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Wolverine 3 Filming, Will Be Rated R Says Producer Simon Kinberg

One last time poster for upcoming Wolverine 3 movie

Hugh Jackman Takes Up the Claws One More Time for Wolverine 3

Everything you’ve always wanted from a Wolverine movie may finally be coming into reality. The producer of the upcoming Wolverine 3, Simon Kinberg, has revealed in an interview with Collider that the movie has begun filming, along with some other new information regarding the upcoming Wolverine movie, which will be Hugh Jackman’s final movie as the titular superhero. First off, yes, the best new piece of news regarding Wolverine 3 is that it will indeed be rated R, meaning that we’ll (hopefully) finally get to see Wolverine cut loose in a true berserk rage, something only hinted at in small scenes, such as in X2 when Stryker’s men invade the mansion or Days of the Future Past when he gets shot up in the hotel room.

It takes place in the future, and as you and others have reported, it is an R-rated movie. It’s violent, it’s kind of like a western in its tone. It’s just a very cool, different film.

Next best? According to Kinberg, Wolverine will be completely different from anything we’ve previously seen, which is great, considering Wolverine in the first two movies was received with very mixed feeling by fans.

It’s a very radical, bold, different Wolverine then you’ve ever seen in any of these movies.

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X-Men: Days of the Future Past

Another great piece of semi-confirmed news is that Patrick Stewart will be reprising his role as Charles Xavier. We’re calling it “semi-confirmed” since it hasn’t been made official, and Kinberg coyly sidestepped the question when asked, but this seems likely to happen.

I’m not sure what I’m allowed to say about that. I will agree with you that Patrick Stewart was rumored to be a part of that film.

Producer Simon Kinberg, talking about Wolverine 3

Simon Kinberg, sporting a decent Wolverine look.

The officially untitled Wolverine film will star Boyd Holbrook as “Wolverine’s Nemesis,”  Richard E. Grant as a villainous mad scientist (which some are saying might be X-Men heavy hitter Mr. Sinister), and Stephen Merchant and Eriq La Salle in as yet unspecified roles.

Also revealed is that the movie will be set in the future, though how far, or what version of the future has not yet been revealed. James Mangold is at the helm again (after directing The Wolverine) which should be fine with most fans as Mangold’s steady direction was one of the assets of the previous movie. Also, just take a look at the #onelasttime poster.

One last time poster for upcoming Wolverine 3 movie

I think we’re all in for a treat when the film’s March 3rd, 2017 release date arrives. Now, rated R violence, the future setting, and a “western” tone all suggest that they might be tackling the Old Man Logan saga (please let it be the Old Man Logan saga, please…), but there has not yet been a confirmation of any kind, so for now, all we can do is hope.

And while we wait for Wolverine 3, we have the soon-to-arrive X-Men: Apocalypse to quench our thirst for X-Men action and Hugh Jackman. Speaking of Mr. Jackman, with the new Wolverine movie going into filming, it’s time to hit the gym again, to keep that Wolverine physique:

Image: Fox

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