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A few points about loans: - You'll take out a loan for tuition fees (£9.25k / year) and living costs (usually in the range of £6k-£10k / year) so you'd be taking out £15k-£20k per *year* for each year of your degree. - The amount of maintenance loan depends on your parents income. If your maintenance loan doesn't cover your living costs then the expectation is that your parents will give you more money to cover the gap. - You will almost certainly not be able to afford to live in a studio, unless your parents are willing to give you a lot more money. Usually the only people living in studios are those getting a lot of financial support from their parents. - Your student loan isn't 'really' a loan - chances are you'll never repay it because the interest will cause the loan to go up faster than you make repayments. So the actual sum you take out doesn't really matter - could be 60k or 600k, either way the loan balance will be wiped after 30 years. Have a look through this article for a more detailed understanding of how loans work: https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/students/student-loans-tuition-fees-changes/


you get two separate loans, one to pay the fees, and one called a Maintenance loan for costs of living. use the calculator online and see what you’re eligible for


Your tuition fee loan covers the full £9250 a year of tuition, you don't need to worry about that. The maintenance loan will vary depending on your parents income but the maximum maintenance loan (what someone with the lowest household income would get) is *usually* just about enough to live off of alone for living costs (although this of course varies *massively* by the city's accommodation costs and the uni's accommodation costs). If you receive less than the maximum, the general expectation is your parents pay the difference, but this of course doesn't always happen so you may need a part time job and people with posh accommodation are probably getting a lot more support from their parents than that. Don't worry about the 'debt'. It really doesn't matter.


You get 2 loans you can take out, one for fees and then the maintenance loan. There are also other schemes available eg if you have a disability, estranged from parents, have children. Your tuition losn is £9250 and it doesn't get paid to you it goes straight to the uni. Your maintenance loan is dependant on your household income and if your living at or away from home and in or out of London and is paid into your bank account so you can use that money on whatever you want but it's usually used for your accommodation, food stuff like that. You can check how much maintenance loan you may be eligible for [here.](https://www.gov.uk/student-finance-calculator) The maintenance loan does decrease in the last year. Paying them back is more like a tax, you have to be earning a certain amount before they start taking a small percentage from your payslip, also if you don't pay it off after a certain amount of years then you don't have to pay it back.


As everyone has said it’s separate loans for tuition and living (maintenance), both are per year, for the duration of your course. Check out the website, it explains it all https://www.gov.uk/student-finance


It comes in two loans: Tuition Fee Loan: Pays £9250 per year to your university to cover the cost of your degree course ONLY. You will never receive this money, it goes straight to your uni. It does NOT cover anything other than tuition fee cost. Maintenance Loan (Optional): Money that is given directly to you, for you to spend how you wish (e.g rent, groceries…). The maximum value of this loan that you can take out is dependent on things like how much your parents earn and whether your uni is in London or not, but is usually capped at between about £4000-9000 per year depending on household income. You can choose not to take this if you want, or to only take a certain amount even if this is below the maximum value you are offered (it’s in the SFE application). The value of both loans is summed, and you’ll pay it back once you start earning full-time - 9% of whatever you earn over the threshold (~£26000 i think?). And it gets wiped after 30 years. As other people have said, in principle it is more like a “student tax” than a loan.