and they slept happily ever after

The only thing that will get jagex to make a comment on the botting situation is to flood the sub with like S tier botting memes. It's the only thing that'll work.


The only thing that will get jagex to make a comment on the botting situation is to flood the sub with like S tier botting memes. It's the only thing that'll work.




Fk that, just run your own bots.


If we all run bot farms they’ll have to do something. Worse case scenario we make bonds money back. BRB learning scripting :)


They'll just legalise botting due to the massive influx of income from the sheer quantity of membs needed to run them


They have already.






I tried asking it, it refuses on the grounds that this is against most games TOS. When I convinced it that it was legal in Runescape it still refused because it could ruin the games economy. [End of convo](https://i.imgur.com/zuYdKtF.png)


You won't lets be honest. Bot's have been a problem since the games creation and you're still here.


It worked for free trade removal, EoC, Runelite, and 117 HD, so it will work for bots too, right?


Did not work for removing squeal or th so hard to say, kind of sad we lost the anti bot code from Botany Bay since it was pre eoc post 07 code though I wonder if it exists in rs3 code so the devs could ask to look at the code so that is a hope


Was there a mass quitting for MTX?


It's not about being unable to, they'd lose a huge amount of money if they banned bots too often. They've definitely got a quota set by the scumbags at the top limiting how many they're allowed to take out in a given time period.




That's what people don't realize. They think we are using autoclickers still these days. I mean them... Beep boop


I agree short-term, but I find it hard to believe that they refuse to ban bots that already made big profit. These botters will obviously just get a new bot account, no need to make them top the highscores.


I genuinely think if even 1000 of us stopped our memberships they’d have a post about how they are sorting it the next day. The only way we can make a impact is to their wallets.


Thing about addiction is that you can’t quit cold turkey. We all know the Oda is in a straight jacket in his basement rn in solidarity


Worst case scenario its lots of laughs


I like my bots like I like my users, I don't like any of em


What’s this “2 year routine check” I’m seeing everyone mention?


I believe Jagex said that they banned a streamer as part of a "routine check" for RWTing or botting or whatever he did. Since bots are still running rampant, people are joking that Jagex do conduct "routine checks" but only once every few years


Almost, they banned a streamer for stuff he did 2 years ago, and said it was a routine check


**Possibly** for stuff he *didn't* do lol. At the very least, on one of the banned accounts (although other of his severely offending accounts are left untouched lol).


he 100% did it. he literally brags about it on stream.


He did on other accounts and he doesn’t deny that, not his main tho


Doesnt matter chain bans are a known thing


that main has 31bil on it, gotta remember that. a lotta ppl wud lie to try to get that back. not saying he is lying, just gotta look at it from every point of view.


Not on his main. Whether he actually did it or not is another story though but if you have a clip of him saying he serviced *on his main* (you don't), I encourage you to share it....


Irrelevant chains bans are a known thing.


I know but it's not really relevant when discussing whether Oda has done what Jagex claims he has done.


He's broken the rules a lot even if it's not exactly what Jagex has claimed. The fact he's trying to expose Jagex only after he got banned says a lot about his motives.


Yeah, his defence is “I broke the rules but I’m not the only one”. Does he know nothing about how examples are set? Of course it’s easier to appear to be tough on bots and prevent 10% of people doing it than it is actually spending time and money removing 90% of bots (and associated active memberships). Jagex ban one popular guy in the hopes it dissuades those few considering it. It isn’t financially viable for Jagex to spend money to remove a source of their revenue until memberships are stopping because of bots. It’s a numbers game - jagex got bought out a long time ago, they aren’t there to please players anymore


Not permanent ones.


Why do people defend him with this shit? He admitted to buying services and RWT - perma ban all accounts. So hard for people not to cheat? Lame as fuck.


How is the comment you replied to defending him?


Hot take: it’s more fair that they let him continue playing for 2 years and benefiting tremendously financially from his accounts even after admitting it several times into a camera weekly


I actually know a guy who got banned for things like 3 years later, but since he was a steamer and it was "technically" ok to gamble then he got off with a 7 day temp. This guy is kinda "wholesome" in his chat with relation to "current" issues so I can't imagine he got targeted. As in he didn't tolerate dumb shit and generally wasn't toxic until he was really pushed. He's not perfect as he's told chat to fuck a duck numerous times but I know he muted numerous people in disc for saying dumb shit. Like I drunkenly said something stupid and heard about it for a fucking week. While we were playing with him daily. So it's very hard to say he was causing "issues" politically like oda for jagex. He did have a "smaller" steam when he played osrs so idk maybe that helped him or something. He did make front page quite a few times so maybe it fucked him too. It somewhat turned him off osrs unfortunately. I liked playing with him and I thought he was good for the community compared to a lot of other streamers. Like yeah I get rules were broken and all that but damn... 2 or 3 years later isn't really ideal.


Wasn’t botting or RWT, it was account servicing. Paying someone else to train/play your account.


A meme


Why did big chungus cross the road






Oda fans brigading the sub because their toxic streamer got banned.




The whole routine check comes from that being Thier reason for banning him but the routine was over a thing that happened over 2 years ago on one of his accounts


About 6 people just tele'd to GE, full trawlers outfit, 114+ fishing on each acc. Rounding it to 56m xp, that's 21.4m minnows, which is 536k raw sharks, which is 204.9m So roughly 1.2b made on 6 accounts that'll be sold off before any action.


reason bot nuke happened cuz the botters were using hacked credit cards and asking for refunds. for the perspective of the banks, its jagex's fault. hence bot nuked happened in the OLD AGE. new age botters now knows how to benefit themself + jagex. pay with irl money or osrs gp for membership and jagex will ban but not NUKE


Jagex can't even detect a high alch bot that uses autohotkey and like 6 lines of code, I am convinced until proven otherwise that all bans are manual.


To be fair just clicking the same spot for hours without moving your mouse isn't a lot of info to go on. You picked the one example where auto clickers and real players do basically the same exact thing lol (unless they're alching 20 hours a day or don't add a couple ms of random intervals or some other obvious shit) Jagex plea add coin pouches to alching /s


Couple weeks ago I did a solid 2 hours of high alching, didn't move from my tile on GE, other than stopping briefly every now and then I was just clicking the spell and then my stack. I don't see how, by observing the behaviour alone, you could tell the difference between me and a bot with unstable ping


I got banned for using ahk to just spam click high alch while I went for a 8 hour drive XD


If you only get xp from it it's extremely bannable, but if you make loads of gp from it that you RWT then it's fine.




Just so you know, there will be much more gp than free cowhides where you're headed, should you choose to continue playing!


Gold farming is a inside job.


I’m convinced, even more so now after this Oda stuff, that the biggest bot farms come from Jagex themselves to rwt. There is genuinely no other excuse for wildy boss bots on every world, top 25 ranks of all bosses flooded with obvious bots, etc. Yet they ban other people for much more trivial and obscure things.


CS:GO Overwatch system.


Jagex is really generous sometimes


Best memes of any game subreddit hands down


















I botted on my RuneScape 3 account that is 18 years old 10 years ago in RuneScape 3. Am I in danger of a routine check getting me banned from OSRS even though I haven’t broke a rule in the last 10 years? Before anyone goes at my throat, my respect for the game was dead with EoC and removal of free trade, and I was one of thousands and thousands and thousands of bots mining living rock caverns. Bots were the only thing keeping Jagex from going under.




The burn


This all feels like a pirate server drama. Can you imagine something like this happening on official servers of WoW, ESO, or Guild Wars? ... I know the community is more in contact with the developers, which is a good thing. However, this is unimaginable in any other serious MMO.


You never played WoW classic I assume? We had bots boosting/power leveling other players characters for gold, we had brand new character bots flying (yes you heard that right) to the nearest graveyard to increase the pvp pool size, pvp bots that would follow the exact same line as every other bot game after game. And they are the ones that immediately come to mind, I last logged in about 18 months ago. This isn't Jagex, Blizzard etc.. being ignorant to botting, they know full well it is happening and to what extent (even more so than we ever will) but it is bringing on alot more income to them so every so often they will do a ban wave and make a headline, perhaps even ban a streamer like this, only to be seen that they are actively doing something to keep the pitchforks down for another week/month, these extra subs make it easier for these company's to advertise the games "we have 500,000 active daily users" sounds better than "we have 300,000 active real players"


How many bots have you seen playing Classic WoW compared to how many bots you see doing the same thing every day in OSRS? Boosting and power leveling were done by mage players abusing an unbalanced class. The PvP pool size was a community effort in which I myself participated every week and did not see any bots. People from many servers gather to increase the PvP pool size for all servers, including non-English speaking ones. You are right, there were a lot of bot issues, but it was not as bad as it is in OSRS; this is insane. But, I am not complaining about the bots (nor do I support them; I prefer them gone). I was complaining about all this drama, corruption accusations, which are not the first time that they have happened and have divided the community. I don't know exactly what happened because I don't follow content creators; I just play the game. All of this together reminds me of similar dramas that happened on private servers. From my point of view, it is unprofessional.


The reason you didn't see most classic wow bots is because of how broken that game is. If you ever tried farming black lotus you would see bots teleport in underground to harvest it.


This was very bad. I remember and saw it happening in front of me but again, happened to me a handful of times. Go to any populated activity in osrs and you are able to see hundreds of them. Yes bots are bad, yes they are in all games. But thats not what I was complainign about.


The bots in vanilla Classic were at least as bad as they are in OSRS. It just wasn't as obvious because the vast majority of them exclusively farmed instances. Doing a /who on Dire Maul, Zul'Gurub, Stratholme, Maraudon, etc. for rogue or mage at any hour of any day would yield a full list of bots on every active server. Edit: Also on my server at least, people were very much botting the PvP pool. Thousands of characters per week. Eventually they cracked down on the one guy selling his bot service to 15+ servers and everyone had to chip in manually.


Yes.. bots are in all popular games with an economy. Go look at lost ark. Their bots are crazy.


There are bots afking combat in starter zones in Guild Wars 2 and ressource gathering bots in eso that I've witnessed. I don't know the exact dates for bots in those games but I'm certain that they're alot less than in osrs


I made an Ironman cause of all the botting. Felt pointless trying to skill.




Bye bye cya never


More like cya in a week (if not sooner)


Well bots do get ban I had 2 of my accounts banned due to botting using scripts that I wrote