Any of you hosses or hossettes want to take a gander at my new book

/ua It’s called “Scream If You’re Having Fun” and is a collection of rural genre short stories that take place in my home region of the Ohio River Valley. Sorry for abandoning the dialect gimmick of this sub but I’m from the infamous Pee Pee Creek Township of Ohio, my old high school almost exclusively uses “Donkey Basketball” as a fundraising tactic and I start each morning with a Mountain Dew. I promise I have redneck cred.


I'm always happy to check out something new to read, though it'll have to take til friday to buy it.


Cool! I have a link on my profile if you’re still interested this time next week. It works for me but even if it doesn’t work for anybody else, my book is the first result when you type in its title on Google.


Nah ur gud. A tru appalashun kin code switch purfeckly