Curious how much money people spent for last minute 3DS shopping before it closed 💵💵💵

I spent likely more than $200. It hurts to think about it, but I tell myself it's better not to regret anything. Anyone spent a lot? 😅


More than I'm willing to publicly admit. Probably more if there had been a big last minute sale. I don't know why Nintendo & publishers didn't do that, I'm sure they would've gotten way more that final day. The entire eshop should've been deeply discounted. I had to make a lot of tough decisions on what games I just couldn't get. If only money grew on trees... 💸😔💸


Exactly. I had to pick and choose.


Grand total of 0$


Same here, I'd bought all the games I wanted over a couple of years from the time I bought my first New Nintendo 3DS XL in 2016. Bought two more consoles during the pandemic - just because - and I'm only getting through all the games I bought now. Too many games. Not enough time.


I am the guy that spent zero in the past year on the eshop, I had everything I wanted long ago.


$170 (my limit was to spend $100 max 😭)


$385 👀, but I’m planning on playing and beating every game, and not worrying about corrupting using the dark arts and losing my miiplaza mii’s or memories. Peace of mind has a price 🙂.


Right around $400. Picked up 52 titles and a handful of DLC, themes and badges. No regrets.




$700 total including a physical purchase of $220 (for a 2ds xl + physical games as a gift for my girl). $480 on the eshop.


$120 😅 I thought I was only gonna spend like 60


i just used the closure as an excuse to get kirby’s epic yarn and triple deluxe- games i’ve wanted for a long time but couldn’t justify spending the money on. i can’t imagine spending hundreds on games all at once 😭 especially not so last minute


Same about $200 just put it on the credit card and I’ll get to it later 🤣 some dude on here spent upwards of $600 saw it a couple weeks back


About $40 for total me in the month leading up to the closure, nothing before that. For me this is just another aspect of letting go of things I love. It took years of therapy for me to begin to figure out how to do it, but I’m happy to move on and live in the present. Nothing will ever replace the 3DS and I’m so glad I was gaming during its peak.


I spent a good 85$ on dlc and eshop exclusive games. Worth every single penny.


$20 for Pokémon Crystal & Gold virtual console


I think I spent around $90-$100. Good thing I had just recently gotten my first job


a solid $300+


Definitely $200 🤦🏻‍♀️


$150 and I regret nothing. In a couple years I'll still be happy I didn't miss out on some of these games. My gameboy is a treasure chest now


$20, just needed a few DLCs from Ace Attorney. I would have liked more, but I feel that I was always going to find new games I wanted later, no matter how much I spent.


Quite honestly didn’t break $50. I’ve had the 3ds since launch, a lot of games I bought when the came out, so not a lot for me to buy last second


Maybe about $15 or a little less.


$60 exactly. Not sure if they designed it that way, or if it was really just an odd occurrence?


I ended up with $10 left on my account and put in $220 in the last several months. ($120 of that was in the last 3 days before the closure). That doesn't count the physical purchases I made in March-May of last year nor the money I spent on SMT and Etrian Odyssey sales around June. I don't want to remember how much I spent on those... Nor does that count the remaining 2 Pokemon titles on my main 3DS, 2 on my brother's, the Pokemon card game, Dream Radar, and all of the Gameboy Zeldas.... I don't want to do the math.


30 on starfox and mario vs dk


I spent a bunch too, but the way I see it (and maybe this is just rationalizing) is this: if the eshop stayed up indefinitely, these are all games/software I wanted at some point anyways. So how is spending let’s say $300 (idk my actual total) over the course of a week any different than spending $30/year for 10 years?


Physical releases: Detective Pikachu CIB ($32) Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon ($25) Digital: AA Dual Destinies DLC Case: $6 AA Spirit of Justice DLC Case + Asinine Attorney 1 and 2: $14 AA Trilogy: $3 AA Apollo Justice: $3 Pushmo: $8 HarmoKnight: $15 Legend of Kusakari: $2 Gurumin 3D: $2 Kirby's Blowout Blast: $7 So only 60 on digital, 57 on physical, $117 total. I'm on the lookout for physicals now though more than ever!


$55. only cared about Pokémon stuff lol


$10 cuz I dont have a lot of money


Nothing, I had account issues and couldn't add funds


Around $200 I think, but I spent a fair bit on physical on top of that too


$4.50, just to get the Rusty's Real Deal games I didn't have


Well, I’m shamed in saying the actual amount. But it was less than $1k


so 900 then,,


0$. Got a free game (common silver falls w) and the rest I already own, plan to buy physical.


I think about $300


I spent around 90 on the last day, spent probably …. 160 before that . . .




I spent around that as well. I think it was $150-160


I spent $80 AU a couple of days before the closer and in total about $150-$180 in the past year overall.


Within a month I spent around 600. Through your the year I would load up around 20 bucks a week. Overall my 3ds is stacked. I wouldn’t of spent more money on the Wii U ,but I kept having storage issue with the expended memory.


The only thing I thought about buying was Persona Q2 but I honestly don't think I'll even finish the first one :')


Since the announcement, 50 20 60 50. Sucks that the 20 wasn't enough for the 3rd path in Fire Emblem.Fates and by the time the other 50 came along I forgot my priorities. Now I have FOMO


Probably around $750+


Only $30 for me, wanted to spend more but im poor


Lol I spent $200 as well and my only excuse is. I DO NOT wanna buy any Pokémon game $80+ each and not just buy 2 of them for $80 🤣.


I agree, as long as you're happy with your decision! I spent $150 digital. I really wanted Yokai 3 and Radiant Historia. $600 physical (New 3DS XL, 16 games and accessories. My budget was originally $600 with a new 3ds xl but I gave in to some digital stuff


I didn't spend anything on the last day, literally because i don't have much money and was going out the next day to buy a load of wii stuff but in total i spent maybe around £30 but £20 was spent on minecraft and that was all last year


$390 lmao No regrets


$49 on Pokemon Crystal, ace attorney games, and then just themes


None; the store closed in 2020 for me 😔


$13. Pokémon crystal and ace attorney trilogy


£50 on digital. I bought most physicals before the eshop closed though so god only knows how much I spent on those.


An even Hundo .... CAD i may add...


$210 (for only two games!) I thought it would be less money before it closed down but I guess not lol


spent about £20 because i’m saving up for uni. i got persona q and shovel knight because they were on a 90% off sale, as well as some gameboy virtual console games.


I got the Kirby dexule edition but forgot about Kirby yarn adventure suuucks haa


I spent about $60 getting Fire Emblem and Ace Attorney dlc. Kind of wishing I would’ve gotten the Mario & Luigi games and Luigi’s Mansion 1-2 but I’ll live


I spent around £120 i believe. Around 60 on each console.


39$ i just wanted a theme, but my only gift card was a 50$ one. so I bought Lugis mansion dark moon to replay it later (I already played it on my older 3ds). and used some on badge arcade.


I bought two Etrian Odyssey games for £3.49 each, Persona Q for £3.49, Attack of the Friday Monsters for £7.19 and then 3 Ace Attorney games which cost £85. So £105ish.


I panic spent 8 bucks. But downloaded 36 demos


Alot but I'm not buying any gamed for awhile need to save up.


£0, I'm happy to just let the 3DS die, it's an unpopular opinion. But it's had it's run, and it's lasted longer than other consoles have previously. It's time for Nintendo to move on for a new plan. I'm now just hoping for a 3DS sized Switch.


I think I ended up using the last of my eShop gift cards before it closed so a grand total of like $80 or so


$0. Because I got what I needed years ago, pre-pandemic, even. My mainsteam game library is all physical so my digital purchases were limited to virtual console games.


Sort of wish Nintendo had continued making a home console and a portable rather than going the hybrid route..


Too much lol


I spent $130 USD across 3DS and Wii U. My only purchases were the DLC for *New Super Mario Bros. 2*, and some cheap games under $11 each. I added about 16 icons to 3DS and 7 icons to Wii U. I have not started all the games. So far, the best value was *Gurumin 3D* at $1.99 + tax, a 3DS port of a Windows game. The best gameplay was in *Parascientific Escape*, 3 games totaling $5.99 + tax, only for 3DS. I missed my chance to buy any *Japanese Train Simulator* games.


If you would still like to legally play Japanese Train simulator you could try the Japanese physical versions (Railway Japan Route), but they're pretty expensive, and have no English. They also have Japanese Train Sim Journey to Kyoto on Switch and Steam, but I don't know if they're any good.


On the last day $20. Over the last year I think maybe $110. It’s hard to remember exactly.


I spent about $75 of eshop cards I was gonna use on my switch 😂😅


I never actually calculated uhhhhhhhh


I spent $266.08 on my American 3DS, and 24740 yen, or $204.81 on my Japanese 3DS. It should be noted that 1.) I got both of my systems a month and a half before the shutdown, so everything I ever wanted to buy was crammed into this short time-frame, 2.) I was willing to spend $200 more on everything, but both eshops stopped accepting my money on the last day, and 3.) While I don't regret most of my purchases, there are a small handful of games I would have skipped if I had more time to research (for example, I got Pokemon Red and Blue for the alternate color palates, only to find that you can't play them in color on the virtual console). Overall, most of what I missed exists elsewhere, and I'm pretty happy with how things turned out, but I should have given myself more time because I made things *way* more stressful than they needed to be.