Police in Ocean City, Maryland tasered a 17-year-old teenager after they accused him of vaping. The teenager was not in any way physically interacting with police. After being tasered, he collapsed unconscious on the ground, was then hogtied and placed in a police van.

Police in Ocean City, Maryland tasered a 17-year-old teenager after they accused him of vaping. The teenager was not in any way physically interacting with police. After being tasered, he collapsed unconscious on the ground, was then hogtied and placed in a police van.

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Link to previously stickied comment with more videos: https://www.reddit.com/r/2020PoliceBrutality/comments/nzaa5y/police_in_ocean_city_maryland_tasered_a_17yearold/h1ow8e8/ Thread locked because we're tired of swimming in the incoming shit comments "just comply" "he deserved it" "he was reaching" all made just to start arguments.


Bike police are the worst police Hope this kid sues the shit out of that department but it'll be the tax payers catching the bill like usual


Yup. They put hands on their guns because my one black friend was illegally parked while we were picking someone up. I got out and made sure to let them know they still looked like little children on their bikes. Told them if they put a baseball card in the spokes it’ll sound like a motorcycle... In hindsight I’m lucky I wasn’t shot, that’s my white privilege.


I once drove up to a police blockade in the road and was wondering what was going on until 8 of them surrounded my car with their guns drawn screaming at me to get out of my car. After The screaming was over and I didn’t have guns drawn on me anymore they finally told me that I had been pulled over because some piece of shit called in a fake hit and run on me. What the actual fuck


That’s insane. My guess would be they had a description, made assumptions and went in with full force and partial information. Then passed blame onto someone else when realizing you were not the suspect they were looking for.


21 Jump Street fucktards


there were 4 total arrests for alleged vaping. [Video 1 with Twitter thread](https://twitter.com/notmiisha/status/1404130004804509698) [Video 2](https://twitter.com/1Younghav/status/1404073187269386245) [News article: Widely circulated video shows Ocean City MD police officer kneeing a man held down on the boardwalk. In new statement, police dept said officers saw a "large group vaping". 4 arrested..."aware of the video"](https://twitter.com/jemillerwbal/status/1404221854991147008)


Like...weed vaping? I feel like they should just say smoking weed if that's the case. That said, whether that reaction was for weed vaping or nicotine vaping, that's fucked up.


Here’s the really fucked up part. Maryland law states: “A first finding of guilt under this section involving the use or possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana is a civil offense punishable by a fine not exceeding $100.” http://mgaleg.maryland.gov/mgawebsite/Laws/StatuteText?article=gcr§ion=5-601 Using or possessing marijuana in the state of Maryland is not a criminal offense. It’s a ticket. No arrest is made. No criminal record. Tasing a compliant person for allegedly committing an act that is not a crime is beyond fucked up.


But it could lead to more dangerous things! Like breathing or being the wrong skin color! This anarchy must stop! /s


Would have been really fucked up if there was an equal response use of force. I love that all this stuff gets put on camera but there's more that doesn't. We are approaching some fucked up times too.


No - it’s vaping anything. Same thing is prohibited in Ocean City NJ. In MD there are designated areas and you get a $500 fine…. But I see way more than a fine here… should be a ticketed offense. Like give them a ticket and go on your way. That’s a huge consequence! But no- it’s about their egos.


I’m sorry, what? Like smoking an e-cigarette is illegal?


Yes. According to local town ordinance of ocean city since 2015. Only designated areas and park employees can write $500 citations as well. If you don’t pay and do not go to court date you get additional fines. Also- tbh it’s to target tourist $$$. They want out of town revenue. Ocean city MD is notoriously trashy, as well. Like the People of Walmart beach. Rehobeth or Dewey are the nicer beaches.


Wtf. Is smoking cigarettes also illegal?


Yes. On beach, bus stops etc except private or marked “designated” areas. MD was first state to close trumps vape loophole by banning disposable flavored e-cigarettes as well.


Did they do it before NJ? Here they banned everything except for tobacco flavor, in all forms (liquid or disposable). I find all these vape bans so fuckin insane and reactionary government overreach.


Cmon. What do you think To Protect and To Serve means?! They are protecting these kids from hurting themselves vape’s by hurting them with tasers and criminal records.


I see and hear your sarcasm here. But cops really do resent the idea that it’s part of their job to “protect and serve”. They’ll scream that their lives are worth more than anyone else’s and they can’t be bothered with public safety, while in the other breath saying that they can’t be defunded because they keep everyone safe and they need more money because they put their lives on the line every day. All of which is complete BS. But that’s the kind of law enforcement we are stuck with atm.


this has gotta be affecting tourism, right? Any time I get the slightest desire to go the USA, I just remember any of the thousands and thousands of shit like this... ugh


It legitimately makes me not want to go to the US again. This shit is beyond scary. For vaping, they shoot electrical wires into his body to stun him, and then carry him to (presumably) jail? It looks like a lot of police in the US are always escalating problems in stead of the opposite.


Are these real cops? Some of them look friggin teenagers


Ocean City constantly hires a bunch of seasonal cops with "250+ hours" of training. You only need a GED and a driver's license.


Fun story about Ocean City cops: Me and my friends were about 19 and living a couple hours from Ocean City. We decide to spontaneously caravan there during the off season at midnight. We get there, go to the beach, smoke a blunt, play tag, act like dummies, etc. After being on the beach for about a half hour at 3am, cops roll up on us. They smell weed and ask where it is but we finished what we had on us. Instead of taking us at our word, they spend 45 minutes trying to follow our tracks in the sand from playing tag—looking for a weed bag. Our two other friends catch up with us and immediately get searched. They ditched a larger bag like 30ft back but one of them still had a bit on them. The cops find it then literally **fist bump and high five**. Two of my friends get arrested. So about 8 of us are waiting outside the police station in pouring rain for hours. Meanwhile our friends are inside taking Snapchats with the cops, drinking hot coffee, big chillin. Pretty sure one of them got a cop’s phone number. They get out around 7am, we go back to grab the half o that was ditched, and we get tf out of OC lol. …yeah it was a cute story in hindsight but I can’t imagine these guys trying to operate under even a modicum of stress during peak season, as their training certainly seems to be as minimal as everyone claims.


And so very many of the folks attracted to the job are just exactly the opposite of what the public needs policing them. Trigger/taser/zip-tie-happy idiots


Absolutely—I mean look at the hiring tactics in some places. “Get a dope car, make good money, look/act like a vigilante TV character” doesn’t exactly compel discipline, respect, and service.


Thats literally 10 days in total.. Edit: had to edit it because you pricks didn't understand what I meant.


If they're being trained 24/7. More realistically, 6 weeks of 8 hour days.


Which is absolutely abysmal. Policing needs to be a 4-year degree, minimum.


Something tells me police unions would rather scrape the bottom of the barrel


And sometimes they scrape the bottom of the teenage vagina without consent and get away with it. * [In Secretive Court Hearing, NYPD Cops Who Raped Brooklyn Teen in Custody Get No Jail Time](https://theintercept.com/2019/08/30/nypd-anna-chambers-rape-probation/) > "Two NYPD cops coerced Anna Chambers into sex in exchange for her freedom. A judge just gave them no jail time." At least one good thing happened because of this: police in New York are no longer legally allowed to rape teenagers that are in custody (or anyone in custody). * [The Rape of Anna Chambers Led to a Change in New York Law — but She Can’t Benefit From It](https://theintercept.com/2019/01/25/new-york-nypd-police-rape-law/) > "A Brooklyn teen was raped by NYPD officers. Her story led to a change in the law around rape in police custody — but the change won’t affect her case."




What a POS


Exactly! When one can’t get the pay and benefits afforded them due to their lack of outside prospects, they tend to be all in.


Like teachers. But we still have to have a min 4 year degree.


Like teachers, they should have regular training, accreditation, and licensing programs. IfcCops had to be licensed to work, like other professional fields, it could be revoked and they couldn't just move from one PD to another, escaping the consequences of gross misconduct. Their licensing body could hold them to a higher standard beyond each individual, possibly corrupt, PD.


Month in a half before I’m allowed to taze and hogtie people professionally. Got it. Wanna know how long it takes to be allowed to teach kids how to count to 20 in a classroom?


And how much more beyond four years to get the masters so you actually make a living wage?


This is the real joke. Most school districts pay about $1,000 more a year if you have your masters degree. In fact, the district I work at only pays $500 more for a masters and $800 more for a doctorate. A YEAR…


Ahhh you realize all the avocado toast you can get with $1000? Clearly that’s an overpay. Teachers just need to find some bootstraps to pull because clearly them getting more education doesn’t improve their ability to teach. Duh /s


Thats 10 days and 10 hours, put some respect on the dedication


"dedication" 😂😂


Cops need to be licensed professionals requiring some sort of education beforehand, not essentially freelance idiots with "training"


Most states have higher requirements for being a stylist.


Very true. Two year degree, licensure, tests, and training. After all, the caustic materials could damage someone or their hair!


You can tell the rentals by who's carrying a revolver. Can't trust them with more than six shots.


Congratulations, graduating class of Thursday afternoon!


Ocean City PD are bunch of corrupt losers. Shady as fuck, every one of them. I lived in Ocean City for a while. The corrupt former cop who owned the bar I worked for still had a bunch of friends of the force. When we got “robbed” one night after closing (cough cough it was the owner ripping off the state for Keno money) they brought in the whole staff for fake lie detector tests, searched my house without a warrant while I was at work and tried to claim they could charge me with a felony for marijuana they allegedly found in their illegal search. I could make it all go away if I helped frame the only black employee. Marijuana is of course decriminalized in Maryland and results of an illegal search are inadmissible. I refused to aid in their little racist plan and got the fuck out of that shitty town. No charges were ever filed. The incompetent fucks have watched too many movies and have never solved an actual crime. Anyone who wants to be a real cop would go to work for a DC area police force two hours away. They’d make twice as much money and go through a shitload more training. The only cops in Ocean City are racist thieves who couldn’t make it as real cops so they harass kids on the boardwalk. Seasonal cops in Ocean City make $16.37 an hour. Minimum wage in DC is $15. And the cost of living isn’t even that different, renting a house in the summer in Ocean City is insanely expensive due to all the vacation rentals. Making 600 bucks a week means those dipshits still have a significant commute.


Everyone! Cancel your plans to go to OCMD! Go to Jersey! It’s legal there! Let’s shove their bullshit in their face and make them lose a ton of money and change their bullshit! Hit them in their pockets!


I'll go if New Jersey stops charging me 20 bucks just to drive through New Jersey If toll booths are punishing me for NOT visiting New Jersey then that's a stupid plan to force people to visit New Jersey


No one be in Jersey if you paid to enter. You pay for the right to escape.


You can drive in Jersey all you want. Getting where you're going is the expensive part. .


Jesus fucking christ that story is scary.


I wish we lived in a world where for a second I could doubt you and think this was a made up story. But with how shitty our cops are I didn't doubt this was real for even a moment.


It’s a beach town pretty dead in the winter. They hire a lot of seasonal people to be auxiliary cops/meter maids for the summer. Definitely the younger guy in yellow. Usually college kids since nobody else just has summers free.


Like mall cops, but with qualified immunity


And a fucking taser? What?


So rent a cop?


I was a seasonal for Rehoboth when I was in college. It was fucking miserable.


The technical term is Goober.




Informal, but acceptable in most settings.




Hey now.


I meant no ill will towards you or your peoples Mr. Goober.


seasonal shore cops are as dumb and inexperienced as they come. these are the frat guys, college kids, drop outs and wanna-bes who take the work as a summer job with the intention of being an overt asshole to people. source: grew up mid-atlantic and knew these type of shit heads


you just described regular cops


We call them rent-a-cops.


I worked with a former OC “cop” for a while. We also had a coworker who was 20+ yr retired Baltimore city Cop. The BCPD cop routinely told the OC “cop” he was just a security guard. Needless to say, they despised each other.


Ocean city cops are total douches with no real ability. They only police underage kids and leave any real crime alone. Fuck oc PD!


Define real? Are they maintaining peace and morale? Are they protecting others from danger? Are they doing good for their country and city? No. These are not real cops. People would do well to remember these are people. Looks like OC deserves to lose a lot of their tourism revenue. Like everyone go to Jersey it’s legal there! Fuck MD and any state that reacts like this.


End qualified immunity for police






Just end police


End the police


We definitely need some sort of response force for emergencies and safety enforcement. but not this garbage.


"Tasers are a lethal weapon" - Pro cop people when that logic works to defend cops actions "Chill it was just a taser" - Pro cop people when cops tase people for basically no reason


And then you see the army do it and soldiers are built for 40 hour marathons, while they are still taken to the floor by a tazer. Something tells me they don't know what a tazer actually is.


>"Chill it was just a taser" - Pro cop people when cops tase people for basically no reason "The cause of death was obviously excited delirium" - Medical examiners on the cause of death of someone who died after being tased by cops, updated from "obviously this person was tased to death" after being sued by Axon corporation shills.


I was just here, the Ocean City Police Station sells Thin Blue Line tshirts like it's a fucking merch stand. It's one of the only public restrooms between 60th and 70th st if you're on the beach. I would've pissed on their floors if I knew they wouldn't made an underpaid state employee clean it


Does the police station really have a merch store? That’s insane.


I’m that customer that unfolds seventeen shirts to read them and not fold them back up, I would’ve looked at every shirt they had...


They sell them from behind the bulletproof window that the cops harass you from


Hahahahaha no fucking way.




OC is a right-wing nut-job utopia. The shops for the last four years are filled with tRump crap and lock her up t-shirts and confederate flag garbage. Half the boats in the harbors fly magat flags.


I live here, Trump actually visited my old high school for a rally back in 2016. It's that kind of place. Huge number of COVID deniers, Trumpers, GQP people... it's not pleasant.


And they kept their jobs. Fucking bastards, all of them.


I guess they decided to go full masks off, and not do the whole “suspended leave” or “paid leave” bullshit.


Gone are the days of pretense of supervision (eg being placed on administrative leave), now they’re just going feral


Why go through the bother of trying to find more people willing to abuse others? You've already got 4.


Thank god they saved him from that vape, no telling what it could've done to him.


"If you vape, you could be inhaling toxic metals!"


If you use spoons, it could be vitamins or rat poison! Won't somebody please think of the children...


I got those ads on Reddit... If you're not used to American ads, they look comedic as fuck with the obviously paid actors making "testimonials." me and my friends are now constantly telling eachother "it's metal... IN YOUR LUUUUNGS!"


My favorite is "this is what metal might look like in your lungs" and then it's like an animated metal cat monster.


Is vaping illegal in the US now??


Yeah thats confusing. Have they seriously made valine illegal? It's a alternative to smoking for fucks sake, not exactly brandishing a firearm


If its THC it is. Even states like mine that have fully legalized weed, hes 17 years old and outside. Its the same as if he had an open beer can with him on the beach. Totally no reason to taze the kid tho


Open container laws are also stupid and were created to target the poor who can't afford it go to a bar and the homeless who don't have a home to drink in.


Do they know is age tho? Probably not at the time when that tater came into play


No but they raised the minimum age so this kid is now 4 years too young to be doing it, instead of < 1 year. Either way it should have been a ticket at most.


If this is California or Colorado they have no smoking age requirement. In California you have to be 21 to purchase tobacco but there is no law that covers age usage, so a 15 year old could find a loose cigarette and smoke it. Another great example is when they recently changed the law to require people to be 21, They specifically stated that they won't be going after the people attempting to make a purchase they'll be going after the retailers. Here's a quote about California's laws "The law criminalizes the act of selling or giving tobacco or tobacco products to minors, not minors’ possession of it. People under 21 cannot be fined, jailed or otherwise punished for having tobacco, unless they violate another law such as smoking in a movie theater."


Are there any updates on if he was alright??


Great job officers. The elusive “alleged vaping teens” are the most dangerous individuals in the world. One time I saw a kid with a vape SKATEBOARDING ON THE SIDEWALK. He may as well have been beating bunny rabbits to death with a stolen hammer!


for the people saying "but the kid reached down!" are we supposed to live in a constant state of fear that cops might overreact to every small movement? there's like 4 cops there. you shouldn't be saying what the teenager should've done differently, you should be asking what the cops should've done differently. quit bootlicking and start demanding better from cops - whose salary YOU pay.


If cops are going treat every interaction for petty infractions as a life or death scenario, we should stop letting them write tickets and stop people for the small shit. This way the cops aren't scared and trigger happy and those of us not committing felonies, assaults and what not don't have to worry about getting shot because we were driving 5 over the limit and it was a slow crime day.


There’s a county or state doing just that. Can’t remember where, but I was just reading about it.


Pretty sure Philidelphia has a section of the city they are doing a pilot program for cops not to stop people for quality of life crimes (open liqour, public urination, smoking etc..)


Yeah, thanks for saying this! I thought he was just trying to take his back pack off. Or maybe it was a nervous tick. This shit is so fucking infuriating. None of us are safe. A cop literally followed me for 2 blocks last week, simply because I'm young and brown and on foot. I almost shit my pants out of fear


He was clearly going to take off his backpack. Fucking american cops are so trigger happy, just lucky they didn't mix up the tasers and the guns.


The police TOLD HIM to take off the backpack... That's the worst part.


That is terrifying, I'm glad you are okay.


Someone else said they told him to take off his back pack, which is what it looks like he was "reaching" to do.... and then another person said he wasn't complying by NOT taking off his backpack. See... they get you either way. Comply and you're "reaching" so they taze you, don't and they taze you.


I remember a video, years ago by now, where a cop asked a man to get out of the car, and once out he asked for ID, guy goes back to his car to grab it, and gets shot for it. Cop said "You were diving back into your car!" Fucker was either wanting to shoot someone or jumpy.


His name is [Levar Jones](https://youtu.be/-XFYTtgZAlE) and thankfully he survived being shot by South Carolina State Trooper Sean Groubert. Trooper Groubert was later fired, convicted of aggravated assault & battery, and sentenced to 5 years in prison. It happened in 2014 in Columbia, SC.


If 4 cops feel threatened by a single teenager reaching into his pocket, they don't have what it takes to be cops. People should stop finding excuses for cops acting literally like Cyril "suppressive fire" Figgis from Archer.


OMG you’re *so right.* They’re 100% Cyril Figgis, and that’s really sad because the whole joke of Cyril is that he’s a desk-jockey who doesn’t have what it takes to be out in the field. These dudes out here thinking they’re Lana, when they’re not even at Archer-levels of competence. And they only *wish* they had *half* the gonadal fortitude of Pam Motherfucking Poovey. These dudes are Cyrils through-and-through.


They told him to take the backpack off. They tazed him for complying


Kind of get the impression that the cops are all worried that someone else is going to get the taser off before them. Got to be first! Even if the taser part was knee-jerk and an oops moment, literally three cops kneeling on him to get him hogtied? WTF and then carry him off? I really hope that kid finds the sleaziest lawyer. And yeah, taxpayers will put the bill but somebody's ass is going to get chewed. City can't just be handing out lawsuit money right and left.


They have to respond with more force so they can pretend the earlier force was reasonable. When when cop fucks up all cops swarm to protect them. Never forget that the officers who arrived on the scene when Amber Guyger murdered Botham Jean turned off their cameras to limit the evidence that could be used against her. Thats a fucking felony. Where are these good cops people keep telling me are the majority?


I see people mentioning a lack of training, and while that may be an issue we need to remember that these cops did exactly what they were trained to do. Step 1: Approach a person who might be breaking a law. It might not really be a law, but that doesn’t matter. There is legal precedent for police apprehending people just because the cop thought what they were doing was breaking the law, even though it wasn’t a law at all. Ignorance of the law is ok for police, but not for civilians. Step 2: Be ready to respond to any movement that is against your instruction. And by respond we mean shooting, tackling, punching, kicking, tasering, etc. Remember, all citizens are armed and ready to shoot you until proven otherwise and if you don’t act first they will kill you, your partner, and everyone else in sight. Police are taught to be very afraid of you. Then given a gun and told they must shoot first or get shot. We need legislation to stop this. We need civilian oversight of police departments. We need to end qualified immunity.


> I see people mentioning a lack of training, and while that may be an issue we need to remember that these cops did exactly what they were trained to do. This isn't being talked about enough. It's also the reason why these lunatics keep their job. You can't fire someone for doing what they have been trained to do. The problem is that there is *zero* understanding of what we as civilians are supposed to do to ensure we don't get shot or tazed. This is by design.


Looked like he was taking his backpack off


100% Who is (supposed to be) the professional


If "he might have had a gun" is enough reason to shoot someone then you don't actually have the right to bear arms.


americans have no point of reference when it comes to policing. they don’t realize how utterly incompetent american cops are


Half of us do. The other half would suck a cop's dick as a thank you for giving them a speeding ticket.


Yes, yes we do


Norway here; I’ve been stopped in my car several times over the years for standard checks (it’s a periodic thing here) and not only have I never been tased but the police have been polite and friendly. Go figure.


Some of us do, but sadly we do also have a lot of boot lickers


It was pretty clear he was about to just slide his bag off. These “cops” are just smoothe brain as fuck


Can’t fucking vape?


I'm guessing they had a no smoking ordinance on the boardwalk because of people just throwing their butts on the ground. They probably interpret vaping to be the same as smoking. Some cops are always looking for an excuse to be a dick.




One can only dream to be as free as people of the Land of The Free 😅


Apparently, not on the beach and boardwalk. More of a "move along" infraction, not a zzzzap one.


If not outside, in the open air, on the beach one of the windiest places to exist... then where? People are crazy.




I think it was originally a cigarette butt litter problem though. I agree with you about hating cigarette smoke while I'm eating, but most places didn't care about that until the 2000s.


nO oTheR CoUntRy iS FrEe LiKe AmerikKka


Fucking hell. They always try to push away the cameras after as if we didn't just see them assault an innocent person.


Ocean City is a tourist town. Be a shame if they lost a ton of tourist business because of their hired thugs.


Ha! Have you been to OC? The vacationers in my experience are generally the trumper thin blue line types. OC is a garbage dump of mostly garbage people. Assateague is the only good part of the OC area


The Delaware beaches up north like Bethany or Dewey or Rehobeth are where the much more civilized people go.


Obviously he was a threat to their lives... /s


Our very existence is a threat to their lives.




A young black man is 100% a threat to these racist fucks Just seeing a person of color pisses them off


‘Murica, where Freedumb reigns supreme. Even its Flawed Democracy qualifier is overly generous.


Live 30 minutes from there. The town sucks and it’s cops are awful!


I live an hour or so north in NJ right on the shore, basically same type town as ocean city with a boardwalk and boardwalk cops etc, and the cops in these shore towns are straight up the worst. They have a crazy inflated budget, but absolutely jack shit to do 90% of the time. Even for a simple traffic ticket, you'll end up with multiple fancy decked out cop cars pulling up and checking in within a minute or two. Just praying for something to do. They are just bored as fuck, but also juiced the fuck up and ready for action. Almost entirely white male republican too. Heavy part of Trump's voting block in the state. And fucking boardwalk/bike cops are all the kid trainees and rejects, so it's even worse. Fuck those dumb fuckers. Giving these untrained bootlicker kids a ~~less than~~ lethal weapon and the protected ability to use it on other fellow kids or anyone else...is absolutely insane.


Was at the beach this past weekend and the amount of fucking cops patrolling the beach for drinking was INSANE. I witnessed 4 different cops giving out citations all within the general vicinity of where we were sitting. I guess now that weed is legal in NJ and they can’t use that as excuse to harass people they’re going for the next best thing




Never fuck with a bike cop, because nobody respects a bike cop, so they are just ready to pop off at the slightest thing.


This is entirely consistent with their training. Because their training is to treat the public as the enemy.


Look at these fuckin clowns. Who let the mall cops out?


But think of who they were protecting and the lives saved by stopping that 17 yo from vaping. Luckily the use of a taser and dropping him on the pavement bettered the community. What a bunch of garbage people and we keep giving them guns and badges.




Ocean City Maryland brings in college aged kids during the summer. They put them through a rigorous application process, an expedited training, and out onto the streets as police officers. I know because I once went through this my Junior year of college. Applied and all that, but didn't take the job. Back then I thought it was going to be the coolest shit. Now I realize the intensive training courses are not enough. It doesn't matter how many hours in a day you train someone, two months of training is not enough to understand the laws or effectively enforce them. I say all of this as one of those officers looks like a child. Probably like I did 8 years ago.


For VAPING? Hey cops if you're THAT bored there's a whole bunch of rape kits gathering dust Oh wait that takes actual detective work


You know LAPD is super cautious with its entire police force when it comes to many things like this. The higher ups for LAPD are literally fearful of people fighting back. The LA Riots taught them once people fight back, no police force can stop them. When do we fight back?


We need to abolish the police.


Damn you might as well just shoot yourself in the head if a cop ever comes up to in the US. You either gonna be harassed, assault and fined for absolutely nothing. After the last year I think I have come to the option that America is a police state and I don't see myself having the desire to travel there any time soon.


Vaping is dangerous. We will do whatever it takes to save you from a slow and painful death. ~~Even~~ Especially if we have to kill you to do it. -The police


Dissolve that dept.... holy shit!


Without even reading the article, I know what the department's defense will be. "He appeared to be reaching for something". Which in all honesty, he did. It looks like he was reaching to remove his backpack. Terrible judgment call on his part because now the department will have an avenue to get away with this. Maybe if they were actually trained to *protect* the public rather than *fear* it, shit like this wouldn't happen.


Apparently they told him to take his backpack off so my guess is that one cop said to take it off and another just saw movement and tased him Great police teamwork really.


I don't care how long you train. I don't care if it's seasonal. I don't care what the excuse is or if 'vaping' is illegal.... I mean so is J-walking. Citizens of this country cannot be treated this way without showing a clear and imminent threat to arresting officers. I'm a reasonable person who is very "pro-cop". I understand and appreciate that police officers will make mistakes, and these days, frequently cameras will be rolling. I understand that making some mistakes comes along with maintaining order and respecting the will of the people. However, this is how you get an entire society to mistrust and hate police - this is how you get violent protests, a lack of respect for order, dead cops, and disarray. This has to end. There is no excuse for this.


At least they didn’t confuse their gun for their taser this time...


Those look like mall security, nevermind the "police" badge


Get down on the ground!! 1 millisecond later... Taser, knob heads


Imagine thinking that tasering, arresting, and hauling him off like a pig is worth it over... Vaping. Blue lives don't exist.


Land of the free, home of the tazed


#DefundThePolice. Fucking assholes are incompetent verging on criminal


Is… vaping illegal? Cops have seen me vape at a concert, outside a gas station. Gotta say I’ve never been tased about it.


Notice how the pig tries to block the camera.


we live in a police state


What the absolute porky pig middle school dropout fupa having mall cops fuck?!!!!


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I recently moved away from Salisbury maryland. After living there for 16 years I can honestly say, the police training there is abhorrent. There's also a legitimate issue with generational inbreeding. No I'm not kidding, no I'm not being bitter. I've been arrested and gone to jail on several occasions. Drugs and alcohol are bad, I paid my dues. There's something seriously wrong with the police in Salisbury and the surrounding counties. The quality of human beings there is very different from other places that I've seen and the mentality is as bad as it gets in terms of The thin Blue line.


Man how shifty of a pig cop do you have to be to not get a patrol car and get placed on bike duty.


These cops couldn't wait to do this. Gives me " We just learned this today in class." vibes.


Jesus. Just take away the vaping stuff and give them a lecture about smoking.


I don't understand why people are still getting upset. The fucking US government has been AT WAR against it's OWN CITIZENS for 50 Years! The 50th Anniversary of the War On Drugs is June 18, 2021. We are only here to serve at our overlords pleasure.


Police are armed gangs committing aggravated assault with impunity.


Yet their generation used to smoke cigs behind the school and have rifles in their trucks.......


Okay, he was vaping... So what? You need to tase him? LOL high IQ officers at work for sure


Everyday I get on Reddit and see at least 2-3 more video of some incompetent imbecile doing things impulsively and irrationally. Give someone with masculinity issues an inch of power they’ll take a fucking mile.


Terrorism is always ok as long as the terrorist look like the majority.


"Will we haul people off to jail for smoking on the Boardwalk? No, that's not our approach," he said. "We expect people who visit Ocean City to acknowledge and respect local rules and regulations. We don't expect to take a heavy hand, but expect visitors to self-police themselves." From an article 6 years ago. https://www.delmarvanow.com/story/news/local/maryland/2015/01/12/oc-smoking-restrictions-will-start-may/21644659/


I hope he and his family sue the shit out of them


Fun fact when I was being trained to be a security guard it is illegal to hogtie someone due to danger to the person


Excessive force.