Jeep off roading near poughkeepsie ny

Looking at relocating for work this fall and wondering what the off road scene is like. Ive checked trailsoffroad and they don't have much so I'm hoping more of the locals can weigh in



NY is anti motorized fun. The seasonal roads are held close by those who know how to find them. If they get popular, the state could shut them. There is plenty of private land wheeling and and few large offroad parks around


Thanks, I did see some mention of large parks which is not something I've done before. I'll be really bummed if I just finished my 2023 gladiator build and it turns into a mall parking lot princess


NY is devoid of anything fun The seasonal use roads are only interesting out of the maintenance season. They are just dirt roads that any car can drive during the maintenance season. Aside from that there are no trails for jeeps on public property