What’s your favorite piece of “obscure” lore that you’d want to see a book made for?

What’s your favorite piece of “obscure” lore that you’d want to see a book made for?


The war of the false primarch


This is my pick. So many potential ways of doing it. 1) a mad Chapter Master or some other corrupt Imperial VIP with really good propaganda 2) clone shenanigans 3) daemon fuckery 4) time travel weirdness


5) Vulkan - but nobody believes him


That would be some grimdark shit, a primarch actually returns and gets murderated from orbit or something.


6) It's the Lost vs. the Forgotten and only one was declared False while the other was allowed to disappear from history.


. . . or worse, the High Lords *know* it's him, but declare war anyway to avoid sharing their power.


That's basically what almost happened to Robinson Gilbertman anyway. Before he smacked them down that is.


This is my fave version. Vulkan returns, but his views have shifted since his disappearance such that nobody believes its him.


There’s a blood angels book exactly like that. I don’t recall the name of the series but the MC’s brother becomes convinced that he’s Sanguinius reborn, shit ensues. I think the MC was named Rafen. Pretty ok book(s).


That's the Rafen books which you can find in the Blood Angels omnibus. His brother gets ahold of the Spear of Telesto and it turns him into Sanguinius and everyone in the entire chapter believes that he is really Sanguinius born again, with only Rafen thinking it's bullshit (they were biological brothers from before induction into the chapter). Spoiler alert: it was bullshit, some Inquisitor *did* actually get ahold of the Spear and give it to a member of the chapter, but that Inquisitor was already corrupted by Tzeetch and so Rafen's brother Arkio *would* change into Sanguinius, but it was more a glamour of the Warp and not a true, full physical change into the Primarch, although he did get the wings and the ability to fly.


Even if someone read the spoilers it's honestly still a pretty good book iirc. I'm a sucker for blood angels and their whole deal, but even if you aren't it's a good story with interesting characters and a reasonable plot (Fanguinius wasn't accepted too quickly for my tastes).


And the Rafen vs Bile arc was dope and gave us some cool Bile lore. It was my first team reading anything about Fabius outside of memes and this sub.


I think that a good way to make it would be if they were introduced as the Primarch from either the 2nd or 11th, but keep it ambiguous as to whether they actually were from there. You could introduce Cawl and Fabius Bile, and introduce the idea that the Primarch was created by them.




This or the Rangdan Xenocides.


The war against the Cacodominus or the Abyssal Crusade.


> abyssal crusade "...Chapter Master Konvak Lann of the Vorpal Swords would declare the now ancient Saint Basillius a false idol and had in reality been an apostle of Chaos who had engineered the doom of righteous Space Marine Chapters. In less than a year, every known sepulcher and shrine to the "false saint" was destroyed and his followers were massacred. The Saint's bones and relics were then placed in a derelict freighter and launched directly into a nearby star" ...yeah, that tracks. "fuck this guy and everybody who likes him. ***yeet***"


Just a remind that Cacodominus can be poorly translated from Latin as 'Shit-lord"


Let's mention my headcanon again- Black Templars named him Shit-lord because they hate psykers so much


Ahh, my old friend, you return from the previous cacodominus thread


Mfw psychic domination takes the form of internet shitposts


Honestly the weirdest thing with the new BT releases is how small the cacodominus’ skull is. I always pictured the thing as at least Carnifex sized for some reason.


Well, the Adeptus Mechanicus has the [Skull of Elder Nikola](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Skull_of_Elder_Nikola) despite Nikola Tesla being cremated, so maybe the "skull" of Cacodominus is a fake.


>###[Skull of Elder Nikola](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Skull_of_Elder_Nikola) >The **Skull of Elder Nikolas** is a relic of the [Adeptus Mechanicus](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Adeptus_Mechanicus). This skull once belonged to an ancient human who lived during the early days of mankind. Should the correct praise-psalm be sung to it, the skull will emit a halo of electric power that expands outwards, scrambling the circuits of enemy war machines.[[1]](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Skull_of_Elder_Nikola#fn_1) +++I am an early prototype mechanicus construct. Please provide feedback [here](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=lexAutomatarium). The Emperor protects!+++


Oh yeah I'm a bit disappointed with how human and small it looks. I too pictured it as being much larger. [Picture](https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/syQGLvsvWUXZh4it.jpg) for anyone interested


Wasn’t caco labeled as a human/alien/cyborg/psyker …or is that just vagueness seeping in?


He was an alien-cyborg Psyker


That looks like they took a random Navigator’s skull and pretended it was Caco’s.


About what kind of horrors can be found in Ghoul stars


Absolutely agree and would love to know more about the death specters and all their craziness.


Oh you know, just some spooky robo-boys who want to flay you and wear your skin. Did I mention there was an entire kingdom of them?


Was it confirmed that's what the threat was out there? I thought all travel into that sector was banned outside of the space marine chapter that administers it.


That's one of them. There also the Ork Empire of Bork and the Cythor Fiends, to name a couple others.


I’m sorry, but I just can’t take an Ork empire with a name like that seriously.


Can you accept the name of Gork and Mork?


Bork makes me think of Swedish Chef orks and i both love and hate it


The Björk Empire


The Ørk Empire.


My sister was bitten by an ork once!


Oi! Does yuz has a minut ta gab bout ours lordz an saivurs Gork and Mork? - some Mormon Ork, probably


A Mormork?


A dakka's Witnez.


Well yes, but they don't have names that sound like the bark of a rather concussed meme dog.


Bork is the ork for gork and mork


Nah the Necrons have said that there are two groups of them in that area who are equally horrifying. The severed ones who are the puppets of an escaped Ctan and the kingdom of the Flayed Ones. There is a lot of other shit out there but we know for sure that there are two groups of extremely and abnormally deadly Necrons in the areas beyond the emperor’s light.


Actually,The severed aren't so much lead by an escaped c'tan as they are led by the AI of a tombworld which had it's nobility wiped out and started controlling the whole thing.


Yeah I remember that now. It is following some sort of protocols that are now causing it to seek out other tombworlds to sever and control. (It might be doing it if it’s own free will but I am pretty sure it is doing what it was supposed to do without knowing any better, I could be misremembering again though.)


The Death Specters are my favorite chapter. Ultra psychic Raven Guard? Hell yeah, sign me up.


I second this. I am VERY curious about the Ghoul Stars


I would loved a "Great Crusades" anthology that went into detail about the many battles against some crazy alien races that the Imperium had during the Great Crusade.


Idk if you've checked them out yet, but lot of the early Horus Heresy books are actually set during the Great Crusade and describe several battles vs xenos. Some examples would be: - Luna Wolves, Emp. Children, and Blood Angels VS Megarachnids (Horus Rising) - Death Guard VS Jorgall (Flight of the Eisenstein) - Blood Angels VS Nephilim (Fear to Tread) - Thousand Sons VS Eldar Titans (A Thousand Sons) - Emperor's Children VS the Laer and Eldar (Fulgrim)


I want the **Rangdan Xenocides.** It would be fun if they ever popped back up in the modern lore again, even for just a couple books.


The world of Sublime and the Black Golan. A massive Chaos market asserting neutrality within the Eye; one of the only routes to import goods in. A place so important that even Abbadon refused to try and claim it, as it would disrupt trade too much. It's owned by an old EC marine; but they even allow Eldar and other Xenos to trade there. It's utterly fascinating, and I'd love an Imperial Armor book about war breaking out there now that the Great Rift has changed how important it is to Chaos forces.


>It's utterly fascinating, and I'd love an Imperial Armor book about war breaking out there now that the Great Rift has changed how important it is to Chaos forces. Did it, really? It looks like a well-established place run by competent administration, that's a damn near miracle inside a place so full of scum, villainy and daemons like the Eye, so it's improbable that another one is gonna pop in a reasonable time frame.


I said it's changed; not one way or another which. Perhaps the route to Sublime remains stable, and it's the Chaos equivalent to Vigilus; and thus far too important to leave independent. Perhaps several new routes have opened up as the Eye expanded, and now it's diminished in power an vulnerable. Tons of possibilities.


I want this but without the war. Something more akin to schemes and dealings in the trade industry. We have enough bolter porn, I want something with more backroom politicking and such with only the occasional head being blown off.


Bacroom politics between demons and harleyquins. Id read that.


Psi-titans and their Ordo, specifically - im not aware if there is any book for them


The feature just a little bit in *Siege of Terra: Mortis*, but not nearly enough as I'd hoped.


Yup. Just one of them shows up >!and then dies almost immediately!< They did get their representative to sound thoroughly creepy for an otherwise "normal" human though.


There's a short story about them.


The lore Say human living in the Tau Empire got their own version of the Imperial Faith. A Book about that could be intressing


Oh yeah! I do remember being absolutely enamored with the idea that Tau absolutely let annexed imperials worship the emperor, thought that was brilliant writing


oh fuck, imagine that triggered the greater good to coalesce into the warp god that did that stuff when they tried to expand out.


Wow could be! It was my understanding that it was humanity’s, both in and out of Tau territory, gestalt psychic manifestation of their idea of The Greater Good that coalesced as a “singular” being. This being due to that being precisely how humans rationalize greater arching philosophies and pseudo-religions. I think you’re totally right though that it may have been a confluence of the two instances


That clan of Saim-Hann that was corrupted by Nurgle and mutated into insect Eldar raiders.


Haha what this sounds awesome.


The Death Guard attacked their Craftword and infected it with their grossness; they wound up having to blast a whole section of it away into space, with some of their people still on it. The sheer despair they felt in that moment let some of them be possessed by Nurgle daemons--and ever since, that region of space has been troubled by mutated corsairs with bug parts.


At the farthest known point of human settlement, far beyond the eastern ridge, literally sitting out in the middle of space outside the galaxy, an Astartes chapter known only as "The Nameless" operates out of an "Artificial Planet" called Repentance. Nothing else about them is recorded in canon.


I want to see a Rogue Trader try to go out there.


I’ve been scrolling for a minute but this is easily the coolest concept I’ve heard so far.


[https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Repentance](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Repentance) WOW that is *way* out there


>###[Repentance](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Repentance) >**Repentance** is the [Adeptus Astartes Homeworld](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Adeptus_Astartes_Homeworld) of the loyalist [Space Marine Chapter](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Space_Marine_Chapter) [The Nameless](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/The_Nameless). It is an artificial world located beyond the [Eastern Fringe](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Eastern_Fringe) of the [galaxy](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Galaxy).[[1]](https://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Repentance#fn_1) +++I am an early prototype mechanicus construct. Please provide feedback [here](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=lexAutomatarium). The Emperor protects!+++


That is, "yeah we're descended from a lost primarch," if I've ever heard one.


Sounds dope. Think they ever run into or kick it with the Carcharodons? That’s kinda their thing too. Operating just outside the fringe proper, unsupported, unbothered. These two will be the first to see the true bulk of the Nids whenever they finally show up.


Where are they mentioned in the lore? A novel? Codec?


The astropath wars.


Pale wasting


I want more on Asterion Moloc. Is he really a perpetual thunder warrior? Or a perpetual iron warrior? Or just a series of marines taking up a mantle?


He is clearly three squats in power armour.


Terminator Armour So like five?


Three in the body, and then one in each pouldron.


Fantastic. He's a squat megazord


Let's go do an atrocity!


Asterion "Vincent Spaceman" Moloc.


I really really want the Minotaurs to be Thunder Warriors 2.0


It would explain a lot about their general prickliness when it comes to other genetically modified servants of the Emperor.


I am not sure if they can. Watchers of the Throne (or was it Regents Shadow?) shows a Custodian reacting to separately Primaris minotaurs. Unless thunder warriors can cross the rubicon primaris.


Oh that’s a good point.


Willing to bet he's just a Pollux-sized Marine or a cyborg.


Halo devices! Still the creepiest 40k art I've seen is the one on the wiki page for them


Literally turned that dude into a Darkest Dungeon Crimson Court vampire.


what are those? i dont htink ive heard of them before tbh


They’re ancient devices created by a Xenos race that went extinct millions of years before the rise of the Eldar. They grant immortality but slowly turn people into weird flesh-eating abominations.


Apparently they are these indestructible devices that are found in the halo stars that attach themselves to a human and grant them immortality, but it turns them into a cannibalistic monster


The Abyssal Crusade, just the absolute insanity of the Imperium really thinking they can conquer the eye of terror. I think one of the planets they fight on is actually a giant obese man.


I feel like it was more of a kamikaze raid than anything else.


It was Basillus' way to quickly and easily get rid of Space Marines. He was corrupt, after all...


I would like to also read about the epic revenge tour by the Vorpal Swords when they actually managed to survive the Abyssal Crusade and come back intact.


I would love to see like a novel of them fighting their way out of it. And the whole time it has been taking place over the course of a month then when they get out it’s been hundreds of years with how whacky time is in the eye


True and he made a meal of everyone on his surface.


Then disgorged them as Chaos marines!


Skitarii culture, just any of it.


The inquisition need to let the angel of destruction out of its box. That thing was a beast.


Yeah only problem is now it wants to wipe out humanity instead


I figure the trick there is to give it a better target, or at least a more immediate one. Throw it at a Hive Fleet or Ghazgull's WAAAAGH!!! or something.


Actually just throwing the sarcophagus at a waagh is genius. They're the only faction who wouldn't check what's inside before opening it, and would immediately want to open it.


Honestly, I'd love to see maybe a black comedy style inside view of the Administratum. It's not an obscure piece of lore, but its an obscure topic because it just doesn't really get much focus.


Yes I can see it, like Brazil meets the Death of Stalin.


Yes, exactly!


A British Office style comedy about working in the Administratum would be fantastic!


Adeptus Jimius put my auto quill in Corpse Starch again!


What lies within the Omega Vault.


the final chamber contains a stasis pod of a perfect, unsouled clone of Big E.


The guardians of the black library other than the harlequins, they are mysterious and damn scary apparently (an inquisitor was so scared by them he refused to talk about it to the inquisition) on top of sitting on the biggest repository of knowledge in the galaxy. I would love also a more detailed account on the black library


Don't they just like bad jokes and self depreciating humor told by a 15 foot tall one eyed, red skinned, daemon primarch?




[Here you go!](https://investor.games-workshop.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/2019-20-Press-statement-1.pdf) A report on stuff including Black Library c: All jokes aside, yeah it's weird how the most legendary library in the known galaxy hasn't had much written about it so far.


It has it's just all stored there too


There's so much obscure lore that exists it's hard to pick one. Two big things that immediately come to mind: - The Outsider, maybe the strongest C'tan who is just **gone**. Potentially hanging out at the Southern edge of the galaxy on an artificial "planet in a planet" that the hive fleets are *actively trying to avoid by a MASSIVE degree*. Not just ignoring, moving entire fleets around cause they don't even want to be anywhere near the planet. And, it's potentially **unshattered**, and in a self imposed exile rather than being forced to leave. And nobody talks about it - And anything that goes on at the very edge of the milky way galaxy, cause as soon as anyone goes out there they seem to encounter a special kind of fucked that doesn't exist anywhere else in the galaxy.


Something with the Thunder Warriors would be cool.


Valdor: Birth of the Imperium goes into a bit of detail about the Thunder Warriors.


Yeah I’ve read through that. There was also a HH novel about one that got away and started a crime syndicate in a hive city which really peaked my interest. I would like something with just them and the emps unifying earth. Idk…they could even bring in some of the perpetual stuff to with it just to fluff it up. Maybe go into how they viewed the Emps and what they thought about their purpose


Arik Tyranis is one of the coolest bits of lore I've read recently. A Thunder Warrior with juuuuust enough knowledge on his own genetic modifications to keep himself alive, who then gets access to a hyper-advanced gene laboratory and an array of Progenoid Glands. Dope af


Pretty sure that’s the guy I’m thinking of. He was a boss in the book


Outcast Dead, wasn't it?


Yeah I think so….basically some baddies broke out of prison and were being hunted down. Had a Samurai guy in it to


Where do you think The Minotaurs come from? Thunder Warriors 2.0 and that’s why they hate other space marines and will throw down with a Custodes at the drop of a dime.


There was a thread here a while back going over the possibility that at least Moloch is a Thunder Warrior or Unification era warlord. When you make a Custodes question their odds, you are a scary man.


During unity was the custodes vs thunders that one sided? In my headcanon, The Minotaurs are to TW what Primaris are to SM. With all the full kit and spending that the high lords can pull off.


It's more that the Custodes had been pretty effortlessly slaughtering Astartes the entire book. When Moloch takes the field, the POV character says he couldn't be certain if he would win one on one. That is about as close to fear as a Custodes can feel.


I always thought thunder Wariors were stronger then astartes but unstable af? Might be confused though


Physically bigger and stronger but prone to rages that made them hard to control and limited the effectiveness of a lot tactics they could've used. Meanwhile the Astartes are all about tactics and using unity and discipline to beat stronger foes.


Physically stronger, nowhere near as flexible and prone to losing their reason in combat.


Damn…never went into Minotaurs lore but now I may have to.


Helfathers i want more lore and stuff on them


Corvus Corax is one of the few Primarchs that saw the Emperor as he actually looks rather than the image the Emperor projects.


So as Malcador ?




ANYTHING on the Krork! I've always been interested in the War in Heaven, but the Krork specifically intrigue me. We know they were better then Orks, but in what ways and by how much. Almost all the factions are "past their prime" to emphasize the grimdarkness of the universe, but it bothers me that we don't REALLY know what the orks have lost. I want to at least know about ONE of their weapons to illustrate the rift between "modern" ork tech and the pinnacle of their power. My other interest is in the Black Library. It's significant enough to name their writing division after, yet there's been so little written about it. The Black Council is described as "the closest the fractious Aeldari species has come to an advisory body that looks after the interests of the entire race", so they should be rather significant. Who are the members? What are their thoughts on the Ynnari? How has the opening of the great rift effected them? Imagine if the Black Council, the wisest members of the Aeldari, the most knowledgeable mortals on the subject of Chaos, saw the wound the Emperor left in the realm of Nurgle and WENT TO RESCUE ISHA! I want the Black Library to become, in some way, relevant, and this would make me SO happy.


The little they’ve given us strongly suggests the Kork were superior in almost every regard. Think of everything that makes a modern Ork great like strength, resilience, speed, adaptability, etc, and multiply it. Then take everything bad about modern Orks like total lack of self control, battle field discipline, the ability to execute any other maneuver besides a frontal charge, etc, and replace it with the opposite. The Kork had power armor and weapons that were easily on par with or exceeded the best Astartes gear at present. Old king klepto himself Trayzn supposedly has a fully armed and armored Kork in stasis somewhere stashed in his romper room. Hey, that would be a great book! Trayzn is feeling EXTRA extra one day and decides to turn old triple OG Kork loose into an unsuspecting smaller Ork empire in some backwater. Within no time this formerly unknown group launches a sophisticated and devastating Waaagh so fast and so successful Imperial adepts wonder if it’s really Orks. Scattered reports from lone survivors telling of “Orks, but different.” No more patched together and operated by faith weapons and suicidal frontal assaults. “Organized, disciplined, better armed, and nigh unstoppable.” This would all, of course, lead to a show down with none other than Gazkull as past meets present in a battle for future of the Okoid race, and maybe the Galaxy…


Oh, I know they're supposed to be better in every way then modern Orks, I just meant that I wanted a "benchmark" of sorts. Like, what was the Krork version of the Shokk Attack Gun? Orks have pre set "schematics" they follow when making weapons, but what could the Krork version of a gun that fire dozens of screaming grots through hell and back be like? I want to know what they were so I can fully comprehend what they've lost.


the Krork version fires Squiggoths


I'd enjoy reading a story set in Null City in Commorragh; basically Mos Eisely turned up to 11 where Dark Eldar rub shoulders with all sorts of xenos and humans looking to make the riskiest buck in the universe.


I would like more lore like we got in “Death of Integrity”. I mean, c’mon, a functional DAoT ship that time travels…even if it’s just little tidbits stuck with a short short/novella that would be awesome. Basically anything that mentions more about DAoT-era stuff. Speaking of that story, I’d love inquisitional records regarding the interrogation of the human pilot from “Death of Integrity”. Even if it’s a small blurb set in some other inquisitors book where they come across records of that incident.


>!Who is the space marine accompany during Farsight's exile!<


[The Harrowing's](https://www.reddit.com/r/40kLore/comments/cn3qtn/except_the_harrowing_the_forgotten_apocalypse/) got to be up there, non-warp extra dimensional xenos that brought the Imperium to its knees, until finally a combination of “forbidden technology and sorcerous lore” was able to hold them back.


My favorite obscure lore piece is that Ark Mechanicus class ships used by the Explorators in their holy quest to find an intact STC... contain fully intact and functional STCs, it's just that the Mechanicus don't realize it. As was discovered onboard the Speranza by Archmagos Kotov in Gods of Mars. I imagine Kotov coming back to the Imperium and saving some forge world's from xenos invasion with his archeotech STC ship, then getting declared heretek because the Speranza is a sentient AI. Queue Mechanicus civil war.


The lost tribes of workers living in the depths of large imperial warships mentioned in the BFG rulebook


A small series about the abyssal crusade would be pretty cool in my opinion.


Random stories from what happens in the noctis labyrinthus. Mars goes down so far, and I can imagine the closer you get to the Void Dragon the more its influence is felt. What kind of impact does this have? Are the priests aware?


Very obscure but I would LOVE a novel detailing the Obliterator virus. Whether it be an origin story or POV of a few afflicted with it. My favorite Chaos units. Conversely a novel doing the same thing but about the Flayer virus for the necrons.


I once saw a map of the solar system circa 40k, and around the orbit of Venus or Mercury there was this black ball. I cant remember its name but it was described as just "something that was put there by unknown xenos and no one knows what is it about". ...I wanna know what is it about.


Within the 9th edition codex of the necrons there is a prison planet of sorts shown on the galaxy map. It is apparently a planet sized tesseract vault containing the biggest and baddest stuff the necrons couldn't deal with. Incan't even comprehend what sort of monsters the necrons couldn't handle considering the all the gods they have enslaved. There's also the fact that it has been said that the Nihilakh dynasty openly aligns itself with the silent king. I want to have a necron book focused on the politics of the necrons now. Containing insight on how the other necron dynasties view the silent king.


The adventures of the Righteous Justice, an Adeptus Arbites strikecruiser (name made up, Arbites Strikecruisers do exist however)


The FFG lore surrounding the Hadex Anomaly. Only time I've ever actually seen a Warp Rift actually \*FEEL\* like [it's fucking supposed to.](https://youtu.be/D2L5KVtU8D0?t=93)


Its not super obsercure but tuska da demon killa or the original makari


In "Legion", John Grammaticus gives us a brief glimpse of the Emperor back when he was still just a Terran warlord. I was really interested in the idea of the Emperor's early years, when he first came out of the shadows and asserted himself. I know it's not "obscure", but it seems to me that there's untapped potential in stories about the Unification era.


Ordo Chronos. Fuckin’ with time.


Specifically, an Ordo Chronos inquisitor who starts out doing the usual "determine the canon date" debates. Only to recognize that his office is no longer just himself but 600 people. And his quest to fix the timeline so he can go back to his hobby.


Black Ships that take young psykers to hellish training are a thing. Some of these young psykers manage to pass and become the psykers and librarians that keep the warp in check as they use it. Others are sacrificed to the Emperor. And then there is a portion of so called sanctioned psykers, who are under supervision of an inquisitor and are basically under-grad psykers with lesser or incomplete powers who somehow still manage to stay sane. And yet somehow are also a potential threat for demon infestation. I get that they are a way to introduce psykers as a playable character that isn't absolutely dominating the narrative at level 1. But I find the idea amazing too. What relationships would build between inquistors and psykers? Do they hate serving an inquistor, or are some inquisitors bros with their psykers and maybe visit their home worlds from time to time?


>impervious to Bolter fire and each having the firepower of a Dreadnought. And yet they still got curbstomped. Ouch.


I mean their main base was a moon. Of course they're individually going to be a threat, but going against an entire crusade fleet doesn't end well for anyone. Especially if you don't have the numbers for a war of attrition


I feel like some obscure sects of the Imperium would be cool. For example, the Black Priests (aka the Pyre Crows) hunting a daemon cult could be a fun read, based on their bleak gallows humor and iron will.


I would love some sort of follow-up about Wazdakka Gutsmek's webway/warp bike highway across the galaxy, assuming he made any progress in setting it up- mostly so he doesn't fade into obscurity like other notable orks.


Not lore, but something that actually gets talked about here quite a bit and there's even a post right now about it. I would like to see a novel how a navigator house goes about ensuring a planet/solar system dependence on them and would enact some very heinous acts of sabotage/manipulation to ensure they're given absolute power. Just to really drive in how shitty living in 40k can really be.


I know ill get hate for this and gw said they would never do it, but i want to know more about the lost primarchs. Primarily the forgotten one.


As much as I want this, nothing will be cooler than the fact that we dont know anything about them. Kinda like fear of the unknown, but this is "drip of the unknown"


Really, anything as long as it doesn't turn into a 50+ series that dissolves any sense of mystery or historical myth.


Wish granted. Now it's 49+ books instead.


World Eaters when they were still War Hounds. Phalanx fighting and exterminatus.


The Tarellians make a comeback.


Rangdan Xenocides


The subjugation/takeover of a world by the [Sisters Sabine](https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Orders_Sabine) Never seen anything like this, so I am thinking about writing it myself. Might not be super combat heavy, but it would have a lot of political maneuvering and assassinations. It could have archeotech, Inquisitors, Mechanicum plots, Eldar, and of course Humans who are not in the Imperium of Man and may not want to be.


The pale wasting


Daot would be the coolest, seeing men of iron gold and stone working together, the interactions between the various xenos and humanity, eldar and humans both having godlike technology and sharing the galaxy.


Definitely the war of the false primarch


I'd love a book that did the navis nobilite justice. Inta house feuding while balancing imperial obligations, different rogue traders and dynastic struggles. Could be awesome. Also a rogue trader cut off from their house, having to survive by guile etc. Basically less bolter porn


not very obscure but some of the other C'tan like the endless swarm and the outsider


Honestly, just a story about pre-emperor Terra. Where the barbarians of Old Albia were still the greatest army anyone knew about.


Custodes training and recruitment




The sound like a more merciful and nicer place to live than under the Emperor and what the imperial tithe and space marines do to their populations!


The Judges do it for selfish reasons. they do it so humanity as a speices can live. Like the 'tithe' is just food and troops, things all nations need. Space marines are tricky but that's a chapter-by-chapter issue and many of them are pretty nice to thier citizens, others... yeah again chapter by chapter. that's not to say life doesn't suck; it does and if anythign what the Judges are doing is equal to Juvanents, which is something you can nail them on... but that's not a point in either faction's favor


The war of of the false primarch or Terra Nova interegum


Not exactly obscure lore, but as far as I know there are no books about the Iron Cage, and I would like to see events around that time fleshed out a little more. The Scouring era in general really, post Heresy the story mostly doesn't pick up again until the Age of Apostasy in like M35, and I would like to see some expansion of Imperial History before that time.


Oh yeah, I'd love to see more about the Black Judges as well, it would be interesting to see things from their point of view as it's unlikely every single one was a moustache twirling villain and it would be interesting how they viewed the Imperium with its inhumanity while claiming to be the truest, most humanest.


Luetin was talking about how some people from the imperium met a human made ship from the golden age of technology it had a fully functioning AI. I'd like it if we could dive more into that sort of thing.


Tyrant Star


Nobody remembers the Steel Confessors or how the Mechanicus almost caused a civil war by making their own space marine chapter in secret.




The Halo Stars


Literally anything about the Rangdan Xenocides. One of the most devastating events and battles before the Horus Heresy? Supposedly involved 4 of the Legiones Astartes INCULDING the 2 Lost Legions? So bad the EMPEROR had to get involved? I would pay big bucks for GeeDubs and Black Library to expand on this.


Cult Tenebrous. A GSC that got lost in the warp and then emerged, but ate now serving Nurgle.


I want more Hrud! Troglodytes rise up!


The Rangdan for sure. Especially since it might have something to do with one of the missing primarchs.


More lore about the Sensei and the eventual death and potential rebirth of the Emperor.


Was this not retconned with the whole perpetual arc?


Anything with the techno-barbarians I'd love.


A horror story in a star ship with Hrud, sounds perfect to me.