How far do you have to drive to get to trails?

So the nearest trail to me is an hour away. So if I want to offroad I've got to drive an hour, then drive the trails for a few hours, then drive an hour home. That's a lot of driving and the good trails are even farther away.

I live in a part of the country without any BLM land. I was wondering do others have to drive so far to offroad or are there parts of the country where trails are closer and more prevalent?


If you live in a city bigger than 25,000 people you're almost guaranteed to be driving at least 30-60 minutes to find places to off road. Even places full of BLM land are like this. If the off road areas are right next to you then you're in a rural area. Personally iI have areas as close as 30-45 minutes but I also have several options between mountain trails and open desert areas and forest areas.


Not necessarily true I live in a 40k city and probably only have to drive 10 minutes.


That's why I used the words "almost guaranteed" places like that exist but they are rare.


I think if it’s a mid sized town in a metro area your comment holds true.


About 20km, so 10-15 minutes. CW NSW, Australia




I refuse to live in a place that doesn't have BLM land again, I left New Mexico last year for a shitty Midwestern state where everything is private and no national forests. Never again.


I border BLM and NF, 1000s of miles of open desert and mountain trails.


Super jealous


Utah. 5 minutes. 😍


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About 5 miles. Southern Utah.


Me too!


It takes me 40-50 min (inc 2 quick stops to get gas, coffee, breakfast burritos, and beer) to get lost on purpose on BLM Land. I live on the Front Range, CO.


Front range isn’t big enough to get lost lol.


East Coast of Australia, I can drive from beach to mountains in under 10 minutes. Home is in between them. My home town is sometimes called the low-range capitol of Australia.


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Central MN here. 1.5 hours is the closest spot if you don't count minimum maintenance roads. Lots of incredible trails further north of me though


Have trails on my property. 3 - 6 hrs for actual wheeling.


I live in SW PA. I have to serve for at least an hour. It sucks.


Where do u wheel


If you count driving down to the pasture ground then I'm about 100 feet away from being off-road. But to get to a trail it's a solid 12 hour drive from the Midwest to the trails I enjoy.


I have some trails about 5 minutes down the road, but I live on a dirt road in the country. Expansive trail networks about 20 minutes away.


3hours away minimum for anything decent. I just make it a weekend trip.


Maybe 10 minutes for nearest, outside of that there are maybe 80 true 4x4 trails in the country, all range from 15 minutes to 1 day AND a 4-6 hour ferry trip, the best trail in the country is a 3 and a half hour drive from me and if i get bored with those I’ll just go over the pond to Australia for their numerous amazing trails


30 minutes, used to be like 15… NW Florida


Sand arroyos, 5 minutes Rock crawling, 20 minutes Rocky mtn. High passes off-road trails, 1.5 hours. Moab, 3 hours.




I have a personal playground on my property. I actually just did the 6 km walk back to the shop for the dozer. I got a corb Lund situation going on out here


Shortest distance from home to an actual place worth going is 4 hours. I spend most of my time in the Rockies west of Calgary, Alberta so realistically it’s like 8 hours to get to where I like to go.


I live in rural KY as far as the trail maps and app tell you have to live in Utah to go to a designated trail. literally nothing on this side of the lower 48.


You're kidding right? I'm in northern Indiana and I would kill to have the trails and parks you have Kentucky.


please how did you find them? I've searched every app, and community The only thing that's getting me to trails is literally driving down the road and seeing a small turn off and going from there.


Just searching the internet. There's land between the lakes if you're west ky. If you're east there are a bunch of parks as well as the Daniel Boone back county byway.


I don't want to prove myself ignorant but Google has continuously let me down. purgaps Im misunderstanding how the Google reports trails. I will be around the Daniel Boone area this weekend. if I find anything I will report back.


45 minutes - 1 hour to closest state park. Victoria, Australia. 1 hour of driving is nothing, I do 1 hour just to get to work/sites.


40 mins but it’s really amazing trails!


I’m closer to two hours away.


Up here in Alaska I drive about 45 minutes to get to my preferred trail. Thankfully it's only 55 mph max on the way there, because my pinion angle is a little off, but it doesn't get to bad until around 53 mph.


Mexican here, 10 min from my house, can somebody please explain me BLM land meaning?


Bureau of Land Management. Land owned and managed by the government. Part of the department of the interior. Most of it is west of the Mississippi River. The state of Nevada is mostly BLM.


Thank you for the answer, when I google'd the acronym the results were a social movement (not making sense to me)


the closest trails to me is an hour away, Hollister Hills OHV. but 2-3 hours drive east and I have the entire Sierra Nevada mountain range. And for a few hours more south, I hit the Hammers. So it's a bit of a drive but tons of choices.


1.5-3 hours. It's pretty exhausting when you have to drive 12 hrs a day to get to some nice spots on the trails.


It’s a full day. We used to be a little closer. 1-2hr to trail. 5-10 miles rock crawling. 1-2hr home. In general we are slower though.


Just over an hour in central Ohio


Im from Germany, you basically aren’t allowed to do drive offroad, except in a few pricy offroad parks that are all multiple hours away from my home.


The closest is about 30 min then another 20 on dirt to get to the actual trails. For a good set of trails though it’s about 2 hours


There as some small local trails, but If I want to get into the mountains it is abuot 8 hours of driving


I've got tracks less than 5 minutes from my front door. But don't drive them often, already driven most of the fun stuff there About 20mins away is a heap (thousands of hectares) of crown land loaded with tracks that hardly ever gets driven, even by other locals. I'm just starting to explore these areas. But most of them you need to really commit to a possible late night back because the moment you go off the more main tracks, you will spend hours on the chainsaws just to get through them. And seeing as though we usually leave at about 6am, and have a no tracks after 3pm rule to give us time to get out of sticky situations and still be home to our partners and/or families by dinner, we haven't been able to explore these areas as much as we would like yet. But most of our wheeling starts about 30mins north (the opposite direction) the Victorian high country. Which is massive, and loaded with tracks, as well as high country huts, gorgeous views etc. And the tracks are maintained by both 4x4 drivers (popular area) as well as Melbourne water and DELP. So you don't spend anywhere near as much time on the chainsaws haha


A few spots in town take 15 min or so. The closest state forest may take 30 min. Private land or badged trails are going to be 1.5-2 hrs. Did find a beach with some very soft sand trails about 45 min away.


To good ones about 10 minutes -Victoria Australia


Northern Indiana, 2hrs to any park. Zero public trails. 6 hrs to eastern KY to the closest big parks.


In my hometown at 1500m on the Lebanese mountains? 2 minutes away. In Beirut? Around 40 mins away. When I lived in Dubai, the nearest "trail" was never more than 15 minutes away.


Cries in Texas. Generally 1-3 hours on average just depends on which destination. The vast majority of all the land sround me is private. Most of my trips have to be overnight otherwise it's just not worth it for a day trip.


2 hours minimum: either because of distance or slow roads getting to certain areas. Bay Area, CA


20mins to beach or rock crawl, 1-2hrs to nearest remote campsite or route, 7-8hrs to outback


Illinois 4 hours for below average trails


The closest trail is 4 hours away from me NY has nothing on public land. I have to leave the state


East Coast - closest 2 places are 2+ hrs in either direction for private land (pay $$$ for a weekend of use, often closed/reserved for private clubs, etc.) Nearest public land (state forest) is 2 hrs for mostly flat gravel roads that a stock Impreza can traverse. I don't know where the closest real public lands wheeling option is, but its gotta be over 3 hrs, because I know everything else that close. Oh and heaven forbid you have a trail breakage that you can't fix same day with in-stock AutoZone parts, then you got a real problem on your hands... I envy you guys with sub 1hr drives.


Within 1.5hours I have access to 5 bigger named trails and 15 or so minor trails. (from mild to wild and I am not counting buggy trails) Within a reasonable days drive, 20 or so more big name trails. Several trail networks and a few offroad parks. So plenty of day trips. Sometimes drive and wheel same day then camp and return. But the bulk of the bigger planned trips the club I am in does are drive, camp, wheel, camp return.


While there is some local fun, most of my life has been a little over 3 hours to go play on rocks. Which is a comfortable day trip so always figured that was fine


2 hours


I live in Pennsylvania, where most of the good trails are private property. That said, there are some decent spots, like Rausch Creek or Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area, within 30 minutes or so of home. But you have to pay to play.


1600+ miles


Nearest for me is around 20-30 minutes


Just got back from a weekend away. 2.5 hours highway and back roads, then 2.5 hours 4x4 tracks to get to the campsite. Pretty standard for where I live in Australia.


Idaho.....the middle of effin no where in most places up in these parts is 20 mins....


I live in a large metro area (700k+)and there’s blm land 15 minutes from my house


What city?


Boise, the boise metropolian area has 700k+people in it. 2/3rds of idaho is public land so you don’t have to look too hard to find somewhere to engage 4 wheel drive