it is genuinely annoying Best way to cope I've found is literally just "git gud" by going into the room on like 0 invocation, an inventory of food, and just practice the shit out of it. You also want to take the correct approach to the shadows; fang hit THEN claw spec. If it's enough of a problem, if akkha is your last room you can use an adrenaline dose on it to just claw spec the shit out of him and carry the effect over to obelisk specs.


Those are the exact two items I wish I had for that phase lol. I have the rapier and a dds rn with max bandos setup and somehow even that can't deliver good enough rng sometimes.


I was struggling hard with high invo akkha phase with rapier and the instant I got fang it became trivial. It's an insane difference


If you’re gonna camp toa maybe sell bandos + rapier and get fang+torso


died a couple of times doing 500s for the fang kit, incredibly stressful to waste 30 minutes like that. Also, the Akkha DPS check with his shadows are a complete garbage design too... GL rolling high numbers :)


I read a persons comment here a while back that they just take 1 adren dose and spec akkha down on orb phase. Didn't think much of it until I started pushing 370-390s. So now I do Baba -> Kephri -> Zebak -> Akkha. 1 adren dose on orb phase, then use adren specs on p1 warden. My runs are a lot more consistent after that, since I can handle enraged warden fine.


It’s 0 damage if you play well


Or you can get stacked 75 if you’re unlucky.


Or you can dodge the orbs and take 0 damage


Good luck doing this in your 500 runs. It's not happening. Watch any of the top streamers running these raids and you'll see that despite their great dodging skills, they still can get stacked out due to bad RNG spawns.


I don't think them hitting 25 is a bad thing, but a garuanteed 25 is a problem. 1-25 could be too forgiving but something like minimum 10 damage, max 25 would be fine imo.


It's absolutely terrible


Run back after each hit versus standing still. You can also salt if you get 2 salts or if Akkha is your last room.


I do salt and am vigilant with what orbs are coming to my path. Its just when I move theres another one there then another and in the time I go to brew I get hit again and stuff then end up running out of my supplies its literally just RNG that fucks me