Most of the time the board on the back of the gauge is burnt up. I bought a replacement cluster and swapped my gauge. [my busted gauge](https://imgur.com/a/donTSfc)


I might be able to repair that for you. I've fixed others before.


Same here, I found 2 possibilities 1 the wheel/gear that connects to the diff is not working or not sending the signal 2 the cluster is not working


Does your odometer still work? If so, its probably the speedo in the cluster. Its been said many times you can usually crack it open and re-flow some bad solder joints and usually get it fixed, but no guarantees. Its a very common problem on these cars.


My odometer works but when I put the key in it jumps to 1000 rpm before I start the car. So it’s always off by 1000 rpms


They're asking about your odometer (mileage counter) not your tachometer (RPM). Reason being, if both the speedometer and odometer stop working while the rest of the cluster is functional, that's a symptom of a bad speed sensor. It's a small mechanical part that plugs into the passenger's side of your transmission housing and provides a voltage reading that your ECU uses to determine your current speed. I made [this post](https://www.reddit.com/r/300zx/comments/qk42mv/psa_remove_speed_sensor_without_removing_exhaust/) recently that may help you with removal. You can check that yours is or is not producing voltage using [this method](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gxNY21gYgKU). And if you end up needing to replace, you have to get these separate pieces: * [Speed Sensor](https://www.z1motorsports.com/speedometer-pinion/nissan/oem-300zx-z32-non-turbo-manual-speed-speed-sensor-na-p-3447.html?list_name=SearchResults&oid=3447%3A0%3A4%3A1&qid=40870626222357e8c52b5ff143635b01) * [Pinion Gear](https://www.z1motorsports.com/speedometer-pinion/nissan/oem-300zx-z32-non-turbo-manual-speed-sensor-pinion-gear-na-p-1484.html?list_name=SearchResults&oid=1484%3A0%3A4%3A1&qid=40870626222357e8c52b5ff143635b01) * [Retaining Clip for Pinion Gear](https://www.z1motorsports.com/speedometer-pinion/nissan/oem-300zx-z32-240sx-s13-speed-sensor-gear-retainer-snap-ring-p-5393.html?list_name=Related+Products)


If you do MankBaby's steps and its the speedo I can fix it. Message me for info.