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Will DC Reveal the Joker’s True Identity?

Image of The Joker from 75 Years graphic novel

And If They Do Reveal Joker’s True Identity, Will the Answer Satisfy Anyone?

We all know that Batman’s mortal enemy and biggest rival is the Joker. But nobody really knows who exactly the Joker is. There have been many stories, rumors and guesses, and over the years, bits and pieces about Joker’s story and origins have been revealed. But his true identity is still a mystery, and has been for over 70 years now. Well, according to DC, that will not be the case for much longer.

During DC Comics Rebirth event at WonderCon this weekend, DC has stated that the world will find out who the real Joker is in their upcoming issue #50 of Justice League. Creative team Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok told IGN that “the answer probably won’t be an answer people predict”. This has given rise to even more speculation and discussion over who this supervillain may actually be.

The fiftieth issue of Justice League will be a continuation of issue #42, where Batman sat in Mobius Chair, which gave him the powers of omniscience – he literally had access to all knowledge. The first thing he did was use the chair to find out who murdered his parents. And find out he did, as his newly-gained superpowers revealed to him that the murderer was Joe Chill. All we know is that he is a petty thief who killed Bruce’s parents while trying to take their money and jewelry. He does find Chill at some point and wants to kill him, however, refrains from it because he knows his father wouldn’t have wanted it.

Another thing that godly Batman wanted to find out at that point is who Joker is. And he does find out the name, and in the comics, we only see Bruce in shock over the realization, saying “No. That’s not possible.” And that is where the whole Joker story ends. But, in a couple of months (issue #50 will be released on May 25) we will finally learn who the real Joker is.

Batman comic frame about the Joker's true identity

Are you excited about this? Or would you rather Joker’s identity remained a mystery?

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