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Wait, Who Is Dying In Superman Issue 51?

Superman from the cover of Superman Issue 51

Yes, Someone Important is Dying in Superman Issue 51

SPOILER ALERT! (You have been warned.) A while ago we wrote about DC’s new Rebirth line of comics, as well as the Superleague event that will explain everything that is happening and what was about to happen. Well, things have begun to fall into place and the results are devastating. Just in case you missed it, MAJOR SPOILERS follow, for the comic books and Batman v Superman movie alike.

During the recent WonderCon, the creative teams handling future Superman comics presented new titles that would feature the old, pre-flashpoint Superman, to the joy of many. And although many were wondering what happened to the New 52 Superman, it didn’t take them long to reveal it to us. Superman is dying! Apparently, everything that’s been going on in Justice League, Justice League of America, and Superman comics has finally been put in chronological order and has taken a massive toll on Superman, and is leading to his untimely death.

The full cover for Superman issue 51What was seen in the first chapter of the event (Superman issue 51, which is now in stores) was a dying Clark Kent visiting his friends and saying his last goodbyes, claiming that this time it would be final. This would certainly fit the Rebirth lineup, where no New 52 Superman was mentioned. At the same time, other things have been happening, including spies and Superman Imposters, all leading up to the Rebirth title New Super-man, featuring Chinese teenager Kenji Kong, who has somehow been infused with Superman’s powers.

This death will mark the third time that Superman has died in various media in the previous month, having been killed in the Batman v Superman movie, in the Justice League of America comic book (which we know he somehow survived thanks to Superman issue 51 and are just waiting for the next chapter to come out), and now in his own comic book. Although some may protest this treatment of the iconic character, it is great how DC managed to fit all ongoing stories together both chronologically, and in such a way that it makes sense and is legitimate.

Image: DC Comics

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