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Cloud chat official ☁️☁️☁️ Notable partnership includes 🌟Hongkong Blockchain Association,Hoo Exchange,MexC,ALPEX,Bybit,ZB and binance 🌟 Cloud chat advisor is Tony Tong chairman of Hongkong Blockchain Association. 🌟Cloud chat is using social and Blockchain Foundation to Develop towards the metaverse 🌟Cloud chat social app ,20million registered users and 200 thousand active daily user 🌟CERTIK AUDIT COMPLETED before launch 🌟Cloud chat Ecosystem will be onboard soon 🌟Cloud chat recieved funds up to 3 million from investment institutions,we will issue commemorative edition NFT With them, which the NFT would be strongly empowered. 🌟Cloud chat also have VenoMcalls,CowboyCallz,Whale coin talk,Dream callz, Gamefi Detective,liangjian community,solitaire prestige OMAR,Chinese whales and crypto cat Gem🌟 as Ambassadors 🔥 Core things to look out for 🌟UAE investor background,App users have obvious demand for blockchain,Exchange platform and Celebrity brand ambassador,Support multichains of mainstream. App itself brings traffic. Telegram Link: https://t.me/cctoken_english