I never hurt him. He couldn’t be hurt. Whatever Darcy’s issue, that may have been the case with her and Jesse. You’re very attractive to the narcissist initially because he can sense you’re a easy target he can easily mold and feel superior to. And wooo boy the relationship is intense on every level and feels like it has to be the love of your life. Jesse and whatever other narcissist she was with over the years probably made all her issues worse and that can linger long after they’re gone. And also, fuck Bilal. I don’t see any issues in Shaeeda but she needs to run from him because he’s a CLASSIC narcissist and it will leave her a shell of who she was.


As someone with BPD and a crappy dating history that makes a lot of sense.


Thank you so much for sharing this. I can’t imagine it’s fun to remember and write about your horrible experience but I hope it helps to know that you’ve opened at least two peoples’ eyes with your post! (Me and the other person who replied who said they actually have BPD and that this made a lot of sense to them.) So, thanks again. Your comment is very well written and your points are all ones I can see and agree with, especially the “fuck Bilal” 😡 as he drives me up a wall. I’m glad you’re in a better place now and hope that you’re happy and proud of yourself, as you should be! 😊 (Would love to ask, talk more but my battery is dying so perhaps another time?) Take care and have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!!


Thank you for sharing this. I don't have BPD, but I do have some of the symptoms (like fear of abandonment). If it helps, there are some good books that explain the dynamic of BPD and NPD. It sounds like your ex was using projective identification, which my T said was like "colonizing the other person". They put this unconscious psychological pressure to buy into their drama, and if you have symptoms of BPD, it can be impossible to know that because your own feelings just collapse into a tornado. I also see this dynamic in Darcey and the people around her. I don't think she has much ability to keep herself "stable" around others. It's not her fault, but it's a miserable way to live.


Jesse is trash man.


Agreed. BOTH sisters have long term issues with self esteem, probably going back to their early teens. Putting (forcing) themselves into the public eye just exacerbated the very real problem.


Forgot about this. She definitely had that face bloat of an every day drinker.


I don’t think she is an alcoholic, this is coming from someone who had multiple people in my close family with alcoholism.


There have been plenty of clips of her posted over the years where she's shitfaced. Things like birthday cameos people paid her to make, where she's badly slurring. Does that prove she's an alcoholic? No. But there does seem to be an issue


Could also be prescription meds.


I’m sorry. A lot of us have. But I definitely think she is some sort of addict.


I don't either. I get the feeling she probably drinks way too much when she does drink but it's not an all the time thing. Stacey doesn't seem to drink much at all judging from her instagram stories.


There was a time when every time you saw Darcy (cameo, live etc) she was fucking wasted. She is 1000 percent an alcoholic. Shining example (and this is during an interview): https://youtu.be/acXIslS66h0


She’s been addicted to plastic surgery for over a decade


That doesn't change my opinion.


Agreed with this, I think also being on TV in the first place was also a big part


Oh, without a doubt. I'm sure she has plenty of scars from multiple places. Even before 90 Day to the father of her children and the first show she was on with Stacy.


Yeah, the shitty comments Tom and Jesse made were just…just…what assholes. And Jesse’s freak dad coming for Darcey was uncalled for, too. See where he gets it.


Pretty sure Jesse helped deteriorate her self perception


People still said mean things about her looks when she looked good. It has to mess with a persons head to read things like that, especially if they are insecure :(


Pretty sure its an addiction to pills you get when you have constant surgeries.


I hadn’t thought of that but I think you’re correct. I think she has problems when she drinks. Maybe she’s not an alcoholic but she definitely shouldn’t drink.


You should look further back this was not their first round of surgeries. When they were younger they were gorgeous i think they wanted to look like this.


Darcey circa Jesse was the best she ever looked.


It’s horrendous. I can’t even stand to look at her.


What gets into a woman's head when they're in the spotlight are all of the posts body shaming on platforms like this. Hundreds of randoms calling you ugly or old (especially dating younger men) will have an effect on many people. And that's fine. You want a nose job or filler, giver. But there needs to be an off switch. Yara, Annie (Annie and David), Rebecca, are a few that come to mind who have had tasteful amounts of work done, imo. Darcey needs a true friend that would suggest therapy and a real job instead of these weird sponsored procedures.


It’s same weird look that Jen Shah morphed into..looks so unattractive but I don’t have think they can see it.


That’s the thing! If your so insecure about how your face looks that you’re willing to inject it with chemicals, and do a bunch of weird shit to it, and then it comes out, looking worse!?!? I can’t image how that would feel. Some things are left better untouched


When Darcey first appeared on the show I thought she was so cute. I loved how she dressed and I loved her attitude minus her being so dingy and boy crazy.


I didnt think there was anything wrong w her looks BUT anytime a women wants very young very handsome men it creates such an odd situation where they feel older and need to push the limits to look better for their man. Just pick a great handsome guy in your age range and enjoy life. No surgery will make you feel like you can compete w 18 yo girls


I hate that she never realized youth was all Jesse had on her. In season 2 of B90 they were pretty well matched in terms of attractiveness before accounting for age. Jesse is still in his 20s now and he is far less good looking than early 40s Darcey!


I disliked his personality so much it is hard for me to see him as good looking. They just never seemed like they vibed to me. I remember him putting her on a bike or something. It was always a no for me. I think its just more evidence of her issues though she gets overly attached so fast and sees fairytale everywhere. Super hard to make real improvements when you insist all is perfect. Before 90 days I think a little therepy and she could habe easily found a real match. Its all gone so far wrong I am super sad for the twins and their families.


>Jesse is still in his 20s now and he is far less good looking than early 40s Darcey! I've said from day one that Jesse has been lying about his age and nothing short of the doctor who delivered him handing me the original copy of his birth certificate will change my mind.


I some what agree. The very first season she was on, I thought her face looked great! Her hair was another story. Her hairline was throwing me off big time. The next season after that, she fixed her hair, and that’s when I thought she looked best. This ⬆️ new look .. ehh 👋😔 I just don’t, won’t, and can’t understand what is making her continue down this path of self sabotage. I mean she will soon look like Donatello Versace, or Cat lady. I know she’s been compared to both before, but this above picture with her face being pulled so tightly, is really bringing that home. And the fillers, the more she gets, the puffier her face looks! It’s really sad. They are the poster girls for insecurity. When they should have just learned to love theirselves after the first few surgeries. Bc by now, it’s never going to get better. Just worse!


Honestly, going on 90 Day Fiancé was a terrible decision. She clearly has body dysmorphia issues and went on a show where the audience turns against every person who has ever been on the show by poking at every perceived flaw. Add on Jessie gaslighting her for several years, and it’s not a shock that it ended this way. She went from a beauty to one of the extras from Battlefield Earth…


Don't forget about "Did you gain weight?" Tom.


I went to school with his new girlfriend Mariah … If she’s the same person still, then he’s currently living out his punishment for being such a POS.


This made me chuckle pretty hard. I always thought she looked like a succubus incognito.


OMG, I bet the stories you could tell about her. She seems like such a whack-a-doodle.


Omg drop some tea! What was she like??? Also she claims no plastic surgery (lol yeah…) so what did she look like back then?


I can't watch them because, well not just because he's a total pos, but also because her face, I just can't look at it. Holy fuck, it's so fuckin stretched and pulled and blown. She looks like one of those drawings you had done at the fair and laughed at after you saw it.


Exactly, it finally has happened, she's become a caricature of herself. Remember a couple years ago when the twins would go in for some "work" done. Many were like, Oh, no, Darcey, do NOT get more lip filler, seriously, you're gonna get past the point of no return, girl STOP!! Well, she finally succeeded in thoroughly destroying her super pretty face and features, it would seem safe to say. We knew this day was coming and so, here we are.


Oh it’s terrifying. She reminds me of jigsaw from the Saw movies


I couldn’t figure out where I knew her from when I first saw her on the show, but after a few segments, I realized who she was and confirmed it with a friend. It’s her ears that gave her away. So yes, she has had some work done 🤣 As far as everything else, I’m not comfortable sharing those details for a lot of reasons :)


Understandable! Thanks for your response


Was it Harvard? That’s where she claims to have gone.


Before then.. 🤣


Wait what!! I’m obsessed with her. Tell us everything!


This is the best news I’ve heard all day!! Care to share on what she was like in school? I’d love to know something. Please and thank you!


That was really rich coming from Tom who has a portly troll of a sister.


> "Did you gain weight?" Tom. god I hope his sister slapped him across the face!


Came here for the Battlefield Earth comment, was not disappointed.


Endless options for looking snatched Endless options for looking snatched Endless options for looking snatched Hahahahahaha


The Battlefield Earth comparison is oddly spot on, especially with the hairline now.


Happy cake day!


We as viewers definitely deserve some of the blame. Even though people now post pictures of her from 2019 and say she was gorgeous then, back when the season aired we were all just calling her a mess.


Agree…Also, I don’t think she should be absolved of responsibility here. She chose to be on this show because she was seeking reality fame. However, she didn’t know herself well enough to understand what the outsized impacts of being on the show would be.


Four years?!?


I cant believe this all occurred in 4 years either! She was so beautiful.


Right? In four short years she's aged herself 20.


So sad. She could have aged gracefully, now she's just a caricature of herself.


Had she allowed it, she would have aged beautifully. She was adorable.


Honest thoughts here, 4 years ago, people were posting the same thing (pic on the left next to older pics of Darcey). Obviously she and her sister have an unhealthy view on their looks/use of plastic surgery. People have been saying she looks bad from the start and then after every plastic surgery job, they say “oh they looked great before this”


Anyone who ever does these shows needs to stay away from all viewer comments. There is nothing to be gained in the long run. Im not even sure they should watch their show without a good therepist there to help you handle your feelings. Its just so different than real acting where people 100% still judge but you are never showing the real you.


I fully agree. My point is more that everyone online criticizes how they look, they get work done, and then they go “they looked so great before this recent surgery”. Obviously they have their own issues, but legit I remember a comparison of the photo on the left to the ones where she used to have brown hair


Even still, this is horrible. She looks like a blow-up doll now, whereas she wasn’t even close before.


Saddest shit I've seen. Her insecurities skyrocketed when dating men on this show.






And she wonders why she can’t find a man? She looks like a garden gnome now


What happened to the tall guy living in DC?


They split up after they got engaged in season 3


Journey of self destruction


She used to be sooo pretty before all of her procedures 😭


She looks bloated and grotesque. It’s only going to get worse.


Hideous. And yet they are getting more surgery. Eventually they are gonna end up looking (or may already be there) like used up sex dolls.


When you believe your only worth as a human being is based on how sexually attractive men find you, its not much different than being a sex doll


she won't stop until she's dead in a botched surgery in a third world country


Her daughters need to stay far, FAR away from her.




Terrible she doesn’t look anything like her old self




Somebody snatched Darcey & replaced her with an ALIEN! 👽👽👽


Darcy has finally succeeded in being “SNATCHED”.


Is there any way to fix this still? I have no idea about plastic surgery, is this something she has to accept now or can she reverse some stuff


She could get fillers dissolved, breast implants removed, if she had fat grafts to her butt they can probably lipo some of it back out. But the thing is I don’t think she wants to do any of that 🤷🏻‍♀️ also I don’t think she would go back to the same beautiful Darcy from 4 years go but it would be a start


Interesting, thanks for the insight


It is shocking and awful. They obviously suffer a terrible mental health disorder and feed off one another. I would rejoice seeing that they checked into a facility to address their mental health.


She was so pretty before. Why would a doctor continue to do this to her? Sad.




Body/face dysmorphia is real.


Looks like her surgeon didn't cut her on the bias...


Isn’t she only in her 40’s? I’m scared what she’s gonna look like when she actually gets old.


Late forties. I hope the prospect of turning 50 doesn't result in another round of major surgeries.


48, I was born the same week of September’74 as them


4 more years and she will look like big Ed


Her neck does seem to be disappearing fr


I wish these doctors would stop taking her as a patient. Horrible. She was so pretty when dating Jessie


Why do you think that she goes out of the country so much to get work done!?


If she had spent all that money to go to looking like the before picture, from the after picture, it would have made more sense.


It is sad that people do not recognize their beauty and chase the artificial beauty that destroys what they had all along. If only they could see what everyone else sees. But I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder and she never saw herself as beautiful…but what on earth does she think of this look that she has paid handsomely for?


Shes kinda starting to look like carrot top in the face




For some reason my front facing camera shrinks my head sometimes. I don't get it.




I finally figured out how to turn off that filter that removes skin texture but I can't make it stop making me a pin head. I see what you're saying. The proportions are totally off.


She was such a knockout in the Tom season. Lost a bit of weight and got a more flattering hairstyle, before all the cosmetic procedures.


she lost her sh*t


Such a bummer, but it's not my body. I hope she's happy in hers, but unfortunately I don't know if she ever will be.


I don't know how it happened, but in her 'after' surgery pic, she looks more like her senior citizen mother than she did before. It breaks my heart to see how far over the line she's gone. She was naturally gorgeous before all of the surgeries. It's such a shame to me that she doesn't see that.


![gif](giphy|DP9292K6Tj8tXqr6qH|downsized) Her doctors.




I genuinely thought she was hot 🔥 whatever work she'd had in the first few series was complimentary. Sad


She was naturally gorgeous. All she had to do was get some therapy, and she could have attracted a nice man. Now she’s botched and as mentally unwell as ever. Damn shame.


Any good plastics surgeon would have required some therepy…but then she would not have had most of the work. More real work on your mental health less sage and visualizations


Who you take home at last call and what she looks like when you wake up.


Now that's funny 🤣🤣🤣


So sad. I wonder what her daughters think. Kind of icky to think she's done all this while raising impressionable girls.


The girls do seem to get that this is not okay. I hope they really do. Being on tv has got to be even harder as a teen


She's probably drinking heavily & taking pills now because she looks at her old pictures and thinks what the fuck did I do to my face. Also, I know it's her sister, but her and Stacy are absolutely toxic for one another.


I hope her daughters don’t follow that same path. There was nothing wrong with Darcy before she got all that botched mess.


She's a lost cause. I just feel bad for her daughters.


Eventually no reputable doctor will touch them. All of that anesthesia and the toxins via implants are taking decades off of their lives. They need mental health care rather than more plastic surgery...I'm very concerned that shiny plastic mommy is going to let those beautiful daughters start having nips and tucks.. I can hear her saying what's wrong with little confidence building...




Sooooo gorgeous Season 2 -Season 3. But I think I’m going to stop commenting on her current looks because maybe the negative comments are partly why she keeps doing these things to her face.


She just looks more and more like their mother.


That would probably be true regardless of surgery, but she definitely accelerated the timeline.


It’s so, so sad.


they were really pretty before all this


That’s sad


she was so pretty before, i dont know what it is that makes women ruin their beauty


I've seen younger looking shrunken heads


She was honestly so beautiful


Darcy looks horrible


Damn, what a waste


She's had lots of work done and non of it is good


She was beautiful


Not snatched- botched!


Body Dysmorphic Disorder Severe, she and I believe sister has totally ruined themselves d/t her not liking the way she looks. Both looked great before the surgeries, nothing was wrong with them at all.


My thoughts: this is sad. She was so pretty before and now looks like a creature from another planet.


I just wish she realized how beautiful she was.


All I can say is thank you Darcy for showing me the importance of aging naturally.


She looks awful is the only acceptable answer


I can’t imagine she’s happy with the results


Her new face looks like it hurts.


She was so freaking pretty! Such a shame that no matter what she will not be able to undo all that damage.


Alice certainly fell down the botox rabbit hole!!!!!


Why does it look like her whole face is being pulled upwards


What's most saddening is the amount of extreme body dysmorphia she and her sister are experiencing/suffering. They both need some serious psychological help to address that. I'm not saying that to be mean either. They are destroying themselves one surgery at a time. They were both so beautiful in their original state and now every surgery just makes them look more and more unattractive and they actually appear deformed at this point. What's even more saddening is that they can never go backwards and reverse what they've done to themselves. Can you imagine what they're going to look like in 5 or even 10 years from now? Omg. They're probably going to wind up looking like that woman, Marysol's mom, Elsa, from the Real Housewives of Miami (rest her soul). They may even look worse than her by then. Just the thought makes me cringe for them. And then what will they do? Probably go into hiding at that point. If not, it will be because they still think they look beautiful even in their worst appearing state ever.


I am sad she thinks she wasn’t beautiful before. Ik I have no impact on the damage that has been done, but I hope she finds the inner peace that is much needed.


I read this morning that she’s said she’s having a weight loss procedure 😳 She must be stitched together like a rag doll.


I mean, it’s her prerogative to mess up her face…. It’s the terrible extensions that take me out… 🫠😵‍💫


It's sad, she was really attractive. Now she has that "ventriloquist dummy" look that a person gets from multiple procedures...the recognizable patterns of fillers, face lifts, and implants. I see Rammstein's song ZickZack every time I look at her. https://youtu.be/hBTNyJ33LWI


That’s revolting…but you’re so right!


She should’ve saved all of her daddy’s money because she looks awful.


I suspect it go4s back to her and her sisters childhood. They both mentioned in their introductions on the show that they were not attractive in high school according to their classmates and they lost a sibling as I recall. Sadly they both seem to be attempting to make up for something that was denied them. They are both beautiful ladies but unless they see it I don't think they will be happy.


Jocelyn Wildenstein is that you?!


She went from J.Lo to O.No.


She didn’t need outer work, she needed inner work. Shame on those plastic surgeons who should have demanded psych assessments prior to surgery.


It’s very sad to see. I believe Darcey and Stacey had already started getting some work done before/around her debut season, but it was very subtle. Season 2 Darcey still looked good and the blonde color was more appropriate, she had started getting a bit more work done by the time Tom came into the picture and by season 4 she had overdone it. I think both Darcey and Stacey greatly distorted their looks! It’s unfortunate irony how in attempts to look younger, they made themselves look older =[


It's a train wreck in slow mo, but to be fair, even if she did nothing, i think she was quickly turning into a mess so she hit the panic button HARD






The picture on the right doesn't look like her, anymore. She has completely ruined herself.


She was so pretty. The plastic surgery she got makes her look old IMO.


This only took 4 years…..how devastating


I've been watching Darcey's 90 day journey and when she first went lighter with her hair and the steak drama with Jesse happened she was the best looking then. She should not have touched her face or got her boobs bigger and her hips wider. She just needed to maintain her weight. Now she looks like a goblin.


God damn she was fine too. That’s too bad


She always looks so overstuffed, all over. Like she’s about to explode out of her clothes and skin. Makes me feel wildly constricted just looking at her.


Thats just a shame. She has some serious psychological issues. Reputable plastic surgeons would have started turning her away long ago, leaving her to quacks.


Now she looks like predators girlfriend


She's vacuous, superficial and empty...its not surprising that's mangled herself. That visible thread running under and to the side of her eye to her hairline is making me 🤮


It amazes me that people can fuck up their faces this bad and think it looks good