As a buyer, I prefer a clean, lightly scratched console as a bare minimum. Why?? I don't want to change the shell, the screens, the buttons. The console might be in "Ready to Play" condition. Even if it costs me a little more. But, it's me.


The console will be in very good conditions, apart from little teeth dents on the transparent top shell..To replace that I'd need to do a complete reshell. I dont think it's worth it


Then maybe you could only sand it with a very ultra fine MOISTED sand paper (10K or 12K grade). It's well worth a try!! :)


I've been fixing DS Lites and from my experience, those without screen issues are worth repairing. Anyway think of it this way, even if you just break even or lose a bit of money, you're saving a console from being an e-waste and making someone happy.


When I restore consoles, I make sure the top and bottom digitizer screens are perfect, as well as buttons. I don't worry too much about shells if they don't have cracks, because chinese knock-offs are always of less quality than the original ! Also, I'd sit on it a little longer before reselling, or at least until they have 3rd party crystal clear shells for the OG 3ds, which are all the rage on DS lite consoles right now and sell for a pretty penny, when I see a used DS lite I jump on it !