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If you **have to** update the firmware, do it via the SD card. From what I have read, firmware or anything via usb to the printer, is a bad idea. I guess your trying the different G-code variations via SD card too ? I found the Micro SD card slot a little too fragile and fiddly. especially for such a small card so I bought an extension cable with male micro sd plug on one end and female SD socket (female) on the other. Then 3d printed a nice housing (Thingiverse) to screw to the size of my control box to hold both in place and hide the ribbon cable. Now all I do is plug in my SD card, which is easier to handle and less likely to lose, into my new SD port, mount/load/refresh (can't remember the exact term) via the control box menu and choose my file to print. Sorry this doesn't cover all your issues. I'm fairly new to it myself


Hi there. Thanks for the reply. And yes, I've been using the SD card for the G-code files.