I think for the issue to be the shifter, it would have to be bad enough that you also couldn't reliably switch into gears. Did you check fuses yet? Last time my backups didn't work it was because I was being lazy with battery disconnects, and accidentally jumped my front turn signal contacts, killing a fuse.


Does your shifter have some play in it? My reverse lights only come on if I hold the shifter to one side of the gear slot.


No it’s pretty tight once in gear. The lights won’t come no matter even when I try to move the shifter around while it’s in reverse.


I had the very same issue as you years ago. It was my reverse light switch. It threads into the transmission and is an easy fix. It's common for them to fail. I can almost guarantee this is also your problem.


Yeah that seems to be the most likely. Hopefully I can knock it out on my own


Ok that makes sense. It goes into gear just fine and doesn’t have much play when in gear. I did check the fuses and all seem to be fine. No other lights around the car are out either. It’s got to be that switch. I have just seen some say it’s impossible and others say it’s not too bad. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be closer to the easier end of the range :)