Because the chaos gods are emotions taken to the extreme and emotions when taken to the extreme are always harmful. There are no chaotic aspects to emotions there are only pure emotions. The "good" aspects of the gods are just the bait dangling on the hook.


You're forgetting that the Dark Gods are active participants in the warp - participants who work to ensure they stay on top. It's been suggested that there was once balance in the warp, and sources of power apart from Chaos (such as that utilised by The Emperor, Erda, "faith" etc) but the Ruinous Powers had tipped the scales in their own favour. The Dark Gods reach into the minds of mortals and twist their thoughts and dreams into ever deeper corruption. The warp may be a mirror, but in this case the reflections have an agenda.


Slaanesh isn't lust. Slaaanesh is excess, obsession, perfection, arrogance and so on. Slaanesh gives no two shits about love. Slaanesh cares about you doing excessive shit to gain your pleasure. Killing someone because you want something from them, raping people to sate your desire, obsessing over a statue you are making, maniacally trying to make the perfect piece of music, and then suffering the agkny of realising it is impossible. The chase for ever greater emotional highs followed by the ever deeper abysses of the downs. Seeking ever new experiences onlynto grow more and more bored etc etc etc


Slaanesh and the other gods not caring about love is kinda the problem. Love is an increasingly strong emotion, why isn't it represented in the Warp?


Because Chaos Gods don't have positive aspects. They are utterly twisted, malicious and murderous. Isha was a goddess of love though. The Eldar had quite a few benevolent gods. Lileath, Isha, Morai-Heg, Asuryan, Kurnous, Vaul. They just were all eaten by Chaos, specifically Slaanesh.


Yeah, but it doesn't really make sense that "excess" would be that much more of a powerful emotion than "love."


Be that as it may, Slaanesh is not the deity of love. It never was.




1) bc the warp is dominated by the big 4 who are all entities of chaos 2) to an extent, the Old Ones certainly weaponized the Warp to an extreme level. They're the reasons why even though the Aeldari did use their pantheon to kinda police the warp, it still wasn't entirely successful


It's not twisted...well actually it is.... Chaos or the Chaos Gods with their aspects are pure emotion without any form of restraint or other civilising rules and norms. They are the essence of it and like almost everything that is concentrated or consumed in masses, it can become toxic. Motherly love is all well and good and gives Slaanesh a warm touch in his temple of joy, but when the mother sets out to be the perfect mother, that's better...even better is when she is consumed by the feeling that she can think of nothing else and act no other way. And what goes on is that she smashes the child's kneecaps so that it can't hurt itself "in the evil outside". But the full bonus is when she put the child back into \*censored\* and then \*censored\* and \*censored\* To a certain extent an emotion is desired, then accepted, then pathologised and in the end just really sick shit.... and the end result is pure twisting and overloading of the emotion and the chaos gods are most into it.


Ultimately the Chaos Gods serve a narrative function as manifestations of the emotions that come from isolation and alienation. The point of it is that the Imperium's failure as a state is what drives its people to Chaos. The factions that don't have Chaos cults are the ones with more stable societies that give their people meaning and purpose (T'au Empire, Craftworld Eldar, Orks in a way).


All emotions are chaos. You're 'good' or 'positive' emotions are just watered down version of the real things. The Chaos Gods are sipping the 200 proof stuff.


The warp is polluted, and there's no way to clean it. If you dump clean water into sewage, all you've done is make watery sewage. Unfortunately, the warp itself is also constantly getting negative reinforcement in massive amounts (and the 4 gods are very good at keeping that reinforcement coming), so there's no way to clean it. This is assuming it's even cleanable. It might be permanently damaged/changed instead of polluted.


The warp isn’t a conscious entity, so it doesn’t twist an emotion on its own. The psychic pile-up of emotion and impression from sentient species with souls reaches a “logical” conclusion within the warp, which is to say, the highly illogical and most extreme end of things.


I didn't mean to imply intent. I know of the Pathetic Fallacy and all that.


Well, the big problem is that your central premise is wrong. The gods aren't "good" emotions twisted into evil and there is no "chaotic aspect" of emotion, there's just emotion. It doesn't matter *why* you're killing, scheming, despairing or desiring, just so long as you *keep* doing so, and preferably, do so more and harder.


there's a few things on there. the first is simply that Chaos is the primary focus in the Warp from the perspective of 40k's story. if there are parts that are unrelated to Chaos, we never see. that's the Doylist explanation for Watsonian, my interpretation is the one they say in TTS: the Warp is a realm full of every thought, conscious or unconscious, had by every soul-bearing creature in the galaxy. the War in Heaven, and its after effects twisted it. so many differing ideals, contradicting and contrasting, turns it into a corrosive, horrifying mess. the Warp becomes Chaos and twists everything in it to Chaos because the mind and soul are formed of disorganized chaos. you can have an organized symphony only if every player is in agreement. if everyone wants to play their own music, instrument, genre, and has their own motivations for doing so, it sounds like an awful, ear-bleeding nightmare


It’s part of the setting. Logically it would be more like Michael Moorecocks “Multiverse” with the various degrees of Law and Chaos.