Don’t get a z Edit: until you have a good daily and money.


Tbh I wanna daily it


I understand your feelings but these cars are a pain to fix and Expensive to do so. You can’t just daily it because it adds wear to it. Adding wear means more likely for something to break. My z31 is an 88 manual in good condition but so far I had to get the timing belt fixed, radiator change, hood support replaced, find a functional power supply box for the digital dash which by the way is harder to do as these parts are getting even more difficult to find and replace, and try to fix a pesky engine light which will prevent it from passing smog even if the engine is fine. These cars are gorgeous but are high maintenance bitches.


I have the same exact car btw


Well that's no surprise


Listen to this guy op.


Automatic 2+2 is the least desirable combination. And while I am a z car enthusiast and am quite fond of Z31,s these are over 35 years old. They require periodic timing belt service, they tend to suffer from age related wiring issue. Not a good daily at this point. Also a lot of shops don’t want to mess with them.


The automatic part kinda turns me off, but I mean I could take out the rear seats


It’s still longer and heavier than a 2 seater. It’s a different chassis.


also has the ugly roofline hump in the back


First get the money second get it manual, the turbo and non turbo have the same drivering sensation the turbo ain't that wow specially for a 30+ year car. Easier to get a N/A and add a turbo


Don't get the automatic. Its old technology that is difficult/expensive to keep going. Also what's the point of an auto sports car. I would only recommend this if you plan to go to school to be a mechanic. I'm having major electrical issues that just seem to get worse as I poke around. And like others have said most shops won't work on them, especially the eletrical.




I see a lot of comments in here discouraging you from getting it, its not a forgiving vehicle to work on but it’s not super difficult, parts are available from Nissan they are expensive but brand new. I bought my 86 300zx fresh out of highschool as a daily and I’ve had no problem keeping it on the road. I would find a mechanically inclined friend and check to see if the timing belts been done. Even being an automatic 2+2 these cars prices are skyrocketing, if you can get a good deal and it seems to run fine I’d say go for it.


I bought a z31 at 300,000 miles and used it for a daily in college despite having to rebuild the Automatic transmission 2 times after the 1st job was bad, I learned a lot through the process and now only take my car to a specialist in datsuns, it s not cheap to maintain but I would spend more making monthly payments for a new car. I say it’s worth it but I have since then bought a back up Toyota as a daily and now only drive the z about 3 times a week. It’s 390k miles now