Idiot cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly.

Idiot cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly.

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Context from original post: https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/police-officer-sued-for-flipping-pregnant-womans-car-when-she-didnt-stop-fast-enough/ https://www.fox16.com/news/investigates/fox-16-investigates-woman-files-lawsuit-hoping-for-policy-change-surrounding-pit-maneuvers/


This needs to be sold as a waste of tax payer dollars, because clearly the inhumane portion doesn't resonate with the back the blue crowd. I'd love to see numbers on how much dipshit cops like this one end up costing the state a county per year after they have to pay damages and other legal fees to settle something like this which will obviously result in a large civil settlement.


Not to mention cost to economy because a major roadway is hindered, the cost of employees that have to respond to this event, and the effect on crime since resources are now unnecessarily hogged by the actions of this cop.




While I personally believe we need a more drastic solution to police brutality in America, individual police liability insurance would go a long way towards weeding out repeat offenders. Hard to be a cop when no one will insure your brutalizing ass for less than your yearly salary.


Literally the only argument I've ever heard against this is "But we'll have to pay them more to make up for it!" 1. No, fuck that. 2. If they're too expensive to insure with "I promise not to break the law while being a cop" insurance, maybe they shouldn't be a fucking cop.


We pay for their group policy now, just reallocate funds to individual responsibility insurance. If you can't beat the average to keep your insurance costs down, well boo-fuckin-hoo, you probably shouldn't be a cop.


Should be paid for by them, not by us.


Just like medical malpractice insurance.


We don't pay teachers or laywers or doctors more to make up for their insurance premiums


> While I personally believe we need a more drastic solution to police brutality in America, individual police liability insurance would go a long way towards weeding out repeat offenders. Hard to be a cop when no one will insure your brutalizing ass for less than your yearly salary. Yeah... this type of behaviour in CO would land them personally in civil court, which is hugely different from what will happen in AR... Fuck this piece of shit.


Liability insurance and civilian controlled state licensing would also push out repeat offenders.


You look at what the insurance industry has done to the medical industry and all of the insurance company lobbyists and you think that that would be a good thing for law enforcement?


I was going to bring up comparison to health insurance, but I have too many issues with the US healthcare system and didn't want to leave paragraphs on the stupidity of it. I don't think individual liability insurance is a long term. long term we need an entire reform of our judicial system and reallocating of resources so that peace officers do peace officer things, and everything else cops do being dealt with by treatment programs. Institutionalized imprisonment for poverty/war on drugs is a huge drain on police resources. Individual liability insurance is a band-aid, but in my opinion the most effective and fastest one we can apply while working on the real reforms.


>This needs to be sold as a waste of tax payer dollars Double attempted murder. Your method is also appropriate.


Do that and bootlickers will push legistlation that makes the suspect be liable for any damage and give the cop civil immunity…


each state should make a website like sports center for cops that shows their ranking on how much they cost in taxpayer dollars a year and then we can have an awards show for shittiest cops. plus we can get highlights from when they abuse their power or hurt people


The back the blue crowd is about inhumanity. They would just claim that the cop did his “best” and try to drudge up a criminal history on the woman.


trust me this is the norm. the piece of shit has to make up the time he spend on private things (hours) and the easiest thing is to harrass women. that is why you are citizen should have at least two cameras in the car rolling 24/7 and have one concealed camera on you since if you meet a piece of shit cop, he will claim that he was "right". sns of bitches and garbage have not normal iq and that is why they do not get their jibs on merits and that is why they kniw that they will not get fired. if you get fired and have not got your job on merit you will rat out the other that do the same thing. cops are garbage, stenchy shits.they are always on a crime scene last and the case is always closed since they have mre impostant things to do like harrass the weaker.


What the fuck does this cop think the flashers mean? One of the first things they taught me in drivers Ed if you’re getting pulled over was to put on your flashers, slowdown and find a safe place to pull off


...right?! technically you can drive to the nearest police station and pull over there if you are concerned that it may be someone impersonating a cop trying to pull you over. She at least acknowledged him with the flashers.


Plus she sure as shit wasn’t driving 84 mph (her alleged offense) in the exit lane when he hit her.


I don’t think this is a rule in all places


However, it is a rule in Arkansas per the Arkansas State Police Handbook. "The lawsuit points to the dash camera video, arguing it showed how Harper signaled she wanted to stop. “I feel like I had heard that’s what you do, you slow down, you put your flashers on and you drive to a safe place,” Harper explained. Turns out that’s textbook what to do according to State Police’s “Driver License Study Guide.”Under “What to do When You Are Stopped,” number one says to use, “emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop.” After the crash, Dunn can be heard saying, “no we don’t anticipate vehicles rolling over nor do we want that to happen.” He went on to say, “all you had to do was slow down and stop.” Harper responded, “I did slow down, I turned on my hazards, I thought I was doing the right thing."


She had no room to pull over anyway. That shoulder wasn’t the width of a car. At night, stopping on that shoulder is asking for a crash.


Cops are often killed on the job by other traffic when pulling someone over. I guess this one didn't appreciate her consideration for officer safety


Only an idiot would want to pull someone over on a freeway.


Only an idiot wouldn’t take driving slowly in the exit lane with flashing blinkers as a sign of acknowledgment and compliance.


Fucking deal. Next time I'm not pulling over, I'll stop in the lane.


Yes, we’ve even had the state police teach exactly that at school, find a safe place to pull over. I remember they even said we could drive home if we felt that was safest. Guess who got arrested for “fleeing” while going 10 mph under with hazards along a rural, winding 2 lane with no shoulder. That cop put all future cops in serious jeopardy, because guess who’s stopping middle of the god damn road and just behind a blind corner next time.


Good to know thank you


Perhaps not


Yeah, because men make the rules.


This is what a police state looks like. "You don't do whatever I tell you in exactly the way I tell you, then I get to use deadly force."


>"You don't do whatever I tell you in ~~exactly~~ the conflicting ways I tell you, then I ~~get to~~ *will* use deadly force [even if you are fully compliant]." [Daniel Shaver](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/mesa-police-shooting-daniel-shaver-seen-crawling-begging-in-disturbing-video/) would like a word.




> But I sincerely think if things don't change, cops are going to start getting killed left and right by scared/angry people. What exactly do you think leads to frightened teenagers in over-policed predominantly minority areas fleeing from the police or pulling weapons over minor infractions? The innate sense of fear and powerlessness just hasn't come to most White communities yet. It's coming, though - with every economic crisis the police state expands.


just wait until this drought worsens....


Yes, it is. It will justify everything they have imagined.


It could be an example from the textbook: a pregnant woman getting pulled over on a 3 lane highway, with a narrow shoulder, at night. He could have tapped the rear bumper straight on, used the standard police vehicle megaphone to tell her to pull over, pulled up next to her to see what was happening inside the vehicle (medical emergency?), pulled in front of her and put on the brakes, request spike strips... Her hazards were on, what if the brakes were out and she COULDNT stop? She did exactly what she was supposed to do, but because he's impatient or feels 'disrespected' he rams her rear wheel at an angle like he's trying to disable a fleeing bank robber headed straight towards a packed sunday farmers market. A solid steady nudge to the rear quarter will shift the weight and traction of each wheel, turn you sideways and make you overcompensate to stay relatively straight. After pushing long enough the target car will just rotate 90 degrees and flip. Or if they pull back from the target car the rear wheels suddenly get traction and the oversteer keeping you straight is now aiming you straight at a wall. This move is designed to flip or badly crash cars. I've owned an MR2, so I have more experience than I'd like to admit with how oversteer and a shift in weight distribution will spin you out... :/ But the cop just thinks "OH well she hit the wall. It's her fault for not instantaneously complying with my demands, whether or not they were reasonable, or legal, or if she understood what my demands were"


What's worse is that in situations like this, if not actually a *trained driver,* she could have done something like slammed the brakes that could have made this *even worse* if you could even imagine. SUVs are not easy to maneuver, they have the agility of a legless elephant. As someone who drives competitively, this lady is LUCKY this did not turn out worse. That cop should absolutely be in prison.


It's literally in the driver's Ed textbook. If this lady lawyers up she will be wildly rich. Unfortunately, that money will come from taxpayers and this asshole cop will go on paid leave while everyone forgets this happened


She has already filed a lawsuit.




Roid raging assholes gonna roid rage.


Don’t blame steroids on what is obvious psychopathy.


The first page of their state driving manual literally says that




Honestly, most cops aren't the brightest, which is by design. Many law enforcement agencies disqualify candidates with IQs that are too high.




https://reason.com/2013/05/01/court-oks-barring-smart-people-from-beco/ https://www.intellectualtakeout.org/blog/why-would-you-deny-someone-job-because-high-iq/


On top of the anxiety of being pulled over and having to find a place to pull off the road and having a cop riding your ass (normal but anxiety inducing) she gets the ptsd of rolling over! Cool. Then the cop gets to play hero.


Also, they say called an ambulance: do you think the state's gonna pay for it? Heck no, they aren't; she is. Bye bye baby's college fund.


I didn’t even think about that. I wonder if you can sue for this or if it’s considered necessary for the police to do and not like a sue-able offense


All first responders are required to call for an ambulance if there is a chance of injury. But no one gets billed unless the ambulance actually renders service to someone. That's why you get cases of people refusing medical intervention at accidents and just having someone else drive them to the hospital. An ambulance ride alone is astronomically expensive and don't even get me started on med flight. To make matters worse EMT's are woefully under paid. Think $10-14 dollars an hour. For reference McDonald's rate in the same area is $10-12. So wonder where all that money is going in a "not-for-profit" medical service.


Land of the free though right?


Somewhere in the comments you’ll find video or 3 other instances in Arkansas in 2020. These people actually died horribly.


Arkansas state police average 1 pit maneuver every 3 days. I'm baffled as to how anyone would insure them


Taxes are taken from the fine people of Arkansas to cover all of that. Insurance doesn't need to be involved, the public will finance all of their murders and overall malice towards, well, themselves.


And I'm gonna take a WILD guess that the cop wasn't charged


Arkansas law protects the officer according to the article.


Cop should be charged with two counts of attempted murder.


They keep saying you hate the cops till you need them but I’ve made it 46 years not needing them and for sure not appreciating their involvement in my life or the people they’ve impacted that I know. Outside of CSI and Law & Order, basic propaganda on the tv… I’ve never felt a positive impact by the police in my life.


I've never needed one either except to fill out an insurance report in a wreck and that's just bc you have to I'm sure we could have a diff setup. The only time I ever called the cops bc my house got broken into they didn't even seem to care and tried to search my house and take me to jail. I'll never need or call a cop ever again


You're not white, are you?


I'm not sure what white is I'm indian and italian what country do white people come from


Because in my experience that's usually how they treat people who aren't white.


Ok I was being a little sarcastic in my comment but yea that's usually how it goes I see it alot where I'm from.


I've needed cops several times in my life and every fucking time they failed to protect me from violence, often dismissing my injuries and distress before leaving. They also have illegally questioned me as a child more than once leading to me crying scared because I couldn't answer their questions. I fucking hate cops. I now have a PTSD episode every time they get too close to me.


Seems like after "until you need them" should be, "...and then its a 100 sided dice roll as to whether they'll be completely fucking useless anyways, just shoot you, or marginally helpful if you happen to land a nat100."


#This is attempted murder. This cop should be in jail for life. He had "training" and deserves no mercy.


This is why I’ve always hated qualified immunity, they are supposed to be trained so they should be held to a high standard, not a lower one


It never made sense to me that we hold people we are supposed to trust to lower standards. If a priest is found to have raped an individual, that fucker should be removed from the church, removed from the community, and thrown in jail. Yet we live in a society where people who hold public trust are always held to lower standards. Politicians can take money to change policy, police can kill, and priests raping children is boring on expected.


Turns out he actually didn't have training for the PIT maneuver. Because if he did, he wouldn't have done it without backup, **AND** until the road was cleared by police vehicles behind them.


You overestimate police training. Most likely they teach them about how all civilians are enemies and dead innocents are collateral damage, and then let them lose to go kill pregnant women.


I mean... Killology. It's horrifying.


We live in a world where people roleplaying cops in GTA V have more training and stricter rules of engagement than cops in real life. It's absurd.


Women are advised to stop in a safe place when pulled over. That cop should be prosecuted for attempted murder.


That and Arkansas had a five year stretch where they had a blue light rapist in the 2000s roaming the highways. Women were instructed to find a well lit public area to pull over for a long time.


As a man I wouldn't want to pull over there. You'd be hanging half way into the lane with how small that shoulder is


>“What to do When You Are Stopped,” number one says to use, “emergency flashers to indicate to the officer that you are seeking a safe place to stop.”


More stupid comply or die mentality. She had her flashes on and pulling over on a shoulder that small would have put both could have killed them both and made the cop to walk up to the window in a high speed lane of traffic. What was he even trying to pull her over for does anyone know?




Wow all that for a stupid speeding ticket


That's probably he's a piece of shit? He didn't need any reason, only excuse.


Most likely conclusion - cop recently completed pit maneuver training and was anxious to use it in real life. Will claim he "believed" suspect was fleeing(qualified immunity), collect merit badge and bonus for excellence in policing, jury and/or review board will agree with cop that a reasonable cop would believe the suspect was fleeing and not following a lawful command to pull over.


This bit from [the article](https://www.unilad.co.uk/news/police-officer-sued-for-flipping-pregnant-womans-car-when-she-didnt-stop-fast-enough/) sums it up pretty well: "Though police reportedly plan to fight the lawsuit, the outcome is unlikely to have a personal impact on Dunn as Arkansas law means he is immune from any personal responsibility for his actions."


... and right there is the whole problem, in eight words: "immune from any personal responsibility for his actions."


Good thing they gave him a gun and state-sanctioned monopoly on violence!


> state-sanctioned monopoly on violence! Which is funny cause that part is supposed to refer to the military, not the high school drop out wanna be paratroopers


> police reportedly plan to fight the lawsuit This is why there are no good cops. The "good" ones fall over themselves to defend the bad ones.


Good cops don't remain cops. They either get worn down by the corrupt institution, move on to other vocations where they have an actual chance to make a difference, or they are harassed, demoted, fired, assaulted, sexually-assaulted, killed, or fraudulently committed to a psychiatric hospital like [Adrian Schoolcraft](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adrian_Schoolcraft).


Yeah, I'm not uncharitable enough to say that good people never become cops. Copaganda convinces some people that it's a good way to serve the community. But anyone actually dedicated to serving their community will run afoul of the institutional evil of the police force.


Slight disagreement: if the qualified immunity sticks, then there won't be a jury/review board. If you can't disprove QI when making the case, then there *is* no case. Or at least that's my understanding of how it works.


Don't forget the emotional distress compensation


I thought turning on your 4 ways was the sign you are looking for a safe place to pull over? Guess no one told this narcissistic piece of shit


Unfortunately, the cops aren't legally required to know the law. Which is ridiculous when you think about it.


Need to take other countries lead and make it something you need years of training. The more cameras there are, the worse they look


The biggest hurdle this, and any other laws with regards to cops, face is the Police Union.


Odd that not knowing the law isn’t a valid excuse for breaking it, yet IS a valid excuse for enforcing it wrong.


Oh, he knew. He did this for funsies.


what a piece of shit


WTF... there wasn't even a reason to use that pit manuever... put this pos in prison!


“Qualified immunity” in Arkansas. Nothing will happen.


People's law then


Lets see she put on hazard lights and reduced speed to show compliance while she looked for a safe spot to pull over into and this fucking jackass decides no fuck her life and risk anyone else that comes down that stretch until the site is cleaned up because he was impatient?


You know what really pisses me off? The people who are going to justify this.


Typical piece of shit cop.


I wonder how many rampant pro-lifers who are also blue lives matter idiots will still support the cop in this scenario. He actively endangered a fetus, and aren't they obsessed with fetuses? Nah, they'll probably just blame the mother, as always. God I hate living here.


Booklet says I get to do a Pit Maneuver, hell yeah!


Is anyone else freaked out by how completely blasé he is once he sees the wreck? And how he calls it in as the car having 'rolled over', as if it just happened out of nowhere? How he--not knowing if she has any kind of spine/head trauma *asks her to climb out of the car?* r/byebyejob. Also this, from the Fox article: > “At the same time we don’t want to kill them for running a red light or for fleeing for that matter if we can avoid doing that.” ...seems to imply that there *are* traffic violations for which they do think 'death' is an appropriate or at least not-terrible outcome. From a legislator, no less. Fucking yikes.


How was this woman with flashing lights going what like 35? A big enough danger to society to justify doing this. How


Everyone else is in far more danger when the cop tries the PIT. 2 potentially out of control cars could cause some real damage and maybe even hit someone.


Cop. Not idiot cop. Just cop. This is what police culture teaches them to do. If she had managed to get out of the car, he probably would have handcuffed her on the ground. Fucking cops. \#ACAB


No cops are trained that if a driver used the emergency lights it means they are aware of getting pulled over but are waiting for a safer place to pull over. This is the law in damn near every state and most cops hate it. Even if you use this right be ready to have your car searched because 9/10 the cops will say they now have reason to believe you where hiding stuff so now they will search it.


Ironically, [just this past weekend](https://www.kark.com/news/arkansas-state-police-trooper-rear-ended-over-weekend/) an Arkansas state trooper was rear-ended while stopped on the side of the highway. It's almost like it's not really a safe place to pull over! ^(/s)


Spot on. This is how the now terminated piggy in Virginia tried to justify the assault, battery and unlawful detention of Army 2nd Lt. Caron Nazario.


Man is holding both of his hands out of the window, and cops still pull their guns and pepper spray him in the face. It was pure menace and spite, because the guy didn't give the officer a chance to justifiably murder him. That and jealousy that this soldier actually had what it took to be in the army. Unlike many cops who simply lacked the discipline or mental stability to join the armed forces and became cops so they could play pretend war without much fear that the other side (citizens) would shoot back.


It's ridiculous that she was such a thread that he needed to pit maneuver her, but not such a threat that he needed to draw his weapon. He felt no danger from her so he did this purely because he could.


Nah fuck that, as a bastard I resent the relation lol All Cops Are Terrorists.


Can't argue with that.


Apologies if that came off hostile towards you, meant it to be more camaraderie-like haha


Oh no i got it!


I swear if i could, i would pop his head off


She was pregnant!!! Jeezus, these pigs are out of control. They should know women could be scared to stop until they’re in a well lit place…for everyone’s safety!


Cop tries to murder pregnant woman in road rage incident?


Attempted murder.


Attempted murder right there


Listen to this 2IQ fuckwad trying to justify his actions…. Unbelievable. He should never be allowed to wield a badge or gun.


We have reviewed the incident and have concluded that it is not against our policy to endanger the lives of pregnant women.


That cop should be personally liable for all medical expenses (including therapy) and vehicle replacement costs.


That fucking cop should be in prison for attempted murder.


This fucker is so calm and even trying to blame it on her . What in shit hell 🤬.


This is how you die in a fire upside down in a flaming vehicle and it was caused by a cop


Out of all the videos of obvious brutality, unjustified shootings, and acts of pure maliciousness carried out by our police, I think this has got to be one of the worst. No remorse or empathy. Just, "Well you shoulda pulled over." I'm beyond disappointed and disgusted


Every single day it never fails I hate the fucking police more and more...tear the whole fuckin system down to the ground and rebuild it. Idc if it’s not every cop the whole institution is beyond corrupted at this point it needs to be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up.


How does this cop not know what flashers means? Does he live under a Little Rock or something?


Fucking piece of shit cop


This is absolutely ridiculous! This is probably a white lady or this would’ve been swept under the rug. Shameful that even according to their own guidelines she was doing as instructed yet the dick in charge responds well that’s what happens when you run! The FUCK?!? Who is running? This shit right here is what sets me off, how do we end this peacfully!?! If this was my brown ass and I didn’t feel safe i would’ve ended up with bullet holes and crack sprinkled around me. Police think they’re all judge Dredd and they wonder why we sing fuck the police!


I keep trying my hardest to not hate cops ....fuck its hard ...


He should be arrested and charged. That man is a menace to society.


This is why you never attempt pit maneuvers at high speed. 35mph is the max for safety reasons


That cop should get charged on top of being sued


“They hit the inside wall and flipped over” lmfao how is this man not in prison


Defund these fuckers


Please tell me the baby is okay.


Does anyone know why he was pulling her over in the first place? I just looked through a dozen news articles and couldn't find anything.




“Though police reportedly plan to fight the lawsuit, the outcome is unlikely to have a personal impact on Dunn as Arkansas law means he is immune from any personal responsibility for his actions.” What the fuck is this shit?


This pig should be put in prison for attempted vehicular murder. This is psychotic behavior even for an American cop.


You literally have to be stupid to be a pig.


I want to hear prison sentences. How long is Officer Rodney Dunn, currently still working for the Arkansas State Police, going to jail?


Good old USA.


He kept berating her as she struggles to exit. He is a total piece of shit.


She has a law suit and he's fired... right? They can sue calling out his reckless use of unmerited force, right?


Idiot clearly just wanted an excuse to execute a PIT maneuver.


I got yelled at for pulling over on a KS highway under a well lit area. "It seems like you're hiding something" oh really with my infant son asleep in the back seat? Fucking stupid.


This straight up sickens me


“Protect and Serve”


This is fucking disgusting


This cop should end up in jail American police have far to much freedom to do what ever they like seemingly without consequences very much shoot first ask questions later often literately in England somone would have to be putting the public in direct danger then the police would get permission before the police would be able to do something far safer than this if she wasn’t putting anyone in direct danger the police would just follow her till she ran out of fuel


Fuck the PO- lice


Fuck this guy


America can’t stop meming itself


Idiot cop is redundant.


The thing is, her wanting to wait until the shoulder was wider to pull over would have actually made it safer for the cop. Cops have been struck by passing cars in a lot of the situations. Flashing hazards means that you're driving until it's safe to stop, not that you're fleeing. It's driver safety 101.


This happened to me last year: I was driving down the interstate near St. Louis heading towards Poplar bridge that goes over the Mississippi River. I cruising in the right lane going the speed limit, 50mph, there is a construction zone on the right shoulder for about 2 miles. I see this cop driving with his lights on in the middle of all the lanes, disregarding painted line dividers, in a hurry to get somewhere. No one else on the road just me and him, then he gets to lane next to me and starts to come into my lane. I slow down to about 40. I see him yelling with his sunglasses and cop mustache "get over" as he proceeds to whiz by me and go wherever he was going. It was the stupidest thing ever. I was already in the right lane, with three other full lanes open, I slowed down to 40 mph , but that still wasn't enough for him, I guess he wanted me to pull over in the construction zone so he could have all four lanes...


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Is lady and baby okay?


I’m pretty sure I heard her husbands phone number


Wtf is with this human piece of garbage?


Defund the police.


This guy needs to be fired.... like come on, a brainless monkey can make a better call than that.


>Murder Cop flips pregnant woman's car for pulling over too slowly. FTFY


If this buffoon is still employed I can’t even…