Good luck peepo! Also ignore Gary Gilbert. He knows where Varok is. He is just lazy.


This series is the first thing from Jimmy that has made me excited for his videos. Just captures something hilarious about the world of runescape that no other video is capturing. A bizzare social landscape that is very 2000s chat room and that most of us were unaware was even happening.


There's very few YouTubers who's videos I get actually excited for, but I sure do for those ones. They're so much fun.


I enjoyed By Release a good bit, but honestly my fav videos of his are his random rants, and breakdown videos


By Release was genuinely awesome to watch when it was tickling the nostalgia button and when his account was super restricted. Seeing him do quests I was doing in 2004 in a 2004 “setting” was fantastic, but now that he’s doing quests that came out recently and not really restricted anymore it lost a bit of its luster. The videos after the Barbarian Assault video is probably when it kinda wore down a bit for me, but I stopped playing RS2 in 2005 so it at least kept me interested for two years of content beyond that point. I think he knows that, and that’s why he puts such a huge amount of effort into editing and talking about the quest lore now (as opposed to early on when the videos were barely edited since the content spoke for itself with the nostalgia rush). And I think part of the charm is Framed and Settled shit talking him on Discord during it. It’s still a quality series and I watch it when it comes out, but I think he’s at his best now when he’s just fucking around with people (not just Gary Gilbert but also the videos where he was learning raids or “PKing” with 9Rain). It really lets his humor shine.


J1mmy is just good ole fashioned stick a thumb up your buddy's asshole fun. Not to mention he puts out some fucking bangers.


Yeah, well said


What series?


https://youtu.be/paExDoWOM0Q I think this is the first of the series.


Damn dude I just watched that and was laughing so much. Just made my day tbh lol


That was a very good followup to reading OP's comic. I don't play anymore but the amount of nostalgia I've recieved in the last 10 minutes is lovely


I’m glad he started doing a girl version and I’m 100% sure he’s cut out super gross stuff that happens to girl gamers


Absolutely. Seeing the degeneracy of F2P right out the gate when he's playing as Gary rivals that of WT. The levels of scum and villainy that his female character experiences must be off the charts.


We know about f2p shenanigans, we just prefer to ignore them.


That’s just 3 time academy award winner Daniel Day-Lewis in method for his next role


God I wish I were that happy


This level of happiness is pretty on-point for my 2004-2008 RS adventure, wish I could see that peak again


Sadly that level of happiness was related to discovering how big the world was when you realized everyone in the game did not go to your school. You attribute it to Runescape because that was your introduction to it all. It's the fatal flaw in the mmorpg genre. Every game developer is trying to recreate the feeling of discovery and every consumer is chasing a high that they can't ever chase again. You can only experience this through others. Have children is what I'd recommend.


Don't enjoy Runescape anymore? Make babies!


Time investment. You can teach them to alch your items and do other menial tasks.


I somehow convinced my son that agility is fun.


"Every mark of grace you pick up, count it out loud. When you count 5 marks of grace, show me and count them out for me. I'll give you a cookie for each set of 5. Let's count as high as we can go!!! You got this, champ."


I'm calling CPS


You are just jealous and want the cookies for yourself.


I swear officer, no child labour here! We are learning numbers!!! No please don't take my son, I need more crystals!!! No not that crystal. You don't understand. Without the crystals I run out of energy officer!!! No, why are you handcuffing me??? I just need crystals to make my special energy drink!!! I need a lawyer.


Every 5? That’s only like 20 minutes. Set the bar higher at 10


You might find 5 marks of grace in 20 minutes but a child does not have the ability to min-max clicks like you or I, nor the attention span.


Tangent: it's also permitted to run multiple accounts. I didn't know this was in the terms of service, I wish I knew back when I played. I'm tempted to play again. Annoyed by the inefficiency of mining/wc/rc and banking? Use a second account to mule for you! Having fun in the varrock sewers and don't want to come up to restock on food and bank the loot? Have your second account cooking while you're fighting and then bring down supplies & mule your stuff to the bank! Something about that really appeals to me and I'll probably end up coming back to try it, even if only for a little while.


Hey man, whatever makes your game experience more enjoyable without negatively affecting that of others I would say go for it.


I think modern me is too tired for gaming right now lol. I feel like I want to, but when I get the opportunity I don't


As children we think about all the fun things we are going to do when we don't have to listen to parental figures. As adults, we are too tired from being a wage slave/exhausting post-secondary education to have energy for much else. As parents, we do what we can to moderate what our children do to appropriate levels of time because we realize from our experiences that this is the best way to prepare their expectations and how they will react when they aren't met. I used to hate my parental figures for limiting my screentime, but now I see children who aren't limited and think poorly of their parents in response.


It's complicated, but that's probably a safe default. I don't know what the rate of success is, but I got all the screen time I wanted - and I definitely wanted it in excess. I attribute that success to my screen time being driven by a desire to make and play games. I've been (eye)balls deep in screens since I was 4 and now I'm 30. I'm old and tired, but I've got a remote programming job I can do while half asleep - which I did last night because a meeting ran until 1am lol What a wonderful tangent on a subreddit dedicated to a snapshot of a game that was forked by popular demand. Truly a community of wonderful people who lived through a wonderful time. Hmm, I think the bad tuna I ate yesterday is giving me emotions. I have an almost euphoric appreciation for everything in my field of view right now.


Yeah but you’re paying twice as much for membership


Start your own “bot farm” 😂


You are partially right. Each game introduces a new world, but if that world is pretty similar to what you already know, then it doesn't trigger the childish exploration. Valheim was a great example, that game did a really good job with the sense of exploration and mystery. Seeing the giant leeches squirming in a swamp towards me was enough to put chills down my spine.


Valheim was the first game to give me that sense of wonder since Minecraft was released and Minecraft was the only other one to do that for me besides osrs


If you haven't played/seen Subnautica, dont look anything up. just yolo it. I found it gave me the same sense of wonder as RuneScape Minecraft, and Valheim. I would highly reccomend it.


Fuck yeah, I’ve been on a real big osrs/ssbm grind recently but I’ll check it out! Thanks pal


Dunno what the pissfit is about, you’re absolutely right. Runescape was a second living breathing world at that age. We’ll never feel that initial rush of spawning into lumbridge surrounded by 40 people just as lost as you. It was an incredible feeling, but it was never sustainable.


Ooph. FFXI is my drug. :(


I still really enjoy this game. I do take long breaks when I get bored but I come back. If you aren’t enjoying its time to take a break for a long while


Quite the projection there


A relatable one too


I couldn’t even make it through without cringing hard lmao. Who gives awards to this shit


Holier-than-thou hipsters


>Every game developer is trying to recreate the feeling of discovery and ever consumer is chasing a high that they can't ever chase again. That's true for games you've already played I guess, but plenty of developers nail that sense of exploration and discovery. I played through Outer Wilds a little over a year ago, and it was hands down one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had with a video game. Completely different type of game than an MMORPG, but I was just as amazed with the game world as kid me was with Runescape.


Every consumer? Speak for yourself weirdo.


youre taking this way too far pal


>Have children is what I'd recommend. >My final message >Goodbye Bless you Shinzo Abe


I was with you until the last bit. You know the world is ending right?


Agreed, It was a much better time to have kids in 1400


By that logic everyone should just cut to the chase and stop living. This is sarcasm, because I feel like you'd read that and unironically go "yes, this is a marvellous plan."


The world is always ending


Yes yes, we're well aware that the last chance to stop the impending climate apocalypse was 70 years ago by forcefully reverting the working class to a pre-agricultural society Yes, we're aware that the only remaining hope for survival is for the working class to give up all their possessions to live in 10sqft rental pods subsisting on a diet of enriched-rice-and-cricket-slurry gumbo while nature reclaims the earth.


You must be fun


My life motto is to control what I can and not stress about the stuff I can't. I don't use plastics where I can avoid them and I don't drive. Not much I can do otherwise in regards to the climate. The solution to the potential depopulation of the human race definitely isn't to not have children though. If you're referring to nuclear stuff then I live in Toronto so any nuclear attack will kill me and any potential family instantly anyways.


Why is Toronto so high on the nuke list?




Sorry, I asked for the nuke list


Yeah let me just text Iran, Putin and Kim Jong Un and ask them for you real fast. Or we could just use rational thought and think about how large civilian populations would be natural targets for nuclear war??? Like Putin is already bombing civilians... [I wonder if there is any precedent???](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atomic_bombings_of_Hiroshima_and_Nagasaki) OR We could not go off on this weird tangent and you can use something other than hyperbole to make a point lol


You should probably take a break from the internet if this is how you are lol. I don’t think there’s anything rational about assuming Toronto will be specifically targeted. It’s also weird for you to single out two leaders and then also an entire country as the perpetrators of this hypothetical war. But you’re clearly not up for a discussion so, have a day. Edit: re: your ninja edit, why didn’t they bomb Tokyo or Osaka, which had ~7mil and ~3mil at the time, whereas Hiroshima and Nagasaki had 300k or less? Could it possibly be that more than population alone factored into that decision?


Hmm, all I can do is feel sorry for your kids I guess


No one is asking for your feelings one way or the other, you can also just keep them to yourself!


What the fuck? How is that called for? Dude... be better.




Spot on


I remember talking about RS with my friends at school everyday while we waited for the last bell to ring — then we were free to go home an log on to kill moss giants and chop willows. Ah, the nostalgia.


Spent like two years as f2p before finally getting mom to say yes to membership. With my money! It wasn’t even a sure thing back then. Some months I’d get it others not since I was a kid paying with whatever money I had lol I loved membership months




Well that was abrupt, lol


based and morphine-pilled




Start posting frog comics, that seems to work


Accurate experience for a first time player


Missed the part where they spend an hour stuck at the mage tutor


I thought mage was bad because i didnt know that staves had the ability to autocast they didn't explain it in the tutorial!




Accurate experience for a first time player in 2004. Every person I know that has tried RS fucking hates it.


Exactly. It's my pet peeve when people think that somebody who has never played runescape before gets the same feeling as old cunts got 20 years ago.


accurate experience for every new account


This comic is some real gormet shit. Incredible


I need a runescape isekai when i die. See you guys on the other side.


Wish granted, but you will be a level 3 Man in Lumbridge.


And limpwurt just started his account.


Three months ago I died. I used to be an accountant, had a wife, a kid and a second kid on the way. I would certainly say I was a happy man, until my life was taken away in a freak accident. I did not feel any pain and don’t remember anything other than looking up. I was an atheist and did not believe in an afterlife. And yet, there I was. After what seemed to be several minutes, I opened my eyes and the sky was black. I knew this place… I was in Lumbridge. Why was I in Lumbridge? Was I dreaming? It took some time to process but I figured I was not dreaming. I had had false awakenings before during lucid dreams, but this was nothing like it. This was as real as the phone or monitor you’re reading this on. I started thinking about the possibilities… respawning as a Runescape player wasn’t the worst fate. I knew the game in and out, this could go well. I began to panic as I realised something. Runescape is started on tutorial island. Why am I in front of the castle and not on tutorial island? I look at my arms, my clothes, my legs… I am a level-3 man. I try to walk away but I can’t move further than a short distance. I try to walk every way I can but my body won’t move any further. Several days pass by. I am not hungry, I am not thirsty and no one has talked to me yet. Several more days go by. Several weeks at this point? I can’t keep track of time. There is no sky. I stand all day and night and yet my body does not tire. What have I done to deserve this? Dear God, please give me something to stimulate my existence! I need to feel anything, anything at all! Ocassionally, players come through. New players, bots, old players who used home teleport and had to do a walk of shame. I used to look at them hoping for them to come my way, but my mind has gone numb. Finally, a player comes my way! Is this real? Has God heard me? The player looks nice. He punches me. For the first time, in a long uninterrupted darkness, I feel something! Pure joy overcomes me as I punch him back. He punches me again. This time, it hurts. It actually hurts quite badly. He punches me again, no feeling this time. As I punch him, he punches me. Some of his punch hurt, they hurt terribly. I feel myself dying. It hurts so much. I intentionally try to hit him back as lightly as possible so he will win the fight and end my mysery. It hurts so much. Finally… I am dying. I close my eyes, screech and fall to the floor. I open my eyes. I am standing in lumbridge again. Several meters away from where I died. The guy who just killed me, now agressively beating up a woman. He killed the woman. He is running towards me. I am frozen in terror. He is going to kill me again? No, he runs past me. I assume he needed something… maybe coins to pass the Al-Karid gate. Wait, he just ran past me to kill another man. He’s coming for me now. It hurts so much. I am dying again. Two times I have been killed now. Three times. Four times. I lost count. Every time the pain intensifies. I know nothing but pain. I spawn, I witness my fellow men and women die. I die. An eternity has passed. I have forgotten everything. I cannot tell how long it has been, but I have been killed thousands of times. My mind is broken beyond repair. There is only one thing I know. One fact that ties me to the world. The players name: Limpwurt. Why did I deserve this? Why is it only me who is being tortured? What did I do to deserve this faith? Wait a second… all this time I have been assuming the others were NPCs… and if they’re not, what have I been doing all this time playing Runescape?


Sucks I never learned to read


make him suffer more by converting him an ironman


If you think about it, everyone starts as a level 3 man/woman in lumbridge.


I always wanted to write / draw something about being isekaied into Runescape lol, sounds fun Not sure on copyright stuff though


Just let jagex review it if its over 5k words or something like that. They mentioned fanfiction authorization in a dev post a few weeks ago


15k words and if you want to do bigger works you'll need to contact them


Can't wait to kill vork a thousand times to afford the dhcb. Then kill vork another 1000 times to get my money's worth.


A panel for dark wizards on the way to Varrock would be the cherry on top.


do you mean Varok?


My fucking heart


Fucking Gary Gilbert.


Where varok


Love it, when does part 2 come out?


thank you :D I've got a few ideas, so hopefully in a few weeks!


Please only wholesome. I can't stand such a kind soul being hurt Sadge


Ep2: Peepo gets scammed and dies in wilderness.


Ep3: Peepo discovers staking and develops a crippling, lifelong gambling addiction.




thats the cutest shit ive seen in awhile


Damn this is wholesome!!!


nice, I love some good quality content.


i love this


This makes me happy




best post on this sub i think




Where varok


I wish I was Peepo.


Brings back feels.


This is amazing and wholesome and I love it so much!


We must protect the frog noob at all costs. He is definitely going to fall for some scams


He already showed everyone his password. That account is long gone.




Now you gotta finish the whole comic *im waiting*


His face when he clowns his shrimp and then killing the rats lmao. I'd read more


I love peepo


Buy peepo 380gp ea


Need more!! 😂


Beautiful, almost took me back to first starting out as a kid.


Lmao that last one! Where varok


I don't know why this was so funny but it was. Great work, loved it. Cute as hell.




I wanna see pepo and him getting scammed lol


[Oh nooooo not another emotional warfare peepo short](https://youtu.be/gAbi2_n8_Mw)


Wow I just went into a huge rabbit hole. Emotional terrorism


love this vidoe so fking much


Fucking J1mmy


This is so cute. Well done.




Good post.


We will watch your career with great interest




I kept expecting something bad like a death to the dark wizards or the bear south of Varrock. Glad it was just wholesome


Chefs kiss


Very cute comic. Is that a Gary cameo at the end?


This is some serious gourmet shit


God dangit, now I want a Peepo creator!


We must have a Peepo noob to max series. This was one of the most wholesome things I’ve ever seen ❤️


The C-Engineer Wanted poster is a nice touch.


The J1mmy cameo fuckin killed me


Bro. This is fucking amazing. Jagex, someone tag all the mods. Put a motherfucking peepo in game. Look at how cute and excited that little shit is… Make him a ranged weapon. I wanna throw him at vorkath


June 2005 for me... Remember it like it was yesterday The sense of awe and wonder hasn't been matched by many things since then


Yo who tf decided to make that female tutor so hot


Very cool, keep them coming! I'd like to see frogboi eventually rek up Elvarg.


I enjoyed my stay


This is adorable.






High effort content? On my 2007scape? What kind of a place is this?!


What a masterpiece.




This is lovely


Post of the year 100%


Peepo pet when???


LMFAO the "$12 🦀" in panel 2


Damn I need a sequel. This comic is Great!


Peepo looks like a very industrious young man. Well done, Peepo.


Goddamn this is nostalgia..... So wholesome


Real quick, why ain't Pepe called Pepe?


Ugh this gave me nostalgia. I can still remember aimlessly clicking around as a kid just having so much fun fighting goblins with a bronze scim that I made for hours. Was way too young to dedicate time Into one task - so one day some random kid was having a drop party outside Varrock big bank, and I didn’t get anything. 11 year old me tells him that, and he gifts me full addy gold trim. I wore that around just talking to people for months thinking I was the coolest guy in the game.


Wholesome af


He should leave before he spends 2000 hours on the game


Damn it Gary Gilbert


So jerks took Pepe from the world. Then the world took it back? Maybe?


This is the cutest thing ever.


I love lil peepo


So freaking cute <3


Peepo splashing a chicken 😂


God damn does Pepe make me smile. Idk what it is but that smile always gets me. Excellent art style 10/10




This is amazing! 😭


Quality content AND wholesome as fuck? We have been blessed today


Was anybody else waiting for the last page to have Peepo get lured?


Gary Gilbert


\*gets out walker\* BACK IN MY DAY, we had CLASSES, and none of this TUTORIAL ISLAND hand-holding BS!


I'm not very well versed in twitch culture. Can someone explain the difference between Pepe the frog/rare Pepes and Peepo?


Peepo comes from Pepe, but it's drawn in a more cutey/small style.


cool dogwhistle fren


Yoo Gary made an appearance


Osrs makes everything so hard man. I’m 27. I can’t play at work when I get logged out every 10 minutes at crabs. Osrs really wants you to be paying attention at all times even when you are just killing damn crabs


The 4channification of RuneScape continues.


Rather that than Twitterificarion


I think its more of a normiefication of pepe, which I am all for.


Nice racist frog comic


Nice shitty troll comment


Issa joke. Reddit is just not funny though. To spell it out. It is funny that some people call this frog racist when clearly it is not. As seen in the comic. Good day sir. As i said nice comic.


Ah yes of course, the entirety of Reddit being not funny is obviously much more likely than just you not being funny.


Is that C engineer on the wanted poster?




I’m luring peepo for his bronze scim