Why do you go offroad?

For me it’s the sense of accomplishment conquering a trail that you and your buds pioneered or conquering a really difficult trail.

How about you guys? What do you like about going off the beaten path?


I like to see cool shit that not a lot of people get to see.


It feels like freedom. The ability to depart from the beaten path and choose my own direction at will feels freeing. Being on an old dirt road or off on a trail in the bush is the only time I feel free and unburdened.


Freedom from those who ain't off road for sure lol


Kind of a cheesy answer, but I come from a mountain village with a history of a community that was persecuted for more than 1000 years and managed to survive thanks to the mountains we currently live in. As a kid my father used to take me up the barren parts of those mountains to show me the caves where our ancestors hid. So whenever I go up the trails it feels wholesome for some reason.


That’s not a cheesy answer, thats one of the most solid ones here.


Agreed, not cheesy at all. 100% awesome.


Personally I collect ancient trees from national forests to use as bonsai. This is all done 100% legally with properly obtained permits from the ranger station. It takes 4WD to make it out to spots on service, lumber roads & trails. Loving my current setup, but am struggling with the front end drive geometry. Gotta get that taken care of before I go out again.


That’s cool :)


To get away from people


The harder it is to reach a destination the less likely you are to be around other people. If you do run into others they had to struggle as well and aren't as likely to cause issues.


It’s fucken fun. Bush bashing to a unmarked campsite is the peak Australian camping adventure


Loved my last camp, took out a couple hiluxes, a little Isuzu work truck and had a couple days out fishing and living out in the bush. Slept out in the open on the back of our utes, had a bonfire to cook up meals, had some good times. I spent the weekend half drunk, barefoot, caught a couple fish, had a good little burn in the tinny, burnt off an eyebrow setting the fire. Nothing beats a good little camp in a couple 4wds


You know how to live mate, good on ya 👍


Fuck yeah, nothing beats it. Then again I’m one of those seemingly rare aussies that grew up on the back of a horse or bike, swimming in the back dam, drinking dam and river water, going spotlighting every other night, and just living. At least in my generation, my friends from school simply never had those experiences.


I’m a suburb boy myself, but I’ve been camping all my life, and it’s the most liberating feeling I’ve ever had. I know lots of friends who grew up like you though. Maybe it’s more a WA thing these days… Best of luck mate, and don’t get crossed up! 💪💪👍👍


Nah I think it’s just that the eastern side all have a tendency to move towards the cities, and with the current way things are, no one goes out and just lives anymore. Let’s be honest here, most people you know would be appalled to know that when you were 10 you were handed a knife or axe and sent outside for the rest of the day, you only come in when it’s dark or you did something stupid. Or at 16 you were sent on a bike with a Jerry can of diesel into the back paddock to go burn some trees (true story, broke my collarbone doing a jump) or at 14 sent in the family ute with a ton of water on the back and no licence to go refill the cattle troughs around the farm and down the road on the agistment property. People are usually shocked when I say I was given an axe and a knife before I was ever given a phone to play with. Especially people my age who never lived on a property.


Hell yeah! I saw a video online and was curious is it really true that Australians have restrictions on what size tires and lifts they can put on vehicles? Like you can’t go over 33” wheels and 3” of lift? Tire percentage size increase? In the video this guy was getting a fine, maybe vehicle impounded, for being heavily modified but it was literally just a Lexus GX with 33’s and like 4 inches of lift with steel bumpers. Nothing crazy at all, by US standards, at least.


There are limits but I’m not 100%


That seems so backwards considering Australia is like the motherland for overlanding/offroading.


I mean I guess. it doesn’t stop people from doing some pretty gnarly tracks.


I suppose the upside is it shows you're actually a good driver and not using massive tires as a crutch


I’ve been into cars my whole life and got into it since 18. The first 10 years being into tuning, stance, sportscars and casual drag racing. I fell in love with offroad for its notoriously disticnt camaraderie. So for me offroad is more of a social activity; to hang out with cool dudes and get to know other people with adventurous spirit. Go deep and out, have a BBQ while telling stories. And of course go flat out in mud holes! Thats the life.


Yup, grew up on imports, all that crap. Got tired of it and the scene kind of got stale in my opinion. Off-road community is a lot better. Not perfect but the adventure is more fulfilling


Too much rivalry, divas and the constant dick size measuring ruined it for me.


To release my wiggles.


You never outgrow the wiggles, you just express them differently with age.


How else and I supposed to break parts so I have something to fix in my driveway to piss off my neighbors and wife? Edit: this is a joke, my wife it totally cool with it. Neighbors are a mixed bag.


I'm from a village where we have almost always had bad/no roads , so jeeps were our daily drives for generations. Having grown up with one , it was pretty normal for my first vehicle . Picked up a 94 model ex govt used vehicle , which was in a dilapidated condition and missing it's 4wd . Over the next few months I had the complete vehicle rebuilt and went on to own it for the next 5 years. It was a Mahindra mm540 and is loosely based on the cj5 thanks to the understanding between mahindra and jeep usa .


Mahindra actually had one of the original manufacturing contracts for military jeeps so really it's just their own evolution of the "Willys" platform.


Yes , they started production in the mid 50's and by the 60's they started their own version of the cj3b . Their version was rhd and came with a diesel motor instead of a petrol powered one from the outgoing willys.


I volunteer with a search and rescue organization. Launching boats into rivers, searching for missing people, we find ourselves offroad.


I want to see pretty shit and I dislike people.


Journey before destination (yes a Sanderson quote). I love "getting there" in the most interesting and beautiful way possible. .... and sometimes it's just fun to yee-haw a bit ;)


My son loves it and it's something we do together. My wife has gotten onboard with it too, so it's just a family thing we do now to spend some time together. I've always liked it, but now I wouldn't have a good time if my family wasn't with me.


I like exploring and love camping, finding cool new areas to check out and possibly add to a list of potential camping sites is just a fun hobby. I also enjoy the challenge of some trails and the occasional use of recovery gear to build skill for when it may really be needed.


I go off-road simply to get where I need to go. Every outdoors location that is accessible via an improved road is over-saturated with visitors every weekend, but there are still a few places that aren't accessible without a high-clearance 4x4 where I can still spend some time alone with nature.


My tires only spin in the mud and got to test that Rev limi


To get away from people and enjoy views that many others can't get to.


You fix the Jeep, and the Jeep fixes you. I just got out for the first time since last fall and drove back home to Eastern Ontario to wheel with my old club and buddies. I miss the woods, the swampy Calabogie Canadian Shield lakes and terrain. So beautiful, so quiet, so isolated, and you go places only tens of people see annually.


its the only means to get to and leave my home. My driveway and access road compare to what many tackle on a weekend to see what their vehicules are capable of.


Shortcut to the other side of town. Getting in the muck and having some fun trying to get out. Because for my area, a lot of places are only accessible via off-road and 4x4 trails. And because I like to prove you don’t need a fully kitted out overlanding vehicle to go off-road, you just need a tough vehicle and skill at the wheel.


Originally got it for winter driving and to make sure I knew where the back road paths would be in case of emergency (live in a mountain town with some probability of forest fires) After understanding escape routes I just started exploring more and more trails and now just love going out to explore hidden gems that most people don’t get to see. After three years with the 4x4 I got an enduro bike to do even more of this on different trails. I love being in the middle of no where now.




It was to get away from people and out to nature. Now I live away from people and out in nature, and I need a 4x4 and some skill to get to and fro much of the year.


Coz sometimes there is no road.


Some offroad paths are awfully beaten...like more than some paved roads. :) But these days I do it just to get where I want to go. Not as an end in itself, although there was a time when it was.


“I’m not retarded but I like rocks”


To get to fishing grounds, and have fun doing it.


Usually so i can camp somewhere away from most people


Because I can't afford a driveway and my lifted Z71 is allergic to pavement.


For me, it's to escape reality, get far far away from people and just disconnect. That journey to a spot is just so soothing for me, and once i'm at my spot, I just set up tent and just enjoy mother nature.


I drive to derelict mining sites to mine for mineral specimens. I also own a mining claim on the top of a pretty treacherous mountain trail.


Gives me a rush. I love nature and seclusion. I like seeing things that are hard to get to. IDK really. Good question.


I enjoy building something and testing out my design.


To go camping and be away from the crowds in Colorado! I've driven 4x4 trails for the heck of it without camping too, but to me the ultimate reward is getting up a tough road to a remote lake without a soul around for 10-20 miles. Gotta love it.


I do it for the views and for getting to amazing camping places. I also love exploring public land and driving down random forest roads on the hunt for scenic spots.


Honestly? Tons of reasons. It literally depends on the day. I might be off road in my TRX to camp deep in the wilderness and be away from people one day, then the next finds me in my 91 W250 dragging a family friend's F350 dually and 28' stock trailer out of the mud in the middle of a wide open pasture. There's not a week that goes by where I'm not locking one of my trucks into 4x4 for SOMETHING. Launching the boat off a sketchy, steep DNR ramp on a fast flowing river, pursuing a runaway cow through woods to dart and catch her, fence repair, recreational trail riding, it's all equally on the menu for me.


Gotta do it for work, but also I’ve found some crazy camping spots off road with the friends.


A connection to the Nevada desert I can’t describe. The darkness, solitude and silence pierced by coyotes and a freight train whistle long in the distance. Campfires stories and laughs with beers and wheeling buds. The bark of a v8. Dust. Mud. History. Leaving it better than you found it.


It interesting and fun as sports driving is in general. Also love being in wilderness.


I just want to escape the traffic and noise and people. I'm just getting into 4x4s & offroading, and basically have only driven some rough roads and some mud practice. I'm in southern california, so mud isn't a big issue. But finding moderate trails & people to go out with is kind of a challenge. Everyone either has a monster jeep/dedicated rock crawler or is more interested in cosplaying as a badass overlander


To send it and have a good time and laugh. People take off-roading WAY too seriously it’s not a competition it’s fun. Toyota bros don’t even smile when we pass on the trail. They just mean mug everywhere. Same with some of those goofy overly armored Jeeps.


My favorite places to hunt and fish are pretty far away from pavement.


My dogs like trails and going slow with their heads out the windows to look at the sights I like camping far away from people. I go backpacking often but the truck allows me to bring way more shit and camp in luxury


Because where I’m going I don’t need roads.😎


It’s nearly the only way to get away from people in a meaningful way.


Where I’m going, there are no roads…


I like the destination more than the journey


I've always felt the need to follow a mysterious unknown trail.


I like to go on desert trips, for the Challange, Freedom, & disconnecting from people/technology... even if for a few hours...


It's how I get to work In a mini


Because I sit at a desk all day in an office. Outside is nice.


100% to get away from people and modern pollution (air, light, noise).


I like getting away from the all the noise and light pollution. It’s a means to an end for me getting to nature is my priority if I a have fun along the way even better.