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"God will not be mocked" continues to become involved in terrorist attacks. These people make me want to believe in God, so they can know the absolute horrifying shock of realising whats ahead of them when they arent in heaven.


She also said that the police came and spoke to her and she told them God did it


Fucking psychopaths


Is posting on Reddit actually your full time job? Legitimate question.


im sorry i know this is awful and serious but I cant stop laughing at the absurdity. these people are willing to fucking sabotage the power grid to stop people from dressing up in over the top costumes and make jokes LMAO. in the same breath they will yell freedom though. it is so fucking rich


Im so glad im not american


I thought Saturday was long over


Im kinda against weapons for self defense, but i safely think i can make an exception for usa, you guys have it rough over there. The only way you got to react is to have them fear you, keep yourselfes safe guys.


This lady is definitely weird but we just don't know if she did this yet. We don't have the full story right now


Considering the evidence we at least know that she was aware of it in advance of the attack, which means she likely has some insight as to the identities of the perpetrators.


This lady is definitely a psychopath but she made that post during the power outage, not before. A deranged post saying God caused a power outage made during the outage is not evidence that she was aware of the attack in advance.


To be clear im not defending her. Im just saying we don't know shit right now and people always get ahead of themselves and sometimes end up being wrong. I want the facts first before I start calling people terrorists. I despise the whole guilty til proven innocent crap.


This woman is a known instigator of this exact kind of shit. She was there for the insurrection too.


The only thing thats a good argument for is asking her some questions and investigating. Not immediately placing absolute blame. When we do this and we're wrong, it hurts us. We need to be sure. And hey maybe she did. But we don't know that for a fact right now. I want facts.


The facts are that this is suspect numero uno and the only person whose name is known. No one is saying that she is an orchestrator for certain but it sure looks like it. She is already infamous online and in her area anyways and proven complicit with right wing terrorism before.


There is a terror cell in Moore that was involved in Jan 6th, and she is part of it.








Fixed it


Quite a few groups, actually.


You should have seen the Duke Energy live outage report man I'm talking an eighth of North Carolina's land area was covered. The entire sprawl surrounding the county. The real kicker is that it was all a majority cuckservative region... they cut the power to an area where their people are the majority all to shut down a single building's festivities. It's the week after thanksgiving damnit they probably just spoiled enough people's refrigerated leftovers to feed planet earth!